Truvelo SR Sniper Rifles Family

Truvelo SR Sniper Rifles Family

No one will deny that market competition weapons quite tough, and leaders have long been determined, to compete with which is quite problematic even to those companies that have something to offer the consumer. Unfortunately, the “name” of the manufacturer means quite a lot for a potential buyer, therefore, quite often, preference is given not to the best weapon, but to the more famous one. And you can see, not only in the arms market, but almost everywhere. Naturally, there are those who are accustomed to think with the brain, and not with the sciatic nerve, and do not want to overpay for the name, but these consumers are few in order to satisfy the offer of not the most famous companies among the masses. Nevertheless, the less “promoted” weapon companies do not surrender without a fight and go for various tricks to attract buyers to their products.

Generally speaking, I was a little overwhelmed when speaking about obscurity, in fact, Truvelo is well known, but not in wide circles, so for most people this name says nothing. To draw attention to its products, the company does not skimp not only on advertising - it is clear that people work precisely to become at least a recognized brand, and here it’s a sin not to use any opportunity. So, if we talk about the subject of the article, about the SR sniper rifle family, it is impossible not to notice that in virtually any description there are numbers indicating that these rifles can work without fail at temperatures separate from -45 and individual to + 80 degrees Celsius. Provided that the rifles are “bolted”, this causes a smile, nevertheless, such information is provided, no one says that this is a super-weapon, but everyone who has read says that the weapon works in wide temperature limits, and others they don't write about it, so they can't work. And this is how a “unique” weapon of its kind is obtained, which can work practically under any temperature conditions on our planet. Although the rifles are actually minimally sensitive to changes in ambient temperature due to the method of processing the metal, which, of course, does not apply. As a result, it turns out that no one is deceiving anyone, just the information is given a little more than usual, and the reader himself automatically forms the conclusions.

From a technical point of view, Truvelo SR sniper rifles, like most bolt rifles, do not represent anything of interest. You will not find absolutely no interesting moments in their design to compensate for recoil, or any other solutions characteristic of the weapon that wants to stand out from the crowd. In this regard, the arms company went a little different way, focusing on the very high quality weapons at a price slightly lower than that of competitors. That, in fact, gave the fruits almost immediately. Nevertheless, this weapon is still little known, which we will try to correct, giving a short description for each of the models of the SR rifles. I just want to make a reservation that the descriptions will be rather superficial and based on personal conclusions and impressions, so it’s not worth waiting for the results of firing from this weapon or something like that.

Let's start with the weapons of the largest caliber, chambered for 20х82. First of all, it is worth noting that, in addition to a fairly powerful cartridge, in addition to the muzzle brake-compensator of recoil, the weapon does not compensate for this recoil, which makes the rifle clearly not the most convenient. Do not add convenience to the weapon and its mass with dimensions. Without ammunition, the weapon weighs 23 kilograms and has a length of 1820 millimeters with a barrel exactly 1 meter in length. On the other hand, all sniper weapons for a given ammunition are notable for their heavy weight and dimensions, so this can be considered as a serious minus. It feeds a rifle from a detachable magazine, the capacity of which is equal to five rounds. The ammunition used in this weapon is already a plus. Despite a rather large return when fired, such cartridges are perfectly suitable for the so-called "anti-material" weapons, since the nomenclature of cartridges includes not only armor piercing, incendiary, and so on in various variations, but even high-explosive fragmentation, which, despite their low efficiency can also be used. In other words, this rifle, thanks to its cartridge, is a fairly good weapon that can cover a lot of tasks. Well, the fact that the weapon is not quite komvortno when shooting is compensated by its simplicity and unpretentiousness. Locking the barrel rifle by using three lugs, two of which are located in front and one behind the bolt. Also, there is a fuse switch on the back of the bolt, which makes it possible to transfer even a loaded weapon relatively safely. The rifle's effective range is 1500 meters, but it depends on the type of ammunition used. Separately, it is worth noting that at a distance of 500 meters, accuracy is maintained around 1 angular minutes. Well, since the manufacturer indicates, it is impossible to keep silent about the fact that the weapon works at temperatures from -45 to + 65 degrees Celsius, how to relate to this information, decide for yourself.

The next version of the rifle, moving along the path of reducing the caliber, is a rifle chambered for 14,5x114, which, in my opinion, is completely unfairly bypassed by manufacturers of large-caliber sniper weapons. This version of the rifle is also positioned as "anti-material." In this regard, the effective range is limited to 1500 meters, after which the accuracy of firing sharply decreases. Call this rifle convenient as it is impossible. Conversely, the absence of any mitigating recoil solutions, except for the muzzle brake-recoil compensator, makes shooting not the most pleasant. In addition, the weight of the weapon at twenty kilograms and a length of 1820 millimeters is also not a plus, making this weapon comfortable. But with their tasks to defeat lightly armored vehicles, radar, destroy unexploded shells, this weapon copes with all 100%. Well, especially for those who want to know some kind of highlight weapons. 14,5 cartridges were once tested as ammunition stuffed with an irritating substance, that is, after penetrating armor from a bullet, for example, tear gas was released, which filled all the space in the vehicle and made the crew literally jump out of it. In the series, these munitions did not go for reasons of low shelf life, as well as a small amount of irritant that may be contained in the pool. However, at the moment such ammunition appeared, of course, the storage period is limited, the efficiency is not the greatest (including due to the development of armored vehicles), but they exist. However, 20x82 boasts a similar cartridge, and there efficiency is much higher. The bolt of the weapon is also represented by a longitudinally sliding lock on the barrel for three lugs, two at the front of the bolt and one at the rear. It feeds a rifle from a detachable box magazine with a capacity of 5 cartridges. Operating temperatures range from -45 to + 65 degrees Celsius.

The next version of the rifle, less original in its ammunition, but in the weapon itself has its own characteristics. Uses this rifle cartridges caliber 12,7x99, better known as .50BMG. This weapon is already positioned not only as a means of destruction of lightly armored vehicles of the enemy and further in the text, which is hung on the so-called "anti-material" sniper rifles, but also to defeat the enemy's manpower. The effective range of the rifle of all 1200 meters, in which it loses the weapon under the same ammunition. However, it is not necessary to immediately take it as a minus. The point is that from the point of view of the weapon case, the rifle rifles are a little wrong. This allows you to achieve high accuracy of shooting at distances up to 1200 meters, but then further accuracy drops sharply. Provided that the weapon will use high-quality ammunition at a distance of up to 500 meters, the rifle maintains the accuracy of 0,5 angular minutes, which is quite an excellent result. The total length of the weapon is equal to 1700 millimeters, the rifle's weight is equal to 16 kilograms, the weapon is fed from a detachable box magazine with a capacity of 5 cartridges. The shutter of the weapon is the same longitudinally sliding with three lugs, with a fuse switch on the back side. The main advantage of this weapon is not a large effective range, but a high accuracy, although everything is relative. The weapon works smoothly, and there is nothing to refuse, at temperatures from -40 to + 75 degrees Celsius. Return is compensated only by the muzzle brake-compensator, but in this case it is no longer so critical.

An even more accurate weapon is the rifle chambered for the .338 cartridge. At this time, the manufacturer guarantees accuracy of at least 0,5 angular minutes at a distance of 800 meters, while the effective range is equal to 1000 meters. There is already, of course, weapons only for firing at enemy personnel, can also be used to fight snipers, provided that the enemy sniper is armed with less long-range and accurate weapons. The weight of the rifle is 8,9 kilogram, the length of the barrel of the weapon is 792 millimeter, with a total length of 1350 millimeters. All the same longitudinal sliding gate, all the same fuse. But they already propose to shoot a weapon at temperatures from -40 to + 80 Celsius, the question is whether the shooter himself will withstand the upper temperature limit.

And the latest version of the weapon, which is also the smallest in caliber, uses “NATO” 7,62 ammunition. At the same time, the manufacturer either uses the cartridges of the wrong system, or seriously overestimates the characteristics of his weapon, speaking of 1000 meters of effective range and accuracy in 0,5 angular minutes at a distance of 700 meters, which, well, seems like a fairy tale for a given ammunition. The rifle itself has a weight in kilogram 8 and millimeter length 1460. The longitudinal sliding bolt of the weapon has three lugs - two in front, one in back. On the back of the shutter switch is located fuse. It feeds weapons from detachable box magazines with a capacity of 5 cartridges.

All rifles are equipped with bipods, two in front, one under the butt. Sami butts, adjustable in length and height of the cheek support. Butts do not add up, as it may seem, but they can be removed. The trigger mechanism is adjustable along the length of the trigger and pressing force. In addition, there may be a separate lever guard blocking the trigger in the weapon. The design of rifles uses polymers that are distinguished by their high strength, but their use does not significantly reduce the weight of the weapon, since the only reasonable place will be the butt and forearm.

Summarizing a little written, it should be noted that the weapon is really very high quality, which was repeatedly noted by experts, including the practical use of these rifles. The Truvelo SR sniper rifle family, in my opinion, is a vivid example of the fact that sometimes, in order to get a good result, you should not attach a motor to a “bike”, but rather simply make this “bike” a quality one. In general, the whole family causes only positive emotions, if you close your eyes to the overestimated characteristics of a rifle caliber 7,62 millimeter.

In addition, it should be noted that the designers also approached the right side of the effective range of the weapon, trying to make not the most long-range rifle, in theory confidently striking the enemy at a distance of 2000 meters, but limited themselves to one and a half kilometers, which would also be far from every sniper are available. It is an unusual approach to this issue and an attempt to ensure high precision weapons at real distances and attract attention to these rifles. Well, the fact that the company went on a small trick to promote this weapon, on the contrary, is commendable. Soon, this family should be replenished with weapons and for other variants of ammunition, it is still unknown what kind of ammunition it will be, and whether the changes will affect the rifles themselves.
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  1. Alabay.63
    August 28 2012
    I can’t understand - why ask the price of not the best product when there is a product that is much better in terms of performance?
  2. +1
    August 28 2012
    Good weapon. I agree with the author that the weapon under the 14.5 mm cartridge is undeservedly costing. Also very rare are specimens with removable barrels for various cartridges of the caliber 14.5 / 12.7 / 9.3 / 7.62, etc. A very interesting weapon.
    And the weapon of a potential "partner" must be known. Knowing its characteristics, pros and cons, then it will be easier to fight.
    1. +2
      August 28 2012
      Support for cartridge 14,5 / 114. Muzzle energy of over 30 joules is amazing.
      1. borisst64
        August 28 2012
        Quote: Maksim86
        Muzzle energy of over 30 joules is amazing.

        And 20 mm has even more, etc. A lot is not always good, there is the concept of excess power. To kill a person, in fact, not so much is needed.
        1. 0
          August 28 2012
          Yes, to bring a person out (without protective equipment), the energy density should be around 100 J / cm2. But we are talking about anti-material weapons. Rifles with a caliber of more than 14,5 (these are already guns) in my opinion, are already too much. Only one mass of 23 kg is worth ...
          1. +4
            August 28 2012
            Do not forget that a large caliber and powder charge is due not only to the desire to get the maximum bullet energy at the muzzle. The large caliber is due to the large weight of the bullet so that it loses its energy as slowly as possible in flight. Well, a large powder charge is necessary in order to set this bullet to the optimal speed at which it will remain stable in flight and at the same time hitting it effectively at maximum distance. Thus, the use of enemy manpower at distances of 400-500 is really overkill, but when the distance increases to 1000 meters or more, then just such "hand guns" justify themselves in full.
            Also, do not forget about the damage of the enemy's equipment, of course you will not take a heavy tank with such a rifle, but lightly armored vehicles sew only on the way, and at fairly decent distances.
            The back is work on the enemy snipers, while remaining out of reach for return fire. With machine gun calculations more difficult, but also such a weapon is used to eliminate them. Well, and so on, so with! Reasonable! the use of such weapons is fully justified.
            1. ICT
              August 28 2012
              really why not develop a sniper cannon with a range of fire, let's say 1500 meters, with excellent optics and a special cartridge, put it on the same "tiger", or develop something like Luaz-sanitary,

              Of course, he will not be able to knock out the tank but completely disable it (it will break all the attached equipment), well, armored personnel carriers and infantry will also not be in
            2. 0
              August 29 2012
              "The opposite is the work on enemy snipers, while remaining out of reach for return fire."
              Provided that at a distance of over 1 km, the enemy sniper will stand, hold the sign "I AM HERE" and a flag to see the strength and direction of the wind

              At a distance of 1 km, getting into a growth figure is difficult, but which sniper will stand in a combat situation? So such an anti-sniper rifle can not be called
  3. 0
    August 28 2012
    Quote: borisst64
    To kill a person, in fact, not so much is needed.

    The killing of a person (enemy sniper) is also not unimportant! If the range of the bullet is greater than that of the enemy, then you can eliminate it at a safe distance ...
    1. Bismark
      August 29 2012
      I doubt that the enemy will have a bullet that flies farther than yours. This is a fallacy and a myth.
    2. 0
      August 29 2012
      The 7.62x54R rifle and machine gun cartridge retains sufficient slaughter at a distance of 2 km, but no one shoots at this 2 km cartridge, and why? because a 2 km bullet will fly away, but whether it hits the target is a matter of chance.
  4. Darck
    August 28 2012
    Nevertheless, this weapon is still little known, which we will try to fix

    Article PR?
    1. +1
      August 28 2012
      If (((Unfortunately, Truvelo is not up to date, which is a pity laughing I’m just introducing interesting, in my opinion, samples.
  5. 0
    August 28 2012
    I don’t know why to come up with something new, at the moment Barret steers ...
  6. Darck
    August 29 2012
    I do not know why come up with something new

    If everyone thought so, then we would now run with spears and bows.
  7. 0
    August 29 2012
    In general, the manufacture of so-called boltoviks is a highly traveled sphere. It is difficult to construct something fundamentally new in this class of weapons. It remains for the manufacturer to play with materials, ergonomics, precision manufacturing and throwing performance characteristics. In reality, where on earth you can find a temperature of +80 degrees. Even if it is possible to imagine a similar situation, then here is a chance to be in a tendency to zero. I won’t be surprised if the manufacturer (not only Truvelo) gets to the point that a limited series of rifles will be produced, in the manufacture of which metal from 32 Titanic's forward bow bulkheads will be used, after which a hole is raised from the bottom of the Atlantic or from the wreckage of an asteroid that fell 50 years ago .

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