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Friendship for money: foreign ships and boats for the Ukrainian Navy


Corvette F514 Kınalıada of the Ada type from the Turkish Navy. Photo by the Ministry of Defense of Turkey

The current state of the naval forces of Ukraine, like the entire army, leaves much to be desired. To change the situation, it is planned to purchase several dozen foreign-made combat units - of all main classes, from motor boats to corvettes. However, it is not known whether it will be possible to carry out such plans and change the state of affairs.

Turkish corvettes

In recent months, there has been a rapprochement between Kiev and Ankara, leading to interesting results. So, in mid-December, a Ukrainian-Turkish contract was signed for the construction of five Ada-type corvettes - a variant of the MILGEM project. According to unofficial data, the contract value exceeded USD 1 billion, i.e. at least 200 million per ship.

The laying of the head corvette is expected this year. It will probably be built by the Istanbul Naval Shipyard, which has already supplied MILGEM ships to the Turkish the fleet... The finished corvette will be handed over to the customer no later than 2024. It is planned to involve the Okean plant (Nikolaev) in the work under the contract. In the future, he will participate in the construction and retrofitting of ships.

The exact technical appearance of the Ada ships for the Ukrainian Navy has not yet been disclosed. Obviously, the corvettes will retain their standard hull, superstructure, power plant and general ship systems. At the same time, rearmament is possible with the use of complexes available to the Ukrainian Navy - its own or foreign production.

A pair of Mk VI boats, previously built for the US Navy. Photo by SAFE Boats Int.

American boats

The Ukrainian army receives material assistance from the United States, and these processes will continue in the future. On the last day of 2020, the Pentagon ordered the American company SAFE Boats International to prepare for the construction of the first two Mk VI boats. Then the assembly is expected to start, and in 2022 two hulls will be transferred to the Ukrainian Navy.

The current plans of the Pentagon and Kiev include the construction of 16 Mk VI boats, as well as crew training and subsequent technical assistance. The United States allocates approx. $ 220 million, which will be spent on the construction of six new boats. The remaining 10 units. it is proposed to build in the USA at a Ukrainian expense. The total cost of the series is $ 600 million.

Most likely, the Mk VI boats for the Ukrainian Navy will generally retain their standard appearance. In this case, rearmament is possible. 12 boats of the American Navy are equipped with a pair of installations with 25-mm cannons and a set of machine guns of normal and large caliber. Most likely, the "Ukrainian" Mk VI will receive a rifle weapon Soviet development.

British loan

In October last year, Ukraine and the UK signed a memorandum on strengthening military cooperation. Among other things, this document provides for joint efforts in the modernization of the Ukrainian fleet. Thus, the British side provides Ukraine with a loan of 1,25 billion pounds for a period of 10 years.

Missile boat Q04 Barzan of the Super Vita class from the Qatar Navy. Photo BAE Systems

This money will be used to build eight large Super Vita-class missile boats from one of the BAE Systems divisions. The first two boats for this order will be built at a British shipyard. The remaining six with the help of foreign colleagues will build the Nibulon plant in Nikolaev. The specifics of international cooperation and organization of construction have not yet been disclosed.

According to reports, the Super Vita boats will retain their standard appearance and equipment that meets NATO standards. In the early stages, their main armament will remain the Norwegian NSM anti-ship missiles. In the future, the possibility of modernizing boats with the installation of Ukrainian products "Neptune" is not excluded. However, the ship version of such a rocket is not yet available, and the timing of its appearance is unknown.

For the Coast Guard

In the context of the construction of foreign equipment, it is necessary to recall the recent Ukrainian-French agreement on the joint production of 20 OSEA FPB-98 Mk 1 patrol boats for the Coast Guard. The contract was concluded in July last year, and then the laying of the head building took place.

Under the terms of the agreement, the OCEA-Nibulon joint venture will build the first five boats in Ukraine, and the remaining order will be fulfilled by a French shipyard. Three years are allocated for the construction of five boats in Nikolaev. The construction will cost 136,5 million euros. 85% of this amount as a loan is provided by commercial and government structures in France.

Bold plans for FPB-98 boats. Graphics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

According to the plans, Ukraine's SOBR will receive two dozen FPB-98 boats in the basic configuration. Changes can only affect certain items of equipment and weapons.

Humble present

Corvettes and boats of various types are still in plans for the future, although the construction of some hulls has already begun. In anticipation of such pennants, the Ukrainian Navy is accepting more modest assistance from foreign partners. So, on February 10 in Odessa, the acceptance of another batch of American-made motor boats took place - more than 80 units.

The United States transferred 10 Willard Sea Force series rigid-hull inflatable boats, as well as over 70 Zodiac boats to the Ukrainian fleet. The resulting products have a power plant and other equipment, but do not carry weapons. Perhaps it will appear later. Also, Ukraine received a variety of equipment and equipment for special forces.

Doubtful prospects

Ukraine is trying to build new corps for the naval forces, and also concludes contracts with other countries. The restoration and modernization of the fleet is impossible without such measures. However, the existing plans of the command look, at least, ambiguous or even dubious.

New American boats for the Ukrainian Navy, February 10, 2021. Photo by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

It is obvious that there is no clear-cut plan for renewing the surface forces. Order plans are mainly determined by two factors - politics and finance. The current Kiev authorities are trying to be friends with the United States, and contracts appear for American equipment, moreover, not for the most expensive and complex ones. The course of friendship with Turkey leads to the appearance of the agreement for the Ada corvettes.

The Ukrainian-Turkish agreement for five corvettes should be considered separately. The total cost of the ships, without weapons, exceeds $ 1 billion. There is every reason to doubt that Ukraine will be able to find that kind of money and fully pay for the construction. In addition, the total cost of the program will be higher because the ships have to be re-equipped.

The situation with British missile and French patrol boats is, at first glance, easier. Great Britain and France provide their Ukrainian partners with large loans that cover at least most of the construction. However, the loan must be paid, and with interest. Ukraine's ability to repay loans under certain conditions is questionable.

The situation with the supply of American boats and boats looks a little simpler. These products are partly funded by the United States as military aid. However, in the case of Mk VI boats, most of the order will be paid by Ukraine from its own funds - 10 units. out of 16.

Friendship for money

Thus, a specific situation arises. The plans drawn up, which have already taken the form of real contracts, can really lead to a significant update of the Ukrainian Navy and increase their capabilities. However, their implementation will become an excessive burden on the military budget - and on the entire economy of the country, which cannot boast of any particular success.

A foreign motor boat at a military exercise. Photo of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

On the other hand, foreign partners find themselves in a favorable position, who have to fulfill Ukrainian contracts. They get the opportunity to load their production facilities with new orders and make good money on a friendly country. Even the need to issue loans or partial payment for projects does not stop foreign states.

All these processes perfectly demonstrate the current situation in the international arena. Ukraine wants to be friends with developed states and is ready for certain steps and measures. Foreign countries are not against such cooperation, but only if it gives them any benefits. In the case of the construction of boats and ships for Ukraine, we are talking about making money on the production of equipment and on loans.

Ukraine's limited economic potential will make it difficult to build new combat units. However, Kiev cannot but pay for orders, and their reduction is also not possible. The specific features of the Ukrainian economy and foreign policy suggest that the shipbuilding program will be paid for - although for this one will have to sacrifice something else. Time will tell how the situation will develop in the future. But there are no reasons for optimistic forecasts.
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  1. Mitroha
    Mitroha 15 February 2021 06: 11
    Principle - "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" and "In spite of my grandmother's frostbite ears", apparently elevated to the fundamental in 404
    1. Hagen
      Hagen 15 February 2021 08: 58
      Quote: Mitroha
      Principle - "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" and "In spite of my grandmother's frostbite ears", apparently elevated to the fundamental in 404

      It seems to me that 404 has no principles of its own. The interests of the United States are behind all movements in Ukraine. They are pushing their principles in Ukraine. And when she loses the opportunity to service the acquired national debt to the West, she will be torn like a heating pad into shreds. And the Ukrainian leadership lives with one hope that this will not happen during their cadence. Ukraine knows that they will be torn, just does not know when. For the West, this (dividing Ukraine) is also beneficial, so it is forcing Ukraine's weapons, and not transport infrastructure and agricultural machinery, for example. So the economy of the recipient country is killed faster.
      1. Vladimir Mashkov
        Vladimir Mashkov 15 February 2021 18: 03
        Well, I just don't understand: what for a dying, crumbling beggar hole this whole mosquito fleet? Do YOURSELF cherish the dream of landings on the DPR coast? Or are the Americans pushing and cooking? After all, there is no money, and the country is on the eve of death!
    2. Mister X
      Mister X 15 February 2021 18: 56
      Quote: Mitroha
      fundamental in 404

      «Where are the paddles and bouncy women?": American rubber boats donated to Ukraine were ridiculed on the Web
      I apologize a thousand times, but paddles for rubber boats are extremely important for national security. Is it possible to convey them somehow to us so as not to row with our hands? We thank you in the lowest! "- wrote the deputy of the Rada Oleksandr Dubinsky.

  2. Doccor18
    Doccor18 15 February 2021 06: 20
    They get the opportunity to load their production facilities with new orders and earn good money ... Even the need to issue loans or partial payment for projects does not stop ...

    This is the main thing at the moment - to load enterprises with orders, even on credit.
    And Ukraine will then feverishly seek funds to pay off loans and maintain ships, collecting a new bribe from the poor population ...
    1. Alien From
      Alien From 15 February 2021 13: 15
      Most likely, they will pay with lands or enterprises, they will not cut off so much from the people.
  3. sir Galant
    sir Galant 15 February 2021 06: 41
    Yes, there will never be anything new there, as long as the Ruin exists. Well, maybe there are 10 more rubber boats. The rest will be stolen and cut. The topic is not serious)
  4. Mustachioed Georgian
    Mustachioed Georgian 15 February 2021 06: 51
    They have lost their shipyards, skakuas damn it, now they feed my uncle.
  5. Andrei Nikolaevich
    Andrei Nikolaevich 15 February 2021 07: 04
    In general, to scrub more than one generation of chubaty, overseas latrines ..... What they wanted, they got it. "nEzalEzhnost." "ceEurope"
    And the power shaved out personally - the Ukrainian people.
  6. Destiny
    Destiny 15 February 2021 07: 11
    Ukraine's limited economic potential will make it difficult to build new combat units.

    And once they built cruisers with aircraft carriers.
    1. marat2016
      marat2016 16 February 2021 23: 24
      1.Not built by Ukraine. 2. The Russian Federation did not build even a destroyer from scratch just as successfully ...
  7. Sergey Averchenkov
    Sergey Averchenkov 15 February 2021 08: 09
    PVC boats killed me - I have about the same, well, let it be a little shorter (420). I understand if they gave me such a boat, 50-60 pieces of money for me, but to the state? Ukraine is no longer a state at all - it so diligently licks the fifth point of the United States, I am already disgusted to look at all this.
    1. Hagen
      Hagen 15 February 2021 09: 00
      Quote: Sergey Averchenkov
      She so diligently licks the fifth point of the United States, I am already disgusted to look at all this.

      Ukraine is already in the position that it cannot get out. She no longer licks herself, she is rudely raped ...
    2. Mikhail m
      Mikhail m 15 February 2021 15: 06
      PVC boats in a year or two will be written off and disposed of in favor of the command staff of the Naval Forces of Ukraine for fishing and recreation. I only see such use for them.
  8. Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 15 February 2021 08: 43
    Rome does not pay traitors! .... well, what did your Poles help you?
    1. Nestor Vlakhovski
      Nestor Vlakhovski 15 February 2021 12: 44
      Quote: vladimir1155
      Rome does not pay traitors

      The slogan is beautiful, but it was Rome that paid the frags and "traitors". And constantly.
      Quote: vladimir1155
      Well, what did your Poles help you?

      We, "Poles", help the brotherly people as much as we can. 6 years ago, Ukraine had neither an army nor a navy. Both are now available. And significant gains will continue for the foreseeable future. The money has already been allocated, the equipment has been ordered. Ukraine will be free.
      1. mmaxx
        mmaxx 15 February 2021 15: 49
        She is already free from brains
        1. Nestor Vlakhovski
          Nestor Vlakhovski 15 February 2021 15: 59
          I don’t even know who is less intelligent: Ukrainians who are not capable of building a normal state, or those who have been discussing Ukrainian problems every day for the seventh year, although things themselves are not much better.
          1. mmaxx
            mmaxx 15 February 2021 16: 08
            Eeeee ... How bae, we, this is Russia, we are begging for the stall around the world, who would take the lave?
            And try it here, and the Polish brothers are not averse to it. We invite you.
            1. Nestor Vlakhovski
              Nestor Vlakhovski 15 February 2021 16: 13
              How the state can behave as it pleases, but the real results of social policy are important. And now they are practically equal in Russia and Ukraine (despite the fact that for another 7 years the Russians lived much better than the Ukrainians).
              1. mmaxx
                mmaxx 15 February 2021 17: 25
                I will not say about Ukraine, but the constant impoverishment of the people in Russia, despite the constant whining of some, is somewhat exaggerated. Young people are packed with cars, families are bursting abroad on vacation, one has only to open the border. Banks do not have time to issue mortgages. Supermarkets are not empty either. Vopschem, it became impossible to live. Especially, personally, it pisses me off that you can't drive on the roads and there is nowhere to put the car. To what Putin has brought!
      2. Stepan S
        Stepan S 15 February 2021 17: 24
        6 years ago, Ukraine had neither an army nor a navy. Both are now available

        And what was so significant for the better that happened to the army and navy of Ukraine? Have you repaired some old Soviet equipment for the army? The same cannot be said about the fleet. It is better not to mention aviation and air defense in vain.
      3. Photon
        Photon 16 February 2021 00: 21
        How?!!! Even freer? !!! Will everything return to the "Walk the Field" state?
      4. marat2016
        marat2016 16 February 2021 23: 26
        Will be, will be. From its population, which will dump into Poland, the Russian Federation, European countries and further down the list ...
      5. Snusmumrik
        Snusmumrik April 13 2021 16: 31
        Can you tell us more about the fleet?
  9. BAI
    BAI 15 February 2021 10: 06
    Loans will be collected in the same Turkey, the United States and Britain. And everyone will pay. It is too early to pay off loans not for this government.
  10. Runway
    Runway 15 February 2021 14: 00
    If the plans go into metal, the Black Sea Fleet will receive a grouping of 5 corvettes and 8 brk from Ukraine, 3-4 steamers from the Romanians, 4 steamers with URO from Bulgaria.
    In total, there are 23 promising targets. And 39 units of Turks (counting 13 dpl).
    It will be cramped.
  11. mmaxx
    mmaxx 15 February 2021 15: 48
    I keep thinking: what will the Ukrainians use for the British and the Turks? It's hard to believe that they will even build it. The most interesting thing is this: if suddenly they build everything, where will they put it? To Odessa? Dreadnought fever is straightforward.
    1. marat2016
      marat2016 16 February 2021 23: 28
      Ochakov, Nikolaev, Kherson - you can scatter. Although there are doubts that at least 10% of the planned will go into operation.
  12. NF68
    NF68 15 February 2021 17: 26
    The current state of the naval forces of Ukraine, like the entire army, leaves much to be desired.

    The whole country does not look the best for them. Not just the army.
  13. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 15 February 2021 21: 43
    I'm not inclined to worry about UA's solvency in this regard. And he spoke about it two hundred times.
    Provide the guys with loans and borrowings, do not worry. Moreover, they will support their manufacturer.
    It's just some kind of holiday for shipbuilding! Yes, in such series! .. Birthday hearts!
    And problems with the absence of a power plant will not visit and will not arise on any steamer.
    What really saddens me.
  14. Popov I.P.
    Popov I.P. 17 February 2021 21: 55
    And when that Ukraine was able to build ships of all ranks, including aircraft carriers and cruisers .. And now it is not able to build small boats ...
  15. Magnat231
    Magnat231 27 March 2021 14: 50
    Drives the Ukrainians into slavery, they owe money, half the world, so they will give them ships, they will ruin them like a sagoidachny, for two times, the ships need care