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"Ruselectronics" for the first time showed the export version of the "Barnaul-T" module for ESU TZ

"Ruselectronics" for the first time showed the export version of the "Barnaul-T" module for ESU TZ

The Ruselectronics holding presented abroad an export version of the reconnaissance and control module from the unified tactical command and control system (ESU TZ) Barnaul-T. The press service of the holding reports.

The presented module is made on a wheeled chassis, previously "Barnaul-T" was mounted on various wheeled and tracked vehicles. The holding plans that the new wheelbase will significantly increase the export potential of the product, since in the armies of potential buyers the units for which this module was created do not use vehicles on tracked chassis.

The module provides modern means of automation, communication and data exchange to the battery command post of tactical military air defense formations

- TASS leads the message of the holding.

"Barnaul-T" is a complex of air defense automation equipment (KSA) and is designed to organize stable control of anti-aircraft missile and anti-aircraft battalions, effectively solve the problem of conducting reconnaissance, organizing escort, targeting and issuing specific target indications to defeat a particular target.

Able to effectively interact with radar stations and air defense weapons systems of both Russian and foreign production.

The complex is designed for year-round and round-the-clock operation, in any weather and in any climatic zone.
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  1. Aerodrome
    Aerodrome 24 February 2021 10: 40
    "Ruselectronics" for the first time showed the export version of the "Barnaul-T" module for ESU TZ
    I hope they put theirs everywhere? or as with T 90, first you need to earn ...
    1. Ua3qhp
      Ua3qhp 24 February 2021 10: 52
      But what if they don't order their own?
      1. Aerodrome
        Aerodrome 24 February 2021 10: 53
        Quote: Ua3qhp
        But what if they don't order their own?

        and it won't take long to sell the Motherland ... but why ... "their" are silent ".. and, seriously, it's just bad with financing ... the debt of the Russian Federation has grown to almost 6 pineapples ... but Putin does not boast that" paid off ", but the" states "generally put with the device" on all debts ... and they pay pensions and remain on the rockets.
        The US national debt has set a new record and exceeded $ 26 trillion
        The US national debt is growing at a rapid pace, by an average of $ 1 trillion every month. This is due to the need to allocate budget funds to support the economy affected by the epidemic.

        Read more at RBC:
      2. YOUR
        YOUR 24 February 2021 10: 57
        Are you sure about this? What do not order
      3. venik
        venik 24 February 2021 11: 43
        Quote: Ua3qhp
        But what if they don't order their own?

        Hello to you! Barnaul-T has been is in service Russian Army!

        Precisely there is in Ivanovo (divisional kit) and in the North Caucasus ... bully
        1. Ua3qhp
          Ua3qhp 24 February 2021 11: 57
          SU-57 and T-90 are also in service. Have you bought a lot?
          1. El Chuvachino
            El Chuvachino 25 February 2021 13: 14
            Many. 76 Su-57. The largest and most expensive contract for fighter aircraft in the history of the Russian Federation. The number of T-90s in service is in the hundreds.
    2. VO3A
      VO3A 24 February 2021 12: 04
      What is the relation of air defense systems to ESU TK? Another nonsense !!! Yes, they work together, but they are not the same ... These are different systems, but they can exchange information in theory in the future ... But we have air defense, and no one pleads with its network-centric capabilities. And we do not have ESU TK, from the word in general! And more precisely, even in the General Staff of the Armed Forces they do not know what it is! Not even a concept! Something is often arranged with a fake launcher with a throw of all sorts of nonsense on the fake interrupter lately ... It looks like everything is very bad ...
      1. Astoria
        Astoria 24 February 2021 13: 51
        Of course the galactic marshal laughing , only you all know what a network-centric exchange of information is and without you there for 10 years, well, no one could take a step, and all the others are corny simply ignorant before whom you do not want to throw pearls, because this is a military secret fellow - this is the essence of your endless messages from post to post. And in fact, you were pushed out under the heel with your knee many years ago - and this does not allow you to sleep well hi
        1. VO3A
          VO3A 24 February 2021 16: 29
          And what is the name of our current ESU TK, which is in the army, and where? Could you tell ? And not 10 years, but twenty !!! The program for equipping the army ESU TZ "Sozvezdie-M" was adopted in 2000, with the deadline for the completion of equipping the army in 2020. It was adopted in 2013 by Gerasimov personally as part of the state commission, although it did not work, was assembled on an outdated base and did not perform, and could not perform the tasks assigned to it. Because the military did not understand what tasks it had to perform and these requirements were constantly changing! Well, where is the system? In the trash, or transformed into an ACCU? And how can Barnaul-T be added to it? Fake Fantastic !!!
      2. The comment was deleted.
  2. rocket757
    rocket757 24 February 2021 11: 06
    We need automation, networkization, and so on!
    On what element base is this system ???
    Themselves, themselves or again the key components are imported ???
  3. yfast
    yfast 24 February 2021 15: 21
    The Chinese probably already fit into a smartphone, but we have cars. About five years ago, an oscilloscope was the size of a suitcase, now it fits in the palm of your hand. The military lives in the past war.
  4. Pattor
    Pattor 24 February 2021 23: 55
    found a familiar block one. top left. interesting