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War for Africa. Continent threaten to democratize if it does not break with China


After the first, rather tough (by Chinese standards), but short (just one line) reaction of the Xinhua Agency to Ms. Clinton’s speech in Dakar was followed by a long pause, which yesterday ended with something like a growl: “Let Washington not hope that he will succeed in driving a wedge between China and Africa, ”to which the US Department of State, immediately catching a pass, retorted:“ It’s difficult for us to understand what China means and what are the reasons for its irritation. ” That, as Vladimir Ilyich said in such cases, is formally correct, but in essence, mockery.

In fact, China’s penetration of the Black Continent to American politicians is more than annoying. In the opinion of almost all specialists, having taken a great interest in “advancing democracy” at the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century with the goal of “taking the leash” first on Eastern Europe, then Afghanistan, Iraq and finally the Middle East with Maghreb, the Yankees didn’t pay much attention to that the fact that Beijing is gradually strengthening its “African” position. And not just like that, but rationally. Focusing on the penetration of countries rich in natural resources - primarily (like Equatorial Guinea, Libya and Sudan) with oil and gas.

According to the Financial Times, "this strategic decision was made by the leadership of the People's Republic of China back in the early 1990s, when Soviet influence in Africa was shaken and it became possible to penetrate regions formerly under Russian control." Especially since “according to the USA, these countries were already in their pocket”. As a result, already in 2006, the volume of trade between the PRC and Africa amounted to record 40 billions of dollars, and five years later, by 2011, it grew fourfold, and only the volume of direct investments of the PRC in African 50 reached 2011 of the year 15 green billions . Moreover, already in 2007, China, overtaking the US, became Africa’s largest trading partner, and black leaders can be understood: in exchange for access to resources — oil, gas, ferrous and ferrous metals, wood and fertile land — Beijing offers huge, very cheap (much cheaper than American and IMF) and long-term loans.

Not surprisingly, about five years ago, Washington’s relations with Beijing began to heat up a little. Outwardly, everything looked like a type-top, but the “Arab Spring” plus the attendant moments of the type of its rehearsal in Côte d'Ivoire, as well as the “voluntary” divorce of Northern Sudan with South gave an interesting side effect: wherever the “democracy” came , the victorious heroes freed the people, among other things, from treaties with the Chinese. By a strange coincidence passing all the goodies to new transatlantic partners. And at some point - after Sudan, but especially after Libya - it became quite painful. In Zhongnanhai, they understood that they had begun to seriously deprive the Celestial world of its vital resources seriously and forever, and snapped.

First of all, the bilateral trade curve began to decline - which caused (according to the ancient principle of “What for us for what?”) Offended bewilderment in Washington. Then, Chinese diplomats rushed to the capitals of small but rich countries like Equatorial Guinea, offering, in addition to new, even better conditions of loans, some (no press details were reported) "guarantees of stable development." And there is little doubt that the huge, without relying warnings, Ms. Clinton’s Africa tour — Senegal, Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and Benin — was a response to China.

That is, it was officially declared - and abundantly discussed in the American press. - that the cause of the “big flight” was “Washington’s concern over the strengthening of the positions of Islamic extremists in Africa”, but it could not deceive anyone. For a variety of reasons. First, it is no secret that these very Islamists, awakened by the “Arab spring”, act in a wondrous symphony with zaoceanie, obligingly performing all the whims of House and Hill. Secondly, the small number of "disobedient", which is still there, have nothing to do with the countries where the old lady rushed: where it was more logical to visit the "infected" areas (Libya, Mali) for this purpose, but just she was not interested this time. And most importantly, after the first public appearance of the old Hilli in Dakar, it became clear that Washington was not afraid of any Islamists, but it was very afraid of the Chinese.

Without directly naming anyone — but this was not required, everything was clear to everyone — she attacked “some countries that are seeking to bring neocolonialism back to your continent.” That is, behave badly. Unlike the United States, which offers Africa an "honest partnership, not patronage." That is, behave well. Moreover, she said, “we want to create a model that will bring you added value, and not withdraw it. The days when strangers came to Africa and benefited without leaving anything behind should end. ” However, a question posed by one of the journalists: “China already in August intends to transfer South Africa, Kenya, Equatorial Guinea and Niger preferential loans to a record 20 billion. Is America ready to show the same generosity? ”- a noble guest chose not to hear, and when the same question was asked a second time, and the third, she allowed herself to flare up.

“In a somewhat irritated tone,” as African journalists noted, she stated that “the civilized world regards the behavior of some countries that give money to Africa without thinking that these funds fall into the hands of authoritarian rulers.” And then summed up: "Democracy and the rights of minorities must be protected everywhere, it is the duty and responsibility of the world community, and America does not intend to neglect this duty."

In other words, the leadership of all countries of interest to the United States must take into account that cooperation with China, and not with America, is a sign of dictatorship, and dictatorship will in one way or another be biased and replaced by democracy, chosen according to all the rules of the “civilized world.”

Judging by the storm of indignation in the African press, Africa understood everything correctly. Judging by Beijing’s unseenly tough rebuke, they all understood it right there. But, in my opinion, it would not hurt to think and the authorities of Russia.

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  1. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 20 August 2012 12: 44
    The obvious is becoming more and more likely. The United States is doing its best to deprive China of the opportunity to spread its influence, and given that China is actively investing in Africa, this is also a blow to Chinese investment. As the saying goes, the main thing for the USA is to shit everyone who can somehow violate their hegemony now or in the future.
    1. minister
      minister 20 August 2012 14: 01
      Russia, as always, sleeps from the beginning, and then decides everything in one five-year period, this is our country, so let it bite us, while they shout at each other, we will modernize under the guise and everyone will become frenzied, and then there will be questions about how so did not keep track of Russia smile
      1. alexng
        alexng 20 August 2012 14: 49
        You are not right. Now Russia needs to fully support China in the confrontation of the United States. In a positive case, Russia alone cannot resist the struggle for the Middle East. Now the United States needs to be clamped on all fronts and not let it come to its senses.
        1. Ataturk
          Ataturk 20 August 2012 15: 01
          Quote: alexneg
          You're not right. Now Russia needs to fully support China in the confrontation of the United States. In a positive case, Russia alone cannot resist the struggle for the Middle East.

          That's right! We must weaken China. They hurt so much.
        2. dmitrich
          dmitrich 20 August 2012 15: 40
          China alone will not pull.
        3. lotus04
          lotus04 20 August 2012 21: 15
          Quote: alexneg
          Now Russia needs to fully support China in the confrontation of the United States.

          I don't think anyone should be helped. We need to learn from the example of the same China, as they say "stand on the sidelines, smoke." And then finish the weakened winner. wink
          1. ughhh
            ughhh 21 August 2012 10: 51
            catch up and democratize!
  2. Igarr
    Igarr 20 August 2012 12: 53
    "But, in my opinion, it would not hurt to think about the Russian authorities." - Lev Vershinin.
    What to think about?
    When to think?
    The Russian authorities have no time to think about everything there ... USA, China, Africa.
    They are fighting here ... with the dogs, with Kasparov, with the toilets on the trains. With Roscosmos.
    Affairs, as they say, at home - above the roof.
    One defense order - you wouldn’t break your head.
    But on the other hand - maybe it’s for the better.
    First, let's put things in order at home.
    Let the Chinese and the Americans be there ... scuffle over Africa.
    And then ... - again we will start the money (folk, by the way) - to scatter across the Black Continent.
    And in response - we will receive black ingratitude.
    Me, so far, to Africa - in parallel.
    1. pribolt
      pribolt 20 August 2012 13: 42
      Quote: Igarr
      Me, so far, to Africa - in parallel.

      For koment + good
      1. viruskvartirus
        viruskvartirus 20 August 2012 15: 37
        If you do not care about painting, painting do not care about you. But if you do not care about politics, then the policy of you ....
    2. viruskvartirus
      viruskvartirus 20 August 2012 15: 09
      Slammed the minuses wherever I could ... a very, very wrong opinion ...
      1. dmitrich
        dmitrich 20 August 2012 15: 42
        express yours, esteem.
        1. viruskvartirus
          viruskvartirus 20 August 2012 21: 43
          I expressed ... while you are solving problems in your yard, which is definitely necessary and right ... the one who is faster, bolder, smarter is looking for his opportunities in neighboring yards and at some point you have to put up with the existing order of things ....
          1. ughhh
            ughhh 21 August 2012 10: 55
            We have so many of our own that enough to feed three of China, we would reunite with our neighbors. With India, for example.
          2. ughhh
            ughhh 21 August 2012 10: 58
            Spakoyna. We will slowly go down and have the whole herd.
    3. SSR
      SSR 20 August 2012 15: 18
      But, in my opinion, it would not hurt to ponder the Russian authorities.

      the same phrase cut)) "it would not hurt")))
      The authorities should not think from case to case .. and Obliged to Think, Predict. analyze and consistently implement everything that contributes to the strengthening and prosperity of the country and people.
    4. s1н7т
      s1н7т 21 August 2012 03: 39
      "While - in parallel" ... And then, as if it was too late.
  3. urchik
    urchik 20 August 2012 12: 55
    do not bother pind .... Sy China feed and clothe hungry Africa
    1. snek
      snek 20 August 2012 14: 04
      Yeah, but in China, of course, the goal is to feed and clothe the unfortunate Africans, and not deflate the resources of the exchange in exchange for cheap goods.
      1. gerome
        gerome 20 August 2012 14: 22
        But the difference is that Africa now has a choice between China and America. And China looks more promising as a partner because it does not have such a colonial "culture" as the West.
      2. viruskvartirus
        viruskvartirus 20 August 2012 15: 23
        Dear resources, this is the thing when they are sent to processing ... otherwise, the fact that you have them is not fundamentally important ... Ukraine also has coal ... but it is expensive to mine it and mines are closed ... China in exchange gives real money for resources for development ... Amers cannot do this and they even deliver humanitarian aid for money ... read here ... http: // p = 1715
        1. Evgen232
          Evgen232 21 August 2012 00: 56
          not because of the high cost of development, they are closing it, but because of strategic reserves, Russia and Ukraine together, we are one people
      3. dmitrich
        dmitrich 20 August 2012 15: 43
        tell someone else's purpose.
      4. ughhh
        ughhh 21 August 2012 10: 56
        do you feel sorry for sholi?
  4. sapulid
    sapulid 20 August 2012 12: 56
    The West impedes the development of all who may be a potential danger. By destroying the main creditor, without using the armed forces, and by depriving the necessary resources, you can also write off debts, in the name of ...
  5. Trapperxnumx
    Trapperxnumx 20 August 2012 12: 57
    Interestingly, if you cross an African with a Chinese, who will succeed - a small narrow-eyed Negro, or a tall, dark-skinned curly Chinese?
    1. Manager
      Manager 20 August 2012 13: 15
      Chinese runner. World Champion. Only fifty meter tall!
  6. vorobey
    vorobey 20 August 2012 12: 57
    China has dispersed. believes that he has in his hands the biggest trump cards of money and people.
    1. Bekzat
      Bekzat 20 August 2012 13: 13
      China can diverge itself a little, and the economy is growing, and the military-industrial complex is working, and most importantly, human resources, so to speak, will populate Africa, a million, one and a half Chinese, and all.
      1. vorobey
        vorobey 20 August 2012 13: 38
        Quote: Bekzat
        Africa will populate a million, one and a half Chinese, and all.

        Well, yes, in principle, a million Chinese can solve the food problem of Africa, but no more.

        And money is such a thing today and tomorrow no. And the defense industry works agree. And where did Chinese technology prove itself in the battles?
        1. Old skeptic
          Old skeptic 20 August 2012 14: 07
          They have nearly a billion and a half, they resettle a million from China, it's like a crumbling elephant. They are light, can evenly populate the entire black continent, and it will turn yellow. Nobody has canceled the creeping expansion, especially Africa: it is poor, weak and little populated. People will take it not with money. And Amer will lead democracy among African Chinese.
        2. slvevg
          slvevg 21 August 2012 01: 48
          It’s possible to solve the food problem of 1 million Chinese people, but not all Africans are cannibals
  7. ramzes1776
    ramzes1776 20 August 2012 13: 07
    We are now quietly, like China in its time, we need to rearm, and not chat. Let them "squabble" without us.
    1. nycsson
      nycsson 20 August 2012 20: 37
      Quote: ramzes1776
      We are now quietly, like China in its time, we need to rearm, and not chat. Let them "squabble" without us.

      Golden words! +! good
  8. surveyor
    surveyor 20 August 2012 13: 28
    Hmm, it seems to have dispersed. I wonder who is the first to grab hold of. drinks
  9. Apollo
    Apollo 20 August 2012 13: 44
    War for Africa. Continent threaten to democratize if it does not break with China

    In fact, the United States has already launched the so-called "democratization" in Africa-Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan.

    Americans thereby want to show the whole world who is the boss here.

    The Americans have virtually imposed China on all sides and are trying to economically weaken the Middle Kingdom. And squeeze it out of the continent.African countries will be doomed if they do not receive real assistance from Russia and China.
  10. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 20 August 2012 14: 03
    how hypocritical this is ... I have a gag reflex from the word "democracy"
  11. andrei332809
    andrei332809 20 August 2012 14: 10
    White Amas consider Africa their colony inhabited by slaves.
    the descendants of the slaves-black ama-their homeland.
    in their opinion, China has nothing to do there, as there was nothing to do the USSR.
    but China still has a formidable ideological weapon, albeit a transformed one.
    so, I think, the amas will break off, although this will not make them shut up. And on the threats, China put a yellowish bolt
    1. islandpan
      islandpan 21 August 2012 08: 21
      where did the bolt come from - perhaps a little yellowish screw!
  12. Black Colonel
    Black Colonel 20 August 2012 14: 15
    America is running out of government debt. So they climb around without soap. And then it will soon be for green bamazhki not backed up by anything other than promises like "Yes, I'll fucking!" not a single self-respecting Chuchmek will sell even a liter of oil (gas). Therefore, they (mattress toppers) urgently need to put their paws on oil and gas valves.
  13. bairat
    bairat 20 August 2012 14: 16
    Quote: Trapper7
    Interestingly, if you cross an African with a Chinese, who will succeed - a small narrow-eyed Negro, or a tall, dark-skinned curly Chinese?

    I read that this is strictly followed: a Chinese man noticed in a love relationship with a local machine gun is sent to his homeland.
  14. gerome
    gerome 20 August 2012 14: 28
    It's funny to hear the Yankees speak about neocolonism. There is no "neo", the Yankees did not actually stop their colonial policy.
    Already sick of this immeasurable hypocrisy of the West.
  15. Delink
    Delink 20 August 2012 15: 10
    Yes, here Russia and China need to unite the sooner the better, and preferably with all Asian countries. They took away our field of activity from us, and nothing good came of it, only war. And if Africa climbs in different directions from these wars, everyone will become ill. Even Europe. And Amer will remain out of business. They have a different mainland.

    teamed up, set a strike date and drove to Bermuda
  16. suharev-52
    suharev-52 20 August 2012 15: 39
    China is not the same. He begins to feel his strength. So let them deal with the United States. But we are obliged to provide moral support. And so, what do you think, we just stirred and crawled out of all the cracks: liberals, crap and other evil spirits. Everything so that Russia was busy with internal problems and did not have time to respond to external challenges. Do not discount the "fifth" column entrenched in the government and the Kremlin. So we are waiting for what will happen next. Sincerely.
  17. Skorba
    Skorba 20 August 2012 15: 52
    Mrs. Clinton would face heart failure before the United States election
    1. andrei332809
      andrei332809 20 August 2012 17: 56
      so will say that it was brought about by a very undemocratic Russia. it has no other topics, except that everything around prevents amams from bringing the light of democracy to the whole world
  18. segamegament
    segamegament 20 August 2012 20: 11
    A precedent already exists ...
  19. nycsson
    nycsson 20 August 2012 20: 36
    But, in my opinion, it would not hurt to ponder the Russian authorities.

    You need to deal with your manure, and then climb into the African! The Caucasus and Central Asia will be enough for us .......... crying
  20. Igoriok222
    Igoriok222 20 August 2012 21: 10
    Interesting article.
  21. Warik
    Warik 20 August 2012 21: 32
    Well done Chinese! They grow another pole - the African one, and this pole, judging by numerous data, looks more at the heavenly than the Anglo-Saxons, which cannot but rejoice. The growth of all African countries averaged 6,9%, not very bad, especially in times of crisis. In the near future there will be another center of power good
  22. Stasi.
    Stasi. 20 August 2012 21: 48
    Of course, America does not like the way China behaves. He is gaining strength, becoming in all the main competitor to the United States. The fact that China aimed at Africa is more than logical. The African continent is rich in resources, the population is declining due to poverty, hunger, AIDS and local wars on the African continent. When the Chinese move to Africa, they kill two birds with one stone: they solve the issue of overpopulation in China and gain access to the necessary resources. If all this continues, then in the next 10 years the planet will be the only superpower - China. America is increasingly becoming a purely nominally superpower. Russia remains to concentrate, domestic and foreign policies are interconnected, and the problems of domestic politics will have to be addressed simultaneously with the problems of foreign.
  23. akendram
    akendram 20 August 2012 22: 09
    interesting, but what about the debt of the African republics to the USSR-RUSSIA. we use it?
  24. zemlyak
    zemlyak 20 August 2012 22: 10
    you are all eccentrics. America will squeeze China out of Africa, and where they will go (Chinese), get it three times. That's right, to you and to us (rk). It’s good if in peace, and if we move our army? What shall we do, Iskander from Kaliningrad to Blagoshchischensk transport? and whoever gives us no roads, no military airfields. They all cheated. The Americans made another move with the knight, the Chinese will be kicked in the ass and Russia will be dealt with by the wrong hands. You must grow in the Middle Kingdom, you will have to climb into Africa with Eurasia.
    1. drossel81
      drossel81 21 August 2012 06: 00
      The meaning of one must be strengthened !!!! Arm!!! Liberastov in jail !!!
  25. Sober
    Sober 21 August 2012 02: 11
    What is Africa? Africa is a huge training ground! whoever is in charge there is selling his weapons there, so there is nothing surprising here!