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ZALA VTOL. The newest Russian tiltrotor drone


On February 21, a major international exhibition and conference in the field of the defense industry IDEX 2021 opened in Abu Dhabi. Companies representing the Russian defense industry are traditional participants in this exhibition. The exhibition is held in the United Arab Emirates twice a year and is one of the largest in the world.

As part of IDEX, Russian companies often demonstrate their new products, as well as modernized weapons. For Russia, this international showcase is of great importance, since the market of the Middle East and North Africa is traditionally important for the supply of Russian weapons... In 2021, Russian defense industry enterprises will demonstrate their products in a single exposition, the total area of ​​which is 1200 square meters.

Among the novelties already presented at the exhibition, one can single out a new Russian unmanned aerial vehicle. The drone was developed by the Izhevsk enterprise ZALA AERO GROUP, this company is part of the Kalashnikov Group of Companies. The novelty was named ZALA VTOL and is distinguished by a scheme unusual for a UAV - the device combines the best qualities of aircraft-type drones and convertiplanes.

Main features of the new ZALA VTOL drone

The main feature of the new Russian unmanned aerial vehicle of the hybrid type ZALA VTOL, which makes it a unique development, is that the complex combines the best qualities of an aircraft-type UAV and a tiltrotor. At the same time, the operator of the unmanned complex gets the opportunity to easily change the configuration of the UAV, depending on the tasks to be solved and the conditions in which they must be performed. Thus, in one drone, two aerodynamic schemes are combined.

ZALA VTOL drones and ground control station, frame from ZALA AERO GROUP presentation video

According to the developers of the complex, the ease of operation of the ZALA VTOL UAV makes it possible to minimize the role of the human factor, as well as the number of equipment used and maintained when performing flight missions. The flight processes of the new drone can be fully automated.

This is largely achieved through the use of a powerful on-board computer, designated ZX1. An on-board computer with artificial intelligence algorithms is able to analyze the collected data directly on board. At the command of the operator, photo images or video in Full HD can be transmitted to the ground control station.

The presentation video of the hybrid drone indicates that the device is able to simultaneously transmit two video streams (video camera - Full HD and infrared camera - HD). The device has an automatic target tracking function and an encrypted solid-state drive for storing captured information with a total capacity of 500 GB. The aerial photography itself is carried out with two cameras: 24 Mp (built-in) and 42 Mp (payload element).

The versatile design of the new drone provides the model with full compatibility with all existing and manufactured target loads of ZALA AERO. In addition to photo and video cameras, it can be thermal imagers, combined systems, laser designators, dosimeters, gas analyzers and other equipment. The manufacturer also provides for the installation of additional geodetic equipment (RTK - Real Time Kinematic) on the drone.

ZALA AERO GROUP presentation video

According to the developers, the new unmanned complex is a versatile, profitable solution that can be used for search and rescue operations or for air monitoring in the interests of the fuel and energy complex. It is allowed to use the device on hard-to-reach and long routes with the provision of safe take-off and landing of the device. Thanks to the hybrid design, the drone can be launched from unprepared sites, including in an urban environment.

Flight performance ZALA VTOL

Not much is known about the performance characteristics of the ZALA VTOL drone, but the main characteristics of the model have been revealed. According to RIA agency News, the wingspan of the new Russian drone is 2,85 meters, the maximum take-off weight is up to 10,5 kg, the maximum flight speed is up to 110 km / h. The main mover of the vehicle, which provides the UAV with horizontal flight, is the pushing propeller.

In this case, the autonomy of the drone directly depends on the chosen scheme. Flight autonomy is up to two hours with the aerodynamic configuration of a tiltrotor with vertical take-off and landing. With an airplane scheme and launch from a catapult, autonomy increases to four hours. In this embodiment, the landing of ZALA VTOL takes place on a parachute with an air shock absorber, according to the drone manufacturer.

UAV ZALA VTOL, frame from ZALA AERO GROUP presentation video

Like many devices not only for military, but also for civil purposes, developed and produced in Russia, the new ZALA VTOL drone is designed to operate in the most severe climatic conditions. The declared operating temperature range is from -40 to +50 degrees Celsius. The manufacturer also allows the use of UAVs at wind speeds up to 15 m / s.

ZALA AERO company

The developer of the new Russian drone is ZALA AERO, headquartered in Izhevsk. Currently, it is one of the leading domestic developers and manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles. In addition to the UAVs themselves, the company develops and manufactures mobile complexes and sets of unique target loads, electronic warfare equipment. The company was founded in 2004, since January 2015 it has been organizationally part of the Kalashnikov concern.

The main product of the company throughout stories unmanned aerial vehicles have been and remain, as well as various software solutions for aviation monitoring. In total, more than two thousand UAVs are currently used in the Russian Federation, which were developed and produced by ZALA AERO.

UAVs under the ZALA trademark are widely used in reconnaissance and rescue operations, to guard state borders, as well as to survey high-risk facilities, emergency situations and monitor oil and gas infrastructure, especially in remote areas of the country. The customers of these products are not only the Ministry of Defense and law enforcement agencies, but also the civil sector.

Stand with ZALA drones at the Army-2020 forum

ZALA drones are actively used by Russian Emergencies Ministry units and civilian companies. They find wide application in everyday life, helping companies and businesses in construction, environmental monitoring, agriculture, geodesy and cartography, as well as in other peaceful fields of activity.

UAVs from Izhevsk play an important role in aerial monitoring of oil and gas facilities, which is of strategic importance for Russia. According to the company, ZALA AERO drones make more than 30 flights over oil and gas infrastructure every year, surveying more than five million kilometers of pipelines from the air.

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  1. Asad
    Asad 27 February 2021 04: 55
    Not quite sure if this particular model flies? If not, what are they selling?
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 27 February 2021 05: 19
      just another little peeper, nothing special. where are the "drummers" in the series ???
      1. KCA
        KCA 27 February 2021 05: 30
        It seems to me that GAZPROM, Transneft and other pipeline operators, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and border guards do not need shock workers, and these are the main buyers of ZALA
        1. Magog_
          Magog_ 27 February 2021 09: 37
          Forgot to mention the DPS, which with the help of these RPVs empties the pockets of motorists from extra money sad
      2. Pashhenko Nikolay
        Pashhenko Nikolay 27 February 2021 09: 22
        This * spy * is an essential item in the tactical link on the battlefield, and in massive quantities.
      3. venik
        venik 27 February 2021 10: 32
        Quote: Dead Day
        just another little peeper, nothing special. where are the "drummers" in the series ???

        Maybe senile "grumbling" will be enough? Information about the delivery of the first serial party "Orions" already this year. Reconnaissancedrums "Outpost-M" ALREADY are coming to the troops .... "Altius" is on its way - the installation batch is already being assembled ....
        But this is NOT THE MAIN THING! The same ZALA are already being produced with laser designators. .... So - like a "trifle" .... But! Have you heard about the Krasnopol and Kitolov shells? For guaranteed destruction of a point target, it must be "illuminated with a laser". Earlier this was done by DRGs. The special forces had to risk their lives to get close to the target ... And now this function is performed by UAVs (including and ZALA).
        PS By the way, in Karabakh, most of the equipment destroyed with the help of the UAV was hit just not shock drones, namely with the help of unmanned spotters (highlighting targets)!
    2. Destiny
      Destiny 27 February 2021 05: 27
      Of course, it flies, the video is full on the net. It is unlikely that they would have taken a model to IDEX 2021. In general, well done in Izhevsk, they make good devices.
      1. Asad
        Asad 27 February 2021 05: 50
        Thank you, I found it, it definitely flies!
        1. Kote Pan Kokhanka
          Kote Pan Kokhanka 27 February 2021 06: 46
          Quote: ASAD
          Thank you, I found it, it definitely flies!

          Oh well! Good weekend everyone!
          Thanks to Sergey the author for the description of the novelty !!!
          Regards, Vlad!
        2. Konnick
          Konnick 27 February 2021 06: 48
          And what does he fly? Petrol? Electricity?
          1. Errr
            Errr 27 February 2021 09: 07
            Electric motor
            Details at in section Features.
      2. venik
        venik 27 February 2021 11: 12
        Quote: Destiny
        Generally well done in Izhevsk, they make good devices.

        Not just "good" - great! In its class - quite "at the level"! drinks
      3. The comment was deleted.
    3. Bar1
      Bar1 27 February 2021 07: 19
      Why is this crap not called in Russian? What kind of people are sitting there in this company? Americans?
      1. Konnick
        Konnick 27 February 2021 09: 23
        Base car Mercedes.
      2. carstorm 11
        carstorm 11 27 February 2021 10: 30
        Because on the international market with a Russian name, you will not sell anything. And you never know what it means. Maybe the tool has 4 children and these are the first letters of their names or something like that? Why are you so worried about this?)
        1. Bar1
          Bar1 27 February 2021 11: 50
          Quote: carstorm 11
          Because on the international market with a Russian name, you will not sell anything. And you never know what it means. Maybe the tool has 4 children and these are the first letters of their names or something like that? Why are you so worried about this?)

          This is a common and false opinion. Our potential and real buyers are the military of the THIRD COUNTRIES, who studied in the USSR and Russia and who know the Russian language. So all filthy
          - rods
          This is all contrary to the Russian rumor and Russian culture. And behind this all sorts of foreign owners of our companies and such as you are agents of influence with non-Russian clicks on the site, who spread deliberately false and harmful maxims, so as not to have your own, but to get used to someone else's.
          1. carstorm 11
            carstorm 11 27 February 2021 12: 39
            This is disgusting to YOU. It’s not worth talking for everyone, it’s gone. You even know the history of your country. As well as the language itself, because through the word you calmly use the words that have come into the Russian language) stop talking tractor, pharmacy, brake. Champion, football, ring. Etc. these are all foreign words) prohibit the naval to speak pilot, harbor, hatch, navy, boatswain, cruiser, lot, shipyard, drift, berth, tiller, slipway, boat, quarterdecks, steering wheel, calm is all Dutch words), etc.
            1. Bar1
              Bar1 27 February 2021 15: 54
              Quote: carstorm 11
              Not worth speaking for everyone, it's gone

              but why? there is Russia and there is Nerus, they have different goals and objectives.
              This has to be answered.

              -tractor is an Italian type word from tract, but in the Russian language there is such a word tract and even a dining room on the road - tavern.
              -Pharmacy -in the Russian language there is no word pharmacy, but only because the Russians DIDN'T USE herbal extracts, but used the herbs themselves for treatment.

              Quote: carstorm 11
              prohibit the naval to speak pilot, harbor, hatch, navy, boatswain, cruiser, lot, shipyard, drift, berth, tiller, slipway, boat, quarterdecks, steering wheel, calm is all Goladian words)

              This is cool, I see the nautical theme is close to you. Yes, the Dutch words, but who were the Dutch themselves?
              But the latest research of our man in the Dutch lands, which made the translation of the Dutch chronicler Cornelius Aurelius, is Olga Semyonova -Rotherdam, is so pompous.

              The oldest existing available "digitized" Dutch chronicle is the chronicle of Cornelius Aurelius 1517 - Cornelius Aurelius, Die cronycke van Hollandt, Zeelandt ende Vrieslant, met die cronike der biscoppen van Uutrecht (Divisiekroniek) 1517 (ed. Aarn deoud. zp, 2011. [Source]

              ... not far from the mouth of the river Meuse (Masen), where the Meuse flows into the sea, and they came out and took this place ende sloegen hem neder and stayed there for a long time to live in tents and huts made of wood and reed. Finally they took this place, and the fortress with the settlement rallied (built) and fortified against the attack of the enemies, as it was near the sea, the settlement which was large and strong (swaer) (they) called the (fortress-city) Slavenburch because they were called Glory (Slavs) (Slaven). ... And this was in the 9th century before the birth of God (dit was IX C jaren voer Goods gheboerte) and it was (this) in those days of Samuel who was the prophet to judge the children of Israel (Ysrahel). "

              this is the original of the book by Cornelius Aurelius.

              so we see that the ancestors of the Dutch were the Slavs, as well as the Germans, too.
              therefore there are several sketches on etymology
              How to say EARTH in Dutch?
              -aarde i.e. -Ord
              -erde-in German again the Horde.
              -jord- in Danish, horde again.
              -erd -in English, the Horde again.
              who first invented the musket? Here is a page from the encyclopedia of D'Alembert and Diderot. The first to invent the musket were the Muscovites.

              but it was not surprising, because
              -the bayonet is a Russian TYK.
              -zapfa-ruskoe coupling
              -cavaleria is a Russian mare.
              -caravel / corvette / ship is a Russian BOX.

              you say that I do not know my history, but I have not seen you at all at the local historical forum.
              Foreigners STEALED Russian names and now people like you are downloading the right here.
            2. Bar1
              Bar1 27 February 2021 16: 03
              Quote: carstorm 11

              football is not ours, but there is KILA, ie, round or ball in Russian. Ball game.

              The first mentions of team ball games in Russia date back to the days of the Novgorod Republic.

              In 1793, Christian Geisler captured a Russian ball game in his Das Ballspiel engraving.


              it was before football.
        2. Krasnoyarsk
          Krasnoyarsk 27 February 2021 22: 09
          Quote: carstorm 11
          Because on the international market with a Russian name, you will not sell anything.

          It is impossible to come up with more stupidity. Are you buying a product or an English name? If the buyer needs a product, then he does not care what it is called and what language it is written in. And for us, for prestige, we need to use our own language with our own product names. Let them get used to it. Something I have not heard or met over the hill the Russian-language names of their products.
          1. carstorm 11
            carstorm 11 28 February 2021 02: 00
            Explore the concept of branding. Then argue. At the same time, find at least one in the international market that has achieved something in Russian in its name. Let them get used to it?) Seriously?)))
            1. Reserve buildbat
              Reserve buildbat 28 February 2021 19: 54
              Are you trying to spoil the Russian language? Like, they won't buy if "Hunter" is called "Hunter" and "Patriot" is written in Russian?
              Poor Turks ... They do not know about your genius and sell "Bayraktars" without translation, and the Swedes with their "Draken", "Viggen", "Grippen" screwed up ... they did not listen to you laughing laughing laughing
              The arms market is mainly aimed not at "checkers", but to go. So the names don't really matter here.
              1. carstorm 11
                carstorm 11 28 February 2021 20: 19
                Seriously?))) Baykar Makina company produces them. Are there many Turkish letters in the manufacturer's name? Oh. And they even have an English version on their website, can you imagine?) Do you know how they say about the Cyrillic alphabet? That letters are like unnecessary buttons on a calculator and this is the softest of expressions. It's like the Chinese will not sell lenovo but a set of hieroglyphs. That will be a laugh. Why do they write stupid names in Latin, huh?
                1. OgnennyiKotik
                  OgnennyiKotik 28 February 2021 20: 25
                  Quote: carstorm 11
                  There are a lot of Turkish letters in the manufacturer's name, eh?

                  What? laughing There are all Turkish letters, they have the Latin alphabet laughing Bayraktar translates as standard-bearer into Russian and standard-bearer into English laughing
                  1. carstorm 11
                    carstorm 11 28 February 2021 20: 31
                    Exactly. Latin. I was leading to this. I just didn't have time to finish)
                    1. OgnennyiKotik
                      OgnennyiKotik 28 February 2021 20: 36
                      translation solves all problems, Kalashnikov is known all over the world. The question is about the effectiveness of the weapon, its necessity, not the writing. If something really worthwhile learn the name and so.
                      1. carstorm 11
                        carstorm 11 28 February 2021 21: 13
                        Brand awareness has been and will continue to be of paramount importance. The market creates its own requirements. More precisely, he created them a long time ago. You can talk about quality as much as you like, but until people begin to perceive you as a serious organization, no one will know about your quality) even at the household level in an ordinary supermarket.
                    2. Reserve buildbat
                      Reserve buildbat 1 March 2021 06: 11
                      So what? They write in Latin and it would be silly to expect that they will start writing the names of UAVs in Cyrillic "suddenly the Russians will buy". I am just mainly for the Russian names of Russian technology, and not stupid "hunters" and "x-ray"
    4. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I 27 February 2021 08: 06
      Quote: ASAD
      Not quite sure if this particular model flies? If not, what are they selling?

      Why shouldn't she fly? The Enta model has been observed on the Internet for a long time ... and in general, such a scheme (VTOL) seems to be quite common!

      There are also "more abruptly"!

      1. Snail N9
        Snail N9 27 February 2021 12: 56
        I hate drones. Seriously. I fly stsuki, everyone is tracking what is being done on my site, what is in the forest nearby .... There is no escape from the "big brother". By the way, "drones" are one of the necessary parts of the concept of a "digital concentration camp" .... How can I, now, understand Ignatius Loyola ... angry
        1. Vadim237
          Vadim237 27 February 2021 14: 13
          The more control there will be, the less crimes and illegal actions will be, and the higher the detection rate of these will be. And mostly those who have something to hide are trying to talk about the digital concentration camp.
          1. Snail N9
            Snail N9 27 February 2021 14: 57
            Yes Yes. ub .... lawyers. Our taxes are not enough for you to grub? Soon they will start weighing shit, shit more than food was on-check, write an explanatory "flesh nolog" and a fine or a zone. ...
  2. rocket757
    rocket757 27 February 2021 05: 48
    So many have about the same ... the fight is now for real indicators of cost-effectiveness!
    1. dauria
      dauria 27 February 2021 13: 12
      ... the fight is now for real indicators of price-efficiency!

      Then China is ahead of the planet. After all, both Russia and the United States have to pay for the delivery from China. Engines, flight controllers, governors, servomechanics, batteries, video and radio equipment. And it is better to buy carbon-fiber pipes there.

      Lord, when will they play enough with these electric toys. Well, why make this ridiculous scarecrow - precisely a tiltrotor of such a small size? Only for the sake of "copy". Yes, any model of an aircraft, even under 30 kg in weight, is now capable of lifting itself vertically, if it's too lazy to throw it with your hands. Watch reports from the World Model Aircraft Championships.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 27 February 2021 13: 22
        So in our youth, we launched models of airplanes with rubber propellers, even as we flew !!!
        About the Chinese, produced, so that's right ... that's just about the products of chemical production, better not ... it is cheap in all respects, falls apart / falls off / climbs on one, two, three!
  3. Dangerous
    Dangerous 27 February 2021 07: 21
    Apparently, with drones, the same bacchanalia with projects will begin, as with armored cars. A bunch of options from different companies. Broke, as they say
    1. Boris55
      Boris55 27 February 2021 09: 58
      Quote: Dangerous
      A bunch of options from different companies. Broke, as they say

      Having plenty to choose from is always better than having no choice.
    2. Nestor Vlakhovski
      Nestor Vlakhovski 27 February 2021 11: 33
      Concern "Kalashnikov" is one of the largest UAV manufacturers in Russia.
      For example, the "hall" line has been actively sold for about 4 years.
      Only in it, by tradition, all the key components of foreign production.
  4. Avior
    Avior 27 February 2021 10: 10
    In the article, a buzzword was used in the wrong place.
    This is not a tiltrotor, but a rotorcraft.

    A tiltrotor is a rotary-wing aircraft with rotary engines (usually propeller-driven ones), which work as rotors during takeoff and landing, and as pulling or pushing in level flight; while the lift is provided by an airplane-type wing. Usually motors turn with the propellers, but only the propellers can turn.

    Rotorcraft (heliplane, gyrodin) - a rotorcraft with a propeller (s) which operates (is) at take-off, hover, landing and part of the horizontal flight speed range due to the power of the power plant, and horizontal flight is provided mainly due to the wing and, usually, the propeller (s), independent of the rotor system (s). [1]
  5. Maluck
    Maluck 27 February 2021 13: 47
    If he perfectly takes off from a catapult and sits down with a parachute, then why does he need four additional engines, which greatly worsen his performance characteristics? IMHO, they are like a dog's fifth leg. All theses about the possibility of freezing are untenable because such a function is not his field ...
  6. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 27 February 2021 13: 54
    the device combines the best qualities of aircraft-type drones and convertiplanes.
    Does it have the properties of a tiltrotor? Maybe it would be more correct to call it "aircraft-type UAV with the possibility of vertical take-off and landing"; (because, in the case of removing the vertical take-off electric engines, the "product" becomes a "clean" aircraft-type UAV)? The tiltrotor has the same engines used "by helicopter" for takeoff, landing and for horizontal flight "by airplane" (by definition ...)! Does the said apparatus possess these properties? If there are additional electronic engines for vertical takeoff, landing and other (main) engines for horizontal flight, then this is not a tiltrotor ... in the true sense of the concept! It is not for nothing that Kamov had the conscience not to call his Ka-22 a tiltrotor, but "only" a rotorcraft! wink If ZALA can fly like a multicopter, then that's another matter; but we do not know this yet! (And so it would be "three in one": 1. "normal" aircraft; 2. aircraft - "vertical"; 3. multicopter!)
  7. Ryaruav
    Ryaruav 27 February 2021 16: 00
    simple questions whose engine is serially produced in russia, then whose equipment is serially produced in russia
  8. Vsevolod136
    Vsevolod136 27 February 2021 17: 20
    Quote: carstorm 11
    Because on the international market with a Russian name, you will not sell anything. And you never know what it means. Maybe the tool has 4 children and these are the first letters of their names or something like that? Why are you so worried about this?)

    yeah, the Russian Kalashnikov is not for sale and even on the flags of states it is not, because in Russian, you can't sell it))))
  9. awdrgy
    awdrgy 27 February 2021 18: 03
    Perfectly slowly catching up with all partners Only here is a question for the author - how is the name of the company translated? And then the translation of the name into English was written ... but they had to write the name in Russian (the site is still not a "partner") Flaw ... but the article is still interesting
  10. vdm
    vdm 28 February 2021 19: 17
    The scheme is unsuccessful, with the disadvantages of aircraft and copter types, primarily low wind resistance, the inability to scale and, as a consequence, the low weight of the payload. For certain civilian tasks, it may be suitable.
    The designs of the unmanned tiltrotor "ERA" look more promising. Models on the website