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About difficult sorties in Afghanistan


Land operations in Afghanistan often required air support. Be it a direct fire effect on dushmans or the transfer of additional forces in the form of a landing.

Often such support was provided by the army aviation - helicopters were used in difficult conditions, when it was necessary to drive a car over mountains, the height of which itself exceeded 4 thousand meters, in addition, the helicopter had to rise higher so as not to become an easy prey for the enemy. From the slope they could "get" not only with the use of MANPADS, which, by the way, initially the dushmans did not have, but with the help of the DShK.

The service of helicopter pilots in Afghanistan is worthy of preparing a separate series of films about it. At the same time, the feat of Soviet pilots of helicopter crews is still not really appreciated. But almost any flight was associated with an immediate risk to life.

Among the real heroes of the Afghan war is Colonel Alexander Railean. He first appeared in Afghanistan in 1983 as the commander of a detachment of Mi-8 helicopters - real workers (air) "horses" of that armed conflict.

In the plot of the TacticMedia channel, Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Railean talks about the most difficult flights during his military service in Afghanistan.

Alexander Railean:

I took on many tasks. Simply because it was easier to do it yourself.

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    Vladimir_2U 5 March 2021 17: 45
    Not the format, here all the same, mostly people who prefer to read, and not listen. Sorry.
  2. tasha
    tasha 5 March 2021 17: 48
    There are many pictures of helicopters and their pilots in the Afghan war. But I really remember this one:

    Our helicopter in front of the Buddha statue in the Bamiyan Valley. VI century ...
    1. Soveticos
      Soveticos 5 March 2021 18: 04
      Beautiful photo. Power. Is there some more?
  3. businessv
    businessv 5 March 2021 18: 17
    The service of helicopter pilots in Afghanistan is worthy of preparing a separate series of films about it.
    It's hard to disagree! As for ours in Afghanistan, it's high time to make films about all kinds of troops involved, as well as about the incentives for their introduction! Something is not visible comments, apparently there is no time to watch the video in connection with the preparation for Women's Day. Respect for the helicopter pilots and thanks for the many lives saved! drinks
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    and the DShK were Chinese .............................................. ....................