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Chinese dragon tongue

Chinese dragon tongue

And we tried to comprehend, who did not know wars

For the war cry who took the howl
The secret of the word Order, the appointment of boundaries,
The meaning of the attack and the clash of the war chariots!

V.S. Vysotsky

The border, the edge - something hard like granite, sharp and dangerous like a blade, and beyond it something otherworldly, alien! The very thought to cross the border or go beyond the border extracts from the depths of the memory of generations:

"cross the Rubicon",
to step towards fate "headlong"
"Clouds go gloomily on the border" ...

What can be answered to the question:

"Would Argentina become a wealthy, prosperous country if it annexed the Falklands?"


"Perhaps a mighty Iraq would flourish after absorbing tiny Kuwait?"


"Is Armenia much happier after the capture of several regions of Azerbaijan thirty years later?"

Over the twentieth century, the political map of the world has changed beyond recognition several times.

And always as a result of conflicts and wars, borders were revised. If a war is always a continuation of the political and economic interests of countries, then the revision of borders as a result of conflicts pursues political and economic goals.

The most stable and long-term boundaries remain between different ethnic groups if they are separated by a natural barrier in the form of a river, sea, or mountain range. Certain traditions of their observance and mutual respect of neighbors are emerging, correct and fair borders can contribute to mutual enrichment and mutual assistance of neighboring ethnic groups.

The military of all countries view existing borders as a potential front line. If the potential aggressor is strong and dangerous, then attempts are made to shorten the line of contact to organize a reliable defense. Borders established according to the colonial principle, by the right of the strong or after victory in the conflict, become a source of tension between countries and will be revised in one direction or another at the first convenient combination of circumstances.

I have never wondered if I am personally satisfied with the existing borders of our country or not? As a former military man, I was a priori required to ensure their immunity.

But lately, representatives of the diplomatic circles of different countries, whom the media provide an opportunity to be heard, and in our country, have been making hints of territorial claims against Russia. Their legitimacy is confirmed, as a rule, by references to certain historical documents, according to which we (the greedy ones) must return the illegally seized territories to our noble neighbors (in all fairness) and make amends for the historical guilt with billions in payments for the moral and material damage caused (for their underdevelopment).

As a rule, all this undercover mouse fuss is raked by the diplomatic department. And ordinary people from different sides of the border have to blindly trust the specialists who justify the point of view they favor.

Absolutely not claiming understanding and acceptance, I will try to express my thoughts aloud along one such border.

Three borders meet here now

An offer you can't refuse

It will be about the "swamp of quiet life" in the south of the Primorsky Territory of the Russian Federation along the Tumannaya River and about the border of our country with the People's Republic of China and the Korean People's Democratic Republic.

I am sure that most of us will now closely examine this place on a map at a scale of 1: 100000 for the first time. To facilitate an unambiguous understanding, I will name the resource that I used ( Coordinate points and distances used in the material were taken from it.

The only railway bridge linking North Korea with Russia.

So, the border between Russia and North Korea, passing through the Sea of ​​Japan, continues along the bed of the Tumannaya River (in Korean Tumangan).

The length of the land section of the border is only 17,3 kilometers, the only crossing over the Russian-Korean border near the village of Khasan is represented by a railway bridge across the river just 500 meters from the crossing point of the borders of the three states.

A real map of the three borders

I will note such a nuance, from this point with coordinates 130038 / v. d. 42025 / s. sh. the nearest point on the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan in our territory is only 10 kilometers.

Point of intersection of three borders and its distance from the sea

If we continue moving up the river from the point of intersection of the three borders, then we will run into the next man-made structure on the border between China and North Korea - a road bridge.

The distance along the bed of a rather winding river between the bridges will be about 25 kilometers. The right bank of the river still belongs to North Korea, but on the left bank - the territory of China is a narrow strip of coastal floodplain with flooded meadows, the width of which varies from 500 meters to two kilometers in front of the automobile bridge.

After careful viewing, I have matured the romantic name of this part of the territory of China - the language of the Chinese dragon!

Along the entire length of the Russian-Chinese border in this section, the Tumannaya River, already bordering between China and Korea, can be easily seen from our side.

The position and state of the border spontaneously pulled out of my memory negative associations from times not so distant, when people from crimson jackets to the new Russian elite could afford to fence off a picturesque area on the banks of a river or lake with a blank fence in order to spend the rest of their lives, beautifully resting from work the righteous. Moreover, the craving for the beautiful of local children and the romantic memories of the youth of the inhabitants of the neighboring village were not even visible at close range.

I don’t know about you, but I, probably, because of a heightened sense of justice and innate pathological greed, had a desire to attach the dragon's tongue to the territory of the Primorsky Territory of the Russian Federation!

What advantages, benefits and benefits will the country receive from such an acquisition?

I will make a reservation right away that the act of transferring territory in this region is possible only as a result of the mutual consent of China and Russia and the unconditional approval of the DPRK.

From a military point of view, at present, the language of the Chinese dragon cannot be viewed otherwise than as a springboard for possible aggression against our country. The intended goals may be such as cutting off the land border of North Korea from such an influential geopolitical rival as Russia, in order to increase the already considerable dependence of the DPRK on the economy, politics and ideology of the PRC.

The formation of a hypothetical corridor with the PRC accessing the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan will enable the country to claim a 200-mile economic zone and the construction of a powerful military and economic infrastructure as opposed to its eternal rival from the Japanese islands.

For the modern Chinese army, an attacking throw of ten kilometers from a prepared bridgehead and with the support of the Chinese fleet from the sea is unlikely to take more than a day. An insignificant border incident with the use of conventional weapons (and this is how the international community will be presented and perceived) will end for Russia with the loss of a significant territory in the south of Primorsky Krai.

The modern ruling elite, which has taken hostility to amendments to the Constitution concerning the country's territorial integrity, will not deem it necessary to risk a protracted military conflict without the use of strategic nuclear forces.

But let's not talk about sad things. And let's look with optimism at the possible acquisition.

Having mastered the newly obtained section of 25 kilometers of the border with North Korea, passing along the bed of a fairly full-flowing river, the issues of its delimitation, protection and defense will be greatly simplified. As an economic justification for the acquisition, we can assume the creation of a railway transport corridor from the Republic of Korea to Europe and the laying of the "Korean Stream" by analogy with the "Turkish" and "North" (one and two).

Cross-border mutually beneficial cooperation would also be facilitated by the construction of an automobile bridge, the absence of which at present should be taken as nonsense. The joint construction of a hydroelectric power station cannot be ruled out either. In the end, the attraction of labor to construction projects for the development of the entire Far East of our country (in exchange for the possibility of acquiring modern Russian weapons for North Korea) could be of interest to both sides without looking back at a partner from across the ocean.

Estimated point of intersection of three borders in the future.

Moving the previously mentioned crossing point of the borders of three states on the Tumannaya River to the site with coordinates 130032 / v. d. 42032 / s. sh., our country will reduce the border with China by about 20 kilometers and in return will receive it on a new section with a length of only about 3500 meters. The new border will be agreed from the point indicated above on the river bed along the hollow between the hills from the south-west to the north-east to the border and currently at an elevation of 464,0 called Povorotny Peak.

Diplomacy is the art of opportunity

Is it of principle for China to own the territory in question?

As it seems to me, no. In fact, for him, this is a border zone, sandwiched between two borders with a special regime of visit and presence. Any significant economic or agricultural activity is very, very problematic. The density of the indigenous population is not comparable to the southern regions of the continental part of the country. By and large, some costs and a headache!

Of course, taking into account the mentality of the Chinese leadership and the people as a whole, who poured entire islands in the South China Sea to expand living space, we, as initiators and beneficiaries, must be ready to make mutual concessions and, perhaps, interest the other side in other ways ...

This can be either a banal exchange of territories in order to establish more convenient and fair borders, or significant actions or concessions in the economic or political spheres of relations.

Exchange option

So, for exchange, as an example, we can offer a wedge-in section of our territory deep into China in an area of ​​height 405 called Mount Ugolnaya to a height of 280 Mount Korotyshka, this is 20 kilometers northwest of Povorotny Peak. Or maybe the Chinese will be interested in a site in the area of ​​the Guard Mountain to the west of Lake Khanka?

If you bargain according to the Eastern custom, then attempts to exchange this section for critical technologies for the PRC (reactors for aircraft carriers, engines for space rockets, which are bought by the Americans, or for the Tu-160M) are possible. Mutual recognition of Crimea and Taiwan could become a symbolic gesture in the political arena. In the end, it is stupid to buy out the land at the prices of the Moscow Ruble. By the way, can any of the local inhabitants want a dacha on the Tumannaya River in the Korean style ...

Someone will ask, is the candlestick game worth it?

From my point of view, such borderline issues should not be considered at the moments when relations with a neighbor become strained before any conflict heats up.

Let us recall fraternal Ukraine. After the collapse of the Union and the emergence of two independent states, no one paid attention to the fact that the railway route from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don on a small deserted section passed through the territory of the Luhansk region. Over time, customs appeared on it. And all the inconvenience first came down to a waste of time. And six years ago, hostilities began there. And the railway troops of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in an emergency mode had to pull the tracks bypassing the "square". And where did all the warmth of brotherly relations go !?

There will be no monumental conclusions and categorical requirements on the topic discussed in the article. At least from the author.

I apologize in advance for possible unintentional economic, political, diplomatic blunders.

In the comments, I would like to hear the whole range of opinions and suggestions on the topic outlining the civil position of the reader who has not remained indifferent.
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  1. Kronos
    Kronos 25 January 2021 10: 08
    Negative associations from times not so distant, when people from crimson jackets to the new Russian elite could afford to fence off a picturesque area on the banks of a river or lake with a blank fence - so they can and do so for a long time. ...
    1. Nasrat
      Nasrat 25 January 2021 10: 38
      What nonsense just can't read on VO ... the author is also a former officer ... negative

      And for information, that's when you had to think with your head:

      In 1954, a delegation headed by Khrushchev arrived in Port Arthur. After listening to the report of the military, it was absolutely unexpected for them to ask what they were doing here and how long it would take them to get out of China. The military reasonably replied that they were here protecting the distant borders of the USSR, after which Khrushchev flew into a rage and replied that we were not tsarist Russia, and offered to leave China in 5 months, and transfer all the fortress equipment and weapons to China for free, and some sell weapons. It turned out that the most expensive structures and equipment were handed over for free, and any nonsense was sold for a pittance.
      The USSR forever lost its naval base in non-freezing waters, to which the Chinese Eastern Railway, built during the reign of the Tsar, led.
      1. NDR-791
        NDR-791 25 January 2021 11: 47
        What nonsense just can't read on VO ...
        You give the straightening of the entire land border outward !!! wassat So after all, it won't take long to reach an agreement before the globe of the country. Someone already had this and was recognized as a diagnosis drinks
      2. Mark kalendarov
        Mark kalendarov 27 January 2021 10: 03
        So the author suggests thinking !!!! Now! And you give an example of a thoughtless, voluntaristic decision. But, of course, thinking about it is pleasant and safer. Plus to kick Nikita one more time ... Eh.!
        And the questions at the beginning of the article are very good!
      3. Pravodel
        Pravodel 27 January 2021 10: 14
        The harm that Khrushchev inflicted on the USSR still needs to be investigated: put everything together and present it to the descendants who live comfortably in the United States. This, just, can be attributed to our exit from China - Port Arthur, there is still something there, + Crimea, given to Ukraine. And this is only for the lost territories.
    2. Civil
      Civil 26 January 2021 11: 05
      1. It is worth entering into an exchange of territories with such a superpower of our time as the PRC - there will be no turning back... Yes, just start any border negotiations. Everyone remembers how the Russian Empire bent the Chinese empire out of weakness.
      2. Let's be realistic, the PRC will do this on its own initiative, as soon as Russia is weakened to such an extent that it will no longer be able to defend itself both morally and physically.
      3. In the meantime, the Russian population of the Far East is rapidly declining ... Alas
  2. g1v2
    g1v2 25 January 2021 10: 15
    Is the game worth it? The borders with the PRC are now recognized by both sides, which has seriously improved our relations. Why question them again? And then again, why should we turn territorial issues between us again? request Moreover, China, on the contrary, would benefit from having access to the sea north of the DPRK, so why should we draw attention here? Again, historically, we are just beginning to develop the existing territories and the coastline. There, work on infrastructure, development of mineral deposits in the Far East and the development of ports, shipyards and fishing will definitely be enough for 50 years.
    We have territorial issues in the west of the country, so why should we also raise them in the east? Moreover, the existing border with the DPRK allows us to communicate and trade directly with it. request
    Of course, as an ideological imperialist and militarist, I am for any territorial gains, but in this case, in my opinion, the game is definitely not worth the candle. And this will divert resources from promising areas of expansion. hi
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 25 January 2021 11: 10

      And the picture with the flags is valid!
      And the epigraph is taken from the Ballad about the struggle of V.S. Vysotsky, who has a birthday today!
  3. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 25 January 2021 10: 24
    Is it of principle for China to own the territory in question?
    As it seems to me, no.
    I do not know about the Chinese, but the Russians have a saying: "When it seems, they cross themselves." But good luck to the author in his research!
    1. volodimer
      volodimer 26 January 2021 11: 00
      For the Chinese, this is fundamental, in the days of the drunkard they offered us to expand the mouth of the Tumannaya so that ships could climb it to Chinese territory and build a port there. It is good that it has come down to our leaders that this is a sure death sentence for the Trans-Siberian Railway and all the ports of Primorye. Who will need them. So there will be no exchange of territories. As it was not before. For the sake of "friendly relations and the final demarcation of the state border" they surrendered their territories to China and that's it!
      That after that the border issue is closed? By no means, the Chinese simply postponed the rest of their claims for a while. Haishenwei is not just a Chinese name for Vladivostok, it is their understanding of who owns all of Primorye. And as soon as we show our weakness, the following demands will follow to return them to the next historical territories ...
  4. Pessimist22
    Pessimist22 25 January 2021 10: 24
    Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson, Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk, Donetsk and Kharkov regions, you need to pick up, since these are our territories.
    1. Boris55
      Boris55 25 January 2021 10: 37
      Quote: Pessimist22
      need to be taken, since these are our territories

      As soon as they themselves are cured of Bandera, we'll see - not earlier. If they want to join the union state on equal rights (not dependent) - you are welcome.

      Raising the issue of revising the borders and trying to draw Russia into it and also against China is the dream of the State Department. Whoever inflates it is a clintanoid for the whole head.
      1. Gardamir
        Gardamir 25 January 2021 11: 43
        As soon as they themselves are from Bandera
        and the Crimean, when were they cured?
        1. Tzar
          Tzar 25 January 2021 13: 18
          The overwhelming majority of Crimeans did not get sick with this, they did not have time to bring this infection to them.
      2. Nemchinov Vl
        Nemchinov Vl 27 January 2021 19: 46
        Quote: Boris55
        They will want to join the union state for equal rights (non-dependent)
        ... take a closer look at dedicated by me words, in your phrase (!), discard "propaganda husk from the media" (and in each of the neighboring states, in its own way), And For example elections in Belarus, you will understand that THESE MOST (the words I highlighted), in each of the states, - interpreted ABSOLUTELY differently !!!
    2. Aleksandr21
      Aleksandr21 25 January 2021 11: 17
      Quote: Pessimist22
      Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson, Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk, Donetsk and Kharkov regions, you need to pick up, since these are our territories.

      I'm afraid this is unrealistic. And the main snag here is that there is no support - among the local population. Yes, they are Russian-speaking, but do they want to go to Russia? Is there support among young people? doubtful .... if it is possible with a part of Lugansk and Donetsk (controlled by the LPNR), and then there is no support in the Kremlin. But with the territory controlled by Ukraine, everything is much more complicated) in Ukraine, the Ukrainization of youth took place and this must be taken into account.
      1. bayard
        bayard 26 January 2021 06: 06
        Quote: Aleksandr21
        if it is also possible with a part of Luhansk and Donetsk (controlled by the LPNR), and then there is no support in the Kremlin.

        So the whole trouble is from the lack of this support. In 2014, a large (and better) part of the former Ukraine was ready to follow Crimea, but the Kremlin thought otherwise.
        ... They counted money that could be arrested in Western accounts.
        And now they do.
        "Where your money is, there is your heart."
        The Ukrainian army, for the most part, was ready in 2014 (before the summer battles - for sure) to stand under the Russian banners. This I know for sure. And not only me.
        And in the Kremlin then they thought, "How would it be more cultured to drain the uprising in the Donbass."
        There are no people there who think in such categories as the People, the historical borders of the Motherland.
        There are businessmen.
        And managers from privatizers.
        1. EvilLion
          EvilLion 26 January 2021 09: 28
          Yes, everyone has money in the banks, and everyone just thinks how to get out. Since the beginning of the 90s, the Ukroarmiyu has been saturated with Bandera's supporters and hangers-on, it is useless to look for at least someone adequate there among the generals. Here in any sense, because they blew the militia and that for years there was a negative selection.
          1. bayard
            bayard 26 January 2021 21: 28
            In conflicts of this kind, they play a greater role, and ... the colonels deserve more attention.
            And the majors.
            And the generals in Ukraine are coming figures.
            Bandera's army was not particularly saturated with Bandera - they do not like to serve. They were sent to the unit since the spring of 2014 as a kind of Gestapo, to monitor the reliability.
            Where did the Donetsk and Luhansk miners / drivers get their weapons from?
            Armored vehicles?
            In the same Slavyansk?
            Forgot ?
            When the reconnaissance company of the 25th Airborne Brigade handed over all its weapons to the rebels and part of the personnel remained to fight with them ...
            And so it happened often at that time.
            So in the Crimea - up to 90% of the Ukrainian military went under the flag of Russia, although many of them were from other regions (not Crimeans).
            Had the Russian Army appeared in Ukraine at the beginning of 2014, ... practically ALL the Ukrainian army would have declared itself Russian!
            And Russia had all the rights and reasons for this - the official and public request of the legitimate president of Ukraine for military assistance in suppressing the fascist rebellion.
            Forgot ?
            And we remember.
            For the whole of former Ukraine, Russia's actions in Crimea became a signal - then the entire Southeast rose, and in the street confrontation (then still peaceful) we almost always took over - there were more of us. Our cops and even the SBU were behind us ... Everyone was waiting for Russia's actions ...
            And they did not follow.
            And the enemy began to gather his forces into a fist and attack the big cities separately, creating a local advantage, money was used, mercenaries were used, the pre-trial detention center was emptied - criminals were hired to the National Battalions directly from under arrest ... preference was given to drug addicts - they are easier to control. ..
            ... From the destroyed cities, people flocked to Donetsk - from all over Ukraine. And they turned the tide. Donetsk and Lugansk have become the assemblage point - the place of self-organization of the People.
            If not for these people who arrived, Donetsk would hardly have resisted.
            The people had no weapons, no internal organization, no clearly defined leaders ... Leaders were manifested and put forward in action.
            ... And everyone was waiting for Russia, raising Russian flags over the Regional State Administration ...

            And in Russia (sorry - the Kremlin), they counted money.
            We tried to negotiate with the fascists in Kiev, who seized power in Ukraine.

            There would be no resistance to the Russian Army in 2014!
            Flowers would be greeted!
            She was expected.
            People were waiting.
            And with her arrival, all (who would not have had time to escape) Bandera and Pravosekov would have been overfished and transferred by the local population, Interior Ministry officers and most of the SBU officers (as this will not surprise you).
            But time was lost.
            And when the blood poured, the laws and instincts were different.
            And this is not at all the fault of the Russian inhabitants of South Russia.
            This is the fault of non-Russian.
  5. Runway
    Runway 25 January 2021 10: 36
    The author, the site that you advocate to give up without looking, seasonally drowns / washes with water.
    Arguing unconstitutionally, however.
    At the junction of the three-border, there is a literal border sign (letter T, if memory does not fail).
  6. nsm1
    nsm1 25 January 2021 10: 42
    The Chinese will not give it up, this is not even worth discussing.
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. Aleksandr21
    Aleksandr21 25 January 2021 10: 55
    From a military point of view, at present, the language of the Chinese dragon cannot be viewed otherwise than as a springboard for possible aggression against our country. The intended goals may be such as cutting off the land border of North Korea from such an influential geopolitical rival as Russia, in order to increase the already considerable dependence of the DPRK on the economy, politics and ideology of the PRC.

    Based on these "supposed" goals, would it be interesting for the PRC to give away such a small piece of territory? In general, of course, the idea is interesting but unrealizable, taking into account the Asian mentality, where territorial exchanges / disputes, etc. quite a sensitive topic, and in general for any nation. And the interest of the PRC authorities here (in the exchange of territories) is extremely doubtful ... they will buy technologies (those that they have interests in Russia), sooner or later, since the PRC has something to offer Russia in an economic sense, the recognition of Taiwan ... we already recognize Taiwan as part of China. So (I repeat) the interest is doubtful ... but joint infrastructure projects and economic ones, within the framework of interaction between China-Russia-North Korea (in this region), it is interesting and quite promising, so if the author continues this topic, I will read it with pleasure.
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 25 January 2021 11: 12
    there was a desire to attach the dragon's tongue to the territory of the Primorsky Territory of the Russian Federation!
    I do not presume to argue what and under what conditions could be attached (the author's dreams), but I will firmly say that border issues related to the claim to the territory of one of the parties can be resolved for tens of years and ultimately not decided. And they can decide quickly on mutually beneficial terms, which is extremely rare. He began his service as a lieutenant in these places at the Posiet-Kraskino fork in the distant 1976. I often had to visit Khasan and directly at the border posts. Even during the difficult period of our relations with China (in 1979, the 3-month war between the PRC and Vietnam), there were almost calmly. I would like it to be completely calm today.
  10. Doccor18
    Doccor18 25 January 2021 11: 27
    ... there was a desire to attach the dragon's tongue to the territory of the Primorsky Territory of the Russian Federation!

    Good luck laughing
    Is it of principle for China to own the territory in question?
    As it seems to me, no ...
    By and large, some costs and a headache!

    Very funny statements.
    It's a pity that Comrade Xi did not hear them, they would laugh together ...
    If you bargain according to the Eastern custom, then attempts are possible to exchange this section for critical technologies for the PRC (reactors for aircraft carriers, engines for space rockets, which are bought by the Americans, or for the Tu-160M) ...

    Generously, for a piece of "headache" ...
    Thanks to the author for patriotic dreams hi... With China, you can raise questions about the lands and borders, but they all either end in nothing or ... China is getting a little bigger. There is no other way ... And in order to "talk with China" on an equal footing, it needs to be at least equal ...
    1. EvilLion
      EvilLion 26 January 2021 09: 29
      Are we planning to degrade to the level of China?
      1. Doccor18
        Doccor18 26 January 2021 09: 35
        Quote: EvilLion
        Are we planning to degrade to the level of China?

        What do you have in mind?
        1. EvilLion
          EvilLion 26 January 2021 09: 38
          The fact that China is politically and politically is not a dragon, but just a big cow, while Russia is a leopard and the United States is a tiger. In economic terms, China is an energy-dependent consumer goods factory that dared to rebel against its buyer.
      2. Nemchinov Vl
        Nemchinov Vl 27 January 2021 20: 21
        Quote: EvilLion
        Are we planning to degrade to the level of China?
        . belay ... ? !!
        You see, dear interlocutor, BUT when we are talking about rapidly developing to the level - the second economy in the world (!) country, and it sounds -
        Quote: EvilLion
        degrade to the level of China?
        . ?!
        And before my eyes, residents once a united state, and their children, over time call each other: then "not brothers" or "Sumerians" or ..... (options are possible, as you understand ... and vice versa - in "return address"...). (!)... Meanwhile, also China builds let's say on their "technological groundwork", its marine gas turbine engines - QC280... which are essentially licensed copies - UGT25000 (Nikolaevsky "Zorya-Mashproekt" !!!). And on these EM engines type 052D or type 055 (!!)what's even cooler (!)... Yes at speeds (the buildings) as in the USSR (!!).... Then here, as they say, - "I am tormented by vague doubts? !!", . are you sure what exactly is China - degrades? !!!
  11. Daniil Konovalenko
    Daniil Konovalenko 25 January 2021 11: 31
    Some kind of child's play, not an article, if you can't take it away, let's change .. An active civic position .. "Is Dynamo running? Everybody runs." (from)
  12. Quadro
    Quadro 25 January 2021 12: 48
    I read some nonsense. Is this an attempt to make Russia and China quarrel? Are there not enough problems for us in the west? And that's enough with your "concessions". Give up your wife to a neighbor, but not state territory.
  13. Thrifty
    Thrifty 25 January 2021 13: 58
    We cannot create a union state with Belarus for many years! And here, a people more alien in terms of their mentality! The idea is generally good, there will be problems with its implementation, for the reason that the Kremlin suits everything as it is, any change, and even more so this is the need to solve a million problems. And the authorities inside the country are in no hurry to solve the problem, or they don't want to!
    1. Wertgan
      Wertgan 27 January 2021 13: 27
      We can't, but dad doesn't want to. The authorities decide ... but the people are not ready. Therefore, the process is slow and difficult.
  14. Knell wardenheart
    Knell wardenheart 25 January 2021 14: 11
    "... The modern ruling elite, which took hostility to amendments to the Constitution concerning the territorial integrity of the country ..."
    You know, I read this part of your opus 6 times, and I still can't believe my eyes)) The "modern ruling elite" not only introduced these amendments, initiated and extremely boringly promoted these things, turned the constitutional amendment into a trash farce with 7-day voting without observers in various dumb "polling stations", but also falsified all this splendor for beautiful numbers. In a country where laws exist for slaves and their interpretation (greetings from the GDP that gracefully bypassed the question from 2 terms), ignoring or rewriting is the essence of any government, there are NO contradictions between the elites) There can be no contradictions between the elites, because nobody interferes with any game justify through the COP or just arrange another stump-luggage cheers-approval.

    As for the borders with China and relations with China in general. It should be understood that China is now one of the pillars of the ostentatious "success" of our foreign policy - the more important, the more failures we have in other areas. The incoming Xi Jin is in fact the last major figure of international leaders who occasionally visits us, the newly laid gas pipelines in the PRC are essentially the strategic rear of our commodity bourgeoisie. For us, the PRC is an increasingly important geopolitical, economic and even technological ally - we for the PRC, it is one of dozens of sales markets, +1 vote in the decaying UN Security Council, an exporter of an increasingly dwindling and interesting PRC range of military products, and ONE OF the many exporters of agricultural and resource products. Strictly speaking, we have a pronounced STILL systematically growing misalliance. People in China understand this, they understand it (but probably not everyone) here - and in this regard, "touching" China and demarcating something in our favor - they will hardly crawl, this is the case when you built a large house of cards and are afraid to breathe normally , worth it and thank God. And the question here is not even the absence / availability of benefits from such an offer for us - our elites do not understand well that there are Chinese)) Very, very bad) They are afraid and afraid of the Chinese, our analyst in Asia is probably the weakest of our analysts in all other regions. So they are afraid not even of some kind of "deterioration of relations" or "epic refusal" - but of the fact that China itself will wake up some kind of proposals, and it will be necessary to somehow twist and sweat.
  15. bandabas
    bandabas 25 January 2021 19: 07
    The USSR was thinking about it. "Nana" technologists led by "zeroed" will sell.
  16. EvilLion
    EvilLion 26 January 2021 08: 57
    "Perhaps a mighty Iraq would flourish after absorbing tiny Kuwait?"

    If you rewind history during the British rule in those places, then Kuwait was part of Iraq, and oil was found there earlier than in the rest of Iraq, so the Britons tried to separate the area with oil before leaving. And from the point of view of Iraq, a small coastal but rich territory of average ur. the welfare of the country raises.