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Our people in India

Our people in IndiaHaving flown almost 5 thousands of kilometers, two IL-76 transport planes delivered to 280 India servicemen of a separate mountain motorized rifle brigade stationed in Karachay-Cherkessia (brigade commander Colonel Artur Shemaitis). From the city of Barrels, to which the airplanes landed on the airfield, the Russians headed by land to the venue of the joint anti-terrorism exercise Indra-2010, which will begin today and last until October 24.

The choice of this particular brigade is not accidental. She is one of the best in the Southern Military District. As part of only the newly created Southern Military District, this is the first serious test for the “miners”. Back when they were in the North Caucasus Military District, they managed to establish themselves as high-class specialists. Colonel Arthur Šemaitis according to the results of the control classes held in 2009 and collected by the commanders of the formations was named the best commander of the North Caucasian Military District, and the military team he headed was among the district leaders. At the same time, the first among such units of the district was the reconnaissance battalion of the brigade commanded by Major Andrei Minzhirov (Krasnaya Zvezda spoke about this unit). His subordinates formed the backbone of the group leaving for India (which is more than 200 people).

This year for the “miners” was also intense. During the control test for the winter period of study, the Zelenchuk Union was again named among the right-flank ones. Good results were demonstrated by Colonel Shemaitis’s subordinates during the work of the commission of the Physical Training Directorate of the Armed Forces of Russia. However, the most “trump card” of the brigade’s servicemen is an excellent mountain training. She gets very serious attention. For practicing mountain training in the brigade, there is a climbing wall (by the way, the best in Karachay-Cherkessia), an excellent mountain obstacle course. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, servicemen of brigade units master the secrets of mountaineering: first at the point of permanent deployment, then in the mountains. Mountain training instructors spend many hours with personnel of various units in the mountain obstacle course and climbing gym. And only after all the servicemen demonstrate strong knowledge and skills, the units take to the mountains. Further practical training is conducted in specialized training centers located in North Ossetia - Alania, Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria, in the Stavropol region. During the preparation of the Indra-2010 exercise, representatives of the command of the Indian armed forces visited the south of Russia. At the Daryal mountain range, soldiers of the Zelenchukskaya mountain brigade demonstrated to foreign guests that “any mountains could be done for them”: during demonstration classes, methods of group climbing on grassy and grassy slopes were practiced.

The doctrine "Indra-2010" is anti-terrorist. For the brigade of Colonel Arthur Shemaitis this topic is familiar. Mobile, equipped with all necessary, well-prepared mountain brigades were originally intended to become a barrier to terrorism. From the very first days, the servicemen of these formations, including the Zelenchuksky brigade, began to fulfill the tasks of covering the mountainous parts of the Russian border, conducting reconnaissance and search actions in remote and sometimes impassable areas of the mountain-wooded area. During the escalation of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict, the Zelenchuk mountain workers successfully carried out special tasks to ensure security on the Klukhor and Marukh passes.

Speaking of mountain teams, it is worthwhile to elaborate on their equipment. Much of the equipment of the “burners” does not just meet the latest requirements, but is, in fact, unique. Already during the formation of the brigade in the unit received the latest innovations of weapons, communications equipment, ammunition. For example, the commanders of units involved in raids and search and reconnaissance activities (from branch commanders and above) are provided with Grotto navigation complexes (they work in the GLONASS system) and Strelets complexes. New means of data transmission came to the brigade: for communication at the level of the squad - the platoon is using the VHF band, in companies, negotiations can be conducted both in the VHF band and in the shortwave. As for the unit snipers, they are armed with specially acquired sniper rifles. In addition to good mechanics and optics, they are equipped with first-class ballistic solvers, which are very useful in mountainous and wooded areas. It is not surprising that Lieutenant-General Alexander Galkin, who had recently visited the formation of the Vrid command, commanded the troops of the Southern Military District, spoke highly of the combat capability of the brigade.

On the eve of departure from the point of permanent deployment with the participants of the upcoming exercise, a drill of weapons and equipment was carried out. The servicemen were once again reminded of the security requirements in a tropical climate. After all, according to forecasts, the exercise participants will have to “fight” in the heat of 30 degrees. The head of the training department of the Southern Military District, Major General Vladimir Glinin, appointed by the head of the exercise from our side, speaking before the servicemen, stressed that they had a great honor. “You represent not only your brigade and the Southern Military District. You represent the Russian army. By you will be judged on all of Russia. Don't let it down, ”he said.

Father Konstantin, representative of the Russian Orthodox Church, also blessed the servicemen leaving for India, who also wished the soldiers, sergeants and officers to adequately fulfill their difficult mission to return home alive and healthy.
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