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The French tested a new guided 155-mm artillery shell KATANA

The French tested a new guided 155-mm artillery shell KATANA

The French company Nexter Group has conducted the first tests of the new 155-mm Katana artillery guided projectile. This was reported on the company's website.

According to the report, the tests were carried out in Sweden between December 7-11, 2020, but the company released a press release just now, stating that the shooting was considered successful.

The CAESAR ACS was used as a launcher when firing a KATANA projectile. Following the results of the shooting, the company announced confirmation of the projectile's maneuverability. At what range the firing was carried out is not reported, the main topic of these tests was the confirmation of the ability to control the projectile in flight. Coordinate shooting will take place in the next stage in 2021.

According to Dominique Guillet, director of the Ammunition of the Nexter Group, the new projectile can be adjusted during flight, which will increase the firing range compared to a purely ballistic trajectory.

For the first time, Nexter Group presented the 155-mm guided missile KATANA at the Eurosatory 2018 exhibition. According to the developers, this projectile can be used by all 155-mm artillery systems. The ammunition has a multi-mode fuse, configurable to be triggered by hitting the target directly, at some distance from the target, or with a delay after penetrating the target.

Guidance is provided by the combined use of GNSS, an inertial system and a semi-active laser control system.

Serial production of shells is scheduled for 2023.
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  1. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 20 January 2021 12: 54
    CAESAR performed very well in Iraq in the war against ISIS.
    ACS accurate. Deploys quickly, with good rate of fire.
    Success of the French.
  2. Avior
    Avior 20 January 2021 13: 05
    Interestingly, but for Zamvolt such a projectile cannot be adapted?
    1. OgnennyiKotik
      OgnennyiKotik 20 January 2021 13: 13
      Why does the United States need this particular shell? They have their own M982 Excalibur, of which 1400 shells were fired in battle alone (as of October 2018). The total production of tens of thousands of shells, if not hundreds of thousands, is in service with 7 countries.
    2. OgnennyiKotik
      OgnennyiKotik 20 January 2021 13: 20
      And here is an excerpt from the Wiki about the Advanced Gun System (AGS) of Zamvolt. For short, you cannot use other projectiles besides LRLAP.

      AGS cannot use ammunition designed for existing artillery, therefore each type of ammunition must be designed and manufactured for AGS. The only type to be developed from 2018 is LRLAP. The LRLAP purchase was canceled and there were no plans to replace it. [4] other projectiles have been studied to replace the LRLAP, but since this is the only ammunition intended to be fired from AGS, the barrel, software, cooling system and automatic magazines had to be modified to accommodate a different cartridge. [11] [12] It can cost up to $ 250 million in engineering costs to retrofit all six guns on three ships to accommodate a new round. [13]

      After some research was discontinued on whether the M982 Excalibur guided munition could be adapted for use with AGS, officials announced in January 2018 that there is currently no plan to replace any projectile for the AGS. Instead, the command of the Naval Systems and the Chief of Operations of the Navy will "monitor new technologies" that can be used with the AGS system in the future.] In particular, he noted that the tests of the BAE super-high-speed projectile, cross-service 127-mm The Mach 5's (155 ") naval and 7mm land-based, low drag homing projectile, originally designed for rail cannons, provided a range close to the original LRLAP specification, while still offering superior rate of fire and accuracy. HVP projectiles were estimated at about $ 2018 for a 25 mm (000 in) surface-to-surface projectile or $ 127 for a 5 mm anti-missile projectile. [86]
      1. Cowbra
        Cowbra 20 January 2021 13: 45
        If only the maidan catapult was installed instead of these AGS winked Otherwise, if a battle happened, they would run around the deck screaming "Puff-puff! Pew-pew!"
      2. Yuri V.A
        Yuri V.A 20 January 2021 14: 03
        "... about Zamwolt's Advanced Gun System (AGS) Art Installation. For a short time, you can't use any shells other than LRLAP."
        It remains to thank once again some local son of a Turkish citizen who managed to persuade Congress to finance this project.
        1. OgnennyiKotik
          OgnennyiKotik 20 January 2021 14: 36
          What has changed? As Arlie Burke was released at the limit of production, they still produce 1-2 pieces per year.
          Their main mistake was that they launched the series without finishing the lead ship, there was too much new in one project. It's the same with LCS.
          1. Yuri V.A
            Yuri V.A 20 January 2021 15: 17
            What has changed is that because of this project, the next generation of ships of this class will be twenty years late and it would not have been possible to bring this type to mind, with this approach.
  3. Labrador
    Labrador 20 January 2021 13: 18
    KATANA immediately reminded of the movie "Taxi" - there the commissioner also called the operations "Zen", then "Cobra".
  4. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 20 January 2021 13: 21
    The shell is French, and the name is Japanese)))
    But, on the other hand, this Japanese sword is designed for one, fatal blow. So everything seems to be respected)))
    1. novel66
      novel66 20 January 2021 13: 27
      The shell is French, and the name is Japanese))

      a test in Sweden
      1. V.I.P.
        V.I.P. 20 January 2021 13: 33
        It's cold in Sweden, like in Russia. On our territory they cannot test, but it is necessary)))
  5. Lord of the Sith
    Lord of the Sith 20 January 2021 16: 30
    And the ammunition is probably like a good Rolls-Royce)))
  6. Jacket in stock
    Jacket in stock 20 January 2021 17: 28
    The head is semi-active, which means there must be either a drone or an outfit of suicide gunners near the target.
  7. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 21 January 2021 14: 23
    There was a time when the French almost bought the Russian Krasnopol! Yes, something "at the last minute" broke! How to drink to give, the Americans intervened! But the Chinese are using Krasnopol with might and main ... however, they made their modifications on the basis of the Russian projectile ... with a laser seeker, and with GPS, and with SPBE ....!