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Indicative peacefulness and probable opponents. Will Biden start a war?


As you know, during the four years of his rule, US President Donald Trump did not start a single war and, on the contrary, took measures to reduce the already deployed contingents. Now Joe Biden is in the presidency, and this change of power is a cause for concern. The media have expressed concerns about the possible resumption of the old course, which could lead to the start of new military operations and conflicts.

Indicative peacefulness

In the past four years, the Pentagon, following the course of the Trump administration, continued to conduct a number of military operations begun earlier. The solution of tasks in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria continued. At the same time, the contingent involved in these operations was gradually reduced. Formations and units were systematically removed from hot spots.

Despite a number of crisis situations in different regions, new operations did not start. Thus, the confrontation with Venezuela and the DPRK is still political and economic in nature, but it does not go into a military phase. At the same time, the fight against Iran has already led to an exchange of strikes with some personnel losses, but nothing more.

In recent weeks, President-elect Joe Biden and candidates for key government positions have spoken repeatedly about their plans for international politics. These speeches traditionally touched on several main topics: the US commitment to the ideals of freedom and democracy, the desire to help third countries in the fight against tyranny, etc.

For obvious reasons, no one spoke directly about the desire to start a war with this or that country. With this exemplary peacefulness, the new presidential administration is no different from the previous ones. At the same time, there is a constant talk of the need to counter Russia, China and other geopolitical rivals.

Measures are proposed, ranging from political and economic sanctions to demonstrations of military force. However, proposals to involve the armed forces do not cross the line and do not yet provide for the start of open hostilities.

Instigators of war

In the early XNUMXs, the J.W. Bush launched two major operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. In addition, during the declared war against terrorism, other military and political measures were taken. All of this immediately became the subject of criticism from the Democratic Party - and helped it attract the electorate in the next elections.

In 2008, Democrat B.Kh. Obama. He promised to complete operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and withdraw troops, but did not do it in two terms. Despite criticism of the predecessor, his administration took an active part in organizing and conducting the "Arab Spring". In addition, it was under B. Obama that the Libyan and Syrian operations started, which are still ongoing.

D. Trump's supporters regularly remind that new wars did not start under him. At the same time, suspicions are expressed against the new administration, which may end this course. It can adopt the methods of B. Obama, who allowed the solution of pressing political issues by military methods. How substantiated such suspicions are is not completely clear.

Non-military methods

With all the uncertainty of the situation, there remains a certain risk that J. Biden and his team will not limit themselves only to sanctions against unfriendly countries and launch full-scale military operations. Consideration should be given to the current situation and to determine which countries are then exposed to the main risks.

Russia and China have been declared the main geopolitical opponents of the United States. It is obvious that they will be fought with economic and political methods. The Pentagon will also be involved in this fight, but only at the level of cyber operations and display of the flag.

An open armed confrontation with the superpowers is simply impossible. Only a "small victorious war" is acceptable for solving urgent political problems, and in the case of the PRC or Russia, the armed conflict will not be quick, and victory in it is not guaranteed.

In the context of relations between the United States and China, it is necessary to recall the reports of the recent past about some levers of influence of official Beijing on J. Biden's team and about the activation of Chinese intelligence. If they correspond to reality, the new president has additional reasons not to bring relations with China to war.

Possible opponents

However, not all potential adversaries of the United States have developed armed forces or hidden leverage. As a result, such countries are at increased risk of becoming the next “enemy of democracy” and a theater of war.

Military measures can be used to "restore order" in nearby regions. For example, attempts to change the government in Venezuela have been going on for several years. It was not possible to do this peacefully, and a full-scale army operation could be the way out. Previous US actions "in the backyard" show the fundamental possibility of such events. Similar risks are present in the situation with Nicaragua.

Multilateral confrontation continues in the Middle East. In this situation, the main rival of the United States and friendly states is Iran. The topic of a hypothetical American-Iranian war has been discussed for several decades, but the real conflict has not yet begun. It is not known whether these tendencies will continue under J. Biden.

Under D. Trump, a new round of crisis took place on the Korean Peninsula, which was subsequently settled. North Korea remains a threat to US interests in the Asia-Pacific region, and also poses a threat to the closest friendly countries. So far the situation has stabilized, but any change in it can lead to the most serious consequences, up to a full-scale regional war.

It should be noted that in all the cases considered, the American army will not have to count on a quick defeat of the enemy and an unconditional victory. Thus, in Venezuela and Nicaragua, it is unlikely that it will be possible to obtain wide support from the population, which will lead to the possibility of a large partisan movement and other negative consequences. Similar factors are present in the hypothetical war with Iran, which also has a fairly developed army.

Unlike other "rogue states", the DPRK already has a nuclear weapons and the means of its delivery. Any attempt to attack this country could lead to dire consequences for the economy, infrastructure and reputation of the United States and allies. The supposed gains from the victory over Pyongyang will simply not justify the possible losses.

Peace process?

Despite the change of president, the United States must maintain the main directions of foreign policy. Washington will continue to take all measures to maintain world leadership in key areas. Any attempt at competition will be suppressed by all available means, as has happened many times in the past and as is being done right now.

The full and precise plans of the new presidential administration have not yet been announced and approved, which opens up room for various assessments and forecasts - and not everyone is optimistic. So far, all possible scenarios are being seriously considered, up to the start of new wars "in the name of democracy" and to promote US interests in different parts of the planet.

At the same time, such forecasts can be overly pessimistic. Indeed, the international situation as a whole is not conducive to a quick and peaceful solution of all accumulated problems and the resolution of the confrontation between the United States and a number of foreign states. However, the immediate start of full-scale hostilities will not give all the desired results and, in general, does not make sense.

Thus, an ambiguous situation is developing. The experience of past years and the specifics of American foreign policy will definitely lead to the continuation of the main conflicts of the present time. The prospects for their peaceful settlement are at least questionable. There is a risk of new wars, but the likelihood of this is not yet clear. Probably, the situation will become clear in the near future, when the new US leadership openly and clearly discloses its position and issues the necessary decrees. In the meantime, you should consider all possible scenarios and prepare your answers for each.
Photos used:
US Department of Defense, Wikimedia Commons
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  1. Far B
    Far B 21 January 2021 05: 41
    As you know, in the four years of his rule, US President Donald Trump has not started a single war.
    But he shot in Syria, Suleimani banged, did other pleasant things.
    Will Biden start a war?
    It will certainly start. Well this is a favorite American entertainment.
    1. Svarog
      Svarog 21 January 2021 08: 11
      Quote: Dalny V
      It will certainly start. Well this is a favorite American entertainment.

      This is a blood business. Trump was the only one of the last US presidents to be adequate. There are rumors that he is going to organize his own party .. which means the booze in the USA does not end)))
      1. NDR-791
        NDR-791 21 January 2021 08: 52
        which means the booze in the USA does not end)))
        Yes, it doesn't end. In Seattle, the antifa is raging. Under the slogan "We don't want Biden, we want revenge !!!" Incidentally, there is no longer any talk of BLM, they want to take revenge on the police, whites and all the authorities. In short, for all good versus all bad. Like our anarchists. And they are armed, and on the flag they have a Kalashnikov assault rifle. wassat I feel again we will be accused of inciting, etc.
        1. Far B
          Far B 21 January 2021 08: 57
          I feel again we will be accused of inciting, etc.
          Now, if it really flares up there - don't care somehow, let them blame. You know, I really want the States to go through what we had to go through at the turn of the 80s and 90s. So that they, znachitsa, themselves would grab a full spoonful of that porridge, which they fed us then. And we - kind and merciful programs like "oil for food" (if anyone remembers, yes).
          1. NDR-791
            NDR-791 21 January 2021 09: 02
            So that they, znachitsa, themselves grabbed a full spoonful of that porridge
            Hapnut, sit on the priest exactly, wait laughing They have 11 million on the border. suffering stagnated. And with these that they are buzzing ... Well, not everyone is on his own. "The rifle gives rise to power" (Comrade Mao) So let's see what they give birth to. But it is absolutely clear that they do not want to work and will not. They will feed them with money, but it will not last long.
      2. Machito
        Machito 21 January 2021 15: 04
        Quote: Svarog
        Quote: Dalny V
        It will certainly start. Well this is a favorite American entertainment.

        This is a blood business. Trump was the only one of the last US presidents to be adequate. There are rumors that he is going to organize his own party .. which means the booze in the USA does not end)))

        There is no doubt that Biden will unleash new wars. The US military-industrial complex is working, weapons are being produced, NATO allies in Europe are in no hurry to spend 2% of GDP on rearmament, warehouses are crammed with old weapons that need to be disposed of in new wars, and new weapons require testing in combat conditions. So, falsification of presidential elections by the Democrats in the United States will cost the lives of thousands of people.
  2. Pessimist22
    Pessimist22 21 January 2021 05: 49
    The next war should be in the United States, a war for democracy and the rights of blacks and homosexuals with LGBT people.
    1. Svarog
      Svarog 21 January 2021 08: 12
      Quote: Pessimist22
      The next war should be in the United States, a war for democracy and the rights of blacks and homosexuals with LGBT people.

      They are waging wars all over the world, just so that there is no war in the United States.
    2. BAI
      BAI 21 January 2021 11: 30
      Nothing will be there. There is no American embassy there.
    3. Galleon
      Galleon 21 January 2021 16: 12
      Quote: Pessimist22
      The next war should be in the United States, a war for democracy and the rights of blacks and homosexuals with LGBT people.

      Hmm, yes, my friend, you are not a Pessimist, but, I would say, a very well-expressed Optimist! I am also for the rights of blacks. And for democracy ...
  3. Mouse
    Mouse 21 January 2021 06: 15
    several main themes: the US commitment to the ideals of freedom and democracy, the desire to help third countries in the fight against tyranny, etc.

    Called ....
    We were not expecting you, but you pinned ...
  4. Runway
    Runway 21 January 2021 06: 21
    An article about an empty or not very glass. "If you want peace, prepare for war."
    If the Yankees can promote their interests, then they will move by any available methods.
    Can the Russian Federation observe / maintain its interests (there is no question of opposing the Yankees, since it is absurd) when the Yankees are activated on the Ball - this is the question.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 21 January 2021 06: 54
    the United States' commitment to the ideals of freedom and democracy, the desire to help third countries in the fight against tyranny, etc.
    What kind of freedom and democracy in the United States itself, we saw it well in the process of the pre-election race and the "most honest" elections. Establishing the tyranny of the Democrats (party) in their country, they intend to help someone in the fight against "tyranny" as they understand it. What this "help" leads to is also well known. Will Biden start a war? Most likely it will start with a 90% probability. the internal situation in the United States will force it to do so in order to divert the disaffected to an external enemy.
    1. Machito
      Machito 21 January 2021 15: 09
      I would say with a probability of 1000%. The United States cannot exist without wars around the world. If the US stops unleashing wars around the world, the empire of evil "good" will fall, and peaceful "evil" regimes lock up the remnants.
  6. Crowe
    Crowe 21 January 2021 07: 24
    Will Biden start a war?

    - Listen, have you had any accidents at the construction site?
    - No, there hasn't been one yet
    - They will! Psli
    They will definitely. They need to make up, otherwise Comrade Trump, who is not a friend to Biden at all, turned out to be unleashed by the new government, to the sadness of the new government. Disorder. They will eliminate the shortcomings and shortcomings of the previous administration.
    New wars, new money.
    1. kytx
      kytx 21 January 2021 13: 34
      war is of course good this is money
      but they are in full swing inside the country and a split such as in modern history has not yet been
      it must either be suppressed or directed in the right direction
      here "small and victorious" will not do
      something more serious is needed here
      like "rallying the country around a common task"
      neither Iran nor the DPRK are pulling the role of such an adversary
      grappling with the Russian Federation and the PRC is also fraught with danger
      the forecast is impossible IMHO
      not enough information
  7. Ros 56
    Ros 56 21 January 2021 07: 33
    Let's wait and see what can be expected from these striped authorities.
  8. Tzar
    Tzar 21 January 2021 09: 21
    Maybe at least the tension in the Middle East will subside a little, after all, there is no "son-in-law" lobbyist now, they can return to the Iranian agreement ...
  9. prior
    prior 21 January 2021 10: 53
    Something does not impress me with this new American "Akella".
    Even the sand stopped pouring out of it when walking. Progressive dementia and mold growth.
    Unless, behind his back, the creepy wench Harris, sees enough "terrible" photos and starts hysteria ...
  10. rocket757
    rocket757 21 January 2021 12: 32
    Indicative peacefulness and probable opponents. Will Biden start a war?

    With whom? And will striped be able to win the war against anyone?
    1. Kushka
      Kushka 21 January 2021 22: 09
      Yeah, they forgot how Monty killed the Fuhrer from Libya,
      across all southern, western Europe to the Baltic
      and accepted the surrender of Germany on a par with the USSR.
      Hitler's losses in Egypt equal or exceed him
      losses at Stalingrad!
      To underestimate a potential adversary, to put it mildly
      shortsighted, but on a resource like VO .....
      I don’t even know how to say it.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 21 January 2021 23: 07
        To underestimate, dangerous, overestimate ... stupid.
        By the way, it was not from the eastern front that the units were taken away and sent to the west, just the opposite!
        To compare the whole war of the allies in the west, with one battle at Stalingrad .... I would never do it, ANYWHERE.
        1. Kushka
          Kushka 21 January 2021 23: 17
          This is not me, this is a wiki, and not about the West there, but about Africa and Europe.
          It's just that I was brought up on the Naval Collection and the Foreign Military
          review. And there the hap-covering was simply absent
          "at the molecular level". Probably because it is still great
          was the share of officers who passed the Second World War in the editorial offices and among
          1. rocket757
            rocket757 21 January 2021 23: 46
            Everywhere you need to look for the "grain of truth" .... because everywhere there are those who have seen something, have seen something, read something and have not been taught to throw their hats ... just the opposite.
            1. Kushka
              Kushka 22 January 2021 00: 02
              On the very first day, as we put on the uniform, we were built
              and reported the following:
              All that you brought from civilian life in your heads-
              detente, disarmament, reset of relations, etc., etc.
              you must forget today. You came here and you will be
              learn to fight. Fight the enemy strong, armed
              to the teeth and merciless. Then in the Mediterranean, I saw it
              with my own eyes. And today they tell me that the president has
              them "senile" and tomorrow "glue the flippers." And that their military
              a budget that is 16 times larger than the Russian one, it's just
              "saw the dough" ......
              1. rocket757
                rocket757 22 January 2021 09: 54
                There is always a choice of what to believe and what not.
                By the way, a big budget is not a guarantee of everything at once!
                It is recommended to disassemble a complex topic piece by piece. Get specific, understandable answers to simple questions ... then you can add the correct, general picture!
                Whether minke whales will be able to defeat someone is a difficult question, it is worth disassembling into constituent ones ...
                1. Kushka
                  Kushka 22 January 2021 14: 03
                  The trick is that these minke whales are very cunning.
                  That is, this is not Napoleon or Hitler, who himself
                  feather chest first, and dragged all sorts of
                  Romanians, Italians, etc. These always work,
                  at best, "parallel", or even in general
                  by someone else's hands. It has been looped for almost 300 years.
                  So calculate it here ...
                  1. rocket757
                    rocket757 22 January 2021 14: 45
                    Lately, they themselves, themselves, because soyuznichki like everything sideways / sideways ... since everything that Libya, basically, have been swaggering themselves.
                    That's not the question.
                    The question was, will the minke be able to defeat someone?
                    It is necessary to understand, to simplify the very concept of WIN.
                    Bomb the infrastructure, industry? Destroy the enemy army? Capture territory and resources? Or just impose a leadership that will serve them, and not for their state?
                    Many concepts are included in what seems to be a simple definition to WIN.
                    1. Kushka
                      Kushka 22 January 2021 15: 26
                      Here I understand and agree. I myself am in my specialty-
                      data networks - I use the simplification method when
                      resolving problems. But I have to continue "about bears"
                      (sorry). From the place where the fox ate the whole circle,
                      and im - one little piece of Paul ... oh cheese, and the other
                      a little more + Czechoslovakia + Austria (well, you remember the fairy tale,
                      she did it on purpose). Then we already know - "general"
                      Victory in Berlin and Tokyo, and again the war is cold.
                      Here, according to your scenario - through the leadership, through the economy.
                      RESULT: USSR collapsed (won?)
                      PLUS (or rather, minus) to this - they took away that little
                      a slice of Paul .... oh cheese (Poland today is a staging area for the United States, not
                      speaking about Ukraine and Georgia), kicked out of Berlin,
                      and how they occupied Germany and Japan in addition,
                      and are still there today. That is, as I pointed out, they did pocket
                      whole sha ... oh, cheese circle (won?)
                      Well, if anyone consolation Kunashir, I'm glad for him.
                      1. rocket757
                        rocket757 22 January 2021 15: 55
                        Yankee policy, in the world, is the creation of an image advantage in the eyes of the peoples of many, many countries! They succeeded, and where they failed, they acted by other methods .... the main thing is the end result, i.e. victory!
                        The Soviet Union managed to lose even those obvious image advantages that were .... stopped in development and lost.
                        Those. any situation should be considered as a whole. And the complex is made up of small events, simple ones that have an obvious assessment. And so it accumulated, a whole heap of negative, for which no one wanted to fight, to keep ... although there was a lot of positive!
                        Russia has a positive, negative, but the overall assessment is not ah, in my opinion ... and the prospects are vague, although I am for the fact that we will break through this time too.
                      2. Kushka
                        Kushka 22 January 2021 16: 24
                        I do not share your optimism and here's why
                        (sorry, I'm in my style, I won't leave the image in any way)
                        England, and France, when it started to feel nauseous,
                        quickly dripped themselves into five glasses of potassium permanganate
                        and all sorts of Tunisia, Morocco, and so on, "burped".
                        They quickly got better and got out.
                        And the USSR, like that Ukrainian, bit and bit everything.
                        East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Mongolia,
                        Bulgaria, Cuba, and further alphabetically. Well, Afghanistan!
                        It ended in a coma, resuscitation, almost gave an oak
                        absolutely. Well, as he did not give - they reanimated, but now it is
                        no longer the USSR. So all these "two days and we will be in Kiev",
                        "we forgot who took Berlin, we can repeat", Syria,
                        sip on bases in Yemen, Cam Ranh, Cuba ...
                        they scare me, let's just say.
                      3. rocket757
                        rocket757 22 January 2021 19: 14
                        The reality is that it all depends on the quality and goals of the management team!
                        We are not poor, backward, the leadership does not know how, does not want, does not have a goal to work as it should, with due diligence and skill ...
                        This is a problem, without solving which, we can crash even lower than before.
                      4. Kushka
                        Kushka 22 January 2021 19: 36
                        Here I am in general prostration - how poor?
                        What are the retarded? Yes, no one and nowhere on the planet
                        there is no such fusion of resources - human, natural
                        (marine, forest, land and underground), rafting
                        sciences and schools - aviation, ship, rocket building. A plus
                        geography (many people mold it to the minus). Well
                        like this, so that all THIS and everything is in ONE place!
                        And here it is necessary - as was the "Lefty syndrome", and
                        there are still days (the general dragged Lefty with ONE
                        flea around the world and bragged). One "Kuznetsov", one
                        SU-57 ... oh, I won't go on ... my mind refuses
                        to understand it.
                      5. rocket757
                        rocket757 22 January 2021 22: 38
                        The presence of the richest resources, natural, human, scientific, is NOT a GUARANTEE OF PROSPERITY for the inhabitants of the country, and the state as a whole !!!
                        A simple example ... the other day on TV showed an interview with the LEADING SPECIALIST OF THE CENTER GAMALEY, scientist !!! He spoke from home, and in the background there was a shabby wardrobe, and the whole furnishings were not ah !!! And look at football ... 22 millionaires are chasing one sword !!!
                        Remember how "utenkin or ayfonchik" TEACHERS offered to earn extra money, others say that THE STATE SHOULD NOTHING TO THEM, and so on, so on.
                        Let us recall the Minister of Finance Fedorov, about whom they spoke, looking at his cheeks, that the bins of the Motherland were hidden there !!!
                        Many examples can still be cited .... our country will always be POOR, NOT ATTRACTIVE, LAGGERED, while the "bins of the Motherland" will show through on the satisfied, well-fed faces of officials, "servants of the people" and teachers, REAL scientists, workers, will have to eat macaroshkas, earn some money and .....
                      6. Kushka
                        Kushka 22 January 2021 22: 45
                        I liked about 22 players and one ball.
                        Raikin remembered, however, he called them differently.
                        Raikin would have been banned at VO.
  • Keyser soze
    Keyser soze 21 January 2021 14: 01
    Marasmic Biden is the protagonist of the Deep State and a clique of neoliberal Democrats such as the disgusting "Killary" Clinton and the old woman Pelosi. These brutal individuals will increase the wars in the world, under all sorts of pretexts.
    1. Machito
      Machito 21 January 2021 15: 17
      Quote: Keyser Soze
      Marasmic Biden is the protagonist of the Deep State and a clique of neoliberal Democrats such as the disgusting "Killary" Clinton and the old woman Pelosi. These brutal individuals will increase the wars in the world, under all sorts of pretexts.

      The US doesn't need any pretexts. Hiley Likely is enough for them. Psaku was returned to the press service, and she can explain any lie. You can laugh at her stupidity for a long time, but with her mentally retarded speeches she will justify the murder of thousands of peaceful people. The Democrats, along with the corrupt American media, completely usurped power in the United States, removing the Republicans, in fact, turning the United States into a fascist dictatorship.
  • Peaceful SEO
    Peaceful SEO 21 January 2021 16: 41
    Quote: rocket757
    Indicative peacefulness and probable opponents. Will Biden start a war?

    With whom? And will striped be able to win the war against anyone?

    So they have no task to win. The process itself is important. The longer the mess lasts, the more money you can raise. And almost any state can bomb the states, if desired (except for those who will smash them themselves in response)
    1. A_Lex
      A_Lex 21 January 2021 17: 20
      So they have no task to win. The process itself is important.

      Victory establishes a certain state of reality, which lasts unchanged until defeat. Thus, with the help of victory, a permanent fixation of the status quo beneficial to the winner is carried out. Those. advantageous status quo is victory. Therefore, they say that the best battle is the one that never happened. Because the ultimate goal is not to win the battle, but to establish an order that suits you, which will be followed by others.

      Ultimately, the goal of the United States is that the state of reality that suits them, in which they are the undisputed ideological leader and role model, will never change again. Which is possible only if the United States does not suffer defeat. For this, they, in turn, must constantly carry out systematic work to weaken both existing and potential competitors.
  • Kushka
    Kushka 21 January 2021 22: 02
    [quote = Bearded] [quote = Svarog] [quote = Dalniy V] Will definitely start. Well this is a favorite American entertainment. [/ Quote]
    There is no doubt that Biden will unleash new wars. [/ quote]

    How will he untie ?!
    On VO already two months trumpets, that he will give oak from day to day!
    Sho, from there?
  • tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 21 January 2021 22: 22
    With Biden, our armored train should already move out of the side tracks and preferably with hypersound, Caliber, Vanguard, Poseidon and Sarmat, and in sufficient numbers. Those who blame the United States, Russia for all the troubles have come to power. The X-hour is already close.
  • Jaromir
    Jaromir 22 January 2021 01: 34
    Will Biden start a war?

    Will start. The only question is the date of the start of the war and in which region.
  • ser.rudov2016
    ser.rudov2016 22 January 2021 15: 52
    Clinking weapons is a favorite method of the US and Russian governments to distract ordinary people from pressing problems. No one will start a war against a country with nuclear weapons. This is not the Middle Ages. The fight is not for territory, but for markets for its goods. Russia is in this. sense-an oasis. Moreover, our businessmen have already invested in the US economy a trillion dollars from the proceeds from the sold "national property", and American businessmen control 80% of our enterprises with the help of investments. You must be a schizophrenic to start a war in such conditions.
  • Kostadinov
    Kostadinov 26 January 2021 14: 40
    Obama also did not start a single war. Warrior started Bush from Trump's party. And Trump himself bombed Syria and organized the assassination of an Iranian official who was invited to Iraq with the consent of the United States.
  • Forever so
    Forever so 26 January 2021 18: 45
    Of course it will. although the global epidemic is not over yet, and what its results will be from the next wave of infection from the Rockefeller medical center is difficult to predict. After all, the effect on the Russians was not at all as expected. So you need to look at the results of reformatting according to the American patterns of the world system 21 years old.
  • fif21
    fif21 27 January 2021 19: 10
    Zhirik is right - it's time for Lavrov to retire. hi
  • Outsider
    Outsider 29 January 2021 01: 22
    Biden will not start a war, firstly, there is no money, and secondly, "the gut is thin."
  • Armen Sologyan
    Armen Sologyan 5 February 2021 19: 25
    Well, under Trump, the coronavirus appeared, its origin does not allow me to doubt that this virus is American. There is no direct evidence, unless of course a new Snowden appears and tells everything in detail, but: 1.) The US was the first to start developing nuclear weapons and also used the first and second times; 2.) After Germany, it was the United States that used chemical weapons of mass destruction napalm and phosphorus bombs. Napalm in Korea, then Vietnam and Cambodia; 3.) The US dropped bombs with uranium filling on Our Serbia !!!! That's why there is an outbreak of oncological diseases there. After all this, try to prove to me that the United States did not develop Ebola and coronavirus, and then used Ebola in Africa, and the coronavirus through China to the entire planet Earth !!!! Let's compare how many died from the "newbie" and how many died from the coronavirus. From a “newbie, it’s generally minuscule because the United States didn’t try to recreate the technology and they just left a defective“ newbie. ”If you trace the entire history of Russia, then Russia has never used weapons of mass destruction, and Russia has been for many centuries, and the United States is only 300 years and what applications on their part !!!! On the planet Earth, there is only one country that deserves to be called Great and this is Russia !!! Try to refute me !!!! Nothing will come of it, I already know 100% guaranteed!