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The footage got a new Chinese MLRS based on Humvee


A recent exercise conducted by the PLA in northeastern China has captured footage of a new demining vehicle mounted on a truck chassis.

The new Chinese product is based on a licensed copy of the American Humvee SUV, which is produced in China under the Dongfeng EQ2050 brand. It has 16 guides for 130 mm ammunition. According to the 21AAR edition, the shells are designed to defuse mines and eliminate obstacles in the path of troops.

Apparently, the new machine was created within the framework of the concept embodied in the Type 762A product (GSL-131). This crawler-mounted MLRS is equipped with 24 guides with 253-mm ammunition installed to open a minefield. The new car-based model is essentially a lighter version of the GSL-131 and is most likely intended for the highly mobile units of the Chinese army.

The footage got a new Chinese MLRS based on Humvee

GSL-131. Source:

India, which periodically conflicts with China over disputed territories, relies on giving its tanks self-demining capabilities. The country's Ministry of Defense has ordered 1,5 thousand trawls for the T-90S / SK MBT from the British company Pearson Engineering. At the same time, the production of this equipment will be carried out at local facilities. As stated, the British trawl will ensure the safe movement of tanks while maintaining high mobility.

T-90 with a British trawl. Source: Pearson Engineering website
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  1. Ilya-spb
    Ilya-spb 23 January 2021 10: 05
    The Chinese are all stealing intellectual property ...
    1. nsm1
      nsm1 23 January 2021 10: 25
      the Chinese product is located on the base licensed copy
      1. The leader of the Redskins
        The leader of the Redskins 23 January 2021 10: 32
        I completely agree. In it only the Cummings engine is licensed, and the rest is all stubborn.
        1. Zaurbek
          Zaurbek 23 January 2021 18: 56
          China bought a Hummer. Fair enough. The license .... The civilian version that Arnold put on the market.
    2. Insurgent
      Insurgent 23 January 2021 10: 29
      T-90 with a British trawl.

      Not just like that ...
      On the net you can find a photo of the period of Operation Shock and Awe (2003) on the invasion of Iraq
      , an American mine-clearing vehicle based on the "Abrams" with a forced-nailed Soviet KMT-7 track-and-roller mine sweep.

      It was forced - because the standard American trawls showed extremely low efficiency and survivability.

      1. Maki maki
        Maki maki 23 January 2021 10: 51
        The Ministry of Defense of the country has ordered from the British company Pearson Engineering 1,5 thousand trawls for MBT T-90S / SK

        A strange choice. It was more logical to order trawls complete with T-90
      2. Vladimir_2U
        Vladimir_2U 23 January 2021 16: 56
        In addition, the knife trawl shown in the photo is of little use for stony ground.
        1. The comment was deleted.
    3. psiho117
      psiho117 25 January 2021 00: 56
      Quote: Ilya-spb
      The Chinese steal everything

      You tell this to the Americans - who licked all their mine sweepers from the Soviet ones.
  2. Intruder
    Intruder 23 January 2021 10: 22
    British trawl will ensure the safe movement of tanks while maintaining high mobility.
    at high speed, there will be passes in any way ... and not all ammunition, even IEDs, react to the trawl, there are very "cunning products" in those parts where India and Pakistan and others: "they share the skin, ... bear "
  3. evgen1221
    evgen1221 23 January 2021 10: 24
    In the mountains, I think he will be able to show himself well, plus guidance on the drone will turn out so very well. I think they will quickly do the minirso option.
  4. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 23 January 2021 10: 47
    In the United States, in the last century, an MLRS was created to eliminate minefields (30 guides ... 127 mm ... "aerosol" eras ...). But it was not adopted for service ... the MLRS did not live up to the hopes of the Americans!
  5. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 24 January 2021 10: 13
    On Friday, the American carmaker General Motors announced that it has signed a final agreement with China's Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co (Sichuan Tengzhong) to sell it the Hummer brand.

    Under the terms of the agreement, Tengzhong will acquire the Hummer brand, trademark and intellectual property rights. All existing contracts with Hummer dealerships will remain in effect. The parties did not disclose the price of the deal, but, according to Bloomberg, it was about $ 150 million, despite the fact that during its bankruptcy proceedings, GM estimated the value of this brand at $ 500 million.

    Recall, a preliminary agreement on the sale of Hummer was signed by GM and Tengzhong in June this year.

    The Chinese made the right decision - to buy up unprofitable automakers with well-known names. Thus, they get their hands on the technological base, and ready-made, established production facilities, and product distribution networks and established brands.

    Read completely: - All-Russian automobile portal
  6. V.I.P.
    V.I.P. 25 January 2021 12: 22
    I wonder why you didn't buy a trawl from the Russian Federation? Did they carry out comparative tests of these trawls? I would like to see the results, why they turned out to be better
    1. psiho117
      psiho117 26 January 2021 21: 17
      Quote: V.I.P.
      why didn't you buy a trawl from Russia

      You do not take into account the corruption component. Well this is the Indians.
      They will sell their own wife to the white Sahib for a little money.
      And the Brits in India have garters wow.
      1. V.I.P.
        V.I.P. 27 January 2021 13: 44
        And in the Russian Federation with kickbacks is it wrong?)))) ...................... I would not say that having purchased Poseidon, Apache, Globemaster, etc., they money wasted