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Terms of laying of two new submarine missile carriers "Borey-A"

Terms of laying of two new submarine missile carriers "Borey-A"

The laying of the new Project 955A nuclear-powered missile submarine missile cruisers Dmitry Donskoy and Prince Potemkin (code Borei-A) will take place at Sevmash in May 2021. It is reported by TASS with reference to a source in the military-industrial complex.

According to the source, the contract for two missile submarines was signed in 2020, the laying will take place in May 2021, and the transfer to fleet scheduled for 2027-2028. Each submarine will carry 16 Bulava ICBMs.

New strategists Dmitry Donskoy and Prince Potemkin will be laid down at Sevmash by Victory Day on May 9, 2021

- said the source.

The project 941 Akula submarine missile cruiser Dmitry Donskoy will be withdrawn from the Navy within five years.

At present, Sevmash is building four submarines of the Borey-A project - Prince Oleg (officially laid down on July 27, 2014), Generalissimo Suvorov (laid down on December 26, 2014), Emperor Alexander III (laid down December 18, 2015) and "Prince Pozharsky" (founded on December 23, 2016). "Prince Oleg" has already been taken out of the boathouse and is undergoing tests.

As part of the Russian Navy, three Project 955 (Borey) APRKSNs of the 4th generation are in service - the strategic missile cruisers Yuri Dolgoruky, Alexander Nevsky and Vladimir Monomakh, as well as one submarine missile carrier of the modernized project Borey-A - " Prince Vladimir ".
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  1. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 5 March 2021 07: 57
    high-tech products ... the capacity utilization of Sevmash and its subcontractors ... the demand for workers and engineering personnel (which is good news) ... and this is in addition to strengthening the strategic nuclear forces ...
    1. 1331M
      1331M 5 March 2021 08: 08
      I fully agree with your opinion. Good luck to the workers and engineers, the men are doing the necessary work for the country's defense.
    2. figwam
      figwam 5 March 2021 08: 08
      Yes, 10 Boreis is an argument.
      1. lucul
        lucul 5 March 2021 11: 41
        Yes, 10 Boreis is an argument.

        As we say - "dobra navina")))
        But what could be better than 10 Boreis? 20 Boreyev !!! ))))
        1. ironic
          ironic 6 March 2021 03: 05
          Can not. START-3 is still in effect.
  2. Ros 56
    Ros 56 5 March 2021 08: 00
    And why should you thresh your tongue ahead of time? Not government men, but gossip grandmothers at the entrance.
  3. Eldorado
    Eldorado 5 March 2021 08: 34
    In May...
    But what about a single day of bookmarking of ships? request
  4. Sidor Amenpodestovich
    Sidor Amenpodestovich 5 March 2021 09: 06

    Are there generally accepted abbreviations for submarines, or who are they?
    APRKSN, SSBN, for example.
    But what surprises me especially is the Nuclear Submarine (with) Ballistic Missiles.
    I personally cannot imagine a more kurguz designation. Moreover, in comparison with the elegant MAPL, although logically, then there should already be an MPLA.
    Someone really wanted the abbreviation to look exactly like SSBN?
    1. forty-eighth
      forty-eighth 5 March 2021 09: 25
      Legs grow from the rules for naming products, parts, design units according to ESKD, in accordance with which the noun comes first, and then the adjectives (plate clutch, gear wheel, etc.), but then there must be "nuclear submarine with ballistic missiles" ... Apparently, this name was changed for the sake of the euphony of the abbreviation.
      1. Sidor Amenpodestovich
        Sidor Amenpodestovich 5 March 2021 09: 40
        Thanks for the reply.
  5. Ugochaves
    Ugochaves 5 March 2021 12: 30
    Well done, I'm glad they are laying it. Construction time is certainly not very fast, so to speak. But let's hope that when Sevmash finally switches to modular construction, the terms will be shortened. drinks
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 5 March 2021 14: 03
      Quote: UgoChaves
      when Sevmash finally switches to block-modular construction, the terms will be shortened.

      So it was already infa that with the introduction of the block-modular assembly method, the terms will be reduced by 1,5 years. At the Ulyanovsk aircraft plant, an automated production line was introduced, which reduced the time by almost 2 times.
      Technique is striding forward, and our Kulibins are makin 'technology for it, so that amam can live more merrily behind a puddle. Well, so as not to get discouraged and more often they scratched their turnips in bewilderment - and how is this "country gas station" with the economy "torn to shreds" GZO and building new ICBMs with APRK! bully
  6. Tests
    Tests 5 March 2021 19: 39
    UgoChaves (Sergei Trotsenko), Udav KAA (Alexander), dear, we have already discussed on the site that SEVMASH is planning a major reconstruction of slipway shops and one of the shops of SPO Arktika OJSC. But for now, alas ... Although Mr. Budnichenko set the task of bringing the number of employees at the plant to 2020 in 30 to the Personnel Department of the SMP. And the personnel officers reported that they had completed the task.
    Dimon Dimonov_2 (Dimon Dimonov) Today, 11:29 in the section "Opinions" in the comments to the article "Russia is not ready for war with Turkey" I answered: "There are no workers at the plant (30-40%) of the required number ... we got a couple of travel orders under a contract of 2x6 months .... we took 240 hours and a maximum salary of 67 k ... so the fuck I need 8 hours in the car or to plow in the interdon ... when I have 4 balconies in 5-15 hours at the owner's office or I will make the stiffness on the loggia and I get the same money every Friday in cash ... "
    The same opinion. Pension Dimona, it seems, is far, far away and he does not get sick at all ... Although my friends, that they went to the sea several times on the much-tested new "Kazan", are satisfied. Both for one and the other over the past year, the mortgage has greatly decreased in terms of terms. Although one covid fell ill at home, and his wife and both young children of primary school age were ill easily, the family was at home for more than a month.
    And my peers, from SEVMASH, it is understandable with more than 30 years of experience, everyone who is in the Red House, who is in the design bureau, who is in the main shops, who work in auxiliary shops in different positions - everyone is happy, especially who have had a covid. In the sanatorium-preventorium of SEVMASH for 21 days of free rest and treatment (post-like recovery) in our capitalist today - well, it's not bad at all.