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Day of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the fascist blockade

Day of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the fascist blockade

On January 27, our country celebrates the Day of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the Nazi blockade. It was on this day in 1944 that the heroic defense of the city on the Neva ended, the German fascist troops did not manage to enter the streets of the heroic city.

The city was in blockade for almost two and a half years - from September 1941 to January 1944. For 872 days, the Nazis tried to break the resistance of its defenders and march the victors along its streets, but they could not. Neither famine, nor artillery shelling, nor constant bombing helped the fascists. During this time, more than 107 thousand incendiary and high-explosive bombs and over 150 thousand artillery shells were dropped on the city, about 10 thousand houses and buildings were destroyed, and, according to various estimates, from 620 thousand to 1 million people died. Moreover, 90% are residents who died of hunger. But Leningrad survived.

Soviet troops managed to break through a small breach only in January 1943. On January 12, 1943, the troops of the Volkhov and Leningrad fronts with the support of the Baltic fleet during the operation "Iskra" in the area of ​​the Shlisselburg-Sinyavinsky ledge, the ring of the blockade was broken and the land connection of the city with the mainland was restored.

The blockade of the city was completely lifted only a year later, on January 27, 1944 during Operation January Thunder. The operation was launched on January 14 by forces of the troops of the Leningrad, Volkhov and 2nd Baltic fronts, on January 20, Soviet troops defeated the Krasnoselsk-Ropsha enemy grouping, and on January 27, Leningrad was completely liberated.

In honor of the liberation of Leningrad, a salute was given in 24 artillery volleys from 324 guns. This was the only salute (1st degree) in all the years of the Great Patriotic War, held not in Moscow.

The heroic defense of Leningrad became a symbol of the courage of the Soviet people. The homeland appreciated the feat of the defenders of the city on the Neva, at the cost of self-sacrifice, incredible hardships and heroism who defended the city.

More than 350 thousand of those who fought on the Leningrad Front were awarded government awards, 486 received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, eight of them twice. The medal "For the Defense of Leningrad" was awarded to about 1,5 million people.

For fortitude, courage and unprecedented heroism during the blockade, the city was awarded the Order of Lenin on January 26, 1945, on May 1, 1945, Leningrad was awarded the title of Hero City, and on May 8, 1965, the city was awarded the Gold Star medal.
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  1. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 27 January 2021 04: 19
    The blockade is perhaps the most terrible page of the Great Patriotic War, only children's concentration camps can be worse.
    1. Crowe
      Crowe 27 January 2021 05: 12
      Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten...
  2. Victor_B
    Victor_B 27 January 2021 04: 35
    With tears in his eyes...
    1. Crowe
      Crowe 27 January 2021 05: 51
      All this is called - blockade.
      And a baby cry in a broken nest ...
      No children in town, no need
      After all, the homeland will warm them everywhere.

      No children in the military city
      A fighter should not preserve rations,
      Carry home. Doesn't dare invariably
      His pursuing childish voice.

      And in the whistle of bullets, and in the howl of a bomb
      We can’t hear children’s legs running.
      Catacomb Shelter
      Not for children to remember forever.

      They will return to the house. Their fear is not needed.
      We will protect, we will save their home.
      Mother will be mother. And the husband will return as husband.
      And the children will be here. But not now. Then.

      Elena Vechtomova.
      1. Victor_B
        Victor_B 27 January 2021 06: 17
        At Piskarevskoye, it just hit my heart ...
        Until now, frost on the skin, as I remember ...
        1. Poetry
          Poetry 27 January 2021 10: 26
          Dedicated to the people of the besieged City ...

          The most piercing cry is the cry of silence.
          In the dead silence, only the "walkers" are heard.
          No, I cannot talk about it without pain.
          Leningrad. A symbol of our fortitude and will!

          Steel tongs blockade the City.
          The city that went through all the circles of Hell.
          They chose to die, but not surrender to the enemy,
          Inhabitants of this City, on the Neva coast ...

          The Germans pounded this city with cannons,
          They shot pedantically from the Pulkovo edges! ..
          The Hero City Leningrad is a special city.
          The feeling of hunger there, mixed with anger ...

          The city was bombed. Bombs were thrown from the sky.
          With sawdust of bread there, strictly by weight.
          The norm is one hundred twenty-five, strictly to the gram,
          In the City where a terrible drama took place ...

          The city is a hero of Leningrad. Hundreds of thousands of deaths.
          Half-starved Angels against well-fed devils! ..
          The city did not surrender, did not throw out the white flag.
          Could not understand such a dumbfounded enemy.

          Hundreds of thousands of Roads ended on Piskarevka ...
          The dead were dragged there on sleds on a rope.
          Do you hear? The beat of the metronome. A minute of silence ...
          A cry of silence. A cry that is full of despair.

          A city of hungry people who kept their spirits.
          The city of heroic people, from a child to an old woman ...
          The city of the iron people ... the Titan people.
          Nine hundred days and nights, tireless in the fight.

          The city above the free Neva, clad in granite ...
          Everyone will keep the memory of the feat in his soul.
          The City survived .... A real Hero city! ..
          Remember them. Shut up. Cover your eyes.

          July 2019 Kingisepp.
  3. Thrifty
    Thrifty 27 January 2021 04: 48
    You must be born on such a historic day, almost a quarter of a century later. hi All the inhabitants of Leningrad, alive and gone to another world, all who lifted the blockade, smashing the Nazis, I want to congratulate you on this date! Not less than a million of the civilian population alone who died of hunger, hundreds of thousands of soldiers of the Soviet army who died defending the city. ... We remember, we say to those who have gone into another world our last forgive. ...
  4. Lech from Android.
    Lech from Android. 27 January 2021 05: 12
    After the release of Leningrad, the ruling circles of Finland thought about changing the political course in connection with the prospect of Germany's defeat, but at the same time they still hoped to wait for a favorable situation to exit the war ... the Finnish troops of Mannerheim who participated in the blockade of Leningrad also faced the threat of complete defeat.

    When I walked along this path, there was a physical feeling that on both sides of it lay thousands and thousands of children, women, old people who died in this blockade ... there was a heavy feeling in my soul.
    1. Victor_B
      Victor_B 27 January 2021 06: 19
      Quote: Lech from Android.
      there was a physical feeling that on both sides of it lay thousands and thousands of children, women, old people who died in this blockade ...

      And under each hill FIFTEEN AND MORE THOUSAND BODIES !!!
      1. Victor_B
        Victor_B 27 January 2021 06: 56
        Quote: Victor_B
        And under each hill FIFTEEN AND MORE THOUSAND BODIES !!!

        There are as many in one grave as in Moscow A-nalny brought hamsters out on the street!
        1. Incvizitor
          Incvizitor 27 January 2021 13: 37
          There is nothing to compare people in blockade with lazy stupid hamsters. They endured all the hardships and hardships of the war for the sake of the country, and these and their mother will be sold to the Western fascists, although there is something to eat and phones for a piece of bucks and the house is warm with venal cats.
    2. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 27 January 2021 09: 07
      Quote: Lech from Android.
      When I walked along this path, there was a physical feeling that on both sides of it lay thousands and thousands of children, women, old people who died in this blockade ... there was a heavy feeling in my soul.

      They dragged my grandfather, a tanker, here (they dragged the dead across the snow on thin steel sheets and buried them in these mass graves). We wanted to go with everyone, but someone noticed that he was breathing. They evacuated - a healthy man, 180 in height, weighed 42 kg ... At home, they fed him, healed - again into the acting one. In mid-June 1943, he arrived at the tank unit near Prokhorovka ...

      We want to tear to pieces our various liberal anarchists, who are now saying that there was no Blockade and that it was an invention of Soviet propaganda - last week the documentary film "The Biochemistry of Betrayal" was shown in 2014. This boar there dared to give it out ...

      Sated, overweight ... I would tear my throat with my teeth ... am am am
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 27 January 2021 05: 43
    When you watch newsreels, the first question is - how did people survive at all? Another confirmation that the Russian spirit will not be destroyed. Today the Germans are opening their mouths to Russia, trying to point out, demanding something, and joining in sanctions. They should pray daily for the Russians and everyone who was part of the USSR and participated in the Second World War and whose nobility allowed the German nation and state to exist, despite what they did on our territory.
    1. Crowe
      Crowe 27 January 2021 05: 49
      I say: we, citizens of Leningrad,
      do not shake the roar of the canon,
      and if there are barricades tomorrow
      we will not leave our barricades ...
      And women with soldiers will stand side by side,
      and the children will give us patrons,
      and we should all bloom
      the ancient banners of Petrograd.

      Olga Berggolz.
    2. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 27 January 2021 09: 17
      Quote: rotmistr60
      They must pray daily for Russians and everyone who was part of the USSR and participated in the Second World War and whose nobility allowed the German nation and state to exist in spite of what they were doing on our territory.

      Stalin defended the existence of Germany. Roosevelt did not mind Churchill, and Churchill wanted to fragment Germany and annex her territory to neighboring countries. That is, the COMPLETE destruction of Germany in order to FOREVER resolve the issue of German militarism.

      And after that the cannibal Churchill in the West is "the greatest politician", and Stalin "is equal to Hitler and unleashed a war with him" ...
      Evil is not enough ... am

      The whole "greatness" of Churchill for Britain lies only in the fact that he managed to incite Hitler against the USSR, removing the threat of a German landing in the United Kingdom ...
    3. PROXOR
      PROXOR 27 January 2021 09: 57
      How how. And for them, there was simply no other thought. From such people, nails could be made. Recall at least that case with a tram on the outskirts of Leningrad. When the motorized infantry tried to stop him, they laughed, saying that we would take the tram to the center. And the carriage driver, knowing that he would die, turned the selector into full speed and simply crushed several Nazis. Unfortunately he died.
      That in Leningrad, that near Moscow, that in Stalingrad there was one motto but in a different version: "Russia is great, but we have nowhere to retreat, behind Moscow" (political instructor of the Red Army) or "For us there is no land beyond the Volga" (General Chuikov, in the besieged Stalingrad).
  6. realmadmaxx
    realmadmaxx 27 January 2021 07: 21
    Glory to our Great ancestors! yes
    1. Crowe
      Crowe 27 January 2021 09: 36
      Great ... Only such people could withstand and win.
      People like Tanya ...
  7. Yuri Tverdokhleb
    Yuri Tverdokhleb 27 January 2021 09: 53
    We will celebrate one more day this year - the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. There should be guests from Berlin.
  8. Pardus22
    Pardus22 27 January 2021 10: 50
    It's like in the song ".. this is a holiday with tears in my eyes ..". Honor and glory to the soldiers and commanders of the Red Army! And to the lost ETERNAL GLORY!
  9. tank64rus
    tank64rus 27 January 2021 11: 26
    What were the people. Eternal Glory and Memory!
  10. Orkraider
    Orkraider 27 January 2021 11: 26
    We remember the heroes, we grieve for the dead and admire the courage of those who defended their hometown and survivors!
    Low bow and eternal memory to our ancestors!
  11. Boris63
    Boris63 27 January 2021 11: 29
    My grandmother with her children experienced the first winter in the city. In the summer of 1942 they were taken out across Ladoga, because grandfather was transferred to Gorky in the spring. But no one, neither grandmother, nor father, nor uncle or aunt, remembered it. Basically, I learned about those days and years from my "aunt" (my grandfather's sister) ... she served as an instructor on Ladoga.
  12. Desperado
    Desperado 27 January 2021 11: 45
    Quote: Boris63
    My grandmother with her children experienced the first winter in the city. In the summer of 1942 they were taken out across Ladoga, because grandfather was transferred to Gorky in the spring. But no one, neither grandmother, nor father, nor uncle or aunt, remembered it. Basically, I learned about those days and years from my "aunt" (my grandfather's sister) ... she served as an instructor on Ladoga.

    Among the blockade, it was not customary to discuss either the blockade itself, nor its consequences, nor at what cost it was given to the civilian population of the city. "Black" days, they were so called: when they were afraid to leave their children alone at home, when the metronome was the last thing that kept a person in this world ...
  13. Radikal
    Radikal 27 January 2021 12: 23
    Mom, and grandmother were in Leningrad for the entire blockade, they did not want to evacuate, since my grandfather was an anti-aircraft gunner in the air defense of St. I never saw my uncle Volodya - my mother's younger brother, who could not bear the blockade, died. He was 5 years old. But the city survived, and it is unknown whether the soldiers would have fought for it as if it were called St. Petersburg, or for Stalingrad if it were Volgograd .... Eternal memory to the defenders and residents of the city of Leningrad! soldier
  14. Gennady Fomkin
    Gennady Fomkin 27 January 2021 15: 45
    My grandfather fought in the 54th rifle regiment from September 1941 to January 1942 on the Volkhov front. In December 1941, the Soviet army not only liberated Tikhvin captured by the Germans, but also launched an offensive. This victory is often called the key moment of the Battle of Leningrad, because it allowed the city to be resumed in the most difficult winter of siege. For exemplary combat missions, it was presented by order of the Military Council of the 52 Army by order No. 0 18. N. to the medal "For Courage".
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. Gennady Fomkin
    Gennady Fomkin 27 January 2021 16: 04
    A real frontline song.
    1. Vladimir Mashkov
      Vladimir Mashkov 27 January 2021 16: 18
      Nice song!!!
      And my uncle fought near Leningrad. The brave mustachioed foreman Alexander Osminin, blessed memory of him.
  17. Gennady Fomkin
    Gennady Fomkin 27 January 2021 16: 22
    Quote: Vladimir Mashkov
    Nice song!!!
    And my uncle fought near Leningrad. The brave mustachioed foreman Alexander Osminin, blessed memory of him.

    Bright and kind memory to HEROES. My grandfather Chishkala Ivan Timofeich was Art. sergeant as a signalman, and for some reason he was performing an officer's position.
  18. faterdom
    faterdom 27 January 2021 17: 39
    He studied the combat path of his grandfather, who was a senior sergeant - a signalman in the 224th rifle division. Grandfather, by the way, was born in 1896, in 43 he was a very respectable age for a soldier.
    So on 25.01.43/67/9 this division of the 152th Army was supposed to, on its own (20 thousand people with a small one), together with the 34nd tank brigade (6 T11 tanks), enter the position of the defensive position west of the Workers' town No. 26 of the XNUMXth SBR, check with them the targets, firing points, dugouts they had reconnoitred for months in defense, and attack them, eventually capturing the Sinyavino-Mustolovo line and by the end of January XNUMX to capture the r. Washing.
    General Lyubovtsev, who commanded the 11th Arrow Brigade (it was a bit fat for the generals to command brigades, but apparently - talented), who was responsible for putting 224sd into battle from his lines, muddied up a kind of "interaction meeting" from one to six in the morning, while did not owe the Germans.
    At this time, the Germans spotted the regiments standing on the road in the columns, which, because of the meeting, it was dark to their initial positions and did not come out and opened mortar fire on them, inflicting rubbing of 350-400 people in two regiments. The third regiment was farther away, and only the 67A headquarters officer was able to withdraw it to its original positions by 12.00 (it is instead of dark until the morning). Also, before the start of the attack, 7 of our tanks of the 152nd Tank Brigade (out of 20) were destroyed.
    In general, the division went on the attack, and completed the tasks, seizing part of the Sinyavinsky highway and the railway.
    Only after that, she became practically incapable of combat, and was withdrawn to the rear north of Leningrad for replenishment. My grandfather was wounded, a lung was punctured, they had to write off cleanly, but there was no way to evacuate to the mainland, so they left him in the division, in the rear to lead the horse.
    The division itself was transferred to the 55A field and sent to the ledge under Krasny Bor near the town of Pushkin, where the Nazis had the command of the entire group of forces near Leningrad.
    In this sector, fierce artillery and mortar firefights took place every day, inflicting significant daily mutual losses, despite the shelter. A lot of European Union members were ground in this area - two of the Spanish Blue Division, the Estonian SS Legion, I think the Belgians, and of course the Germans themselves.
    As a result of one of the shelling in May 43, my grandfather's lung was punctured again, and then he didn’t make it out - he died of his wounds in hospital 55A, was buried in a military cemetery in the village of Metallostroy, I found his burial only in October 2020.
    It was in such conditions, and with such "generals" as this Major General Lyubovtsev, our ancestors had to win. And now, in peacetime, lovers of these empty meetings make their careers, crawl upstairs, covering up with these meetings the absence of both a living thought in their heads and real work on preparing troops for what is needed in a war ...
    And Leningrad, its defense played a role in the entire subsequent war: the Germans did not have enough of these troops near Moscow, then near Stalingrad and on the Kursk-Oryol ledge!
    Therefore, the very course of the war during the surrender of Leningrad, which the gozmans are still bothering about and regretting, would have been much different, and much more difficult for the USSR.
  19. Silinvv
    Silinvv 27 January 2021 17: 51
    I live on the "Road of Life", I remember every day. Well done guys, who keep the kilometer posts clean, for the museum in Vsevolozhsk and the park there! It is very noticeable, on a piece of the highway from Proba to Rakhya, that the road winds very strongly so that the lorries can leave the messengers. This tragedy must not be forgotten.
  20. Fedorovich
    Fedorovich 27 January 2021 17: 59

    Unconquered, passed through hell;
    Unconquered hero - Leningrad!
    Unconquered, for all time;
    Unconquered, the city of Petra!
  21. Tests
    Tests 27 January 2021 18: 22
    Zoldat_A (Igor, son of Alexei, a Russian soldier), dear, this is the fate of a soldier's fate for your grandfather ... From Leningrad to the south ... And one of my grandmother's younger brothers - Alexander Yegorovich Testov, in June-August 1942. and in April-January 1943 he fought on the South-Western Front, in January-February 1944. in the 224th tank regiment broke through the blockade. Found in LiveJournal Writes Collector of accordions (altyn73) 2016-07-15 21:10:00 Tanks of the Red Army. 1944: "In January 1944, he was a member of the 42nd Army of the Leningrad Front. Introduced into battle as part of the Mobile Army Group (PGA) on 17.01.1944/220/XNUMX. Subordinated to XNUMX tbr
    17 January 16 SU-85 and 1 T-34 are in service. At 11.30 she entered the battle. ... At the crossroads between N of the item. SMALL CABOSI and n.p. KRUGELEVO came across a German fortified anti-tank defense unit. Until 18.00, she fought an unsuccessful battle. Losses amounted to at least 3 SU-85. After 18.00 it was returned to PULKOVO for recovery.
    On January 19, in the evening, he was put into a breakthrough along the Narva highway from the town of KRASNOE SELO to the village of KIPEN
    January 21, battle of the village of BOL.STINKA
    January 23 battle near the village of SALEZI
    On January 24-26, presumably, he handed over serviceable materiel to the 17th Guards Regiment and was transferred to the reserve of the 42nd Army
    February 1, a battle near the village of OSMINO
    Between February 25 and March 9, the regiment received a new name - 1294th Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment
    Regiment commander Sasim Mikhail Vasilievich __.__. 1910 / major /
    From 08.02.1944 Kartashev Mikhail Mitrofanovich __.__. 1915 / lieutenant colonel /
    Commanders of batteries, self-propelled guns and tanks of all types
    Asimov Mukhamed Sayfitdinovich __.__. 1920 / lieutenant / wounded 08.03.1944/XNUMX/XNUMX
    Bulychev Vasily Alekseevich __.__. 1918 / Guards. lieutenant / wounded 08.03.1944/XNUMX/XNUMX
    Glazkov Alexander Ivanovich __.__. 1911 / lieutenant /
    Glyadchenko Ivan Prokofievich __.__. 1917 / Art. lieutenant /
    Danevich Nikolay Gavrilovich __.__. 1918 / lieutenant /
    Dokuchaev Alexey Fedorovich __.__. 1923 / ml. lieutenant /
    Kaliman Ivan Avksentievich __.__. 1922 / lieutenant / wounded 17.01.1944/XNUMX/XNUMX
    Kotin Vyacheslav Grigorievich __.__. 1925 / ml. lieutenant /
    Kinkladze Vladimir Vladimirovich __.__. 1908 / Art. lieutenant / wounded 17.01.1944/XNUMX/XNUMX
    Krivoshchapov Ivan Makarovich __.__. 1919 / Art. lieutenant / wounded 17.01.1944/XNUMX/XNUMX
    Loskutnikov Vasily Andreevich __.__. 1898 / lieutenant / wounded 07.03.1944/XNUMX/XNUMX
    Mazurov Nikolay Vasilievich __.__. 1922 / Guards. ml. lieutenant /
    Marchenko Andrey Terentyevich __.__. 1920 / ml. lieutenant /
    Ponomarev Alexey Ivanovich __.__. 1921 / ml. lieutenant /
    Pribilov Fedor Mikhailovich __.__. 1916 / ml. lieutenant /
    Reinov Lev Vladimirovich __.__. 1925 / ml. lieutenant /
    Alexey Sergeevich Taptunov __.__. 1919 / ml. lieutenant / "
    Su-85s were not made in Leningrad, T-34s too, so they had to be delivered to besieged Leningrad ...
    I remember and I am proud!
  22. yasvet
    yasvet 27 January 2021 21: 25
    a candle burns in my window and a shot of vodka on the table, with a crust of bread ...

    Happy Leningrad Victory Day!

    ".. To your steel door is breaking,
    Like an eternity starving,
    Distressed by losses
    Many-headed greedy ...
    He will die at your outposts!
    No teeth and no scales
    The snake will hiss in writhing
    The nightingales will sing again,
    Will be free our family,
    Leningrad, my children!
    The people of Leningrad, my pride!

    As a mistress between lords,
    I am used to honoring the earth.
    Now a terrible trace is burned in her,
    Great harm has been done to her,
    Gnaws at her mercilessly
    Bloody eater.
    But the last calculation is close,
    And the earth is on the threshold of victories.
    The whole country goes to the enemy
    All the people are rising
    And will not break our freedoms
    The load of a fascist boot
    The enemy's foot will not touch
    You, our hereditary stronghold. "(C)
  23. xomaNN
    xomaNN 27 January 2021 23: 57
    I would like to congratulate all dear Leningraders on the anniversary of the Break of the Siege of Leningrad. Many relatives were associated with this ordeal. My late mother always considered her main award for the Defense of Leningrad. In 2018, my brother showed us the Proryv memorial complex. A very strong and emotional exhibition with a diorama.
    [/ Center]
  24. horus88
    horus88 28 January 2021 00: 59
    Every year on January 27, tears flow, neither on May 9, nor on any other day there are any such sensations. This is a great day, as a child I did not understand why they were taking me to Piskaryovka, why is this all?
    At the age of twenty I understood why ... Glory to our ancestors, my grandmother and both grandfathers, and all who survived this. No one is forgotten and nothing is forgotten
  25. Gennady Fomkin
    Gennady Fomkin 28 January 2021 04: 21
    Leningrad, my children!
    The people of Leningrad, my pride!
    To me in the stream of a steppe stream
    The reflection of the Neva jet is visible.
    If along the snow ridges
    With a senile gaze, I glide
    I see the vaults of your bridges,
    The light of the Baltic blue,
    Lanterns of evening swarms,
    Gilded roofs of the edge ...
    Leningrad, my children!
    The people of Leningrad, my pride!
    Not then I lived,
    That the robber smell stink;
    It was not you, brothers, who served,
    To climb a creeping reptile
    The city is fabulous, in the city-garden;
    Not then to Leningrad
    Look Dzhambula charmed!
    And then I lived in the world,
    To the rabble Fascist thugs,
    Not having had time to recoil back,
    His wolf bones folded
    Your sacred fences.
    That's why the north run
    Kazakhstan rail tracks,
    That's why the Neva is protected
    Your embankments edge,
    Leningrad people, my children,
    The people of Leningrad, my pride,