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The line of armored vehicles "Strela" will be replenished with a new multipurpose unarmored SUV

The line of armored vehicles "Strela" will be replenished with a new multipurpose unarmored SUV

The Russian army in the near future will receive a new multipurpose vehicle. The development of an unarmored vehicle for the military on the basis of the Strela armored car was announced by the general director of the Military Industrial Company, Alexander Krasovitsky.

The new unarmored multipurpose vehicle will be included in the line of vehicles created by the military-industrial complex for the Ministry of Defense; in the future, it should update the existing fleet of universal off-road vehicles of the Russian army. The development will be carried out within the framework of the contract concluded with the Ministry of Defense in December last year.

The "Strela" line of automotive equipment is being created in accordance with the development work of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. (...) The series will also include a multipurpose unarmored vehicle, which in the future will allow to update the fleet of universal off-road vehicles of the Russian army

- leads TASS words of the head of the military-industrial complex.

In mid-December last year, the press service of the military-industrial complex announced the signing of a contract for the development of new light armored vehicles of the Strela family. The contract provides for the development of 4 new light armored vehicles for the already created Strela multipurpose armored vehicle and a protected amphibious vehicle.

As part of the ROC, multipurpose armored and unarmored vehicles will be developed, as well as chassis based on them for mounting weapons and special equipment. Prototypes of new technology will enter the preliminary testing stage in 2021, the schedule has been agreed and approved by the military department

- stated in the military-industrial complex.

It is noted that the line of vehicles, along with a multi-purpose unarmored SUV, will include a light buggy for special operations forces.

The VPK company announced the development of a new family of light armored vehicles "Strela" in the summer of 2020. The development was carried out on an initiative basis. The armored vehicles were tested during the Caucasus-2020 exercise.
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  1. wow
    wow 4 February 2021 09: 38
    Maybe this car will replace the UAZ-469. Maybe, finally, the door opener handles will do normal !?
  2. mark1
    mark1 4 February 2021 09: 40
    All this is good, of course, but my eyes are dazzled by the abundance of armored cars.
  3. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 4 February 2021 09: 40
    Types are fertile and breeding, isn't it time to stop?
    1. carstorm 11
      carstorm 11 4 February 2021 10: 00
      They do it on their own initiative. Let be . The choice is always good.
      1. Old tanker
        Old tanker 4 February 2021 10: 07
        And a supply nightmare.
        1. carstorm 11
          carstorm 11 4 February 2021 10: 10
          Before the suppliers, you still need to get into service)
          1. Old tanker
            Old tanker 4 February 2021 10: 34
            A bunch of different models have already attacked and the MO wants more. It's just that GABTU has no understanding of what they need in terms of armored vehicles. They seem to have decided on the heavy ones, but the middle and light classes are a complete mess.
            1. carstorm 11
              carstorm 11 4 February 2021 11: 08
              This is an INITIATIVE development like many others. The tigers also need to change, like 469, so many want to get in with their developments. And the MO will choose.
              1. Old tanker
                Old tanker 4 February 2021 11: 20
                "Tiger" was also a proactive development, then the sheikhs supported the loot.
                "Tiger" must be changed, I agree. But the GABTU should decide on the concept of replacement, develop TTZ, and announce a tender. And so relying on the initiators, you can never wait for the troops.
    2. prior
      prior 4 February 2021 10: 38
      How can you stop! Every type is guessed at huge money and bribes, bribes, bribes ...
      And you say stop.
      1. Togilen
        Togilen 6 February 2021 06: 14
        Wow. And who gives a bribe to whom for the initiative, eh? In addition, we must not forget that the military-industrial complex is the GAZ Group and with the Russian Federation they always have graters, the lobby of the Rostekhov KAMAZ will be wider
  4. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 4 February 2021 09: 52
    Another product that will be released in small quantities and forgotten. And why are the UAZs trying to change to cars that are twice as large in volume and three times as large in price? And there are almost dozens of types of buggies offered, but you will see - an ordinary car with the trim removed. Moreover, it is also unhealthy large.
  5. Ilya098
    Ilya098 4 February 2021 10: 03
    The development was carried out on an initiative basis

    I don’t understand why some people don’t like the large number of developments of the military-industrial complex, they are doing it on their own initiative, at their own expense. Specialists gain experience, it will be possible to sell cars abroad, and if the Ministry of Defense likes it, it will go to the troops, and the Defense Ministry did not spend money on the development itself. Plus, you can replace the fleet of outdated and worn-out equipment.
    1. Old tanker
      Old tanker 4 February 2021 10: 24
      Yes, there is nothing wrong with proactive development. But the army has always strived for unification, not diversity.
      So MO should be defined by the uniformity of the lineup.
      1. Ilya098
        Ilya098 4 February 2021 10: 45
        The arrow is a product of the military-industrial complex and it has common parts, structural elements with other military-industrial complex equipment. On the basis of the boom, a whole family of vehicles is planned, from amphibians and buggies to a vehicle for transportation on an external sling MI-8. If it goes to the troops, then its various modifications will occupy the niche of light vehicles in several branches of the military and a kind of unification will appear. In addition, originally designed as a light car, it will cope better with the tasks assigned to it than a light version of an athlete or a tiger.
        1. Old tanker
          Old tanker 4 February 2021 11: 27
          It will be good if everything is so. But a light armored car, as a base, or as it is now fashionable to say a platform, can be used very limitedly for the production of various weapons and equipment. So there won't be many modifications. But this one is now empty for us.
          But the fact that the army drew attention to the military-industrial complex, unarmored universal off-road vehicle, suggests that the UAZ with its "Patriots" did something wrong.
          1. Bad_gr
            Bad_gr 4 February 2021 12: 33
            Quote: Old Tankman
            unarmored versatile SUV

          2. Ilya098
            Ilya098 4 February 2021 13: 45
            They write that 6 machines will be created on the basis of an arrow, some are already ready. Another interesting point is about security.
            Krasovitsky said that with the same protective qualities as that of the "Tiger", the car costs half the price, and its weight is 4,7 tons.
   Думаю применение она все же найдет, и авиатранспортабельна, и дешева, и унификация с другими автомобилями этого семейства есть.

            UAZ "Patriot" seems to be used as an experienced car and as a car for the military police, I have not heard of any other use. The military police will most likely continue to buy patriots, because the athlete / arrow on the streets of the city will stand out strongly, and a simple patriot does not attract attention.
            The tachanka will probably remain in the experimental unit, but it will not go further and the arrow will not replace it there, all the same, the purpose of the gantruck and the light armored car is different
  6. Abrosimov Sergey Olegovich
    Abrosimov Sergey Olegovich 4 February 2021 10: 12
    Quote: mark1
    All this is good, of course, but my eyes are dazzled by the abundance of armored cars.

    And what have armored cars got to do with it? The article and the headline speaks of an UNBOARDED SUV.
    1. Old tanker
      Old tanker 4 February 2021 10: 36
      The article is not only about an unarmored SUV. Or do you just read the headlines?
    APASUS 4 February 2021 11: 31
    It's good that we have a choice, an opportunity for competition. I wonder if all these cars are standardized and it's time to make a choice?
    1. DWG1905
      DWG1905 4 February 2021 15: 39
      Looks like ISUZU. And the production base at the military-industrial complex where, what kind of equipment, what series they can master, without selling it on the civilian market, the venture is unprofitable. Our car is bad. In this case, it would be more correct to buy a license together with the plant and not reinvent the wheel. The West will not sell, then in China.
      1. Zaurbek
        Zaurbek 4 February 2021 19: 16
        In progressive countries, they use a civilian chassis of the F-150 or LK type. We do not have it. Here come from the opposite.
        1. Togilen
          Togilen 6 February 2021 06: 15
          And here it is civil from GAZelle Next 4,6.
  8. fa2998
    fa2998 4 February 2021 17: 32
    Quote: carstorm 11
    They do it on their own initiative. Let be . The choice is always good.

    Even partially, the enterprise has state funding from the budget, from the pockets of taxpayers. I have already stopped following the news with armored cars, so many names will get confused. And for the army, the FSB and NG, dozens of cars. Our priorities are not held in high esteem. Everyone wants to bite off part of the budget pie. And not only for wheeled vehicles, everywhere else. Therefore, nothing is being built in large quantities. Programs stretch over decades. hi
  9. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 4 February 2021 19: 15
    I hope they will make a normal civilian SUV and Diesel and AT for it. If the UAZ cannot.
    1. sledak
      sledak 4 February 2021 20: 41
      And also a steering rack and a guarantee for a body against corrosion for 10 years !!!
      1. Zaurbek
        Zaurbek 4 February 2021 20: 54
        You can't do without it ...