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Russian "Uran-6" is twice as light: Azerbaijan purchased Turkish mine clearance systems

Russian "Uran-6" is twice as light: Azerbaijan purchased Turkish mine clearance systems


After the end of the Karabakh war, information about the deaths and injuries from the impact of previously planted mines of Azerbaijani military and civilians in the territories that came under the control of Baku constantly appears.

Against this background, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan announced the arrival of modern engineering equipment of Turkish origin for the army. In particular, it is indicated about the shipment of a robotic complex of the ASFAT company (it has already received the Azerbaijani designation Mematt), intended for mine clearance. It is planned to use it in Karabakh.

As indicated, the entire development, release and certification period for this product was only 14 months. Azerbaijan has signed a contract for the purchase of 20 pieces of equipment.

The MEMATT control range is 500 meters, the travel speed is 4 km / h. The equipment of the system allows work to be carried out at a depth of 25 cm. In an hour, the complex clears an area 1,7 meters wide and 1 km long. The total weight of the machine is 12 kg. The volume of the diesel engine is 560 liters.

In Karabakh, peacekeepers from the Russian Federation are already actively operating several Russian Uran-6 complexes, also designed for mine clearance. They have characteristics similar to those of the Turkish product, but they are much lighter than their counterparts (curb weight is 6 tons, that is, Uran-6 is twice as light).

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Website of the company OJSC "766 UPTK"
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  1. Sergey_G_M
    Sergey_G_M 10 February 2021 04: 42
    "Weight is reliability"))
    The fact that our Uranus is two times lighter does not give a particular advantage over the Turkish machine.
    Yes, and the Turks were allies in the war, and it is obvious that this gives a more significant competitive advantage than the weight of the car.
    1. Lech from Android.
      Lech from Android. 10 February 2021 05: 07
      This is just the beginning, it is clear that the vector of Azerbaijan's cooperation will increasingly turn from Russia to Turkey. An inevitable and logical step after the war in Karabakh.
      1. XXXIII
        XXXIII 10 February 2021 13: 00
        Yes, nothing will change in the policy of Azerbaijan, they bought equipment here and there, everywhere. Well, we chose this option, so what ?! If they buy equipment in Israel, it means they have betrayed Turkey ?!)) wassat
    2. Runway
      Runway 10 February 2021 05: 42
      "Hello girls!" (C)
      Weight is critical for the mobility of transporting these pieces of iron. Machines are not at the forefront, and for work on areas, the number of units quickly transferred at a time is critical.
      An-12 will carry 3 tractors, and Hercules - one.
      The Mi-26 will pick up 2 tractors, while the Turks will only carry it on a trailer. One.
      From this - the terms for solving problems expire.
      And the weight of the "piano" does not play to the PTM / land mine from the standard one with a supplement.
      1. Sergey_G_M
        Sergey_G_M 10 February 2021 06: 03
        For Azerbaijan, not weight is more critical, but price.
        The Turkish car is probably molded onto the chassis of a serial tractor in a fast way. Our Uranus has passed all design and test cycles according to military standards. Hence, most likely the price of Uranium will be more expensive.
        But of course, the Turk's hernia from the hydraulic hoses is really quite, they could at least tape them with blue electrical tape.
        1. Runway
          Runway 10 February 2021 06: 14
          Baku could strain his forehead if he wanted to save money:
          - take the former Armenian cars (BTT), add attachments (km / blade) and go ahead.
          The Turks offered - Aliyev, brotherly, agreed. Where the pieces of iron are then shoved, after the task - again.
          1. Sergey_G_M
            Sergey_G_M 10 February 2021 06: 21
            It would take a long time for Baku, all the same cars with radio control. And for the sake of 20 cars there is no special sense.
            1. Runway
              Runway 10 February 2021 06: 28
              For the armor of a captured tank? Plus - the training of mechanics. Anti-personnel sideways, ptm / unexploded large - one damn overhead tear.
              It's the master's business. But a Turkish tractor, it is Turkish. laughing
        2. orionvitt
          orionvitt 10 February 2021 07: 18
          Quote: Sergey_G_M
          molded on the chassis of a serial tractor for fast

          The fact that the tractor was blinded can be seen from afar. Even probably not from a tractor, but based on the chassis of some kind of excavator. Who studied what.
        3. Anar
          Anar 10 February 2021 13: 19
          For Azerbaijan, not weight is more critical, but price.

          Well, in this one must argue, for its size Azerbaijan is not the poorest country. And I would run after the price, I would not wage a war on joysticks. At the moment, Azerbaijan technologically cannot produce a lot of things, but at the same time it tries to buy not everything in a row - in order to have it, but in order to have the maximum benefit and quality from it.
      2. aars
        aars 10 February 2021 09: 33
        Azerbaijan is not big enough to have to be transported by plane.
        1. Runway
          Runway 10 February 2021 10: 35
          Yes. But the war did not go along a / b roads. What is the weight of the conveyor with the tractor and its cross-country ability, everyone can estimate.
          I am not discussing the acquisition of this technique by Azerbaijan. It's about the mobility of funds and the pace of problem solving.
      3. bobba94
        bobba94 10 February 2021 19: 18
        Even if the Turkish complex were 5 times heavier and 5 times more expensive than Uranium, Azerbaijan simply had to buy it from Turkey. Why? Yes papamushta in 5 years the term of stay of the Russian peacekeepers in Nagorno-Karabakh will end and Azerbaijan will have to put an end to this whole story ...
      4. Albay
        Albay 10 February 2021 21: 14
      5. yehat2
        yehat2 12 February 2021 11: 10
        all in the end results in what share people will have to do themselves.
        The less the equipment is ready for work, the greater the risk.
    3. evgen1221
      evgen1221 10 February 2021 06: 03
      Sergey GM I'm sorry, but when they say to our computers, machine tools and other things that dofiga weighs and because of this they are backward and unreliable, and how is it with your statement - a lot of weight = reliability to relate? At the same time, we admire the same light and reliable Toyota in comparison with the heavy and unreliable VAZ fret. This is how to understand everything? There I eat and here I wrap the fish, and this is different? Uh, your strange passage.
      1. Sergey_G_M
        Sergey_G_M 10 February 2021 06: 12
        After the quote about the weight, there are emoticons - I explain it was a joke.
        In turn, I did not understand you at all.
        Everything was mixed up with computers, machines, cars, they even screwed the fish, but it is absolutely not clear what you wanted to say.
        1. evgen1221
          evgen1221 10 February 2021 08: 49
          Sorry, in the mobile version there are just two brackets, in the GDP comment above there is really a smiley face.
      2. My doctor
        My doctor 10 February 2021 10: 15
        Quote: evgen1221
        At the same time, we admire the same light and reliable Toyota in comparison with the heavy and unreliable VAZ fret.

        with a curb weight of LADA XRAY Cross of 1300 kg. there is no question of any reliability and speech when the foil of the chocolate wrapper is thicker than the sheet metal going to the body.
        1. Bessik
          Bessik 10 February 2021 12: 24
          YouTube is full of videos about the same foil from Toyota on Kruzaks
    4. Nikita Vinogradov
      Nikita Vinogradov 13 February 2021 13: 51
      and our speed is 25% higher, the radio control range is 60% higher - what's this?
  2. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 10 February 2021 05: 06
    Obviously, the Turks were not steaming with the chassis, some kind of bulldozer ruined finalized and that's all, by the way it's a praise!
  3. Alex_You
    Alex_You 10 February 2021 05: 08
    Touches the roofing felts of the pipes or the cables right next to the dump.
    1. Eugene-Eugene
      10 February 2021 05: 22
      Whether it is rags hanging down, twisted together with the operator
  4. indeec
    indeec 10 February 2021 05: 09
    The diesel engine with a volume of 290 liters weighs 12 tons itself ....
    1. abrakadabre
      abrakadabre 10 February 2021 07: 21
      The diesel engine with a volume of 290 liters weighs 12 tons itself ....
      If not more.
  5. A.K.
    A.K. 10 February 2021 06: 46
    The volume of the diesel engine is 290 liters, what is this monster? (that's why the weight is so)
    1. Pivot
      Pivot 10 February 2021 08: 50
      This is a mistake, most likely a volume of 29 liters, although there is a 12-16 liter engine for the eyes.
      1. Antidote
        Antidote 10 February 2021 11: 24
        there and 4-6 liters is enough. we are most likely talking about the fuel supply.
        1. Pivot
          Pivot 10 February 2021 11: 33
          4-6, the mine trawl itself on a Turkish car will not be enough, it eats a lot of power, especially on stony soils, the diesel consumption will be in the region of 50 - 100 l / h, too, depending on the density of the soil, the tank will be small for such a consumption, although the risk of an explosion is very high and therefore they can install a small tank.
    2. Bad thing
      Bad thing 10 February 2021 15: 20
      Quote: A.K.
      The volume of the diesel engine is 290 liters, what is this monster? (that's why the weight is so)

      Ship probably.
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 10 February 2021 07: 01
    What is the dispute about? For obvious reasons, Azerbaijan bought it from Turkey, so this is its right. The performance characteristics of ours and Turkish ones are practically comparable with the exception of weight. We do not trawl Turkish, but our own.
  7. Cananecat
    Cananecat 10 February 2021 09: 09
    The problem with Uranium 6 for Azerbaijan is that it is Russian, not Turkish. ))
  8. Zapasnoy
    Zapasnoy 10 February 2021 09: 23
    Well, Uranus-6 is not really a Russian machine, to be honest. Maybe somewhat modified 766 UPTK, but basically Croatian MV-4
    1. Engineer
      Engineer 10 February 2021 14: 39
      Design, technological, operational and software documentation with intellectual rights to it was purchased from DOK-ING.
  9. kill the fascist
    kill the fascist 10 February 2021 09: 58
    Azerbaijan will continue to pay with such purchases with the Turks for the victory in the war for a long time. Although someone will call it a strategic partnership.
    1. Dkuznecov
      Dkuznecov 10 February 2021 23: 24
      I'm not worried about Azerbaijan,
      but the lost profit is obvious.
      I do not understand what kind of merchants
      we have such that we sell nothing
    2. New Balance
      New Balance 11 February 2021 07: 20
      For all weapons and equipment, the Republic of Azerbaijan paid in real money. It owes nothing to anyone, neither the Russian Federation, nor Turkey, nor Israel.
      And not for this reason, he buys complexes from Turkey in order to "settle accounts with the Turks for the victory in the war."
      Do not be malicious, like our so-called "neighbors", who can’t think of anything to cover up their shameful defeat.
  10. kotdavin4i
    kotdavin4i 10 February 2021 10: 07
    Good day to all.
    1. Memmat is not an Azerbaijani name. This Turkish name for this technique is "Mekanik Mayın Temizleme Teçhizatı" that is, "Equipment for mechanical cleaning from mines."
    2. If Azerbaijan has purchased Turkish equipment, it means there is a "why", of course politics is important, but not critical.
  11. Dmitry V.
    Dmitry V. 10 February 2021 11: 53
    A Turkish mine sweep is built on a PC-180 civil excavator chassis - cheap. Undercarriage, travel hydraulic motors, open-loop hydrostatic transmission (main travel pump + speed and steering control valves), trolleys - rigid beam, without shock absorption, standard road wheels, and costs 10-15 times cheaper than "Uranus".

    On a similar chassis, I build self-propelled welding units weighing 10-11 tons for the construction of pipelines in remote regions of the north.

    A similar Turkish mine sweep is easy to estimate for the price.
    Price: 8 million chassis, 4 million attachments (on a hydraulic drive), 3 million remote control with similar parameters - a total of 13 million and a scrap collection of 2.4 million + 20% vat somewhere around 20,9 million cost.
    Development time 2 months + 2 months construction of a prototype + 2 months of testing a prototype and into a series: I can do it in half a year, and launch a small series of 24 cars per month within 8-9 months, cheap and cheerful.

    Uranium-6 costs 10-15 times more - a special chassis, secure communications, a TV channel, a sprung suspension - equipment for the battlefield.

    And in the rear - the equipment for mine clearance should be cheaper, simpler and easier to repair - everything can be done from ordinary civilian components and assemblies.

    To make a complex similar to the Turkish one - 20 million rubles including taxes.
    At least I'll do it today :)
    1. vargo
      vargo 10 February 2021 16: 31
      Well, everything, I persuaded, start developing!)
    2. Runway
      Runway 10 February 2021 23: 25
      Uranus is not a battlefield machine. What her performance characteristics are talking about.
  12. Victor Tsenin
    Victor Tsenin 10 February 2021 12: 01
    > The previously laid mines of Azerbaijani military and civilians in the territories that came under the control of Baku.
    Earlier, in the 90s, do you mean?

    > Diesel engine capacity - 290 liters.
    Engine from diesel-electric submarines?))
  13. Engineer
    Engineer 10 February 2021 14: 35
    Russian "Uran-6" is twice lighter

    The Croatian-Russian Uranus is powered by the English Perkins 6L 160hp engine, and the Turkish one is 18L Caterpillar almost 800hp. It's pretty silly to flaunt the weight of Pug against the background of an elephant.
  14. Emil mamedoff
    Emil mamedoff 10 February 2021 14: 48
    Demining is carried out not only by our Ministry of Defense, but also by ANAMA (Azerbaijan's National Agency for Mine Action), which use the Slovak Bozena 4 and Bozena 5 demining vehicles in Karabakh. One is light, the other is heavy. So the weight of Bozena 4 is lighter than Uranus 6.
    And the fact that some participants advise using trophy T72s in mine clearance is, sorry, stupidity. Some of these numerous tanks went to the museum created in Baku, such as disabled, incapable of combat. And those tanks that were captured without damage - there will be a small service for them, and all of them will go further to Israel, for further modernization by Elbit Systems to SIM modification, so they will receive new bonuses in terms of technology, a fire control system, GPS , communication, and the ability to fight at night, as previously did with our other T72 SIM1 and Aslan. It makes more sense than letting them go to mine.
    1. Runway
      Runway 10 February 2021 23: 40
      Reading diagonally is the reader's problem. Slovak "cartoons" with interchangeable attachments are a good, interesting solution to the problem.
  15. minus
    minus 10 February 2021 17: 04
    Well, I feel they will minus now .... I just now decided to learn more about these demining complexes, look for information .... I came across an article where uranium 6 is called a licensed copy of the Croatian mv-4. I began to search and compare the photographs of uranium-6 and mv-4 ... In appearance, almost one to one .... Is it worth considering uranium a Russian development? That's what a catch ...
  16. Dkuznecov
    Dkuznecov 10 February 2021 23: 23
    Easier / not easier, but the money is gone.