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February 2 - Day of the defeat of Nazi troops in the Battle of Stalingrad

February 2 - Day of the defeat of Nazi troops in the Battle of Stalingrad

On an area of ​​100 thousand square kilometers and with the participation of more than two million people in 1942-1943 for 200 days and nights, the largest land battle of the Great Patriotic War, the Battle of Stalingrad, unfolded. And not only that war. In terms of its scope and the goals, results and casualties set by both sides, this battle is considered the most significant in the entire stories humanity.

Until today, there was nothing more grandiose than the Battle of Stalingrad. And today Stalingrad is considered a symbol of courage, fortitude and military valor for the whole world.

In memory of this event, on February 2, the Day of the defeat of the Nazi German troops in the Battle of Stalingrad by Soviet troops is celebrated annually, which has been the Day of Military Glory in our country since 1995. This year, Russia is celebrating the 78th anniversary of the victory over Nazi troops at Stalingrad. Here the Nazis began to realize that their eastern campaign would inevitably end in defeat.

Of course, there was still a long way from the defeat of the German occupiers and their allies at Stalingrad to the final victory over the Nazis, but it was the Battle of Stalingrad that made it clear to the whole world that the final defeat of Nazi Germany and its allies was inevitable.

Today, solemn and memorable events are held throughout Russia in honor of the defeat of German troops in the Battle of Stalingrad. And the center of the celebration of the 78th anniversary of this victory in our country, like all previous years, will be the memorial complex on the Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd.

The editorial board of Voennoye Obozreniye congratulates its compatriots on the Day of the defeat of the Nazi troops by Soviet troops in the Battle of Stalingrad. Eternal memory to all who gave their lives in the battles of Stalingrad, to all participants in this great battle who have not survived to this day. We want to express our boundless gratitude and respect to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, who defended our country from the Nazi invaders and made their personal contribution to the defeat of the enemy.
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  1. Lexus
    Lexus 2 February 2021 09: 59
    The day when the invincible Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army threw a stranglehold around the neck of a fascist reptile. Low bow and eternal memory to the Soviet soldiers who have gone into immortality!

    1. Aaron Zawi
      Aaron Zawi 2 February 2021 10: 30
      Congratulations to all fellow countrymen! Happy Holidays.
    2. Civil
      Civil 2 February 2021 10: 39
      Great date, the Red Army broke the back of the Nazi army! And let today's hucksters with their paid choruses not cling to the same Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army.
      1. Crowe
        Crowe 2 February 2021 11: 35

        We fell asleep with the thought of you.
        At dawn, we turned on the speaker,
        to hear about your fate.
        You began our morning.

        In the cares of the day dozens of times in a row
        clenching my teeth, holding my breath,
        we kept saying:
        - Take courage, Stalingrad! -
        Your suffering went through our hearts.
        Hot blood flowed through our blood
        the stream of your inconceivable fires.
        We so wanted to shoulder to shoulder
        and take on at least part of the blows!

        Olga Berggolts
        1. Vladimir Mashkov
          Vladimir Mashkov 2 February 2021 21: 06
          My father-in-law Ivan Ivanovich fought at Stalingrad as a machine gunner of the 124th Guards Rifle Regiment of the 24th Rifle Division of the 2nd Guards Army of General Malinovsky Don Front General Rokossovsky during the front breakthrough and offensive. Just over a month. After that, with a serious wound, he was sent to a hospital in the Urals. After recovering, he fought in his native Kuban (where he was again wounded), liberated Crimea, Feodosia, Yalta, Sevastopol. He finished the war in Germany.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  2. Krasnodar
    Krasnodar 2 February 2021 10: 06
    The day the whole world realized that the Nazis were khan.
    1. Lexus
      Lexus 2 February 2021 10: 23
      Albert hi ,
      The world realized who would bring the aspen stake to the lair of the Beast, and gave our ancestors the Sword to cut off the head. So strong was the belief in the Great Country, the Soviet Union, and its People.

      1. Krasnodar
        Krasnodar 2 February 2021 10: 29
        Greetings, good to see! hi
        Quite right, only the sword was forged in the USSR, not without the help of the allies, of course, but by the Soviet people
        1. Konstantin Shevchenko
          Konstantin Shevchenko 2 February 2021 11: 04
          Hmm, in 1942 the Allies were not that active. At Stalingrad they managed without allies.
          1. Krasnodar
            Krasnodar 2 February 2021 11: 59
            Quite right - the volume of supplies became significant only in 1943, from the second half.
            In October-December 1941, 669 aircraft and 487 tanks were received under the lend-lease, as well as, until the summer of 1942, 16 trucks.
            But. The Luftwaffe transport aircraft, which the Germans lacked at Stalingrad, were 80% involved in supplying Rommel's army in Africa, so the allies played their role here. It would be better, of course, if the British sent a couple of dozen of their divisions to Stalingrad, but, given Montgomery's "successes" in the Western European theater of operations in 1944, it was necessary to subordinate them to the Red Army, to which Churchill would not agree
            1. Konstantin Shevchenko
              Konstantin Shevchenko 2 February 2021 13: 12
              But. Luftwaffe transport aircraft, which the Germans so lacked at Stalingrad, were 80% involved in supplying Rommel's army in Africa
              Is it a precise information? otherwise, the sources write that in November 1942 Rommel never received fuel, he was in poverty every day. In 1942, on August 23, it was hard to believe that the Luftwaffe was lacking on the Stalingrad front. Beyond the Volga, the Luftwaffe was closely met, and in the city there was a dense front, for the Germans Stalingrad was more important, because until 24.12.1942 the Fritzes were not offended by transport workers. The Battle of El Alamein, in comparison with the Battle of Stalingrad, cannot be compared with anything at all. Rommel in Africa is a commonplace excuse. I did not find Lend-Lease weapons in the Battle of Stalingrad, maybe experts will tell historians.
              1. Krasnodar
                Krasnodar 2 February 2021 13: 54
                Exactly, exactly. Received ammunition, and the battle for El Alamein ended in November 1042. There was not enough transport aircraft for supply and evacuation. In December 1942, they were offended to a lesser extent, but it is worth remembering that many transport workers were shot down over the Mediterranean. The scale of the battle is not comparable - however, the Germans were deprived of the arat oil.
                There were American M-3 "Stuart", but they did not make much weather near Stalingrad.
                For the "gnawing" of the 24th Army, two fresh tank brigades equipped with Lend-Lease vehicles were transferred. These were the 241st tank brigade (23 M3s "General Lee" and 25 M3l "General Stuart") and the 167th tank brigade (29 MkIII "Valentine" and 21 T-70s). For the 241st brigade, this was the first operation in general - the formation was formed in July 1942 in the Gorky area.

                Details on
              2. Alexey RA
                Alexey RA 2 February 2021 14: 39
                Quote: Konstantin Shevchenko
                Is it a precise information? otherwise, the sources write that in November 1942 Rommel never received fuel, he was poor from day to day.

                Yeah ... and the Italians write that, despite the losses, they delivered to Africa an average of 1500-2500 tons of supplies (including fuel) per day. smile
                It was just that Rommel had stretched the vehicle's arm of supply across Tunisia and Libya, so that crumbs reached the front line.
            2. Paranoid50
              Paranoid50 2 February 2021 16: 53
              Quote: Krasnodar
              The Luftwaffe transport aircraft, which the Germans so lacked at Stalingrad, were 80% involved in supplying Rommel's army in Africa,

              Partly. Here Goering threw in "firewood" under the motto "Reason is nothing, show-off is everything."
              When a ring closed around Paulus, and the question arose about supplying the surrounded group, Goering loudly promised Hitler that he would establish an uninterrupted air bridge to Stalingrad. Set up ... laughing On the outskirts of the city, the fields were strewn with shot down Luftwaffe transport workers, and a significant part of the cargo fell to ours, because the German flyers in such a meat grinder were already dropping their cargo anyhow. Therefore, Africa here passes by the edges, because initially it was not planned to use their logistics capacities.hi
              1. Krasnodar
                Krasnodar 2 February 2021 16: 57
                I read something else - besides the fact that they were shot down, 80% of the transport aircraft worked for Rommel.
        2. realmadmaxx
          realmadmaxx 2 February 2021 11: 25
          I suddenly remembered something ...
      2. realmadmaxx
        realmadmaxx 2 February 2021 11: 21
        and the inscription on the blade good
  3. realmadmaxx
    realmadmaxx 2 February 2021 10: 07
    Glory! Glory! Glory!
    To our great ancestors! soldier
    1. RealPilot
      RealPilot 2 February 2021 10: 17
      Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
      Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten!

      Glory to our invincible people, the great feat of the Soviet people soldier
      1. Crowe
        Crowe 2 February 2021 11: 38

        About what was scary this summer -
        they will also tell: the song is waiting for the singer.
        In our siege, below the line of the ring,
        everything was illuminated by the Stalingrad light.
        And looking at your ruins
        (oh, these pictures are in Pravda and Izvestia!),
        we forgot our burdens
        we prayed for one thing: - Revenge, revenge!

        And the hour struck. The first blow hit
        from Stalingrad the villain backs away.
        And the world gasped, learning what loyalty means,
        what does the fury of believing people mean.
        And we were not surprised, no! We knew it,
        what will be like this: half a month ago
        not for nothing soldier's oath exchanged
        two brothers: Stalingrad and Leningrad.
        Beautiful and harsh is our joy.
        Oh Stalingrad,
        in the hour of your wrath
        take a bow from Leningrad,
        from the army and his citizenship!
  4. Hunter 2
    Hunter 2 2 February 2021 10: 09
    Eternal Memory to the fallen Warriors of the Red Army and the Navy, Thank you for your feat! Stalingrad - has become a Common Noun, a Name known to the whole world!
    Health and long life to living Veterans! Glory to the Winners!
  5. Ros 56
    Ros 56 2 February 2021 10: 10
    Eternal memory to the Heroes.
  6. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 2 February 2021 10: 11
    We remember Stalingrad, and we will pass this memory on to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Thank you fathers and grandfathers for the Victory, for Stalingrad.
  7. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 2 February 2021 10: 15
    Glory to the defenders of Stalingrad!
    Eternal memory to the fallen soldiers of the Red Army and civilians of the glorious city!
    Memorial Day, which should be in the hearts of every Russian, every Russian.
  8. newcomer
    newcomer 2 February 2021 10: 15
    I join in the congratulations to the editors. Eternal memory to our fallen for our life and freedom. Eternal memory and glory to our grandfathers and fathers. Honor and eternal gratitude to veterans, for they gave youth, life, health for our peaceful life.
  9. rocket757
    rocket757 2 February 2021 10: 19
    Milestones in the military history of the Great Country.
  10. Pessimist22
    Pessimist22 2 February 2021 10: 24
    Never give up and you will see others give up ....
  11. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 2 February 2021 10: 26
    The victory in Stalingrad influenced the entire course of WWII. Turks DON'T ATTACK! The Japanese too ... The Allies had to reconsider their plans ... The Germans lost their impudence, which in many ways helped them in the summer of 42
    Much was decided in those ruins and snowy steppes ... Eternal glory to our soldiers ...
    1. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 2 February 2021 14: 52
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      Turks DON'T ATTACK! The Japanese too ...

      The Japanese in the second half of 1942, only an attack on the USSR was not enough for complete happiness. smile
      Here is how the capabilities of the USSR were assessed during the Battle of Stalingrad:
      The potential for warfare by the Soviet Union is such that even if it lost Moscow and the Caucasus, it could nevertheless wage a defensive war on the Eastern and Western fronts with 200 under-equipped rifle divisions.
      There are human reserves. The military-industrial potential as of this autumn is 50% of the pre-war level. With the loss of the Caucasus, oil production will decline by about 20%, but given the existing reserves, the Soviet Union can freely continue to wage a defensive war. Food difficulties are increasing, but they will not reach the point of causing unrest within the country. Political power remains unshakable, the fighting spirit of the army and the people will remain at the current level in the future.

      That is, according to Japanese estimates, in a direct military confrontation between the USSR and Japan in 1942, the Imperial Army does not shine, even if the Red Army fails in the European part - the USSR will be able to successfully hold the defense.
      On the other hand, Japan can get badly bad - because when the USSR enters the war against Japan, the allied USSR USA will be able to use air bases on the territory of the USSR, which will endanger the B-17 and B-24 the entire Metropolis. As long as the USSR is neutral, this threat does not exist. So the neutrality of the USSR for the Metropolis (I do not take into account the Kwantung thugs) is critically important.
      The problem of the bloc of the USSR and America was considered in the light of the possibility of the Soviet Union granting America the right to use bases on the territory of the eastern part of the USSR. It was believed that in this case, a decisive moment would come in the war against Japan. But given the situation that developed at that time, such a possibility was recognized as unlikely. Nevertheless, it was assumed that America, as promises for the future, plans to provide assistance in the construction of air bases on the territory of the Soviet Union.

      All quotes are from Hattori Takushiro. Japan in the war 1941-1945
  12. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 2 February 2021 11: 02
    Thanks to our grandfathers! Your feat, it was realized only after what you did, will always be in our memory! Thank you for fulfilling the order and not retreating beyond the Volga, and then shoved the split crowbar into the fascist ass !!!
  13. infantry76
    infantry76 2 February 2021 11: 19
    Do not forget those formidable years
    When the Volga water was boiling.
    The earth was drowning in the fury of fire
    And there was neither night nor day.

    We fought along the Volga shores,
    The enemy divisions marched to the Volga.
    But our great soldier survived,
    But the immortal Stalingrad survived!

    Let us bow to the great years
    Those glorious commanders and fighters.
    And the marshals of the country, and the rank and file,
    Let us bow down to both the dead and the living!

    To all those that must not be forgotten,
    Let's bow! Let's bow friends!
    The whole world! All the people! The whole Earth!
    Worship for that great battle!

    We closed a ring around the enemies,
    We blazed with anger in their face.
    February, Russian shroud of snow,
    Stele-stele for enemy regiments.

    That great mortal battle is over
    Peacefully blue sky above you.
    Above our eternal mother river
    Above the glorious soldier's head.

    Let us bow to the great years
    Those glorious commanders and fighters.
    And the marshals of the country, and the rank and file,
    Let us bow down to both the dead and the living!
    To all those that must not be forgotten,
    Let's bow! Let's bow friends!
    Happy holiday, Russians! Honor, Glory and Eternal memory to the defenders of the Motherland! URAAAAAAAAAAA !!!
    I have the honor! soldier
  14. sergo1914
    sergo1914 2 February 2021 12: 11
    And the blizzard sweeps away the bones of the enemy,
    wreckage of a ground armada.
    Uninvited guests are running, running
    from lightning striking
    They passed under the Arc de Triomphe
    and the Seine was defiled with a sulfur stench,
    swallowed Paris with a guttural crab,
    to die here
    near Stalingrad.
    They trampled Prague with their boots
    and walked along cries and tears in parade -
    but now trampled down forever by themselves
    into snowdrifts, into black soil
    near Stalingrad.
    They fouled and soiled
    the antique blue of Hellas,
    but they hardly believed in the hour of revelry,
    that the hour of reckoning awaits
    at Stalingrad.
    And tore apart Spain, garrote
    they squeezed the throat of a serenade;
    incinerated the land of Don Quixote,
    but they themselves became ashes
    in Stalingrad.
    Holland tulips and canals
    they smashed with a bomb and a rifle butt.
    But now the corpses of cannibals turn black
    in the snowy steppe,
    near Stalingrad.
    Melted, howling maliciously,
    like wolves close to smell the herd,
    they snow Norway, not knowing
    that soon they will whine
    at Stalingrad.
    Long live your rebellious wind
    who will sing more ballads!
    Long live your steel children
    and great-grandchildren of steel
    Long live the fighters and commissars,
    heroes who have no barriers,
    and the sun bursting with fierceness in the sky,
    and the moonlight of the night
  15. Crimean partisan 1974
    Crimean partisan 1974 2 February 2021 15: 01
    deep bow ... yeah, Stalingrad has long been a common noun akin to Kuzka's mother ... Nazi Western niggles seem to have forgotten why the pound is dashing