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A new round of nationalization or robbery? LPDR nationalizes real estate


Nationalization again

On February 1, 2021, the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin signed decree No. 25 "The procedure for identifying, recording, storing, evaluating and disposing of ownerless immovable things." Earlier, in July 2020, an inventory of vacant and abandoned apartments was carried out in the DPR. Apparently, in Donetsk, they are preparing to nationalize empty apartments and buildings, as well as commercial real estate. This problem will be dealt with by the Donetsk People's Republic State Property Fund, whose powers will include consideration of applications from authorities and the population about orphaned objects. If the object is indeed declared abandoned, a special commission can transfer it to the management of the applicant organization or nationalize it by a court decision.

On the Internet, they immediately started talking about "spin-offs", corruption and enrichment. Although, taking into account real estate prices, low demand and an overabundance of supply, as well as the fact that all the powers that be in the LPNR long ago provided themselves and their families with the required amount of square meters, the corruption component here looks somewhat far-fetched. From whom and for what to receive a bribe; how to get rich, if there are thousands or even tens of thousands of apartments, houses, shops and offices in the republics that have been empty since 2014?

Of course, officials will find something to profit from. But is it so important if, thanks to the nationalization of ownerless commercial real estate, it is possible to revive at least 10% of it, and instead of gaping empty boxes there will be working shops? All the more so if at least some of the nationalized apartments are transferred to young professionals, large families, combatants, etc. In general, the reform can potentially bring a lot of good, if only it is not implemented as it usually happens in the republics.

Trap for non-residents

Nationalization will deal a serious blow to property owners living in Ukraine. According to the Civil Code, which entered into force on July 1, 2020, it will no longer be possible to resolve notarial issues remotely from outside the DPR. Earlier, even "enemies of the people" could agree with a careless solicitor and right in Mariupol to rewrite their property to relatives, sell it, rent it out, etc. The new Civil Code deprived them of this opportunity. That is, those persons who have been ordered to enter the LPNR territory can safely say goodbye to their “squares”.

In addition, for citizens who do not have a republican passport, additional problems will arise - from November 2020, Ukrainian passports issued later than July 2014 must be legalized. Also, according to available information, the government of the LDNR is seriously considering new restrictions, according to which persons registered in the republics, but not having a local passport, will be affected in their rights. In particular, they will be deprived of the opportunity to carry out purchase and sale transactions. While we are talking about the entry into force of these norms in 2025, however, everything can change literally at any time.

I just want to convey my heartfelt greetings to all those who in 2016-2019 argued that LDNR passports are useless pieces of paper that will never mean anything, and therefore it is not necessary to receive them.

Outcomes are not predetermined

In fact, we are talking about a rather serious challenge for the government of the DPR (in the LPR, similar processes are still frozen, but there is no doubt that in Lugansk they will take advantage of the positive experience of its neighbors as it accumulates). The time to deal with the countless properties that are gradually falling into disrepair is long overdue. Likewise, the time has come for the population to make a choice - whether you remain a Ukrainian or connect your life with the republics and with Russia. Most likely, in the foreseeable future, people will be motivated to make this choice in more and more new ways, so it will not work out to sit on two chairs. And it is right.

The whole question is how the presented opportunity will be realized in Donetsk and Lugansk. If everything is done correctly, it is possible not only to stimulate business development and economic growth, but also to solve the notorious housing issue in one fell swoop, providing housing for all categories in need of it. The legal framework for this has practically been developed - you just need to take a responsible approach to the issue and make sure that the nationalized objects are used for their intended purpose, and not suddenly become the property of officials and their relatives. Let at least 50% of the nationalized real estate be used correctly - the positive effect will be obvious. But ... what exactly will come out of this campaign - time will tell.
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  1. aars
    aars 15 February 2021 12: 05
    It is difficult to see anything negative in this decision.
    1. Finches
      Finches 15 February 2021 12: 10
      If the owner is an inveterate Bandera member or simply sympathetic to the Kiev regime, then it is already ... not the owner! laughing
      1. aars
        aars 15 February 2021 12: 11
        Yes it is!
        There is nothing wrong with seizing enemy property.
        It was, is and always will be.
        1. Asad
          Asad 15 February 2021 12: 37
          In the sense of ,, enemies ,,? Did people run away from the war and automatically became enemies?
          1. aars
            aars 15 February 2021 12: 49
            Yes, they ran away ...
            They did not participate in building a new state, they have no merits.
            Others came running, participated, and should be rewarded.
            Everything is fair.
            Who Loves Runners?
            1. Non liberoid Russian
              Non liberoid Russian 18 February 2021 15: 09
              common theft, from 1917 to the years the commies also acted
        2. dauria
          dauria 15 February 2021 12: 42
          There is nothing wrong with seizing enemy property.

          laughing Especially class enemies. I hope you had this irony.
          Twenty times must be measured, well-thought-out laws must be adopted, so that later all the people do not pay the owner for the doghouse the cost of the Chrysler skyscraper. Donbass is Ukraine. Not even Russia. Although both there and there capitalism with a sacred cow - private property.
          1. aars
            aars 15 February 2021 12: 43
            Do not worry, you will not have to pay anything, they will pass a law banning such payments and bainki.
            1. Asad
              Asad 15 February 2021 13: 14
              Comrade Shvonder, not everyone could defend their native land with arms in hand. Pensioners, mothers with children, disabled people, where there was a place to hide there and went.
              1. aars
                aars 15 February 2021 13: 20
                So no luck.
                Life is not fair and has always been.
                And a combatant is definitely more valuable than a mother with children, and even more so a disabled person.
                Because can come out with weapons, and therefore is rewarded.
                And the rest alas and ah.
                1. parma
                  parma 15 February 2021 14: 41
                  Quote: aars
                  So no luck.
                  Life is not fair and has always been.
                  And a combatant is definitely more valuable than a mother with children, and even more so a disabled person.
                  Because can come out with weapons, and therefore is rewarded.
                  And the rest alas and ah.

                  Dear commentator, how is your point of view better than the point of view of the most repulsed and frostbitten people on the other front line? They also believe that a person who has given up the Russian language and culture is better than a person who has not given up ... that you can pour “hail” into residential areas with such people ... you need your head to think, and not to wear a hat ...
                  1. Vladimir Mashkov
                    Vladimir Mashkov 15 February 2021 21: 53
                    No, well, accounting, control and inventory of real estate is a good thing. Honest, reasonable and without abuse. Nothing there is no harm in putting things in order. Including - in the confiscation of real estate from explicit enemies of the LDNR. But you just need it exactly know.
                    Really normal can people be against it?
                  2. aars
                    aars 16 February 2021 13: 34
                    Disrespectful commentator-common man, I explain - our point of view is better because ours.
                    That is enough.
                    Common people, moralists and the like go through the forest.
                    A warring state needs wolves.
                    Wolves, not sheep.
                    The sheep scattered - and to hell with them, not up to the runners.
                    Their property will go to the wolves, only they can ensure the very existence of the rebels.
                    Wars are not fought with white gloves.
                    1. Deck
                      Deck 18 February 2021 14: 53
                      Now a fourteen-year-old boy with a Faustpatron in his hands is more valuable than thousands of wise men trying to prove that the nation's chances have dropped to zero. I quote Dr. Goebbels

                      Film "Shield and Sword". Quote. Very similar in style.
      2. Sergey Averchenkov
        Sergey Averchenkov 15 February 2021 13: 27
        Even if it's just a person, but there are simply no people there - take away, for the first time or something.
  2. Alex Nevs
    Alex Nevs 15 February 2021 12: 20
    Here it is! And I think why can't I get into my parents' apartment. And between the LPR and the DPR, the border is locked. And my mother is old for now. Ps I live and have a residence permit in the LPR, my mother is from the DPR. Do not let me go there .... you see covid. And to RUSSIA it is free.
    1. Sergey Averchenkov
      Sergey Averchenkov 15 February 2021 13: 32
      You are not a good person, not a complainer. You don't have a mom there - you are lying stupidly.
    2. t-12
      t-12 16 February 2021 14: 00
      And if from the LPR to Russia, and from there to the DPR? Will they let you in?
      1. Alex Nevs
        Alex Nevs 17 February 2021 12: 46
        Not. They look at the registration and check their databases. The base (between the LPR and the DPR) is working a hundred poods, it has been checked. Before Kovid I went once a month with my mother for a pension - everything was free. Now they won't let me in, but she can hardly move.
        1. t-12
          t-12 17 February 2021 18: 38
          But what if you get vaccinated and show a vaccination certificate?
          1. Alex Nevs
            Alex Nevs 17 February 2021 19: 57
            Have just started to vaccinate (teachers, doctors, teachers, etc.). It's too early to tell.
  3. U-58
    U-58 15 February 2021 12: 26
    And what if the apartment has been abandoned for 6 years already, it has not been seized by the same needy without prior notice?
    It seems to me that there are more than a lot of such cases
    1. Alex Nevs
      Alex Nevs 17 February 2021 12: 47
      While the neighbors are watching. And relatives are there too.
  4. alex aircraft
    alex aircraft 15 February 2021 12: 30
    The idea is good, it is necessary to start up the empty real estate. The more runaway ukropitekov. Only here the execution, no matter how it turned out, they wanted the best, but it turned out as always.
    1. Blackmokona
      Blackmokona 15 February 2021 13: 15
      Well, who needs an empty apartment thrown a bunch of years ago, there is a full PPC. But to squeeze out a good apartment in a good area with diligent and careful owners is profitable. And then let them run around the courts
  5. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 15 February 2021 12: 46
    Or jumping or real estate, there is no third
    1. Vladimir Goncharov
      Vladimir Goncharov 22 February 2021 10: 04
      That is, if I built an elite residential complex in Donetsk before the war using the money I earned in Russia, and I'm waiting for the war to end in order to sell apartments at a profit, and not at a loss, then I skakuas?))) I do not advise you to touch someone else's property, comrade colonel. I am a Russian monarchist and my sympathies are far from Kiev - but when it comes to vital material interest, my ideals also fade into the background. The only difference is that I'm ready to kill - for my own.
      1. Conrad
        Conrad 23 February 2021 21: 25
        Well then come and decide! Who's stopping that? And the fact that that is too much of you divorced, ready to kill for their own, but far from the front!
        1. Vladimir Goncharov
          Vladimir Goncharov 27 February 2021 02: 05
          I'm a fan of fighting - fools are fighting.
  6. Sergey Averchenkov
    Sergey Averchenkov 15 February 2021 12: 50
    How glad I am that I was born in Siberia.
  7. Dimide
    Dimide 15 February 2021 12: 54
    It can be seen "laurels" Mavrodi, the head of the DPR is haunted laughing
  8. Black lotos
    Black lotos 15 February 2021 14: 41
    the government of the LDNR is seriously considering new restrictions, according to which persons registered in the republics, but not having a local passport, will be deprived of their rights

    similar proposals in Ukraine have always evoked a violent reaction and were swept aside.
    However, according to the Constitutions of different countries and laws, a foreigner legally residing and leaving for the country has equal rights (except electoral) with the holder of the passport of this country.
    The desire to clearly draw the line of war along the line of demarcation is understandable.
    From the pluses of this desire
    1-will not remain loyal to that side
    2-financially, you can profit from the legal extraction of property
    3-bribery again. Having multiple passports / citizenships.
    1-iron curtain
    2-development of smuggling.
    3-deterioration of relations between the DPR and LPR, already the customs war is in full swing.
    For the gray zone, this is not an option. This is just a legal way to take away and divide the remaining opportunities once again.
  9. Dart
    Dart 15 February 2021 14: 53
    hmm ... I would even consider the issue of moving, away from the capital, she annoyed, wrong ...
    but how the medical issue is solved in the capitals of the republics, I wonder, I don’t know, it’s important for me.
  10. APASUS
    APASUS 15 February 2021 16: 11
    If everything is done in an open manner, then you can still win on trust. I'm afraid that in such a case, the officials will defeat common sense.
  11. dgonni
    dgonni 15 February 2021 17: 48
    Laugh? Or cry? That's the question!
    Makhov perfectly knows the system and the situation with the pension!
    And why make stuffing that has no relationship with reality?
    Feeling de zha vu! Really!
    1. depressant
      depressant 15 February 2021 23: 48
      Feeling de zha vu! Really!

      And they are presented to us, as if I can see (((
  12. Roman81
    Roman81 16 February 2021 09: 13
    Take and divide everything. The saddest thing is that those who are in the Russian Federation will be robbed, because the one who received the Russian passport in Russia for the CADLO authorities is a pure foreigner
  13. Frank Muller
    Frank Muller 17 February 2021 01: 24
    One of my friends - a former colleague - formalized an inheritance ten years ago for an apartment in Donbass, while remaining, at the same time, a citizen of Russia. At the same time, it so happened that he does not have his own real estate in the Russian Federation - registration in the office housing of the institution where he works. I tried to issue, as a second, citizenship of the LDNR, but there he was answered: Renounce Russian citizenship, within two years we will consider an application for our citizenship and pension. It all looks paradoxical - the inhabitants of the LPR are now massively seeking Russian citizenship, and there is nothing to say about the local pension. And it is impossible to find a satisfactory paid doctor's job in the LPR, although in Donetsk there are not enough five thousand doctors, in Lugansk - about that. I tried to go and figure it out, but since March last year, they have not been released from the Russian Federation under the pretext of "covid" (except for the categories indicated in the corresponding position, in which it does not fall). So decide if a problem arises: it will be nationalization, or the robbery of his only real estate, which he regularly visited before the epidemic, spending vacations in his house, making repairs and paying utility bills on time.
  14. Evgeny Kirov
    Evgeny Kirov 19 February 2021 11: 11
    What did you want from the lesson? Urks for that and urks to rob ownerless property
  15. Vladimir Goncharov
    Vladimir Goncharov 22 February 2021 09: 39
    The comrades decided that it was time to show their true colors to the marauders. It turns out that robbery is in the background of independence.