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Components and technologies for "Sotnik"


Model of BEV "Ratnik-3" model 2018

In a few years, the Russian army may adopt the promising combat equipment of the Sotnik (Sotnik) serviceman. It will replace the current "Warrior" and will provide an increase in the combat effectiveness of both individual soldiers and units as a whole. The Sotnik project is in its earliest stages, but the possible ways of its development are already known.

On the eve of development

For the first time, the topic of the new generation of BEV was raised several years ago. Thus, at the Army-2018 forum, Rostec State Corporation for the first time showed a prototype of new equipment, which included a number of original components for various purposes. This version of the BEV included uniforms with a wide range of functions, protective equipment, an exoskeleton and a new rifle weapon... At that time, the layout was called "Ratnik-3". Subsequently, the promising equipment received the designation "Sotnik".

After the demonstration of the layout, various messages regularly appeared about the possible use of certain technologies and components in the project. Which of them will actually be used to create the BEV has not yet been specified. An interesting feature of such messages was the emphasis on clothing and protection issues. The topic of electronic components and weapons has received less attention.

According to reports from previous years, development work on the "Sotnik" theme was supposed to start in 2020. The Central Research Institute Tochmash was appointed as the lead contractor, as in the case of "Ratnik". Also, the project was supposed to involve a lot of other organizations developing individual systems and components.

In the middle of last year, it was announced that by the beginning of 2021, the Ministry of Defense would form a technical assignment for a promising BEV. This will allow the transition from preliminary research to full-fledged development work. The R&D stage is expected to be completed in 2023. In 2025, it is planned to start deliveries of serial equipment to the troops.

Mobility and protection

Recent reports have focused on the appearance of uniforms and related equipment from the Sotnik, as well as the technologies for their creation. A variety of solutions were proposed that could increase combat effectiveness and gain new opportunities.

For the first time in domestic practice, the issue of including an exoskeleton in the BEV is considered. Such a product should take on various loads and simplify the fighter's work. The possibility of creating a passive system was mentioned earlier. At the end of last year, Rostec spoke about the search for compact and efficient energy sources that would make it possible to create a motorized exoskeleton.

The new BEV must protect the soldier from bullets and shrapnel, and new technologies and materials are proposed to solve such problems. In mid-January it was reported that a woven material made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber could be used in the manufacture of Sotnik. Such protection will reduce the risks of being hit by shrapnel, but will remain flexible and resilient. The outfit can be adjusted to fit the figure so that it does not hinder movement.

In addition to protection, a soldier's jumpsuit can have other functions. Using additional layers or coatings, it is possible to provide camouflage from radar or thermal imaging surveillance equipment. Earlier "Ruselectronics" proposed to include in the new BEV elements from the so-called. electrochrome. The special material under the control of the electrical circuit can change color. Due to this, the camouflage of the equipment can be adapted to the current conditions in a minimum time - without the need to replace the equipment.

The equipment may include special energy-absorbing boots. Providing proper walking comfort, they will be able to extinguish the energy of the explosion and protect the fighter from mines. In combination with other protective equipment, such shoes will dramatically reduce the risks to the soldier.

Components and technologies for "Sotnik"

At Army-2018, a closed helmet was demonstrated as part of a mock BEV, which provides a high level of protection and is suitable for the introduction of various electronic components. In addition to voice communication, it can receive functions for displaying information on glass, incl. with augmented reality capabilities. Similar principles can be implemented in the form factor of glasses.

Combat capabilities

The model kit, arr. In 2018, a certain unknown machine gun of a futuristic appearance entered. As it became known later, new weapons may also be included in the real Sotnik. At the end of 2019, the management of Rostec disclosed plans to create a promising rifle complex, including both weapons and a new cartridge. However, details on this matter have not yet been given.

It is likely that the existing armament system of the rifle squad will be preserved on the basis of assault rifles with reinforcement from machine guns, sniper rifles, etc. At present, a number of new samples of these classes are being created in our country, but it has not yet been announced which of them will be included in the BEV "Sotnik".

To expand the capabilities of the unit, incl. fire, the introduction of new means is proposed. So, light and ultralight unmanned aerial vehicles capable of performing reconnaissance and hitting targets can come at the disposal of the fighters.

The Sotnik equipment, like its predecessor, will have communications integrated into the tactical echelon control systems. The ability to exchange data in real time will simplify the interaction of departments and increase their overall efficiency. Electronic sights and helmet-mounted display systems will make better use of the potential of such integration.

Equipment of the future

According to last year news, by now, the Ministry of Defense was supposed to formulate a technical assignment for a promising BEV, and defense industry organizations can begin to develop it. The detailed requirements of the army have not yet been disclosed. Development companies are also not ready to present finished products that fully comply with the terms of reference.

At the same time, over the past few years, the industry has regularly published its views on the further development of BEV and the technology required for it. It is very likely that these or those proposals announced earlier will find application in the real project "Sotnik" and will give certain advantages.

It should be noted that the proposed solutions and technologies, such as elastic protection, advanced personal electronics of a soldier, fundamentally new small arms, etc. can look not only forward-looking, but also overly daring. This will complicate the development of equipment, which can lead to increased costs and a shift in deadlines.

However, the complexity of the project is offset by a number of obvious benefits. First of all, promising technologies will ensure compliance with the current requirements both at the time the BEV entered service and in the distant future. In addition, new technologies are often not delayed in the military sphere and are being introduced in other directions. A number of ideas proposed for the "Sotnik" are of interest to the civil sphere as well.

It is curious that already now, having just begun the development of the Sotnik, the industry is working on the issues of creating the next generation of outfits. Ready-made samples of this kind will appear only in the thirties, when the "Sotnik" set will become widespread among the troops.

The appearance of the future equipment "Centurion" is still unknown, and, probably, has not yet been formed. At the same time, an important trend is evident. The Russian army is switching to an integrated method of forming soldiers' equipment. This method has shown itself well in the "Ratnik" project, in the near future it will be developed in the "Sotnik" program, and in the future it will form the basis for the so far unnamed promising equipment. And in all cases, both the new method and modern components will positively affect the state and capabilities of the army.
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Rostec, Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 18 February 2021 05: 04
    Somehow, the shoulders are covered from the sides.
    1. Mountain shooter
      Mountain shooter 18 February 2021 05: 17
      Quote: Vladimir_2U
      Somehow, the shoulders are covered from the sides

      Well, this is a design option ... Still far from reality ...
      1. Vladimir_2U
        Vladimir_2U 18 February 2021 05: 31
        Quote: Mountain Shooter
        Well, this is a design option.

        Chase such designers! In toys, they think through armor much better.
        1. Mountain shooter
          Mountain shooter 18 February 2021 05: 39
          Quote: Vladimir_2U
          Chase such designers! In toys, they think through armor much better.

          Toys in made-up armor do not fight.
          1. Vladimir_2U
            Vladimir_2U 18 February 2021 05: 40
            Quote: Mountain Shooter
            Toys in made-up armor do not fight.

            Learn on toys, and develop on games, staff games, for example.
            1. Aerodrome
              Aerodrome 18 February 2021 13: 18
              how much is the "centurion", and how many pieces will be in the troops? rather not at all ... they will come up with the following outfit: "colonel" ... and again they will think about the next ...
              1. El Chuvachino
                El Chuvachino 19 February 2021 13: 03
                The same thing was said about the warrior once
    2. Bar1
      Bar1 18 February 2021 13: 23
      in the USSR, there were such boots, they were called boots-high-speed boots and were even successfully used.

      1. Vladimir_2U
        Vladimir_2U 18 February 2021 13: 53
        Quote: Bar1
        in the USSR, there were such boots, they were called boots-high-speed boots and were even successfully used.
        Do not confuse these racers with explosion-proof boots-elements of a passive eeksoskeleton, well, the runners have not been successfully used anywhere, they have been tested on a flat surface at most.
        1. Bar1
          Bar1 18 February 2021 14: 36
          Quote: Vladimir_2U
          well, and the runners have not been successfully used anywhere, they were tested on a flat surface.

          how do you know? is there a link?
          1. Vladimir_2U
            Vladimir_2U 18 February 2021 15: 15
            Quote: Bar1
            how do you know? link is

            There was a video at the stadium, is there something else? I'll gladly have a look.
  2. Runway
    Runway 18 February 2021 05: 24
    The most important thing in the article is the phrase “maybe”. This is how one Vladimir just recently responded to another Vladimir's proposal about food certificates (cards / coupons) by using the word "resolve issues" (which means to start and not finish, if translated from Russian into accessible Russian).
  3. Earthshaker
    Earthshaker 18 February 2021 07: 38
    Also only for parades and Army - 20XX.
  4. zxc15682
    zxc15682 18 February 2021 08: 20
    T-72 turned out .. belay
  5. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 18 February 2021 08: 21
    "...After few years..."?
    Well, well ... I'm not a pissemist, I really look at things and draw analogies. We see how hard the production of the Su-57 and "Armata" is progressing. And their entry into the troops was also announced "in a few years." In the history of the plane, even specifically the years were named.
    1. El Chuvachino
      El Chuvachino 19 February 2021 13: 11
      Quote: Leader of the Redskins
      I am not a pissemist, I really look at things and draw analogies.

      You are not that you cannot draw correct analogies, you even write a “pessimist” with two mistakes in the word. What kind of real view of things are we talking about if the simplest cognitions are absent?
  6. zxc15682
    zxc15682 18 February 2021 08: 25
    To do it, do it right away with an exoskeleton with armor and a power plant. A person just zashhol into it when it is necessary to go out and not to carry all these pieces of iron on yourself. Will fall into a friend in water or into mud. am
  7. Peaceful SEO
    Peaceful SEO 18 February 2021 08: 53
    Quote: zxc15682
    To do it, do it right away with an exoskeleton with armor and a power plant. A person just zashhol into it when it is necessary to go out and not to carry all these pieces of iron on yourself. Will fall into a friend in water or into mud. am

    Climbed into the tank and here's your armor and power plant. And you don't need to invent anything :)
  8. Bredovich705
    Bredovich705 18 February 2021 09: 53
    In Sochi, they take pictures of them on the beach, but the troops will not see this soon, they have not seen Warrior 1 yet ...
  9. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 18 February 2021 11: 42
    a soldier in a modern war needs appropriate weapons and protection (equipment) ... because he is the main one on the battlefield ... and how convenient and what kind of appearance is for the Arctic ... and what summer is in the desert ... in the mountains or in the central the strip will show it tests ...
  10. Narak-zempo
    Narak-zempo 19 February 2021 09: 27
    We have once again overtaken everyone!
    And what is the barrel of the dummy in his hands? It would be necessary to cover this topic in more detail.
  11. sannyhome
    sannyhome 19 February 2021 10: 33
    Quote: Aerodrome
    how many pieces will there be in the troops?

    About the warrior they wrote here - Annually, the RF Armed Forces receive about 50 thousand Ratnik sets. At the same time, the Ministry of Defense believes that the volume of supplies can be increased. As they say, there are never too many "Ratnikov".
    I think the Centurion will be no less
  12. ratcatcher
    ratcatcher 21 February 2021 03: 54
    Have you tried looking at your belly or at your feet while wearing a motorcycle helmet? This helmet will be very uncomfortable. Even in a heavy sapper kit, visibility is better - the lower part of the face with transparent glass.
    You can, of course, remember the assault helmet for the alpha, but it is the assault helmet. And the fighters, as far as we know, often removed the shield, they also tried to replace it with a transparent one.
    Unless in the centurion, the nijnaya part will rise up, like in Altyn. But this makes the helmet bulky. Do ordinary infantrymen need such a bulky structure?