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Boots of the short war


Having decided to continue the description of military boots of different countries in one word, when I got acquainted with the French samples, I fell into a stupor.

At first, he himself did not even believe the material studied. But, going a little deeper into history question, I found such a capacious word for French boots too.

Let me remind you that if you try to describe in one word the army footwear of the Second World War, then German is characterized by "quality", for the British - "conservatism", and for the American - "search". We found this out in the three previous publications of this cycle.

I believe that for the French army shoes of the same period, such a capacious word-characteristic will most likely become "archaic".

Sample 1917

How else can you characterize the 1917 model boots?

After all, it was in this style that the French infantryman began the Second World War.

Apparently, the generals in Paris thought that long-nosed boots (they seemed to me personally) should remind the soldiers of past victories and of the shameful signing of a peace treaty for Germany in a railway carriage.

What was the French soldier's shoe like?

Low leather shoes with a characteristic cut of black or brown.


What is the difference between the cut?

Pay attention - the heel goes over the sides of the boot, thus forming a reinforcing lining.

There are a pair of rivets. Seven pairs of round eyelets for open lacing. The tongue flap was sewn only to the top. So the boots did not save absolutely from dampness and dirt.


Until World War II, the sole was made of thick leather and nailed down with boot nails and horseshoes.

It was just such a structure.

Expensive rubber was rarely used in soldiers' boots. Mainly for parachutists and armored vehicle crews.

True, the margin of safety of the upper of the shoe sometimes led to the fact that other soles were sewn to the "old" upper.

There are many images of French soldiers dressed in English and American uniforms, but wearing 1917 boots.

There are also photos of these boots from 1954.

It is interesting that this shoe fought in Indochina and Algeria, although already in single copies. It was then already begun to be squeezed out of the supply by later models of 1945.

By the way, on some forums selling antiques, they write about the 1917 model:

"Military boots of the First or Second World War".

Issue 1919

In addition to the above, boots of the 1919 model were used in the French army.

But much less often, due to their high cost.

The cut of the top has changed - rivets and a massive heel have been removed.

The boots are taller. Eyelets - ten pairs. Glue-stitched outsole.

Boots of the short war

Model 1941

But the most mysterious were even rarer boots of the 1941 model.

Did the date confuse you too?

That's right - France lost the war. And at that time, the evacuated French units overseas and oceans mostly sported either in someone else's, or in their own, but in archaic shoes. That is, in the 1917 model.

But then who in the French army managed to change their shoes into the freshly released 1941 model?

It turns out that they were used mainly in the security units of central France and in the Vichy army.

Here, by the way, is a sample of the shape of these boots.

The cut of the boots has changed again. The rivets and heel are back. The number of eyelets has decreased. Thick leather sole. The heel is nailed.

All this was worn at the beginning with windings. And then with cloth or leather leggings. From a distance, this model was somewhat reminiscent of boots.

This is such a long history of French army boots during that short war for France.
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  1. Hunter 2
    Hunter 2 10 February 2021 18: 02
    Well done Leader of the Redskins (Igor) good An entertaining cycle turned out, will it continue?
    1. The leader of the Redskins
      10 February 2021 18: 11
      Yes. Another article about shoes is on moderation) Which country is a secret)
      1. 3x3zsave
        3x3zsave 10 February 2021 18: 20
        Thanks Igor! Nice cycle!
        1. Hunter 2
          Hunter 2 10 February 2021 18: 57
          Anton hi The Leader was generally good at writing about shoes, you need to encourage him to continue the topic of "uniforms"! And then one holivar in VO ... request
          1. The leader of the Redskins
            10 February 2021 19: 10
            Don't over praise! About uniforms, if anything, it will be much more difficult.
            IN ADVANCE THANKS TO ALL WHO WRITTEN REVIEWS! They help in writing the material.
            1. Lexus
              Lexus 11 February 2021 00: 21
              A magnificent cycle, chic chobots - a natural product - now buy similar ones, so the wallet will "lose weight". I join everyone - I should continue to write. good
      2. Blacksmith 55
        Blacksmith 55 10 February 2021 18: 27
        Thank you, interesting, but a little short about the French.
        In my opinion (and not a single article about shoes did this) you need to take care of your shoes.
        Kirzachi were good if there was a proper boot cream or wax.
        I look forward to continuing.
        1. Destiny
          Destiny 10 February 2021 18: 52
          And what else can you write, in a stranger the whole war passed ... Who went to fight for the Germans and supplied them, and the French of the Fighting France (units and subdivisions of the French army that managed to evacuate from Dunkirk in 1940) remained practically naked, throwing their weapons and equipment, they fled across the strait along with the British expeditionary forces, so the Allies took responsibility for equipping and equipping these units.Since 1943, the French army has been fighting in Africa, fully equipped with American equipment, and later in the same uniform and equipment it will fight and in Europe.

          In the photo on the right: 12 soldiers of the SS Division Charlemagne, on the left - the French general Leclerc. Addressing his compatriots, he asked: how can they, the French, wear German uniforms. The answer was: "Just like you - American."
          1. Cowbra
            Cowbra 10 February 2021 18: 59
            Quote: Destiny
            The answer was: "Just like you are American."

            For which they were quickly shot. Moreover, which is characteristic, in this situation, both sides were collaborators - both Leclerc and ss-man
            1. Avior
              Avior 10 February 2021 19: 21
              And why did Leclerc suddenly become a collaborationist?
              1. Cowbra
                Cowbra 10 February 2021 19: 22
                Because there was the state of France, against which some mercenary Leclerc fought.
                1. Avior
                  Avior 10 February 2021 19: 42
                  Leclerc fought as part of the Fighting France, which the USSR officially recognized in 1941 as the leadership and legal representative of France, like other Allies. The pilots of the Normandy-Niemen regiment were from the same place.
                  Officially, the collaborationist government of Pétain, recognized by Hitler and his allies, is France for you, or what?
                  On September 29, 1941, the USSR officially recognized the "Free France" [1] and established diplomatic relations with it through the USSR embassy under the Allied governments in London.

                  In November 1942, Fighting France sent a group of French pilots to the USSR to jointly fight against Nazi Germany, which later became the Normandie-Niemen aviation regiment.
                  1. Cowbra
                    Cowbra 10 February 2021 20: 10
                    And Petenovskaya France was recognized by France itself, Germany, Japan, Italy, Bulgaria ... Well, those are.
                    So bash on bash in every sense
                    1. Avior
                      Avior 10 February 2021 20: 40
                      Germany, Japan, Italy, Bulgaria ..

                      I wrote, Hitler and his allies recognized Pétain. But from their point of view, the elders and policemen in the occupied part of the USSR were also recognized as legitimate authorities, if anything.
                      Peter officially pursued a collaborationist policy
                      In October 1940, after a personal meeting with Hitler, Pétain called on France to "cooperate" (fr. Collaborer) with the Nazis.

                      The Vichy regime acted in the mainstream of German politics, carrying out repressions against Jews, Roma, communists, masons, homosexuals; both German SS and Gestapo units and their own repressive organization, the Militia (since 1943), operated in France.

                      Actions were carried out against the Resistance, and hostages were shot.

                      What about
                      recognized by France itself

                      In France, Petain was recognized as a criminal and sentenced to death, which was commuted to life imprisonment.
                      1. Cowbra
                        Cowbra 10 February 2021 21: 17
                        The elders were not recognized as representatives of any state, so what you wrote was, at best, a mistake.
                        And Pétain was recognized as a criminal after the war, grief for the defeated, and by the way, I remember later the President of France to his grave with wreaths. By the way, why wasn't Pétain shot at all? and these were shot? There is only one answer - Leclerc really hurts his eyes
                      2. Avior
                        Avior 10 February 2021 21: 21
                        From the point of view of the supporters of Hitler listed by you, the elders were also legal representatives of power.
                        It's only strange that you evaluate Leclerc from the point of view of Germany and his allies: ((
                      3. kamakama
                        kamakama 12 February 2021 17: 14
                        In general, the French had their own "reverent relationship" with those who collaborated with the Nazis after the war. Many have heard that women who gave birth to Germans were shaved, but this is so, trifles. State Appart Vichy - it is also logical and understandable that he was persecuted. But businessmen ... The most famous Louis Renault (yes, the same founder) for continuing the work of his factories, after the war he was imprisoned, where his health quickly ended, convicted (and not rehabilitated until now) + his property, including factories, was nationalized
                      4. Cowbra
                        Cowbra 12 February 2021 18: 06
                        Yeah, that's how to fight the Germans - they are in the bushes, and to shave their heads for women, whom they did not protect - they can, "Hiroi". Most of all I liked how they recently banned the exhibition of color photographs "Paris during the occupation". What are you, right up to the state censorship with the removal of photographs in newspapers. I don't like the fact that Paris there doesn't look much like a city groaning under the yoke. such muzzles, with croissants at the ready and hugging ...
                        By the way, even Edith Piaf was not shaved. Or did she give concerts to the Germans throughout the war, to raise the spirit of the battle - did not give? A-a-a, the floor is completely different (c), the mulberries are unmeasured ...
      3. Free wind
        Free wind 10 February 2021 19: 35
        This division was almost entirely recruited in the Sudetenland. and this is how you remember the region of Germany chopped off by France as a result of WWI, in short the Germans lived there. there were ethnic Germans in the division.
        1. Blacksmith 55
          Blacksmith 55 10 February 2021 19: 53
          The Sudetenland is in Czechoslovakia.
          You have confused Alsace with the Sudetenland.
          1. Free wind
            Free wind 10 February 2021 19: 56
            Exactly, I'm sorry, I sent it first. then I thought.
      4. mr.ZinGer
        mr.ZinGer 10 February 2021 20: 14
        With De Golem, 2000 Frenchmen left, I think dressing and shoeing them was not a problem.
  2. Andrey Zhdanov-Nedilko
    Andrey Zhdanov-Nedilko 10 February 2021 18: 55
    Israel, I suppose! ...
  3. Avior
    Avior 10 February 2021 19: 13
    Great loop!
  4. Mordvin 3
    Mordvin 3 10 February 2021 20: 44
    Quote: Leader of the Redskins
    Which country is the secret)

    Japan winked
    1. The leader of the Redskins
      10 February 2021 20: 46
      Not guessing! The point goes to viewers! laughing
      1. Mordvin 3
        Mordvin 3 10 February 2021 20: 51
        Quote: Leader of the Redskins
        Do not guess!

        It means something European. Although you never know, suddenly there will be Australian shoes. I will not guess, there are many countries, I will wait, let the viewers now rack their brains. yes
      2. matross
        matross 10 February 2021 21: 00
        Quote: Leader of the Redskins
        The point goes away

        By elimination - Italy? winked
        But you need to add depth, colleague Chief wink
      3. Cowbra
        Cowbra 11 February 2021 06: 44
        Quote: Leader of the Redskins
        The point goes to viewers!

        Hussars! SILENCE !!!
  5. Alien From
    Alien From 10 February 2021 22: 02
    I will thank the Leader) interesting, entertaining and not beaten! Looking forward to continuing ... good
  6. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 11 February 2021 03: 10
    Quote: Leader of the Redskins
    Which country is the secret)

    Not in the form of slippers with straps that converge between thumb and forefinger? wink
  7. Kote Pan Kokhanka
    Kote Pan Kokhanka 11 February 2021 07: 51
    Nazariy, and I almost missed the article again! Question to the moderators - Why not the headings of history and weapons?
    Guys, please beep in PM if the next work of the Leader appears !!!
  8. DrEng527
    DrEng527 11 February 2021 15: 40
    Is there no way to compare the economic and ergometric characteristics of shoes from different countries? And make a motivated conclusion - which approach was better: boots or boots (for the infantry, of course) hi
  • Mark kalendarov
    Mark kalendarov 10 February 2021 18: 22
    Thanks! Surprisingly interesting!
    "... and my feet are warm !!!"
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 11 February 2021 03: 43
      Quote: Mark Kalendarov
      warm feet

      And in sharp-toed shoes, in the top photo, you can go to dances! repeat
  • Konnick
    Konnick 10 February 2021 19: 41
    Reading very interesting articles about shoes, I all the time recalled an episode of the excellent film "Red Square", where an Estonian soldier agitates to join the Red Army

    Uno Parts- There is one interest ... but this is a secret ... Austrian boots. Double soles, alcohol leather. Here are copper rivets. Here and here - a steel horseshoe. Tomorrow, well, the day after tomorrow the Commissioner will receive four carriages of such boots. Tatut to the top officials of the Red Army. And nobody else is touting. And I have two couples!

    Soldier- Austrian ... it's an indestructible shoe. "

    Maybe there are pictures of these indestructible boots? And then in this film the entire regiment joined the Red Army for these boots.
    1. The leader of the Redskins
      10 February 2021 19: 52
      Exactly! There was such a phrase. And the movie is one of my favorites. Especially the second series.
      And the photo of the boots? PMV was not interested, but I think you can find it in the net.
    2. mr.ZinGer
      mr.ZinGer 10 February 2021 21: 52
      Shoes of Kupa Kupycha Genialny from "Republic of SHKID" won't fit?
    3. The leader of the Redskins
      10 February 2021 22: 54
  • Free wind
    Free wind 10 February 2021 19: 49
    Interesting article . cool sneakers. In principle, the shape of the shoes is quite normal, quite standard. I wonder what the boots were worn with. socks were or not, something did not even ask this question. the British in the Himalayas saw windings from the Sherpas. but the windings were wound over the boots so that the sand and snow did not get inside. Maybe some footcloths. and then the windings.
  • Nestor Vlakhovski
    Nestor Vlakhovski 10 February 2021 20: 20
    Where did the author see the archaic here ?!
    Leather ankle boots, many times stitched, they are probably more comfortable and much better than those dermantine-rag "lightweight" that are now issued from material rocks.
    Pointed nose - and this is definitely a "minus"?
  • Undecim
    Undecim 10 February 2021 20: 27

    French officers will be offended that they did not write about their boots.
    1. The leader of the Redskins
      10 February 2021 20: 39
      I myself am a private stock and write about the shoes of privates)))
    2. 41st region
      41st region 10 February 2021 23: 24
      Class. Tie the laces until "the day after tomorrow" on such. laughing
    3. pmkemcity
      pmkemcity 11 February 2021 06: 28
      Quote: Undecim
      French officers will be offended that they did not write about their boots.

      Foreign Legion:

      They still use it like that.
    4. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 11 February 2021 17: 52
      Quote: Undecim
      French officers will be offended that they did not write about their boots.

      Mission Impossible: lace up in 45 seconds! smile
  • 41st region
    41st region 10 February 2021 23: 22
    Thanks to the author for the article. Everyday soldier's "little things" are always interesting. And shoes are the most gigantic "trifle" in the army.
  • Dkuznecov
    Dkuznecov 11 February 2021 00: 31
    I read the announcement. But I did not see the article.
  • hohol95
    hohol95 11 February 2021 20: 19
    To my comment on the French artillery in the article "Aesopian language of losses: the pan-European empire VS Russia" from the gentleman under the nickname "Cherry Nine" the answer was received -
    Because of you, I had to deal with the topic of French art that was completely uninteresting to me.
    France really began to rearm in arte shortly before the war, and by the 39th their division still included a regiment of light (36 pieces) and a regiment of heavy (24x155) guns. This is quite comparable with the pre-war Soviet division (16x3 "32x5", 12x6 "). But, naturally, it is not comparable with the Soviet military rifle division (20x3, 12x5).

    So maybe the whole point was that during the years of the First Imperialist War, the French donned so many boots, greatcoats, steel helmets of Adrian and other military equipment (except for the Air Force and the Navy) for the future that the French infantryman of the 1940 model could differ from the French infantryman of the 1917 model years only with small details of uniforms?
    Even the artillery in the French infantry divisions was of the IRP model!
    And then it's not worth talking about boots with windings ...