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An army vehicle of Kurdish forces in contact with US troops was blown up in eastern Syria


The photo is illustrative.

From Syria, there are reports of a new incident in the east of the country, near the border with Iraq. We are talking about the eastern part of the province of Deir ez-Zor, namely the Abu Kemal (Al-Bukamal) region. A few days ago, an airstrike was carried out on these territories. It was inflicted by the US Air Force F-15 aircraft. The declared targets are pro-Iranian armed formations, which, according to the Pentagon, are involved in the rocket fire at the American military base in the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, the city of Erbil.

Today it is reported that an army vehicle belonging to the so-called "Syrian Democratic Forces" (SDF) was blown up in the Abu Kemal region. The SDF is primarily US-backed Kurdish militias, including the YPG (Kurdish Self-Defense Force).

It is worth recalling that Ankara opposes such contacts with Kurdish armed organizations, which considers the YPG group terrorist. However, these units continue to actively contact US troops in the SAR.

In connection with the blowing up of an army car belonging to one of the Kurdish armed groups, a version is being expressed that this may be the first response to the American bombing. Those who carried out the sabotage were well aware of the SDF contracts with the US military, as well as the US statements about the alleged transfer of information to the Pentagon on "crossing the border targets" from Iraqi intelligence. In this regard, the opinion was expressed that the information could really be transferred to the Americans from Iraq, but it was not the country's intelligence that did it, but representatives of the Kurdish detachments that control the north of Iraq - the same Erbil, where the American military base is located.
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  1. Irokez
    Irokez 1 March 2021 15: 32
    Oh, the Kurds are naive and dreaming people about their statehood.
    On this basis, you are puppets in the hands of the mighty of this world and, accordingly, you will be to blame for everything that happens to you. Many have thrown you and will throw you until you decide who you are and what you want in the end, but no one wants to organize your statehood (you are not the chosen one).
    1. Cowbra
      Cowbra 1 March 2021 15: 40
      No, there is hopelessness. Fools learn from their mistakes. smart - on strangers. The Kurds cannot even learn from their mistakes - the United States has already thrown them there recently. So everything, the god of the mind did not give - it means they will give the Darwin prize. For the withdrawal of a voluntary own gene pool from the universal
    2. svp67
      svp67 1 March 2021 17: 32
      Quote: Irokez
      Oh, the Kurds are naive and dreaming people about their statehood.

      Alas, it is difficult to call them naive, but the fact that the Kurds are one of the most numerous, but divided peoples, yes. And they are divided not only by the borders of states, but also by religions and tribal interests. And it is unlikely that they will succeed in building their state, too many political forces do not want this.
    3. Prisoner
      Prisoner 1 March 2021 18: 11
      Surely the leaders are not so naive. Americans are great experts in bribery of the top, whatever it is.
  2. rocket757
    rocket757 1 March 2021 15: 50
    An army vehicle of Kurdish forces in contact with US troops was blown up in eastern Syria

    East business ... explosive!
  3. Deniska999
    Deniska999 1 March 2021 16: 24
    The ball is on the side of the Iranian team. The match continues ...
  4. Blackgrifon
    Blackgrifon 1 March 2021 22: 32
    It is not at all clear what is going on in the zone controlled by the Kurds.
  5. safar gafarov
    safar gafarov 2 March 2021 09: 02
    scammer first whip