Ukraine commented on the "permission" for NATO aircraft to "fly over Crimea"


Ukraine was asked to concretize the "permission" that was voiced in relation to aviation NATO, on "the possibility of using the airspace of the Crimea."

As Voennoye Obozreniye has already reported, Ukraine announced a few days ago that it was giving NATO aviation permission to use the airspace of the Crimean peninsula, including "for the transfer of personnel and cargo as part of joint military exercises." Then the experts called the statement of the Ukrainian authorities an open provocation.

The Ukrainian journalists decided to clarify the question, trying to get an answer to what in reality means the Ukrainian "permission" to fly over Crimea.

Boris Babin, the former permanent representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea (such a post still exists in the system of Ukrainian government), gave his comment on this matter.

According to Babin, commenting on the situation, it turns out that it is about flights over the Black Sea, coordinated from Simferopol.

Ukrainian ex-official:

No international structure recognizes the right of Russia to manage the Simferopol airport and its traffic flows. This is Ukraine's area of ​​responsibility.

In Ukraine, they note that in this regard, any aircraft can coordinate their flights over Crimea "exclusively with Ukraine."


We tell them: dear NATO members, if you want to fly over the Black Sea, we give you permission.

The ex-Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine added that "NATO planes are unlikely to fly closer than 12 miles to the Crimea," which he called "occupied by Russia."

At the moment, not a single NATO country has accepted an "invitation" from Ukraine to fly over Crimea ...
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  1. +49
    21 February 2021 09: 44
    They did not accept it, because they understand that it is better to be guided by reality than by the ravings of slaves. laughing
    1. +14
      21 February 2021 10: 24
      Maidanut skakuas dishonor Ukraine and prove that nothing depends on them.
      1. +6
        21 February 2021 11: 35
        The permission of the U.K.R.O. in the "possibility of using the airspace of the Crimea" by the mericos is a very interesting provocation. Will there be someone in the US Department of Defense who dares to take advantage of such an offer?
        1. +12
          21 February 2021 11: 45
          In Ukraine, a few days ago, they announced that they were giving NATO aviation permission to use the airspace of the Crimean peninsula, including "for the transfer of personnel and cargo as part of joint military exercises." Then the experts called the statement of the Ukrainian authorities an open provocation.

          Yes, let them provoke. It is clear that there will be no suicide among NATO pilots ...
          1. 0
            24 February 2021 20: 18
            Nobody will fly there.
            But, it was assumed that the increment of the territory will bring profit, dividends.
            Here only losses are visible, for an indefinite period. And with water the issue becomes more acute.
        2. +3
          21 February 2021 11: 47
          Quote: oleg-gr
          Will there be someone in the US Department of Defense who dares to take advantage of such an offer?

          They are, of course, dumb, but not to that extent.
        3. +4
          21 February 2021 18: 53
          There are no such fools even in the USA.
    2. +3
      22 February 2021 16: 03
      ... and very stupid slaves.
  2. SSR
    21 February 2021 09: 45
    In 404 something serious is brewing and everyone sees this, in fact, the exit from Minsk, the ban of TV channels and the introduction of sanctions against adequate politicians, before the finish line, the sp-2 should bomb on the go.
    1. +26
      21 February 2021 09: 51
      Perhaps you are right. What's the use? What will it change? The power will change, but as historical experience shows, the forelocked people will change their clothes together and say that it is not them. It is the authorities' fault. No really. They need to sip their fill of "Europe and democracy" - to have enough for several generations.
      1. SSR
        21 February 2021 10: 10
        Quote: Andrey Nikolaevich
        What's the use? What will it change?

        I am afraid of something else, I am "afraid" that one way or another the Russian Federation will have to take part in those events in one form or another, Zelensky is actively pushing us towards this and is just a doll in the hands of others, the State Department immediately approved the ban on TV channels and did not hint about " freedom of speech. "
        1. +15
          21 February 2021 10: 17
          It's not just Zelensky who is a doll. All Ukraine, like a state, is a solid doll (rubber). They drag it from hand to hand. They use it and pass it on as unnecessary. We ourselves do not need to pay attention to this rubber lady. Exchange it partially, to the Poles, Hungarians ... Let them use it. They will also show them what "Ukrainization" is. Especially the Poles ....)
        2. +7
          21 February 2021 10: 33
          The State Department immediately approved the ban on TV channels and did not hint about "freedom of speech." (C)
          This is all you need to know about American "freedom of speech" in Ukraine
      2. +4
        21 February 2021 12: 15
        Quote: Andrey Nikolaevich
        as historical experience shows, the forelocked people will change their clothes together and say that it is not them. It is the authorities' fault.

        Listen to you, it turns out that everything that happens in Russia depends on you and me and the authorities here are not involved in any way. Or maybe the other way around?
        Where the shepherd drives the flock, there it will go. Did we decide something in the nineties? Not! Where the authorities drove us, there we, mournfully lowing, and went. The government changed, without our participation (!) And we were driven down a different path. Will you argue?
        1. +8
          21 February 2021 14: 09
          Why doesn't it depend? Let's remember how the whole country applauded Gorbachev, with his "new thinking and perestroika". How happy the democrat Yelitsin was. Everything that happens in our country is our merit and the common one. If the leader of my country was lying drunk and could not even get out of the plane, then this is my "merit" and all my fellow citizens. No need to beat yourself in the chest and shout "Tse no ya.Tsevlada!" It is the same in Ukraine. What is important now is something else - so that we do not get a rusty ZAZ "Ukraine" at the price of a new foreign car. Let them "repair" this junk themselves - at their own expense. And then, let's see, we need it, at all or not. Let Medvedchuk, BoykI and others like them and "repair" They made good money on this junk. Of course, I described this in a figurative sense ..
          1. -3
            21 February 2021 17: 41
            [quote = Andrey Nikolaevich] Why doesn't it depend? Let's remember how unanimously the whole country applauded Gorbachev, [/ quote
            Who applauded? You? Or maybe the media? Personally, I don't.
            And if they did applaud, what does that mean? Did the authorities' actions depend on this applause? laughing
            When you applaud the actors in the theater, do you change the script? And if you don't applaud, what will change? Will the play stop, the scenery will change, will the actors change? No, no and NO. "Mustache will go according to the previously approved plan" (Diamond Arm)
            1. +4
              21 February 2021 21: 24
              On this issue, we can argue with you for a long time. But I still believe that the government and the people are interconnected. It seems that I graduated from the university and studied a bunch of disciplines, but as one priest said - "Any power is from God. What you deserve is what you got." This phrase fits everything from Roman law to philosophy and political science.
      3. 0
        21 February 2021 12: 25
        Quote: Andrey Nikolaevich
        Power will change

        What will change in Ukraine, this time will tell. But before anything changes, an old technique known since ancient times will be used. To divert attention from internal problems and, on occasion, blame everything on another, a war will be unleashed. However, it has long been unleashed, just waiting for the continuation. So, Ukraine simply has no choice, and the owners are all for it. Tragic, but everything goes on as usual. In 2015, the republics were not allowed to finish off the ukrovermacht, now the continuation will necessarily follow in an active hot form.
      4. 0
        22 February 2021 23: 20
        Quote: Andrey Nikolaevich
        They need to sip their fill of "Europe and democracy" - to have enough for several generations.

    2. +6
      21 February 2021 10: 56
      This is even possible, especially in light of the actions of the clown over the past few days. It seems that he is in a hurry somewhere.
      1. +11
        21 February 2021 11: 07
        The clown can hurry, only to the plane - to Israel. I think with horror who the forelocks will choose next time. Yulia was a mosheynitsa. Vityazek was. Petya, the pastry chef, was. Vova, the clown, was. They've already tasted all the rabble. But they never grew wiser ... Strange people, to put it mildly. The next head of Ukriya will be either a fagot or a lady with reduced social responsibility. But in any case, Russia and all the rest will be "to blame".
        1. +4
          21 February 2021 11: 13
          It is possible that this clown is the last. They are up to something, they are in too much of a hurry, and he is very impudent, like a boy provocateur.
          1. +2
            21 February 2021 11: 51
            Quote: Ros 56
            It is possible that this clown is the last. They are up to something, they are in too much of a hurry, and he is very impudent, like a boy provocateur.

            Well, then what happened to Medvedchuk! But he was gaining a rating more than all the "present". They will arrange now "like a Maidan" and ask "under the arm of the United States." What? The state of Georgia is (although it has nothing to do with Georgia, but you can't prove it to the "smart guys"), there will also be the state of Ukradina.
            1. +3
              21 February 2021 13: 33
              Striped, of course, exceptional dunce and inept, this is necessary, in -10 and 5 cm of snow, no water, no light, no heat, no food, exceptional dumbbells. But they are not crazy to hang the Bandera madhouse around their necks, they are looking for someone to shove these idiots off, but get gesheft from there themselves. Something like this. hi
          2. +2
            21 February 2021 11: 58
            Zelensky falls short of the provocateur's goat in terms of mental abilities. He is a ram (as you know, much smarter than rams).
            1. +2
              21 February 2021 13: 58
              He's not a ram. He's just a jester and a clown. It's worse than a goat.
        2. +1
          22 February 2021 23: 25
          Quote: Andrey Nikolaevich
          I think with horror who the forelocks will choose next time. Yulia, the mosheynitsa, was. Vityazek was. Petya, the pastry chef, was. Vova, the clown, was.

          There, at one time, the mayor of Kiev was an eccentric named "Cosmos". It's generally outside ...
  3. +11
    21 February 2021 09: 46
    not a single NATO country accepted an "invitation" from Ukraine to fly over Crimea ...
    this is very harmful to the health of flyers!
    1. +14
      21 February 2021 09: 58
      Bad nema, NATO thought, let the Ukrainians fly there themselves.
  4. +12
    21 February 2021 09: 48
    I would have looked at a NATO pilot who would have flown to Crimea after Ukraine's permission. smile What horses will not come up with just to spoil Russia.
    1. +6
      21 February 2021 10: 27
      You just laugh at the deeply fool ... democratic oh. By the way, we have flown over the Crimea more than once, and Russia has not been able to do anything for us. Right now we will buy balls, inflate and how we will zhahn.
  5. +9
    21 February 2021 09: 48
    Welcome dear guests with bare backs on the hot stove. We give you permission. laughing Well, not de-bi-ly ?!
  6. +6
    21 February 2021 09: 50
    We tell them: dear NATO members, if you want to fly over the Black Sea, we give you permission.

    Let them fly over the Crimea themselves. They will show an example. That will be fun.
  7. +7
    21 February 2021 09: 51
    Conversation between NATO and Ukraine on the use of the airspace of the Crimean peninsula:
  8. HAM
    21 February 2021 09: 59
    We have already gone under the Crimean bridge, everyone knows what happened ... Now they are looking for fools on the side, ready to risk their own heads ...
    1. +2
      21 February 2021 10: 30
      After seven boilers and events in the Kerch Strait, they only had to walk for themselves hi
      1. +1
        21 February 2021 11: 54
        Quote: VORON538
        After seven boilers

        It is clear that in Russian culture and folklore, the number "seven"has a special, almost mystical-sacred meaning, but with the number of cauldrons in which the dill was beaten, you went too far ...

        I AM , so many , I don't know them ...
  9. +6
    21 February 2021 10: 01
    We tell them: dear NATO members, if you want to fly over the Black Sea, we give you permission.

    We also allow flights over the Pacific Ocean and Antarctica. Clowns.
  10. +7
    21 February 2021 10: 03
    How one should not respect Babin in order to put him in such a position laughing it's like Tikhanovskaya, President of the Republic of Belarus))
  11. +7
    21 February 2021 10: 09
    My God, how much they smoke all sorts of rubbish. And even then, the pans are not removed ...
  12. +9
    21 February 2021 10: 15
    What to comment on here? There is a wild desire to drag Russia into the war for the Crimea, and with the same participants, thereby repeating the old history of the XNUMXth century. This war, as conceived by these "strategists", should end with the defeat of Russia, the elimination of its Black Sea Fleet, the payment of reparations, various bans, etc. things. I will not be original and will give a good old quote, in my opinion (I could be mistaken), from F. Engels: "History repeats itself twice," Hegel said. "He just forgot to add that once as a political tragedy, another time as a political farce."
    It is also clear that Ukraine feels deceived, since when the USSR was partitioned, it should have transferred the entire territory from the Polish border to the Kuril Islands, and left a smaller part to Russia, somewhere from Novgorod to the Finnish border ...
    1. -14
      21 February 2021 13: 13
      Ukraine feels cheated because Russia violated its obligation to preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine at the time of its signing. The reasons that prompted Russia to this are known and they can be understood somewhere, but this does not change the legal fact.
      1. +3
        21 February 2021 18: 24
        Ukraine feels cheated because Russia violated its obligation to preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine at the time of its signing.

        What about the law of the Right of Nations to Self-Determination?
        1. -7
          21 February 2021 18: 57
          It is present in the Ukrainian law, but this right is decided by an all-Ukrainian, not a local referendum. But we are no longer there.
  13. +6
    21 February 2021 10: 21
    At the moment, not a single NATO country has accepted an "invitation" from Ukraine to fly over Crimea ...

    This means that de facto NATO countries recognize Crimea as Russian. They know what the threat of violation of Russian airspace.
    With this "invitation", the Ukrainians have put themselves in a "puddle". Old Europe is slowly, but still, beginning to understand what Ukraine really is. They no longer know how to get rid of this American burden.
    on their shoulders.
  14. +4
    21 February 2021 10: 28

    We tell them: dear NATO members, if you want to fly over the Black Sea, we give you permission. (C)

    I just scream loudly wassat

    Otherwise NATO will ask Euroholdings if they can fly over the Black Sea lol Russia will be reckoned with in its area of ​​responsibility, but those who jumped for cookies ... ugh No.
  15. +5
    21 February 2021 10: 32
    They no longer have Crimea, but the Gauleiter remained. It's like there would be a governor of Alaska in Russia.
  16. +6
    21 February 2021 10: 39
    The grandchildren of the provocateur Kravchuk cannot be normal people due to their upbringing in today's Ukrainian environment.
  17. +6
    21 February 2021 10: 52
    Although NATO members are our enemies, they are not clients of the madhouse, in contrast to the Banderlog.
    1. -8
      21 February 2021 19: 00
      They are your opponents at the moment. Enemies are only on the battlefield.
  18. +5
    21 February 2021 11: 01
    I can’t even imagine what "delightful" emotions the Nata pilot will feel when approaching the Crimea, from the squealing system of warning about radar irradiation of air defense complexes.
    1. -7
      21 February 2021 19: 10
      Firstly, this is almost unbelievable, but God forbid, of course, I think that air defense personnel would be just as unpleasant to see dozens of flares from GBUs on each radar screen. Nobody really wants that and there is no need to produce such scripts. They sound patrically off the couch, but they don't sound great in reality.
      1. +6
        22 February 2021 02: 48
        During the month of your existence, you have written> 1500 comments, my dear couch warrior Nata, or maybe a keyboard player from country 404.
        1. -4
          22 February 2021 11: 55
          And it turns out that you have nothing to do with a couch counterintelligence officer, with a pronounced pain syndrome of ukrosidalishnost, than calculate who and what did and where he came from. Be sure, I am an Israelite. I have nothing to do with NATO or your other reflex pains. By the way, I gave my debt to CA from call to call in due time, so I even have a moral right to be interested in her heritage.
          1. +2
            22 February 2021 14: 51
            This is a fountain, offset. Sorry, of course, to prevent you from earning, but I have the moral right to do so.
            1. -4
              22 February 2021 19: 03
              And you nizzzat. Don't worry, don't bother me, I'm a volunteer. I make good money in my startup too. I can also pay others. Well, what a moral, such a right. Have. Enjoy your title.
              1. +1
                23 February 2021 00: 04
                Mr. "God's chosen one", an emigrant.
                Moral one "Having betrayed one time, will betray the second," live your well-fed life, and, thank God, I am glad for you. Why did you leave for your new homeland? For a well-fed life, and if they squeeze again a new homeland will you look for?
                1. -3
                  23 February 2021 14: 51
                  Mr. "God-bearing" title citizen, I am not an emigrant, I am a repatriate from the country of origin. I did not betray anyone. I went to live in my historical homeland, not forgetting to pay the debt in full to a country that no longer exists today, in its army, according to its laws, from call to call, including in a dangerous place, with damage to my health. All over the world they are proud of their prosperous compatriots abroad, including 85 thousand. The Israelis who are building successful business projects in the Moscow region today, but only brought up by the Soviet system of second departments, are still looking for someone to accuse them of treason, as if from this they themselves will live better. Complexes of iron curtains. Grow up, it's time.
                  1. +1
                    23 February 2021 15: 17
                    "God's Chosen" emigrant, I'm happy for you.
                    You can be seen in the already non-existent country, you considered yourself a citizen of Israel. In addition to your 85 thousand building successful business projects in Russia, there are also Russian and French, Germans, Americans, Chinese, Australians, Arabs and many other representatives of various nations building projects. The Jewish nation is just a drop in the endless ocean of the population of planet Earth. Tell me why do you think that someone should be proud of your personal achievements? Are you suffering from lack of attention from other people? By the way, you here proudly wrote that you would not mind paying others? No question, can I throw off the address of an orphanage or a charitable foundation, if you can't find it yourself or don't want to?
                    1. -2
                      23 February 2021 16: 24
                      "God-bearing" titular citizen, I am a repatriate. Emigrants are moving to a foreign country, I moved to mine. Confuse the meaning of the terms. You need it. Israel from the first year was created as a country of all Jews and all Jews, according to its laws, have the right to citizenship and even all descendants of Jews up to the third generation. You don't owe me anything at all. I am also proud of those of these 85 thousand who are not Jews according to the laws of Halakha, and these may be all those whom you have listed in such a long list, because I am not a racist, in your ancestry. You don't need to give me anything, we have an automatically deducted contribution from the salary to one of the charity organizations in our startup. This is a fairly common and convenient practice. If you are so interested, then a few years ago a photographer in Russia died tragically, I donated. But you're not really interested. You would hate me even with a righteous man's certificate signed by VVP.
                      1. 0
                        23 February 2021 17: 11
                        Mister emigrant, you and other emigrants are deeply indifferent to me and almost all of your former fellow citizens, if you think that everyone hates you, well, my condolences. The bee always sees flowers, fly dung. By the way, how can you find a charitable foundation yourself or not, you so proudly declared that you can pay extra? And here we are already deducting the type and so on. If not, then Yahweh is your judge.
                      2. -1
                        23 February 2021 17: 35
                        Yes, yes, but at the same time you are putting so much effort to hurt me and so pushing on emigration. "We know these smiles, dimples on the cheeks, and you look into the soul - an ordinary crocodile!" (C) Classics. Well, I just knew that you really didn’t care, you need to express your fairy, but where am I transferring and whether it’s a charitable foundation for you to one place. Of course I can and I deduct, but who told you and where that you will decide where? In general, it is indecent to wag the Tetragrammaton in vain and in vain, and in the opinion of the ROC too. And you are the judge, for by definition, one, and if you are an atheist, it is also indecent, so as not to create awkwardness in communication with believers. And if you don’t give a damn, it’s from low culture.
                      3. 0
                        23 February 2021 18: 05
                        Are you a prisoner of war?
                        So, all the best to you, Mr. Emigrant. Try to call a spade a spade, at least for yourself.
                        And do not choke on your hatred of other states and nationalities, God grant you health. Believe you and your chosenness of God, it amuses and does not make you angry at all.
                        REPATRIATION, -and, f. Return of emigrants to their homeland with the restoration of citizenship rights. || The return to their homeland of prisoners of war and civilians trapped outside their country as a result of the war.
                      4. -1
                        23 February 2021 18: 16
                        I am an immigrant and an Israeli citizen from the moment my foot descended from the plane. Regarding the naming of things by their proper names, see my wish to you in the previous posting. It is not difficult to understand the difference in terminology. I have no hatred for any person based on his origin or skin color, I do not like any manifestations of great-power chauvinism and outright racism and do not hesitate to show how disgusting they look. The Jews were not commanded to believe, they were commanded to know. You are constantly writing about God's chosenness here, these are your words and their repetition does not amuse or make you angry, but you repeat them because it makes you angry.
                        If you are already taking Wikipedia to siss wink then siss lol correctly :
                      5. +1
                        24 February 2021 00: 55
                        Mister emigrant once again, all the best to you. What do you call your emigration? Fled for the sweet life, your right. But you have no right to the love and pride of former compatriots, no matter how you twist your hands and stomp your feet, but the right to teach the life of others with a smart look, as I understood the words about the possibility of paying a full puff :). The funniest and most amusing thing about emigrants is that you broke away from the country, there is no chauvinism.
                      6. -1
                        24 February 2021 15: 02
                        Have a nice one you too. I am calling it what it is correct to call my repatriation, and not what you want for the sake of trying to hurt. What I have rights in relation to former compatriots, everyone will decide individually and you definitely have no right to decide for others. You twist and stomp your feet here. Do not transfer your reflection to me, I am not you. You, as usual, have understood to the extent of your licentiousness, and licentiousness usually has no measure. It broke away if violently, but I am quite voluntary and people like you have always reminded me that I don't belong there. As for chauvinism, I am very far from yours.
                      7. +1
                        24 February 2021 16: 31
                        You are an original person, mister emigrant, my friends are Korean, Abkhaz, Irish, Chukchi, American, Georgian, Bashkir, for sure smile when I tell them about my chauvinism. By the way, you are so similar to an Arab from Libya who worked for us - he also believed that everyone hated him and wanted to survive, he was very surprised when we congratulated him with Eid al-Adha. He had to leave - he could not cope with the work, and not because he is an Arab. Good luck, be able to read before writing to irradiate air defense radars and launching a rocket are different things, but dropping GBU bombs on an air defense complex in a foreign territory from the wrong opera.
                      8. -2
                        24 February 2021 17: 01
                        Then it is not just chauvinism, but great chauvinism. The hallmark of the larger is the pocket good and the non-pocket bad. I don't think everyone hates me. I distribute the work myself, I manage the project because. I decide who does the job and who doesn’t.
                        In the end, to irradiate with radars and receive a threshold signal of the corresponding signature are also different things. And from what opera you here GBU brought it on your conscience. You also added offtopic to the flame. I will definitely not answer your flame and offtopic. Further without me. Bai.
                      9. +1
                        24 February 2021 17: 12
                        Now he ran away, an emigrant.
                        Quote: ironic
                        , I think, and air defense specialists would be just as unpleasant to see dozens of highlights from GBUs on each radar screen.
                      10. -1
                        24 February 2021 17: 41
                        Yeah. Did you remember the first phrase when you left it to the point of impossibility? A classic example of a flooder and offtopera, to divert from the topic as much as possible, and then start blaming someone for this. This is trollism and fat. Use it already. You will have the last word. You can write whatever you want, great-power chauvinist. Bye.
                      11. -1
                        24 February 2021 22: 42
                        Have you already said goodbye?
                        55 comments a day, yes, on the flood and offoperating, I'm up to you as from Moscow to Beijing on foot.
                        The Jews I am familiar with are educated people with a high intellect with a subtle sense of humor.
                        They do not start communication with insults, do not stick out their "I" and keep their word, so you can walk to the Jew as if you were walking to the moon, well, all the best, an emigrant.
  19. +2
    21 February 2021 11: 07
    No comment.
  20. +4
    21 February 2021 11: 12
    And if the plane is shot down there, Ukraine will be to blame. After all, for the whole world the plane will be shot down over their territory. laughing
  21. +2
    21 February 2021 11: 13
    Yes, coordinate flights over the Black Sea as much as you like, we can see everything anyway. Just don't hide, you will die sweaty. And if you try over the Crimea, you will go into the ground sweaty and tired. Although for this good deed, the sea is enough for them.
    1. -6
      21 February 2021 13: 08
      Yes, none of the military aviation will fly over the Crimea, this is all speculation, and the civil aviation flight control center wants or does not want, but will use international agreements.
      1. +1
        21 February 2021 13: 27
        So they use the Semfiropolsky Aviation Center, for flights of civil aircraft over the Black Sea. This balabol a couple of days ago allowed the use of military aircraft in the airspace of the Crimea. And when asked head-on, it turns out to be over the Black Sea. Yes, they fly there strictly according to the rules and do not ask no one has permission.
        1. -5
          21 February 2021 13: 33
          It was a political move and its meaning is clear.
          1. +1
            21 February 2021 13: 39
            If you remember something and wait in the wings.
            1. -5
              21 February 2021 14: 34
              And what will happen at this hour? And they remind that regularly, why remember that?
              1. +2
                21 February 2021 15: 15
                We didn’t come up with the referendums. But we are good students, we know how to use them skillfully. On the bus you have to follow your words, but here on the international arena. Anything, maybe, sometimes you have to answer for the words.
                1. -8
                  21 February 2021 15: 54
                  The referendums were invented before all of us today, yes, but they also came up with the laws by which these referendums are held. If you mean Crimean, then at the time of its holding Crimea was de facto Ukraine, and according to Ukrainian laws on changing the territorial integrity of the country, only an all-Ukrainian referendum, and not a local one, can be held. Crimea was admitted to the Russian Federation after the referendum. I hope you remember that. Thus, de jure, it is not considered legal in the West.
                  If you mean a referendum at the UN level, then the results of such do not even need to be assumed. Only Russia's veto right stops this referendum.
                  1. +7
                    21 February 2021 16: 13
                    No, according to European laws, every nation has the right to self-determination through a referendum. Under Yugoslavia they came up with it. So we passed about Ukrainian laws. Free.
                    1. -6
                      21 February 2021 16: 22
                      According to the laws of the country in which you live, you forgot to add. Catalonia as an example. Therefore, the referendum in Crimea did not pass according to international laws. And the question was not cleared.
                      1. +3
                        21 February 2021 16: 36
                        So the Catalans and Scots have not finished yet. So the Spaniards will win the World Cup, take someone offended and recognize the independence of Catalonia. wassat
                      2. -6
                        21 February 2021 17: 00
                        Not finished. It's good? I doubt it. The conflict with Ukraine is also not over and it will not bring anything good further. And the hope that de Ukraine will fall apart is still a fall.
                      3. +4
                        21 February 2021 23: 17
                        And nothing that Crimea was an Autonomous Republic of Sumeria? (Specially highlighted in capital letters, for those in the tank).

                        This means that there is a government of its own, and the law of self-determination, which in no way concerns the continental Sumeria.
                        Therefore, he left so easily and pleasantly, and everyone wore off.
                        The opportunity arose, the Crimea escaped from the flyers at once.
                      4. -6
                        21 February 2021 23: 25
                        All laws of the country apply to the Autonomous Republic. And as for and what is not, the legal system of the country decides as long as it is composed. Everything else is balancing act, which has very little to do with the concept of de jure.
                      5. +3
                        21 February 2021 23: 22
                        Tell the Serbs about international laws.

                        This is taking into account the fact that no referendum has been held in Kosovo VAAPSCHE.

                        Only, I advise you in advance, get a VERY GOOD medical insurance.
  22. +1
    21 February 2021 11: 26
    NATO members no longer ask Ukraine on what to fly over Ukraine, and it is no better to tell Ukraine who and how to fly over Crimea.
  23. +5
    21 February 2021 11: 34
    dear NATO members, if you want to fly over the Black Sea, we give you permission
    Everyone is trying to lick deeper, maybe not only will it be counted, but also thrown money. But much deeper, the whole country was given to the Americans.
  24. +4
    21 February 2021 11: 44
    even in NATO they realized that ukroholopy are heresy. no one wants to taste lead
  25. +5
    21 February 2021 12: 00
    Interestingly reflect. They themselves do not fly over Crimea, but NATO members are invited to violate the airspace of Russia.
  26. +3
    21 February 2021 12: 05
    There is only one little thing to do - to choose who among NATO members is not a pity to carry out such a flight.
  27. +2
    21 February 2021 12: 32
    In Ukraine, they note that in this regard, any aircraft can coordinate their flights over Crimea "exclusively with Ukraine."

    Undoubtedly, the SBU is preparing (on a tip from the CIA) another air provocation in the Crimea region - similar to the MH-17 flight.
  28. -8
    21 February 2021 13: 06
    Well, this is a purely political demarche. Everyone understands this.
    1. +3
      21 February 2021 13: 33
      Often, such "demarches" end in the death of innocent people. It is unacceptable! To have a sort of "Nightingale the Robber" in Europe and to be moved when he starts his next "demarche" in the form of an all-consuming whistle is, of course, a great exotic, which, apparently, the scriptwriters from Hollywood like. But the "fairy tales" that suddenly came to life are completely unacceptable for all Europeans who are of sound mind and firm memory, whether they are in NATO or in Russia, or anywhere else.
      1. -7
        21 February 2021 14: 36
        It seems everyone agrees to have this whistle on and on. the conflict is not resolved and there are no business proposals for its completion.
  29. +5
    21 February 2021 13: 57
    They do not fly over the Crimea, because they de facto recognize it as Russian. Dot.
    1. -8
      21 February 2021 14: 37
      De facto it is, everyone understands this, but the de jure situation will have to be solved sooner or later.
      1. +1
        21 February 2021 15: 17
        de jure - this is a change of the regime to the pro-Russian one. the president does everything for this, but it is difficult for him.
        1. -6
          21 February 2021 15: 45
          Are you a real person? When was the last time you were even in the most "Russian" city of Ukraine - Kharkov? If yes, then you understand that this should not be expected in any foreseeable future. And who will be the president is not so important. Therefore, the problem will have to be solved de jure with the Ukraine that is now and with the position of the Western countries that is now. Plus minus fluctuations are possible, but not cardinal.
          1. +3
            21 February 2021 18: 27
            Will they moan for centuries, like the Japanese, return Crimea?
            1. -6
              21 February 2021 18: 51
              This is just pointless. You will not return Crimea, and it is clear to everyone. The question is how to solve this situation. There is clearly an injured party and there is a given that will not change. Smart people have come up with a solution long ago.
              1. +3
                21 February 2021 21: 33
                There is clearly an injured party and there is a given that will not change.

                Thank God, there is no injured party in this case. For not a single inhabitant of Crimea suffered from the genocide of Ukraine, as the inhabitants of Donbass suffered from it.
                Any given will change someday. Perhaps much sooner than you think. Thank God.
                1. -8
                  21 February 2021 21: 39
                  You think so, but there are still people who have suffered and think differently. The inhabitants of Donbass certainly fell victim to the war, but not genocide, do not distort. Everything changes when it is true. It would be nice with B-th help not blood. And while the opinion that the victims are on only one side will dominate, depending on the side, the chances of blood will grow.
          2. +1
            22 February 2021 00: 24
            And where did you get the idea that Ukurina, "what is now," will exist for a significant time?
  30. -2
    21 February 2021 17: 14
    Here's another provocation. To involve NATO in the conflict.
    De yure whose island?!. UA has every right to allow / deny what it wants here.
    A separate conversation will the partners take advantage of this initiative?
    And if they use it, what will we do?
    Shoot down - war. Do not knock down - it's a shame ...
    It is fortunate that UA is not yet a member of the NATO corporation.
    You can play here ..
    Twelve miles ... That's roughly twenty-four kilometers. What is this distance for a modern airplane? ...
    1. -7
      21 February 2021 18: 53
      None of NATO will fly over Crimea. Nobody will return Crimea. This demarche is a reminder that the issue needs to be settled differently.
    2. +3
      22 February 2021 00: 32
      This is what x .. "shoot down - war"?

      All have long come to terms with the existing status quo. The residents of Ukurintsy still chuckle sometimes on duty, out of habit. But not a single sane NATO commander will ever send his planes into the airspace of the Crimea! If in our space, nevertheless, there is a single NATO plane, it will be warned three hundred times by communication and offered to stop violating the Russian borders, then they will try to force out the air defense aviation on duty, and only then, if it does not react to anything, they will shoot down.

      If they got a couple of squadrons, no one would be able to figure it out. Grounded! And there they are and the road, since they were born narrow-minded and subscribed to a rotten fornicator.
      1. -2
        22 February 2021 17: 04
        Officially, who exactly resigned themselves? And who specifically recognized? I am Venezuela, Puerto Rican is not taken into account ....
        Even the union Belarus has not recognized anything for seven years.
        Why then are the sanctions pouring in full growth ?!
        And perhaps the people are not aware, but not only in the Russian Federation.
        Specifically, sanctions were imposed on Crimea. For the full program.
        That is, to work / cooperate here is a direct loss to yourself.
        You are this / that ... Come out of happy ignorance ... hi
  31. 0
    21 February 2021 18: 05
    dear NATO members, if you want to fly over the Black Sea, we give you permission

    owners, however ...)))
  32. -1
    21 February 2021 18: 31
    2 Gas saw
    the joke is that NATO members also scratch their turnips)), but most likely they will not risk it ...
    1. -5
      21 February 2021 18: 54
      Do not scratch. They are not going to. Nobody will start a war with Russia with a political demarche.
  33. +1
    21 February 2021 19: 05
    A permit for the right to fall in front of the Crimea, too, the outskirts issued?
  34. 0
    21 February 2021 22: 02
    what nonsense I just read ...
  35. -3
    22 February 2021 02: 07
    - Why not conduct an experiment? Send a stealth UAV to fly over Crimea and see - will they see? Will they be shot down? wink
  36. +1
    22 February 2021 03: 48
    Nonsense of "self-styled" people! However, the caronovirus.
  37. 0
    22 February 2021 10: 49
    if a NATO plane accidentally flies into the Crimea and is shot down? It turns out that the air defense worked automatically ... and who will not blame Zelensky for an hour? everything will be blamed on him, despite the fact that it will not be a South Korean Boeing but a combat aircraft
  38. 0
    22 February 2021 21: 52
    Ukraine also allowed flying over Atlantis and the South of America, excluding neighboring territories. And also dive to a depth of less than one kilometer, if such aircraft exist.
  39. The comment was deleted.
  40. 0
    22 February 2021 23: 31
    These narrow-minded people do not understand a simple thing - even if a number of countries officially recognize Crimea as the territory of Ukraine, there is still such a concept as "territory not controlled by the government."
    And the government's issuance of "permits" for flights of aircraft of a solid military bloc over the territory not controlled by this government is a diplomatic provocation, a stupid step at the level of children.
  41. 0
    23 February 2021 11: 40
    We missed the master's boot. They allow ...
  42. 0
    27 February 2021 18: 16
    the whole country has a headache .... or is it hereditary?

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