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SuperKamAZs: armor and 730 horsepower

"Flying" KamAZ-4911. Source:

Army sports projectile

In the previous parts of the story, dedicated to the KamAZ-4310 family, it was a question of the Mustang family and its comparison with foreign counterparts.

But in the KAMAZ range of all-terrain vehicles there are machines that are hard to find analogues in the world.

Very few such trucks were produced - only 15 copies. And they were intended for an unusual mission of emergency delivery of military supplies and personnel to hard-to-reach areas.

The car received the name KamAZ-4911 "Extreme" and was equipped with an eight-cylinder engine YaMZ-7E846 with a capacity of 730 hp. with. with a gigantic torque of 2 Nm.

With a total weight of 15,6 tons, KamAZ had a record power-to-weight ratio of 46,7 liters. with. per ton. The engine was shifted to the center of the wheelbase, which improved axle weight distribution and cross-country ability, and also made it possible to avoid nodding when jumping on trampolines.

Such layout solutions gave out sports roots in the 4911th car. Indeed, an extreme two-axle truck capable of 180 km / h and acceleration to 100 km / h in 16 seconds has been released for FIA homologation.

SuperKamAZs: armor and 730 horsepower
KamAZ-4911 Extreme. Source:

In the early 2000s, the FIA ​​demanded that the trucks participating in the rally-raids be based on production trucks.

Conditionally, of course, otherwise no one would have entered the Dakar race in that case. For rejuvenation, that is, to meet the requirements, it was allowed to release only 15 cars from the assembly line, which was done in Naberezhnye Chelny. 99% of the cars were copies of the famous "Dakar" KamAZs of the early 2000s, which became real symbols of Russian motorsport.

In 2021, the KamAZ-Master team for the eighteenth time became the winner of the Dakar rally-marathon, which this time took place in Saudi Arabia. For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that in recent years the truck race, or, as they are also called, camions, has been taking place without much intrigue.

There is a factory team "KamAZ-Master" with an impressive budget and there are several amateur racers who are trying to simply compete with the guys from Naberezhnye Chelny. Nine years ago, the Belarusian MAZ plant entered the rally-raids, but at the moment Minsk dwellers cannot compete on equal terms with KamAZ - either the equipment will fail, or the experience will not be enough.

Kamaz people manage to win both in number and skill. Compare, MAZ brought two cars to Dakar-2021, and KamAZ-Master four at once! As a result, the pilots from Naberezhnye Chelny won the entire podium.

A sports car from KamAZ-Master and its civilian version. 2003 year. Source:

But back to the main character - the extreme KamAZ-4911.

The car was distinguished by a number of non-trivial design solutions. For example, in addition to leaf springs, so-called hydropneumatic springs are installed in the suspension - with built-in shock absorber valves. The suspension struts of the high-speed KamAZ were borrowed from the BMD.

All this allows a rather large truck to take on uneven terrain at high speed, lifting off the ground by one and a half to two meters in height. In full accordance with the rules of world motorsport and common sense, the cab is equipped with safety arches.

KamAZ-4911. Source:

KamAZ-4911. Source:

The rather big appetite of the "combat" camion is designed to satisfy two fuel tanks of 450 liters each.

For such a record technique in Naberezhnye Chelny in 2003 they asked for more than four million rubles. For comparison, the average wage of a worker on a KamAZ conveyor was about 5 thousand rubles. According to the publication "Autoreview", one car 4911 out of fifteen assembled was bought by the Emirati sheikh, and another went to the oilmen.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations and airport services showed interest - they hoped that an excellent fire engine would come out of the high-speed car. It is not known how many vehicles produced are currently on the move, but most of them are in the Russian army. A couple of trucks with protective green and sandy colors can be seen in newsreels from the races at the training grounds in Bronnitsy and in Kubinka at the Army forum.

Armor for baby KamAZ

The second major milestone in stories platform 4310, in addition to constant upgrades, was equipped with armor.

Since the 90s of the last century, "local" and "capsule" armoring of cargo vehicles has become a common trend. The experience of Afghanistan, Yugoslavia and the Chechen Republic forced to look for new approaches to the protection of personnel and crews of transport equipment.

Of course, to turn KamAZ trucks into wheeled Tanks no one was going - the priority was protection against light rifle weapons, small fragments and the most common improvised explosive devices. At the same time, it was important to mislead the enemy and prevent him from unambiguously identifying the level of protection of the box and the cab of the truck.

The very first "Highlander". Source:

Over the past thirty years, both craftsmen in repair bases and quite respectable companies have been engaged in booking army KamAZ trucks.

Let's start with the smallest two-axle machines. The Moscow firm "Tekhnika" by the order of the Internal Troops in 2009 booked the smallest baby-KamAZ-43501, intended for the Airborne Forces. The car received the sonorous name "Highlander-3958". The cockpit is equipped with hidden armor, which is difficult to detect even from 5-10 meters.

But the armored gun quite clearly signals its purpose. Outside, the armored car is unmasked by eight loopholes along the sides (one for each soldier) and two in the aft doors. Kung is declared explosion-proof, although the shape of the bottom is not V-shaped, but the seats are attached through a shock-absorbing system to the ceiling.

The logical evolution of the armored car was the transition to the bonnet layout in the "Highlander-K" model. This made it possible to seriously increase the explosion protection of the crew from undermining under the front wheels.

Highlander-K "from OKB" Tekhnika "(Moscow). Source:

But there is no limit to perfection - experts pointed out to the engineers that there was no communication between the cockpit and the troop compartment in the kunga.

And quite rightly so. If the driver is injured, there is no way to promptly provide medical assistance and replace the fighter at the combat post. That is why further evolution has led to the emergence of armored vehicles (more precisely, even armored personnel carriers) with unified command and control compartments. But this is a topic for another story.

In 2015, the Moscow Technika received an order for the modernization of the bonnet Highlander for one of the Latin American countries (presumably from Mexico). The export car was created on the proven platform of the two-axle KamAZ-43502 and optionally equipped with a 250-horsepower Cummins SB6.7 diesel engine.

With a curb weight of 11,9 tons, the payload was only a ton - the rest was "eaten" by armor of the 5th protection class. In 2015 prices, the armored car cost about 9,5 million rubles. In the future, the frankly terrible car was ennobled to the version "Highlander-M" and offered to the Russian Guard and the Military Police. It turned out, however, also not very aesthetically pleasing.

Highlander-M for Mexico. Year 2015. Source:

Modern "Highlander-M". Source:

Finishing the story with OKB "Tekhnika", one cannot fail to mention the newest three-axle armored car "Highlander-SSN", developed for special units of the Russian Guard.

The engineers returned to the cabover configuration, apparently in an effort to increase the troop compartment, designed for 12 soldiers. Archaic enough on such a formidable machine are two machine-gun turrets on the roof, the arrows in which are protected very conditionally. Remotely controlled installations are now becoming the gold standard. But either the technological level of "Technics" did not allow to create something like that, or the customer was stingy.

"Highlander-SSN". Source:

"Patrol" from JSC "Asteyz" in the characteristic livery of the Russian Guard. Source:

It is worth noting that bonnet two-axle armored vehicles based on KamAZ are made not only at Tekhnika. But also at KamAZ itself (more precisely, Remdizel) - the Typhoon-K and Typhoonenok families. And also in JSC "Asteys" from Naberezhnye Chelny.

The armored vehicles of the latter company are named "Patrol". And in 2017, several hundred copies were delivered to law enforcement agencies.

The main users of armored vehicles from Asteis are the Russian Guard and the Military Police.

The latest models of the Asteys-7020 biaxial armored vehicles were presented at the Army-2020 forum. And on one of them, a remotely controlled shooting module was installed on an experimental basis.

To be continued ...
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  1. paul3390
    paul3390 4 February 2021 18: 24
    armored car "Highlander-SSN", developed for special units of the Russian Guard.

    IMHO - just an armored car of the Cardinals is by no means intended for use against a more or less armed enemy .. Hence such archaic decisions. Why - if possible opponents are armed at best with hunting barrels? True - all this of course leaves a bad residue, and in fact - why do services like law and order need heavy equipment in our country? We do not have the United States and we will not say Mexico, we cannot buy a machine gun with a grenade launcher in a stall, no matter how Luntik argued the opposite in his time .. And against unarmed - and a machine gun on an open turret is a terrible weapon ..
    1. URAL72
      URAL72 4 February 2021 19: 47
      We use this technique in Syria, and not only. In the Caucasus, too, the arsenal is still not weak. The Vepr carbine, I would not call a hunting rifle. It is also not a problem to make IEDs from improvised means.
      1. paul3390
        paul3390 4 February 2021 20: 47
        The question is not the carbine, the question is the cartridges. Are you going to beat the lead hunting armor on the armor? What's the point? IEDs also need to be able to do, and from what. Of course, you can also blow up a bag of saltpeter, but I don't think it's very productive ..
        And in Syria, they mainly use a slightly different technique. Military, not cardinal. Look at the photo - it is still very different. There is no such nonsense at all. And this one is absolutely against us, orphans ..
        1. Lexus
          Lexus 4 February 2021 22: 52
          I talked with motorists of the RVVDKU. About modern KamAZ - only spit and swearing. The cab begins to rot within the first year, the frequency of breakdowns, even with proper operation, goes off scale, the "hodgepodge" of low-quality non-interchangeable components leads to the expectation of failed spare parts up to several months. Therefore, drivers and financially responsible persons are already their own at local covens and car markets for trucks. They ruined the car with international cooperation and counterfeit goods. It seems to be purchased in decent quantities, but in reality, often in one military unit there is a "vinaigrette" of actually piece cars.
          1. Togilen
            Togilen 5 February 2021 07: 01
            Unfortunately, other automakers are no better in this regard.
            And yet, what kind of "hodgepodge" are you comrade conducting your monologue about? You just saw KAMAZ military vehicles not at exhibitions, not from the words of the Ryazan people, but live at work. Here is an example of a crane, an ARSok tractor, which have been plowing in the rain, summer heat and frost for three years.

            1. The comment was deleted.
            2. Niko
              Niko 5 February 2021 17: 44
              Quote: "Unfortunately, other automakers are no better in this regard" .... why so cruel to Mercedes?
            3. Lexus
              Lexus 6 February 2021 01: 00
              Photos and agitation do not say anything. And they do not oblige the manufacturer to anything. I personally also used Soviet KamAZ trucks, incl. in the North Caucasus - there was no such "compost" then. Friends motorists (not paratroopers by education, just serve in the Airborne Forces) are professionals of the highest level with many years of experience and vast experience in the comprehensive operation of AT. Machines - combat / serial. You're just in luck. At the dawn of the formation of the Chinese car industry, it was so - some do not know how to shove it off, others will not get enough of it. At sunset, this also happens when the quality is ALREADY lame.
            4. Lexus
              Lexus 6 February 2021 01: 13
              In the mass, they differ in the design / configuration of the fuel equipment, pressurization, transmission (gearbox, cardan gears, gearboxes), the composition of electrical equipment, etc.
              1. Togilen
                Togilen 6 February 2021 06: 23
                And this dear one depends on the year of issue. For example. If you buy a KAMAZ in 2016, there is 100% fuel Bosch, but since 2018, AZPI comes across more and more. Like TKR, there are imports, there are turbo equipment. Or what do you think, there was a KamAZ-740.10 and a model with TKR 7403, so let them remain in their places? No, you didn't guess, changes are constantly being made to the design of the car.
                Here is a quick survey of you and your friends from Ryazan - what are the different gearboxes and gearboxes? Given the fact that military KAMAZ vehicles are equipped with gearboxes with a different main pair, taking into account whether it is a side or a saddle. As well as the checkpoint. Well, what gearboxes, TKR, gearbox change "constantly"?
          2. Svarog
            Svarog 5 February 2021 19: 16
            Quote: lexus
            I talked with motorists of the RVVDKU. About modern KamAZ - only spit and swearing

            Alexey hi As a person who lives in a city where KamAZ trucks are produced .. I confirm your criticism .. moreover, I have an uncle, an old truck driver, and now the owner of a small transport company .. so he does not have a single KamAZ .. says Mers or Scania .. in the end it costs .. Although KamAZ is in fact a Daimler .. but a local spill ...
            1. Lexus
              Lexus 6 February 2021 01: 58
              Vladimir hi ,
              Germans in relation to junior partners act on the principle of "wretched on you, which is not suitable for me." They will never grow competitors for themselves. Therefore, they "help" in ruining our automobile industry, playing on the greed / greed of local drivers, supplying second-class deshman in the form of components, and no one hits them on the hands. Especially after the scandal with Skoda (and partly SEAT), which, when acquired by Volkswagen AG, were planned as manufacturers of a / m budget price segment, but the agile handy Czechs (to a lesser extent Spaniards) turned out to be more cunning and scrupulous than expected , and the new line of their products (sedans and crossovers) in the price / quality ratio was a direct competitor to the models of the parent company and its subsidiaries. Fans of the Passats began to give preference to Octavia, Tiguanas - Karoku, Tuareg - Kadiaku, etc. (the Spaniards did not bother at all and cut down clones of VW models, which turned out to be stupidly cheaper than imitated cars) ... The trade union quickly intervened, accusing the auto giant's management of improperly transferring advanced technology to foreign affiliates. The dispute has not yet been finally settled, but "Das Auto" (before the dieselgate) will most likely have to fork out again to compensate its own employees, because their interests are not represented by a formal / lured office, as in our case, when hard workers are kicked back and forth with minimal payments in case of growth / decline in production, and rights are not protected by "Basmanny justice". In addition, in order to rein in the violent "stepson" who have grown stronger, it will be necessary to allocate funding for their transition to other niches (development of new vehicle form factors, re-profiling of lines, construction of new production facilities in countries that are the main consumers of "cheap cars") in order to avoid falling profits of "Skoda" and "SEAT", which, in turn, would certainly play the role of a "horse pathogen" for local "strike committees", for the offense of which will also have to be answered with money. And for violations of the Law - atatuli regardless of rank. "Rotting Geyropa" - figlee ...what
            2. Togilen
              Togilen 6 February 2021 06: 26
              Well, tell me a resident of Chelny and a former employee of KAMAZ (STC) what package does Daimler have and what components from DB are there, for example, on a KAMAZ-53501 car?
              As for choosing a car for yourself or for mass use, you tell the companies ITECO and Vesta. And in small shopping malls, sometimes such a hodgepodge is a team, and 80% of
    2. Kote Pan Kokhanka
      Kote Pan Kokhanka 5 February 2021 05: 40
      Quote: paul3390
      True - all this of course leaves a bad residue, and in fact - why do services like law and order need heavy equipment in our country? We don't have the United States and let's not say Mexico, you can't buy a machine gun with a grenade launcher in a stall, no matter how Luntik argued the opposite in his time .. And against unarmed - and a machine gun on an open turret is a terrible weapon ..

      I'll be rude. In 2008, four officers of the Department of Internal Affairs were taken from my pair, in exchange for the five who died in Dagestan. So if those guys unknown to me were driving then in an armored car from the article, and not in an old UAZ, perhaps they survived and the latter finished their studies at the institute. Somewhere like that.
      And the last thing, please, to the respected inhabitants, distinguish our brother without hiding behind the words "services of the type of law and order."
      Since the police officers have enough inserts made of ballistic nylon or Kevlar in the doors (just in case), and the special forces of the OMON of the infantry do not like heavy equipment. However, the latter is mainly in the boxes or is concentrated in the Caucasus. However, the first category, in principle, is not, ATS vehicles are no different from their civilian counterparts.
      1. paul3390
        paul3390 5 February 2021 08: 51
        special forces of the OMON infantry of heavy equipment or how. True, the latter is mainly in the boxes or is concentrated in the Caucasus

        First, you have no idea what exactly is called a special unit at what point. For example, to disperse the demonstrators - maybe it too. Secondly, I don’t know where you live, but in St. Petersburg a lot of armored vehicles are being driven out into the streets. At least I saw the first Tigers alive under such circumstances. And not only them. Which raises doubts about her stay in the Caucasus in full force. Thirdly, I strongly doubt that this is where samples of cabover trucks with open machine-gun turrets will be delivered. Is not it so?
  2. credo
    credo 4 February 2021 18: 28
    I am happy for the military, but when will we see the massive flow of civilian KAMAZ trucks on the streets of our cities.
    1. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 4 February 2021 20: 03
      Unfortunately, the number of Kamaz vehicles is only decreasing so far. Many Chinese dump trucks began to appear.
      1. Togilen
        Togilen 5 February 2021 06: 55
        Decreasing? You are a friend, I xs where you live, but for example, in Moscow time, 80% of the communal apartment is KAMAZ. At construction sites, the KAMAZ-6520 dump truck has no competitors yet. And in the segment of truck tractors, KAMAZ-5490 very confidently dominates the market, practically driving MAZ out of this direction of the logistics chain.
        And you won't see them on city streets, most of KAMAZ products are vehicles with a gross weight of more than 18 tons, therefore, they are not visible on city streets.
        Photo Moscow Alekseevsky district.

        1. Ingvar 72
          Ingvar 72 5 February 2021 07: 16
          Quote: Togilen
          You are a friend, I xs where you live, but for example, in Moscow time, 80% of communal apartments are KAMAZ

          Tolyatti. In the communal (garbage trucks) mostly Scania. Sprinklers, sand spreaders - yes, KamAZ. But there are more and more Chinese at construction sites.
          For truck tractors - no need to wishful thinking. About a year ago, there was already a controversy on this topic. For the sake of interest, count the number of oncoming trucks on the highway, and estimate how many Kamaz trucks there will be. I got a result of 1 / 11-12 on repeated counting. MAZ has similar results. All this is easy to confirm with the video from the recorder, and not with pictures taken from the Internet.
          In the Zhiguli quarry, there are almost no Kamaz trucks, either the Chinese, or MAN, Scania.
          PS KamAZ 5490 can hardly be called a Kamaz, this is the Mesedes Axor of the previous model.
          1. Togilen
            Togilen 5 February 2021 10: 10
            Interesting. Well, do you know how much the presence of KAMAZ on the highways has increased with this 5490? Maybe we'll see sales? Or maybe we will forget that stamps and cabins + frame and many other things are being done in Chelny.
            And I'm afraid to ask, for example, the YaAZ-204/206 engines, what was that? And the fact that the inspiration for the YaMZ-740 engine was the MB internal combustion engine and Renault was engaged in fine-tuning. Does the license for the production of KHD engines in Kostanay as Ural-744/745 bother you?
            Or a VAZ-2101? Yes, it was reworked in comparison with Fiat, as well as KAMAZ-5490 NEO.
            So no need to dive into the swamp.
            If we turn to technologies in chemistry in the USSR: Mogilevkhimvolokno (ICI license, Great Britain), production of PAN fibers in Novopolotsk SNIA BPD (Italy) and Courtaulds (Great Britain). Half of the production of carbamide technology Tecnimont and Stamicarbon. Polyethylene - Union Carbide (USA), Babcock & Wilcox equipment (UK). Production of TPA and PET in Bashkiria - DuPont (USA).
            Continue to continue?
          2. Mechanic
            Mechanic 11 February 2021 06: 33
            KAMAZ occupies about half of the Russian market and is a fairly large global manufacturer of trucks and engines, dominating on roads and construction sites. The Chinese have long been blown away
        2. Svarog
          Svarog 5 February 2021 19: 17
          Decreasing? You are a friend, I xs where you live, but for example

          I live exactly where they are produced .. And Igor is absolutely right.
          1. Togilen
            Togilen 6 February 2021 06: 29
            Similarly, he lived and worked at this plant there) So hang noodles here for these schoolboys. Those who believe in every news and rejoice like children who were given ice cream clapping their hands, while nicherta do not know what this "ice cream" is made of.
            Adies offended by life.
  3. Cheerock
    Cheerock 4 February 2021 19: 37
    A very strange article. As far as I heard, there are no more complete rejuvenating KAMAZ vehicles on the move. And this is not surprising, it is like using a rally raid car to work in a taxi, for example. And what does the raid KAMAZ have to do with the KAMAZ conveyor and the design bureau is another question.
    1. Intruder
      Intruder 4 February 2021 20: 14
      And what does the raid KAMAZ have to do with the KAMAZ conveyor and the design bureau is another question.
      towards PR, advertising is needed to increase the level of consumer interest in the company's activities !?
      And this is not surprising, it's like using a rally raid car to work in a taxi, for example
      no, there is most likely a "taxi", it is for the "hot routes" MTR and CLN! wink
      1. Cheerock
        Cheerock 4 February 2021 20: 29
        Quote: Intruder
        no, there is most likely a "taxi", it is for the "hot routes" MTR and CLN! wink

        As if - yes, but - no. The bottom line is that these "supercams" were made in a sports team and there even a frame - its own, custom. From the serial KAMAZ there is only a door and part of the cab. Accordingly, all units and assemblies are unique, they are not mass-produced and their design changes every year from season to season. What is normal for a sports car, which must run 20 days a year and after each driving day to move a little less than completely overnight, is not at all suitable for operation in the army, where reliability and unification are needed a la "went and took off the same from any cars in the park ".
    2. Yuriy71
      Yuriy71 4 February 2021 20: 18
      Very Strange not Article, but Comments on this Article !!! The complete Brainlessness of these "Experts" is visible !!!
      1. Mechanic
        Mechanic 11 February 2021 06: 38
        Well, somewhere I heard something, and lived in Chelny, all specials on KAMAZ
  4. Owl
    Owl 4 February 2021 21: 00
    The most acceptable - "Patrol", in terms of size and classification (armored car) - does not require a special permit to exit and traffic police escort.
  5. DED_peer_DED
    DED_peer_DED 5 February 2021 01: 09
    As a result, the pilots from Naberezhnye Chelny won the entire podium.

    Our people are harder than iron.
    1. Svarog
      Svarog 5 February 2021 19: 19
      Quote: DED_peer_DED
      As a result, the pilots from Naberezhnye Chelny won the entire podium.

      Our people are harder than iron.

      In fact, there is simply nothing of ours in the car.
  6. BAI
    BAI 5 February 2021 09: 59
    Very few such trucks were produced - only 15 copies.

    As soon as I saw this phrase, I immediately thought about rally Kamaz trucks, which went further in the article.
    Naturally, 15 pieces. Rally Kamaz costs 700 euros.
    1. Svarog
      Svarog 5 February 2021 19: 19
      Quote: BAI
      naturally, 15 pieces. Rally Kamaz costs 700 euros.

      And there are no native spare parts ... not at all ... well, or almost entirely ...
      1. Togilen
        Togilen 6 February 2021 06: 34
        Have you ever been there a boy? Are you aware that for the Dongfeng Cummins QSZ13 diesel engine, their knee at the plant was made on special order from casting to machining. Oh, what are you offended at life. Read less internet!
      2. Mechanic
        Mechanic 11 February 2021 06: 36
        World practice, in the USA, truck manufacturers only make the frame and the cab, everything else from all over the world.
  7. Peaceful SEO
    Peaceful SEO 11 February 2021 20: 31
    Quote: Togilen

    And yet, what kind of "hodgepodge" are you comrade conducting your monologue about?

    Yes, from this "comrade" everything Russian has always rotted and stolen. Such is piece of feces subject ... in all topics pours slop on Russia