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Happy holiday, dear women!


This spring day on March 8 is a wonderful occasion for every man to express his love, respect and admiration for the beautiful half of humanity, expressing the warmest and most tender words to women. It is they - our wives, mothers, friends, sisters - who create comfort, fill the house with joy and beauty.

Today, not a single field of activity can do without women. And even in such a harsh organization as the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the beautiful half of humanity is actively represented, often in no way inferior to men. In our country, about 40 thousand female military personnel are doing military service, and about every tenth has an officer rank.

Recently, more and more girls are striving to enter military schools and academies. For example, in 2019, the competition among applicants to military universities amounted to about 30 people per place. Many young beauties study in pre-university educational institutions from the Ministry of Defense. These are the Pupils' Boarding House in Moscow, which also opened a St. Petersburg branch last year, and the Presidential Cadet School in Kyzyl.

The fair sex serves in the army conscientiously and with dignity. Last year, female military personnel of the RF Armed Forces were awarded more than 300 state awards, of which 31 were combat awards.

Some of them serve in Syria, Nagorno-Karabakh and other hot spots. It is also worth mentioning the female servicemen of the DPR and LPR armies, who are directly involved in hostilities, setting an example for men.

On the eve of the 8 March holiday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu congratulated women serving in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, addressing them with the warmest and most sincere words.

The editorial board of Voennoe Obozreniye joins in the congratulations of the fair sex and thanks the female military personnel for their participation in protecting the peace of our citizens and ensuring the security of the country. Also, a low bow from us to Russian women who have passed the war and all its hardships with dignity. Separate congratulations to our lovely readers who are interested in the materials published here and write their comments to them.

Happy holiday, our dear women!
Photos used:
Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, People's Council of the DPR
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  1. Crowe
    Crowe 8 March 2021 05: 30
    Dear Ladies "VO"! Happy Holidays!

    Please accept our congratulations
    International Women's Day!
    Let your mood be
    Always blooming like lilacs
    May your life be beautiful
    And children are always happy
    Let your house be a full bowl!
    Good luck, happiness and goodness!
    1. Alena Frolovna
      Alena Frolovna 8 March 2021 05: 37
      Thank you!

      And about us loved ones:

      Every woman is a queen
      Every woman is a goddess
      Every woman is a firebird in the sky
      Every woman is a nun.

      Every woman is the secret of suffering
      Every woman is a lie with many faces,
      Every woman is the power of desires
      Every woman is really great.

      Every woman is a song of heaven,
      Every woman is a clear dawn,
      Every woman is a wonderful fairy tale
      Every woman is Marya the Beautiful.

      Every woman is ordinary
      Every woman is new and event,
      Every woman is a universe
      Every woman is a discovery.
      Vladimip Nevyarovich
    2. Sling cutter
      Sling cutter 8 March 2021 05: 38
      Three times URAAAA in honor of the Beautiful half of humanity !!!
      Let the first snowdrop
      Gives you tenderness!
      The spring sun will give warmth!
      And the March wind will give hope,
      And happiness, and joy, and only good!
      1. Alena Frolovna
        Alena Frolovna 8 March 2021 05: 57

        - Someone asked, and who are these two?
        - They asked, of course.
        - Muzhuki - they answer.
        - Myzhuki, so myzhuki, we will celebrate the holiday together.
        1. Mordvin 3
          Mordvin 3 8 March 2021 06: 04
          Quote: Alena Frolovna

          We are not bugs, we will kiss you all today!
          1. Mitroha
            Mitroha 8 March 2021 06: 30
            Happy March 8 to all the fair sex !!!
            We celebrate the day of the women who gave us life and much more. Those who strive to protect with all their might. He had the courage to fight those who want to harm us. Who put our happiness above his own. But above all, we pay tribute to mother's love. Love is eternal, unchanging. The one that accompanies us all our lives
            1. Tatyana
              Tatyana 8 March 2021 08: 19
              Our dear beloved men!
              Thank you very much for your warm congratulations on this wonderful March 8th day!
              You men are the protection and support in our lives!
              Today we will celebrate this holiday together! drinks
              Good luck to all! yes

              Tanya, Tanya, Tanya - Grisha Petrov • Jan 25 2019 year
              1. Tatyana
                Tatyana 8 March 2021 08: 27
                Dear men!
                Let the attitude towards women at all ages fill your heart with love for women!
                May this love always be only happy with you!

                "Cherry in the garden" Victor Korolev. • 28 dec. Oct 2018
                1. Tatyana
                  Tatyana 8 March 2021 08: 37
                  Dear men!
                  From your respect and love for us, women, we always become more beautiful, younger and better throughout our lives! yes

                  NURSE AUTUMN. Not only young people dance beautifully.
                  1. Tatyana
                    Tatyana 9 March 2021 01: 54
                    Dear Men!
                    Thank you all for your congratulations to us women on March 8!
                    You warmed our souls with such heartfelt warmth and attention on this spring women's holiday! love
                    I paid particular attention to the photo
                    Quote: Crown without virus
                    Since March 8 !!!

                    Unfortunately, in the photo there are 5 women and only 4 men!
                    Oh, it's a pity that even in the photo there are not enough men for all the women in the country!
                    I immediately remembered Zhirinovsky about this!
                    Volfovich understands this problem and a woman's soul - and at every election he promises every woman in Russia 1 man! But somehow he still does not succeed. (Joke.)

                    I wish all of us that in Russia there are enough good and beloved men for all women!

                    Taisiya Povaliy - Borrowed (2005)
              2. Reptiloid
                Reptiloid 8 March 2021 08: 48
                Dear women! I congratulate you on March 8 --- International Women's Day !!!!!!!!
                It's so good that you come to the site! For you --- my congratulatory poem:
                WOMEN'S HOLIDAY
                The poor woman's
                Life was hopeless:
                They gave birth to children,
                Worked at home

                They loved their husbands,
                And they went for water,
                And the hut was furnished
                Both summer and winter.

                But now the time has come ---
                Our tribe has risen
                The great Lenin came
                And the holiday sounded!

                The evil thaw of Khrushchev,
                Gorbachev's reforms,
                And all the enemies of the people
                Women's Day survived!

                Spring blooms, even burst!
                The birds sang songs
                And all the women I know
                I will give that day:

                And grandmother and mother,
                Neighborly Tamara,
                Niece in a stroller
                So that life is in full swing!

                All the girls in the class
                Savings bank employee,
                And even the cat Murka
                Happy Women's Day!

                May joy be reborn
                Spring will be spinning
                The birds will sing songs
                And in March, and then.
        2. Phil77
          Phil77 8 March 2021 06: 06
          Alyonushka! Not everything is so sad. Happy Holidays! Charming !!!
          1. Alena Frolovna
            Alena Frolovna 8 March 2021 06: 24
            Maroussia and I are grateful to you for your congratulations.
            1. stasimar
              stasimar 8 March 2021 09: 23
              and Marusya is good! wink
      2. The leader of the Redskins
        The leader of the Redskins 8 March 2021 08: 26
        I join. Women are always present in our life. And that's great))
        1. Tatyana
          Tatyana 8 March 2021 08: 59
          Quote: Leader of the Redskins
          Women are always present in our life. And that's great))
          It is impossible not to agree with this! good

          SONG and CLIP FIRE!
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. Tatyana
            Tatyana 8 March 2021 09: 39
            Quote: Tatiana
            SONG and CLIP FIRE!
            Oh, it's a pity that such an amazing video with the song "Russian Woman" does not work! There is real filming.
            Lyrics of the song "Rossiyanka"

            Become special and posture,
            Blond wave hair.
            My girl, Russian woman
            I liked it.

            I met her in the summer.
            I was so lucky in July.
            And this is a cool sign.
            I feel warm with her even in winter.

            And in Russia, my Russia.
            If only they asked me.
            I would answer everyone. not melting.
            Yes, in Russia, my Russia
            Whatever girl is more beautiful
            But my girl is the best,
            All my dear Russian woman!

            Such love between us!
            We are together in the evening and during the day!
            Can't even be expressed in words
            How good it is for us to be together!

            Become special and posture,
            Blond wave hair.
            My girl, Russian woman,
            I liked her!

    3. Alien From
      Alien From 8 March 2021 06: 36
      I join the editorial board and the members of the forum and the members of the forum) Kindness, tenderness, health, love to beautiful ladies hi love
      1. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee 8 March 2021 06: 59
        Happy Holiday! love drinks
        1. The comment was deleted.
    4. yehat2
      yehat2 9 March 2021 14: 12
      Quote: Crowe
      Dear Ladies

      discrimination against inexpensive ladies ... request
  2. Malyuta
    Malyuta 8 March 2021 05: 34
    Our dear women! I congratulate you on the occasion!
    1. Kote Pan Kokhanka
      Kote Pan Kokhanka 8 March 2021 06: 20

      Always stay loved !!!
      1. Mitroha
        Mitroha 8 March 2021 06: 43
        For you women, all today's congratulations !!!
        A woman is with us when we are born
        The woman is with us at our last hour.
        Woman is the banner when we fight
        Woman is the joy of opening eyes.
        Our first love and happiness,
        In the best endeavor - first hello.
        In the battle for the right - the fire of complicity,
        Woman is music. Woman is light.
  3. Lech from Android.
    Lech from Android. 8 March 2021 05: 39
    I join in the congratulations.
    Dear women, VO members of the forum, servicemen of the Russian army and all other dear halves of a man's heart smile may you always be fine in spite of our stormy life ... Health to you ... eternal Beauty ... constantly thick wallet with rubles and endless love for you your beloved men.
    Without you, life is boring and gray, and only you bring real happiness and meaning to life for men ... Happiness and Good to you. hi
  4. Phil77
    Phil77 8 March 2021 05: 55
    Happy Holidays to you, loved ones !!!

    I will add! Who are we without you? Beloved! And always-FAVORITE !!!!!
    1. Phil77
      Phil77 8 March 2021 06: 14
      My beloved! Lyudmila! Yakovlevna! Happy Holidays, you, Beloved !!!! wink
      1. Phil77
        Phil77 8 March 2021 06: 25
        I drink !!!! For you, beauties and always, always - * lbbbtyuimykkke ;;;
        1. depressant
          depressant 8 March 2021 08: 31
          Seryozha !!! )))
          You be careful! Otherwise, an evil administrative Robot will appear again, thoughtfully process ... lbbbtyuimykkke ;;; ..., decides that it is "Alex - to Eustace", and again banned from harm. It is not good for a forum to lose such a fighter! wassat )))
          Thanks for the congratulation! (((love )))

          Dear fighting friends!
          This is how I address all women, because our life is an eternal battle, isn't it? )))
          So let us bear our watch with dignity and defend the posts to which fate has determined us, the boundaries of our family and homeland!
          Happy holiday, dear ones! love love love
          1. Catfish
            Catfish 8 March 2021 09: 07
            Good morning Lyudmila! smile
            I sincerely congratulate you on a wonderful spring holiday! love
            Health, happiness and good mood! love

            And don't worry about our Seryoga - "real Men play hockey"! wink
            (although I can't even stand on skates laughing )

            To your health! drinks
            1. depressant
              depressant 8 March 2021 10: 48
              Konstantin, thank you! love )))) drinks ))))
              I do not know what you have there in the mugs, I have Pepsi!))) Happy Holidays! ))))
              1. Catfish
                Catfish 8 March 2021 10: 53
                We have tea in mugs, but there is a blizzard on the street, you can't see the neighboring houses, the heavenly chancery has completely gone crazy. smile

                PS Take a look at the PM. love
              2. Phil77
                Phil77 9 March 2021 06: 10
                Good morning Lyudmila Yakovlevna!
                Everything is fine. But in * History * it is better not to go. One word is darkness. In my opinion. bully
              3. Korsar4
                Korsar4 9 March 2021 07: 00
                A bourgeois drink, however.
                We had tea.

                Personally, I poured mead for myself - it was not in vain that my godfather tried.
                1. depressant
                  depressant 9 March 2021 08: 45
                  I think other people are more adequate than me, and yesterday they drank what was supposed to drink on the occasion of the holidays - that's how you, dear colleague. Some vodka, some beer, champagne, tequila, cognac, wine, liqueur - everything! And ... mead. I have exhausted my knowledge of the types of spirits)))
                  1. Korsar4
                    Korsar4 9 March 2021 10: 14
                    Is the adequacy determined by the degree of liking for alcohol?
                    1. depressant
                      depressant 9 March 2021 10: 34
                      Well, at least at one time a non-user I was considered a Baptist because of that. Now it's funny, but then, in the 90s, I was upset when I found out))))
                      1. Korsar4
                        Korsar4 9 March 2021 15: 46
                        Adult. Why are you upset?
                      2. depressant
                        depressant 9 March 2021 15: 55
                        There was a Baptist church nearby, agents of influence. Around her were a group of American officers - not the kind that we are used to seeing in the movies, such as brave army men, but people at home, or something. There was no need for me to be tied in any way to an external hostile environment.
                      3. Korsar4
                        Korsar4 9 March 2021 19: 36
                        Now it's clearer.
                        And now, say yourself, it's funny.
                      4. depressant
                        depressant 9 March 2021 21: 26
                        Yes, now it's funny. This is if you remember yourself. And now in our village, street drunks as a species have disappeared, and every resident can be written down on this basis even as Baptists, even as Old Believers))) Earlier, 10 years ago, I used to observe how drunks walked along an ideal sinusoid. If you deliberately try to get through, it won't work Only if alcohol braids your feet. We don't have such people now, it's too expensive to get drunk like that. And there was a significant event today. For the first time in 15 years, probably a neighbor called and asked for 3 tea bags. Are the times going back? Those before the 2000s. When people borrowed from each other until payday, sugar, tea, salt. I don't like all this.
                      5. Korsar4
                        Korsar4 9 March 2021 22: 57
                        There are many alarming signs. Including the ratio of wages / rent.
                      6. depressant
                        depressant 9 March 2021 23: 30
                        Surprisingly, this month the payments came more sparing than in the past, although the use of the "benefits" of apartment life did not decrease and did not increase. The impression is that they count from a lantern, or from a stern presidential gaze - when it happens. But in general, 6 times more than 15 years ago. Electricity under foreigners, in the suburbs they collect fees, and how we came to such a life, the mind is incomprehensible!
                      7. Korsar4
                        Korsar4 9 March 2021 23: 35
                        Can not argue.
                        Since the late eighties, the years can be divided into "lean cows" and "relatively obese" years.
                      8. depressant
                        depressant 10 March 2021 00: 33
                        So that's what it is! All past years in the Moscow region there was such a system for calculating the payment of utility costs through the Sberbank, which added to the payment for expenses for this month what was already paid for the last month. Every month you had to pay like two. How much I was here, at VO, indignant at this! She accused Gref of collusion with supplying and controlling organizations. And only when Sberbank was sold and Gref doubted the stability of his position, everything more or less improved, but the tariffs are awful! That is how we live. It’s sad.
                      9. Korsar4
                        Korsar4 10 March 2021 05: 43
                        I would not say that at all.
                        But since I live in the same region with you, I feel that the rent is like a tax. Not always predictable.
  • north 2
    north 2 8 March 2021 06: 35
    Lovely women! Glorious, kind,
    The best and most incomparable!
    I sincerely congratulate you on the holiday,
    A ringing drop and a prankster March.
    Be loved. Be happy!
    Always be protected by God!
  • The comment was deleted.
  • Van 16
    Van 16 8 March 2021 07: 24
    Happy half of humanity!
  • Thrifty
    Thrifty 8 March 2021 07: 24
    Anyone who is not a man since birth lol all women, girls, grandmothers and mothers of forum women in uniform, and without them, with the 8th of March, health to you in the first place, happiness, real human happiness, love, know the joy of motherhood, live to see great-grandchildren, love and be loved! !! good good good
  • Korsar4
    Korsar4 8 March 2021 07: 34
    Happy Holidays, dear women! Happy Spring!
  • Astra wild2
    Astra wild2 8 March 2021 08: 07
    Friends, all of us with a holiday: March 8!
    We all dream of happiness and we deserve it!
    My opinion. The main thing for us is patience, but we know how to endure, in order to endure: everyday hardships and believe that there will be more: "a holiday on our street."
    Don't lose your optimism and sense of humor. Acquaintances from: the "red zone" told: which of the patients found the strength to joke and smile, that has more chances to recover "
    Boys, hug your wives tighter and most importantly: ALWAYS REMEMBER YOUR MOMS
  • Blacksmith 55
    Blacksmith 55 8 March 2021 08: 17
    Happy Holidays, dear women. I wish you health, and may your home never leave Happiness and Prosperity.
  • The comment was deleted.
  • Catfish
    Catfish 8 March 2021 09: 11
    "There is no life in the world without women, no!" smile
    Although not a fan of operetta, it is said correctly.
    Dear Women, I congratulate you all on this wonderful holiday and wish you all the very best! love drinks
  • Avior
    Avior 8 March 2021 09: 46
    Dear women! I congratulate you on the 8th of March. I wish you happiness, health, success, love, prosperity and a peaceful sky over your head!
  • Ros 56
    Ros 56 8 March 2021 10: 58
    To all women:
  • Lara Croft
    Lara Croft 8 March 2021 11: 22
    Happy Holidays Dear women of Russia and its Allied countries.
  • Olgovich
    Olgovich 8 March 2021 12: 01
    I wish all our women to remain WOMEN-beloved, tender, touching, adored, caring and delightful.

    You are the best we have. yes

    We kiss with pleasure on the ruddy cheeks. love
  • Soveticos
    Soveticos 8 March 2021 13: 40
    Dear, dear, adored and beloved women! I congratulate you on the occasion! We wish you many years of life, good health, family well-being and happiness!
  • The comment was deleted.
    1. Lara Croft
      Lara Croft 8 March 2021 15: 31
      Quote: Stroporez
      And I also want to congratulate the "girl" who managed to put a minus in the congratulatory theme,

      And I looked, you are not the only one, yet Catfish и The leader of the Redskins by "-" received, apparently all three go through the lists of jackal packs, i.e. once offended: liberoids, communists, "Bulgarians", Ukrainians, Belarusians, Israeli Jews ... etc.
      It seems not the first year "married" and everyone is surprised ...
  • Virus-free crown
    Virus-free crown 8 March 2021 13: 59
    Since March 8 !!! love

    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 9 March 2021 02: 28
      Quote: Crown without virus
      Since March 8 !!! love

      Amazing Photo! I'm just delighted with him! good
  • Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 8 March 2021 15: 49
    Warm congratulations to women from men IN! take us like ...... something like that!

    Well, at least ... like this!

    Do not think on this day that we rather look like that!
  • Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 8 March 2021 18: 05
    Ladies - categorically happy holiday!
  • 7gor
    7gor 8 March 2021 20: 56
    Dear women, be always there!
  • Linda
    Linda 8 March 2021 23: 42
    Thanks to the editorial board and VO members of the forum for congratulations and kind words! And special thanks to the Leader of the Redskins for the picture. repeat love