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India unveils proprietary Warrior unmanned slave mockup

India unveils proprietary Warrior unmanned slave mockup

India intends to develop its own unmanned wingman. At the Aero India 2021 international aerospace exhibition in Bangalore, India, the Indian state aviation industry association Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) presented a full-size mockup of the Warrior unmanned aerial vehicle.

The unmanned wingman is being developed as part of the promising Combat Air Teaming System (CATS) program, its use is planned in conjunction with the Indian Tejas fighter, and the fighter will have to control several drones at once. It is also planned to use promising Indian fighters in conjunction with the drone.

The drone under development is relatively small, the declared maximum take-off weight is 1300 kg, the speed is about 850 km / h, the flight range is 800 km and the flight duration is 80 minutes. The total weight of the armament placed in the two inner compartments and under the wings is 250 kg. The armament includes air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles.

The device is made with stealth elements and resembles the American Kratos XQ-58 Valkyrie UAV, developed for the F-35 and F-22.

It is planned that the first stage of the CATS R&D program will be completed by 2024, after which work will begin on creating a prototype. The start of flight tests of a full-scale prototype is scheduled for approximately 2025-2026.
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  1. OgnennyiKotik
    OgnennyiKotik 4 February 2021 11: 56
    The device is made with stealth elements and resembles the American Kratos XQ-58 Valkyrie UAV, developed for the F-35 and F-22.

    Reminds me of it putting it mildly. Just copied.
    1. Zaurbek
      Zaurbek 4 February 2021 19: 13
      So the same model was presented at Army2020.
  2. newcomer
    newcomer 4 February 2021 11: 58
    Will Tejas handle? At least you need to tighten up the "program".
  3. Pashhenko Nikolay
    Pashhenko Nikolay 4 February 2021 12: 01
    Model exhibitions are popular today. True, from a mockup to a real device like walking to China. And even not at all.
    1. orionvitt
      orionvitt 4 February 2021 16: 38
      Quote: Pashhenko Nikolay
      Model exhibitions are popular today

      The layout was exposed and it is possible with a proud look, to assert that we are, like, "at the forefront of progress". I remember that a similar practice was common in the homes of pioneers, where creatively gifted children with great imagination made models of everything. Up to intergalactic ships. But what is good for children's creativity is not at all suitable for a state like India. However, the Indians throughout history have not invented or made anything breakthrough. They can't even mess up, even with the technologies provided to them, and even then humanly cannot. But they dance well.
  4. mark1
    mark1 4 February 2021 12: 07
    I like the application if they also achieve a cost proportional to their weight ... But Indians, Indians ... when they worked quickly ...
    APASUS 4 February 2021 12: 09
    Judging by the sad fate of the HAL Tejas projects and the Arjun tank, everything is not done soon in India.
  6. rocket757
    rocket757 4 February 2021 12: 12
    India unveils proprietary Warrior unmanned slave mockup

    Well, the layout, and then a lot, a lot of work to translate it into "metal"!
  7. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 4 February 2021 12: 19
    The layout is ... cute. It remains to make the drone itself ... laughing
  8. Soveticos
    Soveticos 4 February 2021 12: 23
    In India, apart from dances and songs, pharmaceuticals and light industry are very well developed, and there are many intelligent doctors. But the military industry, in addition to joint production or copying of missile systems, rests on bragging and Mahabharata fantasies. Even "famous" Indian "programmers" have been involved in Boeing crashes. The only way out for them at the moment is cooperation with Russia in the military sphere. In the past, it was the assistance of the Soviet Union in the development of the Indian military-industrial complex that saved them in many conflicts with Pakistan.
    1. Vladimir_2U
      Vladimir_2U 4 February 2021 15: 11
      Quote: Soveticos
      very well developed pharmaceuticals and light industry
      As far as I know, generics of average size are massively displayed, nothing of their own, and textiles "It's not serious!"
  9. Siberian54
    Siberian54 4 February 2021 12: 32
    The question is not to make or steal with the permission of the owner, the question is how much equipment of the product is produced by the national industry and how much is bought or stolen from a potential ally ... Let's recall the distant Argentino-English war, when strategic allysurrendered Argentina to his "cousins"
  10. V1er
    V1er 4 February 2021 12: 47
    Will he sing and dance? laughing But seriously, the country is not even capable of producing a normal 4th generation aircraft.
  11. Last centurion
    Last centurion 4 February 2021 13: 40
    Oops layout. Oh, this is important. I've seen the layout of "Baikal", inspired. And something is not. You can mold anything from papier-mâché and foam
  12. kit88
    kit88 4 February 2021 15: 40
    Prototyping is an important and profitable industry. laughing