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American prototype assault tank T14

England-US Collaboration on Exchange of Ideas in the Field tank Politics, as well as the development of requirements for tank weapons, began in June 1940, when a British tank mission arrived in the United States to select tanks for the army. The first result of this collaboration is the order of the M3 Grant medium tanks. M3 - a modified tank in accordance with the requirements of the UK. The head of the ATC, Major General C. M. Wesson, sent an American mission to the UK in September 1941 to obtain first-hand information about the combat use of the tank, the British assessment of American weapons, as well as their views and requirements for future vehicles. Among the ideas discussed was the idea of ​​a tank with heavy armor and a larger caliber gun, the need for which at that time was felt by the British armed forces in connection with the experience of fighting in the Western desert with German troops. (Due to such reasoning and because of disappointment in the first modifications of the Churchill tank, the British started developing the A27L (Centaur) heavy tank. Modifications to this project soon led to the creation of the A33 assault tank - a possible replacement for Churchill.)

American prototype assault tank T14

This British view in September 1941 found understanding among the American artillery and technical services, which at the time was developing the heavy M6 and advocated the need for heavy tanks for the US Army. In December, the 1941 of the year the artillery and technical service began a study of an assault heavy tank that met the British requirements and included some design solutions similar to the Т1 (М6) and the medium М4 tank, in order to use the units and components of the latter. The tank was to be armed with an 75-mm M3 cannon with the possibility of replacing it with the British 6-pound (caliber 57 mm) cannon. Maximum armor thickness from 75 to 100 millimeters. It was planned to use a tank Ford and then replace it with a more powerful one.

In the US, in March 1942, a new tank mission from the UK arrived mainly to solve supply problems, but the possibility of building an American assault tank T14 in the United States for the UK was also considered. With the PBX, an agreement was reached on the supply of 8,5 thousand machines, after which a detailed study of the project began. Two prototypes built in the 1943 year, but tests have shown the need to refine the suspension and tracks. In 1944, one of the tanks for tests and modifications was sent to the UK, but by that time in British tank policy priorities had changed in favor of using cruiser tanks with strong weapons. As heavy infantry tanks, it was decided to retain the modified Churchill. Thus, British interest in T14 disappeared. In December, 1944, the PBX stopped the project refinement. The tank never reached the production stage.

The assembled T14 tank had a transmission similar to the M4 tank and the standard Ford tank engine. But to reduce the maximum speed reduced gear ratio. In general, the armament repeated the M4, and the tracks and suspension were taken from the M6.

Specifications experienced assault tank T14:
Combat weight - 38102 kg;
Crew - 5 man;
Length - 6197 mm;
Width - 2773 mm;
Height - mm 3128;
Gun - M3 caliber 75 mm,
Machine guns - Browning calibers 7,62 mm and 12,7 mm;
Reservations - from 19 to 133 mm;
Engine - carburetor, 8-cylinder, V-shaped, Ford GAZ, power 520 hp;
Chassis single-sided - 8 interlocked pairwise supporting rollers, 4 supporting rollers, front drive wheel;
Maximum speed - 22 km \ h;
Cruising on the highway - 160 km;
Obstacle obstacles:
Wall height - 0,62 m;
The width of the moat - 2,70 m;
Wade depth - 0,90 m.

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  1. Kars
    Kars 28 August 2012 10: 54
    never reached the production stage.

    But then the American soldiers mastered the profession of welders and collectors of scrap metal.
    1. igor67
      igor67 28 August 2012 15: 18
      ne po ceme. Andrei, not a lot off topic, but I know this is your favorite car, I once uploaded the pictures, but yesterday on the occasion I shot a video, though it didn’t work out very well
      1. Kars
        Kars 28 August 2012 15: 38
        Thank you so much. If you get it, take a photo or video of the Israeli Super Sherman with a 105 mm gun.
        1. igor67
          igor67 28 August 2012 15: 41
          I think I’ll take pictures for the occasion, and again I have a question on our cars, how tall were they expected, barely fit the driver’s seat was folded?
          1. Kars
            Kars 28 August 2012 15: 44
            Quote: igor67
            how much growth they expected

            Well, we have the acceleration of the population.
            And so there was a joke about German submarines --- they joked that when they were designed, the designers forgot to say about the crew. I think about the same.
            1. igor67
              igor67 28 August 2012 15: 50
              do not you know . how to put a few pictures in a row. not something new every time
              1. Kars
                Kars 28 August 2012 15: 52
                I torture HF 2. I will choose or make a supermerman or Centurion Shot.
                He wants something from the Arab-Israeli one. And so there are Merkava 2 and 3. I will wait with the four for now with all the stuffing done.
          2. igor67
            igor67 28 August 2012 22: 16
            frozen cars
    2. igor67
      igor67 28 August 2012 15: 54
      back view..
      1. Kars
        Kars 28 August 2012 15: 56
        A sign to translate?
        1. igor67
          igor67 28 August 2012 16: 09
          Attention. Climbing onto the tank is dangerous.Kars,
          I like Centurion Shot. I like a child to get on it. These are the levers of a Shot driver
    3. igor67
      igor67 28 August 2012 16: 24
      do centurion shot. beautiful machine. still English
  2. Northerner
    Northerner 28 August 2012 11: 21
    So, people make a monster out of iron and think that it is an invincible and invulnerable tank, and here more intelligent people appear, discover the cumulative effect and come up with the great-great-grandfather of the RPG and away we go!
    1. Kars
      Kars 28 August 2012 11: 30
      Quote: Northerner
      smarter people discover cumulative effect

      For every sage, quite simplicity.
  3. kotdavin4i
    kotdavin4i 28 August 2012 11: 27
    To start the war, booking a 100 mm and 75 mm gun was good ... it’s a pity they didn’t.
  4. AlexMH
    AlexMH 28 August 2012 12: 16
    The end of 41 is not the beginning of the war. The Germans at this time began to design a "tiger". The requirements for the tank, especially in terms of weapons, indicate a complete lack of understanding by the Americans of the development trends of armored vehicles. If our KV was developed with a 76 mm cannon in 39-40, and even then it was clear that this was not enough, then at the beginning of 42 a heavy tank with a gun, which is rather weak for the average, was perceived as an anachronism of the mid-30s.
  5. Andrei
    Andrei 28 August 2012 15: 40
    in general, I agree with you, but this is not surprising ... the Americans did not pay as much attention to tanks before the war as, for example, the USSR, respectively, they had almost no design experience, but they had highly qualified workers and the necessary power + they did not have so many the commanders of the early ripeners, like ours, paid more attention to the training of crews, so that the design flaws and imperfections of the structures, even if they did not always meet the requirements of the time, were compensated by the quality of the manufacture of armored vehicles and the training of crews, but with us it was the opposite. Everything comes with experience and it also came to them over time.
  6. White Brut
    White Brut 5 September 2012 17: 55
    T-34 drives !!!