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"Fake shine" of "glass" DIAMANDa

"Fake shine" of "glass" DIAMANDa

Surprisingly, in the sensational stories with the delivery of incapacitated corvettes with inoperative radar systems to the Navy and in a disaster with mine support, there is one and the same (in addition to the Navy) "defendant", namely, JSC "Zaslon".

It's as if it's not enough for these outstanding guys to spoil one thing. From their actions there is a feeling that this is just some kind of sabotage team seeking to inflict the fleet as much damage as possible and master as much budget as possible for inflicting this damage. As if they want the money to fix their affairs would not be enough later. But first things first. First, about mine action.

Preparation of the "mine cut"

Officially, it all started with Euronaval 2012 (in fact, earlier). General Designer of TsMKB "Almaz", Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Igor Zakharov in an interview with "VPK":

“It was very important for us to get off the ground in the creation of mine defense ships. And we have found certain elements here that are ready to be used on our ships. Held very effective negotiations, including with French companies. After the exhibition, part of our delegation visited Toulon and saw all these things in action.

That is, we saw something that will be useful to the domestic fleet, something that we can really use, and where we are seriously lagging behind. This applies primarily to uninhabited underwater vehicles.which we will put on our mine defense ships. This is a big plus we made based on the results of the exhibition. The Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, Admiral Viktor Chirkov, confirmed the correctness of all our actions. "

Here it is worth recalling the statements from the same times of an insider from a "respectable specialized publication":

12700 do not need to go into a storm across the Atlantic or even into the Mediterranean Sea, he will not serve there ... He should not storm on the high seas either ... Another thing is that he does not yet have a sensible PMO, which is rightly pointed out to us by all sorts of mega-experts ... Now it is the lack of an apparatus that is the main drawback of this project, and not a scoop.

That is, "allegedly there is nothing domestic" (and the minesweeper allegedly "does not need to walk in a storm"). All these words of different gentlemen were just preparation for the "sawmill" on the development of the budget, because in reality everything was different.

And now the details and facts.

"Ours is nothing." Allegedly "no"

We read the documents (for the "especially vigilant" - all documents were taken from the official public procurement portal) and "suddenly find out" that ours was not just, but was successfully tested and ready for the series:

Product 4047. Operation manual. SYNM.788133.001 RE.

1.1.1 Products 4047 SYNM.788133.001 and 4047K SYNM.788133.001-01 are intended for additional search, classification and destruction of anchor, bottom (including silted) and bottom mines detected by the ship's hydroacoustic mine detection station (GASM).

1.1.2 Product 4047 SYNM.788133.001 is used for armament of TVM pr. 02668.
Product 4047K SYNM.788133.001-01 is used for autonomous installation on ships or vessels.

Complex "Mayevka" has the letter O1 from the end of 2009, that is, it was ready for mass production.

Container "Mayevka", tests at MTSH "Valentin Pikul" Black Sea Fleet, 2008

The author was repeatedly asked questions, why is he fighting so hard for Mayevka?

Everything is very simple. "Mayevka" is the only full-fledged domestic anti-mine complex that has passed all tests, including state ones, received a serial "letter" and is ready for immediate production and combat use, including against modern mines.

From the article "We are on the verge of another Tsushima":

And here we come to the essence of what was happening.

First. The obvious negligence and unprincipled attitude of officials to ensuring the real combat capability of the Navy ...

Fourth. "Import". "Some time ago" it was "very fashionable" to borrow new models of military equipment in the West.

I will especially note - there is nothing wrong with this, for example the purchase of a series, even of outdated western minesweepers-seekers, would be very useful for the fleet, since it is not only “new hardware”, but first of all “experience embodied in hardware” - experience (of modern mine action) that the Navy simply does not have.

However, this should not be done at the cost of "crushing" successful domestic developments.
In the situation with the new minesweepers, the situation was simple - almost everyone knew about the ISPUM problems, moreover, there were those who really hoped and counted on them - to replace ISPUM with a French complex ...

It is this factor (the desire to "push through" imported complexes at any cost) that became the main reason for the opposition to Mayevka.

Unmanned boats? So it's not at all news for the Soviet Navy, starting with the Ostekhbyuro remote-controlled boats of the 30s. and ending with self-propelled non-contact trawls of the "Shuttle" system.

One of the "Shuttles" of the Navy

But what in the Russian Federation really did not exist - side-scan sonars (SSS), which provided high-speed search. However, the task of creating them was relatively quick (although it cost a lot of effort and nerves) and was very effectively solved by our defense industry complex (NIIP named after Tikhomirov) within the framework of work on the domestic BEC.

"Hranian scam"

The contract for the purchase of BEC Inspector Mk 2 and mine action vehicles of the ESA group to equip the first three minesweepers of Project 12700 (DIAMAND complex) was signed in January 2014 by the Russian company Prominvest (part of the Rostec State Corporation).

Management Company Prominvest (owned by Prominvest LLC, which is 75% owned by Rostec, and 25% owned by VEB Capital). Manages the Scientific and Technical Center Leninets Plant, renamed in 2015 to Zaslon JSC, and the implementation of the contract with the French company ESA went through the Leninets Plant Scientific and Technical Center - Zaslon JSC. It was in this scheme that the authors of the sabotage with incapacitated corvettes for the fleet emerge!

Note. Lobbyists of "Zaslon" very often declare that "they were before" "Leninets", and all the developments of "Leninets" are allegedly "theirs." In fact, this is nothing more than a crafty manipulation of words. In the USSR, there was a powerful Leningrad NPO "Leninets", which had a very high scientific level and development experience (from the "top" one can name the Tu-160, Tu-22M3, Su-24, Su-34, GOS anti-ship missiles Kh-35 and Kh- 31, search and sighting system "Novella"), which included the serial plant STC "Plant Leninets", which produced the radar "Zaslon" (developed by the Tikhomirov NIIP, Zhukovsky) of the MiG-31 interceptor. The STC "Leninets Plant" independently developed only airfield air conditioners. The real "brain" and developer of all complex complexes at NPO Leninets was the structure, today known as the TsNPO Leninets. At the same time, TsNPO Leninets and JSC Zaslon have had, to put it mildly, "complicated relations" in recent years. For example, according to the assessment of the recently departed Chief Designer of the Su-34 aircraft R.G. Martirosov, only TsNPO "Leninets" could actually carry out the modernization of the Su-34 for the effective solution of maritime tasks (despite the active actions of JSC "Zaslon" to take the subject of the Su-34 itself).

Of course, the "air conditioner developers" did not have any PMO specialists. "Effective managers" believed that they were not particularly needed, because they buy (with the prospect of "screwdriver assembly" from us) "a finished Western product." For the "paperwork" were hired persons from the "Central Research Institute of Shipwreck" (Central Research Institute of Shipbuilding of the Navy), and such that what followed closely resembled the adventures of the heroes Ilf and Petrov.

The first incident

The first "incident of Diamanda" was that the boat (BEC Inspector Mk 2) simply "did not fit" into the minesweeper.
From a dialogue at one of the special forums with the participation of a person from the Central Research Institute of Shipbuilding of the Navy:

- Was it difficult to see that the boat did not climb onto the minesweeper?

- I do not know. But neither the main supervisor at 12700, nor the specialists in the PMO systems went to the inspections of the apparatus. How they could have examined it from St. Petersburg - I don't know.

Second incident

The second "incident" was the extremely low seaworthiness of the BEC Inspector Mk 2, especially when solving problems with a payload.

- The question is different - will he be able to perform tasks on 3 points? And it was like “it was absolutely impossible to see” before the purchase?

- Who will show you. So, only advertising. See combat missions - before the contract was signed, even Mistral was shown only in advertising mode. Combat work, in general, is practically not shown, limited to dry specifications.

BEC Inspector Mk 2 in conditions of two-point excitement.

"And now the same thing, but at least 2-3 ball excitement."

In addition to a number of frankly strange technical solutions, the BEC Inspector Mk 2 had extremely poor hydrodynamics.

A very strong bottom slamming forced the developers (ECA) to install ... ballast tanks in the bow on the boat in order to load the bow with ballast water and prevent it from slamming (of course, the speed drops to just ridiculous values).

Actually, the real assessment of the "creation" (in quotes) of ESA for the Russian Navy lies in the fact that no other customer (except for our fleet) managed to get the BEC Inspector Mk 2 in, despite the company's most active advertising campaign.

As for the real contract for the new Belgian PMK and BEC, its critical assessment has already been repeatedly cited by the author (including in an article on "VO" "Anti-mine" thirty-four ": underwater vehicle RAR-104. Lessons and Conclusions "), but in the case of the Belgians, the extremely low seaworthiness of the "Russian" Inspector Mk 2 forced to make completely new boats, with increased dimensions and fundamentally different contours.

The third was the case of "castrated devices"

Due to the sanctions restrictions, ESA did not supply K-Ster (special mine destroyers with a warhead), they were urgently "castrated", with the creation of SEASCAN civilian survey NPA (that is, absolutely incapable of destroying mines) based on the K-Ster design ...

NPA K-Ster with a rotary warhead (above) and "castrated" SEASCAN (below, the corner reflector is highlighted on the mine mockup).

In view of the fact that one of the most critical problems of the 12700 project was the only mine-action missile launcher capable of destroying mines (STA ISPUM), the logical solution would be to equip SEASCAN NPA with a domestic detachable warhead (similar to the Cobra system of the German NPA PMO SeaFox, for more details article SeaFox: The Little Killer Sea Fox»).

The solution is imperfect, but "no fish and cancer - pike." The decision, which was discussed with the management of "Zaslon" at IMDS-2019.

There are two reasons why they did not.

The first. The complete inability of the personnel recruited by the "guardians" at the Shipwreck Central Research Institute to develop something real.

The second. The desire of the “decision makers” to have the most expensive decision, which they began to promote within the framework of the “sausage” work of the State Scientific and Production Enterprise “Region” (for more details - article "Ruby toys").
And what about the fleet? Navy minesweepers?

And they will “wait” until “effective managers” “master” the next many billions.

The fourth problem with these systems is the low efficiency of search tools.

BEC systems "Standard Flex-300" (1990) had a declared search speed of 15 knots (actual about 9-12 knots).

It can be argued that they were "rather large", the ECA BEC was "much smaller." You are welcome. Even smaller: the 7-meter harbor-class BEC of the US Navy. The search speed is about 18 knots.

Moreover, this is something that technically (our analogue) could well have been placed on a Project 12700 minesweeper.

It should be emphasized that the key limitation for the search speed with HBO is not the speed of the boat, but the ability of the HBO to ensure search at high speeds without gaps ("vests").

Until recently, there were simply no “high-speed HBO” in the Russian Federation. For example, the maximum search speed for the towed LPG “Livadia” (JSC “Aquamarine”) was only 5 knots. At this speed, the boat is very poorly kept on course (especially in rough conditions), and therefore the use of the Livadia SSS for solving special tasks was possible only from ships and vessels of significant displacement.

With BEC Inspector Mk 2 on this indicator, everything turned out "not like people". With the technical maximum search speed of the towed HBO of 10 knots, ESA itself promised a real search speed of 6 knots (in fact, it turned out to be lower). It is because of the extremely poor hydrodynamics of the boat ...

The fifth incident - "classification for the pool"

The ESA firm actively promoted the implementation of "automatic mine classification" in its PMO complexes.


How to say, especially if you think about which direction ... Starting with the fact that the real reliability of the best such classification algorithms is no more than 0,85, and ending with the fact that these algorithms work satisfactorily only under ideal conditions. For mines - with a characteristic shape. And on the just laid - on the smooth sand of the ground.

Obviously, there is no need to talk about any classification of targets on complex soils (relief, vegetation) and even more subtle and silted soils by such algorithms.

The sixth incident - "senseless automation"

Classification problem (only working under ideal conditions).

Actually, the recognition of the extremely low possibilities for the classification of the DIAMAND complex sounded even in the PR film "Military Acceptance" on the Project 12700 minesweeper! When sunken ships are confused with chalk-like objects, this, as they say,

"Repin's painting - they sailed."

So why do we need such a "classification" (in quotes)?

And the answer is simple - the complex simply does not work without it. For the very organization of the operators' work, the structure of displaying information on the consoles and control from them by means of DIAMAND were made absolutely “innovatively illiterate”.

The operator has extremely limited ability to independently manage the search tools. Accordingly, “everything is done by automation”. How she does it - here is a visual screen from the advertisement of the ECA company:

The search tacks are stupidly "automatically" cut ... But the width of the LPG search strip depends on the bottom relief (and it is on the screen and on the map) and a number of other conditions (for example, on the direction of the wind).

What is the result?

For a pool, this may still work. For even sandy ground, on which a couple of hours ago they put several aviation min. But in any difficult conditions, both the classification and the automation of the new ECA complexes are simply incapable of solving PMO problems with any acceptable efficiency.


The bottom line for the "French fraud" with DIAMAND:

• there are no means of destroying mines;
• there are no effective search tools;
• the complex is efficient only under conditions "close to ideal";
• high probability of missing mines and undermining the BECs themselves.

And all this at an extremely high cost. And it's also good that everything was limited to only three complexes for the first 12700.

And our Navy solemnly received all this for itself (despite the fact that the French Navy itself "happily dodged" such creative proposals).

At the end of June 2017, at the International Maritime Defense Show IMDS-2017, the commercial director of ECA Group, Dominique Mallet, said that the company would organize the Russian production of Inspector Mk 2 unmanned boats and underwater vehicles in the next two years.

By that time, the customer (the Ministry of Defense and the Navy) had already fully "tasted" all the problems of the "French toy" during the tests and realized the ineffectiveness of DIAMAND means (and the Almaz Central Design Bureau and the Srednenevsky Plant - with the same and on the only project 10750E export minesweeper - could be left at a loss in the export contract. It's sobering).

However, "the appetite comes with eating," and the next call to abundant budgetary funding from our "custodians" turned out to be the "PMO container complex" "Compact".

"Departure of natural needs" "Compact"

From the article "The issue of the non-combat capability of the Russian Navy against the modern mine threat must be resolved as soon as possible":

As noted above, the first container complex of the Navy's PMO was the Mayevka container modification, which successfully passed tests in 2007–2008, and was then sent out of sight by the fleet for storage “to Moscow”. The impetus for their subsequent “development” (it is not clear in which direction only) was given by the creative efforts of “specialists” (in quotes) from the ESA firm, whose BEC “Inspector” grew from the initial 7 meters, first to 8,5, and then to 9,5 meters, after which he categorically refused to "fit" into the BTShch pr.12700, and it became necessary to "attach" somewhere.

The "creative proposals" that took place in this area are, rather, not in the field of technology and tactics of the PMO, but in the "near-medical area."

This was written in 2016 about the "promising container complex PMO" "Compact".
I will give a number of statements on it by an official from the Department for State Defense Order of the RF Ministry of Defense posted on the Courage forum:

An example of a competent funeral is your "beloved" "Compact" (which was also forced to climb in !!!) and on which there were two competitions in 2016, but there is still no contract.

Your wishes about "Compact" yes God in the ears! It is only better to prevent a fire, and not to be heroic when extinguishing it. By the way, they also want to reincarnate "Compact", and most likely in the same impossible form ...

"Lomonos" and "Compact" had to be brought down "yesterday", it may not be too late now, proposals for 2019 have not yet entered the project. And if they turn on, then the placement, competition and the result, beyond our control. In this case, good luck and a successful result (murder) ...

Secondly, your competence in the technique and the organization of its application, as well as your intentions, are not questioned (almost related to the organization and implementation).

Thirdly, your hands, unlike the "owners of Mercedes", are not tied by corporate ethics, one-man management and other "charms".

Fifth, and most importantly, it's too disgusting work. So disgusting that pride can and should be shoved further and deeper. And wish good luck to the unpleasant person.

"Dispatch of natural needs" as an assignment requirement for the control system of a combat complex (!), Mentioned in the article "Our" Pentagon Wars "-2. Development chaos ":

When there are no tasks to be solved for the control system of the combat complex (with a "mockingly compact name") in the designation requirements (they need to be invented there at the stage of the draft design).

However, the requirements are made "to ensure the departure of the natural needs of personnel."

Once again - this is in the requirements for the appointment of a "promising anti-mine complex of the Navy"!

This is also "Compact" ...

The result of the "development" of mine action

The above is not all ...

But this alone is enough to understand what catastrophic consequences for the country's defense capability had the entry of "guardians" into the subject of the Navy's PMO.

Money was "mastered", time was wasted (at the same time, domestic developments were actively "put a spoke in the wheel"). Combat efficiency is zero.

Actually, all this clearly says that the issues of efficiency and solving the problems of the country's defense capability are not raised or addressed by these “top managers”. The main thing is to “master the money”.

All this was accompanied by exorbitant PR (for example, the participation of BEC Inspector Mk 2 in the GVMP (with a human operator inside).

Writes (on one of the specialized resources) a well-informed deputy editor-in-chief of a "respectable specialized publication" on January 11.01.2018, XNUMX:

Izvestia informs: The mine defense of the fleet has been assigned to robots.

Klimov has already cursed the authors:… Although, with the exception of verbal husk, there is reliable infa.

Such a violent emotional reaction of the lobbyist, apparently, was caused by the author's phrase in the commentary:

In short - the attitude towards us as to negroes who are shoved with glass beads.
It is said about the screen from the report of the representative of the company ECA.

In short, its meaning is that the representatives of the ECA company perfectly understand the necessity and importance of not only modern mine sweeping, but also special suppression of non-contact mine jamming equipment.

However, this is only "for insiders." And not “blacks from the Russian Federation”, for whom only “glass”, with near-zero effectiveness against new mines (and “at the price of DIAMANDa.” The real costs of the Defense Ministry's budget differed significantly from the press releases of the ECA firm. In which direction is clear).

In this regard, it is extremely interesting to consider what constitutes allegedly "reliable information" "Izvestia" on the receipt of this system in the Russian Navy. It is worth considering why this project has found such support, because it is precisely such laudatory publications in the media that later make it politically impossible to “nail down” unpromising projects. Let's see what the "respected" edition writes:

The newest Russian minesweepers will be armed with mine-action drones of domestic development. Complex "Diamant" ...

Not true.

DIAMAND is precisely the French complex, which includes, among other things, the French (ESA company) unmanned boat (BEC) INSPECTOR Mk2 and survey (unarmed) unmanned underwater vehicles SEASCAN (with the possibility of their use both with the BEC and the ships of the project 12700 ).

In accordance with the Law on Mass Media, the media is obliged to verify the accuracy of published information, however, journalists and “experts” of Izvestia were too lazy even to go to public procurement sites (where information about the DIAMAND complex was officially published). Or they deliberately wrote a lie.

The search and destruction of mines will now be taken up by light unmanned boats made of carbon fiber - carriers of special underwater robots.

Not true.

SEASCAN "underwater robots" do not have the means of destroying mines and are capable of performing only survey tasks.

"Diamant" became a replacement for the French unmanned system, which was originally planned to be installed on Project 12700 minesweepers.

According to the initial project, the "main caliber" of the Project 12700 minesweepers was to be the French unmanned boats Inspector from ECA.

Not true.

"Diamand" is no "substitute" (in quotes) of the French system simply because it is the French system DIAMAND. The project 12700 was originally planned for the complex of PMO "Alexandrite-ISPUM" (contract for its development No. KB-6/04-K-158 / 04012700-51 was concluded between the Central Design Bureau "Almaz" and State Scientific Production Enterprise "Region" on 12.10.2004). It was installed and supplied in series.

The minesweeper carries on board two small unmanned boats.

BEC Inspector started with a 7-meter RIB, which first "grew" to an 8-meter boat, and already in the process of fulfilling the Russian contract grew by almost a meter, sharply gained weight, after which its placement on board a Project 12700 minesweeper became simply impossible. "However, during the journey the dog was able to grow up."

Accordingly, the statement about two BECs on board the minesweeper is simply the absolute incompetence of Izvestia's journalists and "experts".

7 meter RIB and 8 meter Inspector boat. BEC for the Russian Navy has grown considerably from them.

Thanks to the plastic body and the low-noise engine, these devices are "uninteresting" to sea mines.

Not true and the best confirmation of this will be the materials of the ECA company itself.

What do we see in the diagram?

The work of the ECA BEC company "ledge" with the removal of the side-scan sonar antenna (SSS) in the direction of the likely location of the mine, precisely to prevent the boat from undermining so that it goes along the already surveyed strip. The solution is obvious, given the high sensitivity and intelligence of proximity fuses of modern mines. Only here for the Russian Navy the company ESA has "forgotten" to offer it.

Accordingly, the INSPECTOR Mk2, led by the French control system of the DIAMAND BEC complex of the Russian Navy, will go directly to the mines - to be blown up.

It would be appropriate to recall the professional and well-grounded assessment of a specialist from the Central Research Institute of Shipbuilding of the Navy on a specialized forum:

I am extremely negative about the idea that modern mines can be protected by reducing physical fields.

Mines, and especially at shallow depths, should be destroyed before passing.

If you really wanted to pull trawls - for this, unmanned tugs were invented in the last century.

Note. A drawing from the author's document on the same issues and topics of the BEC PMO 2010.

The boats themselves, with the help of an onboard hydroacoustic station (GAS), magnetometers (devices for detecting a mass of metal under water. - Izvestia) and other onboard equipment, easily detect mines.

There are no "magnetometers" on the BEC, and the GAS have low efficiency (due to the high-frequency range of their operation, with which there will be problems not only with silted mines, but simply with those laid in algae), and the boats themselves have extremely low seaworthiness when solving problems.

Then, from the stern of the boats, compact remote-controlled underwater sapper vehicles dive into the water - outwardly they resemble small short torpedoes. These devices are equipped with means to destroy various types of mines.

Not true.

SEASCAN has nothing to destroy. This is a purely survey apparatus.

Naval expert Dmitry Boltenkov told Izvestia that the appearance of such systems in the navy's arsenal means that the domestic mine-sweeping forces have reached a fundamentally new level.

In fact, the "French hoard" scam led to:

- deliberate pressure (up to the deletion from the state defense order) of domestic mine action systems (first of all, "Mayevka");

- refusal to purchase really effective Western MEP systems. Moreover, the extremely low characteristics of the BEC Inspector Mk2 largely undermined the command's faith in such systems in principle.

Unmanned "Diamants" will find and destroy mines without putting the ship and its crew at risk.

DIAMAND is a complex. But the main thing is not this, but the fact that both the INSPECTOR Mk2 BEC and the SEASCAN NPA have a high probability of missing a mine (especially a subtle one). With all the ensuing consequences (including symbol and detonation of the carrier minesweeper). At the same time, in the West, one of the main purposes of the BEC PMO - "seekers" is precisely the additional anti-mine support of minesweepers. The complete inability of DIAMAND to destroy mines was mentioned above.

At the same time, the publication about DIAMAND and the Inspector boats in Izvestia was far from the only one, followed by another series of the same "luboks" (including the "golden tower" of the MF-radar "Zaslon").

The question arises - why are our media doing all this?

We remind you of previously discovered problems

The scam in which the Zaslon got dirty is not the only, and not the most important thing of what they have done “for the navy”, but now “they are doing for aviation” (Su-34).

Quite recently, the consequences of the activities of this organization in the field of naval air defense have already been sorted out on the Military Review. A series of articles on the problems of corvettes of the Navy and their air defense became an “alarm” on the issues of the real combat capability of the Russian Navy:

"Thundering" and others. Will our fleet get effective close range ships?

Leaky umbrella of the fleet. Technical analysis of the "Thundering" firing

Corvettes that will go into battle

Corvette 20386. Continuation of the scam

But there is also a “different opinion”.

The well-informed insider mentioned above (the deputy editor-in-chief of a "respectable specialized publication") writes (on one of the specialized resources):

In terms of materiel, specifically for the most interesting - IBMK, more precisely - MF RLK-20385. Surprisingly, the people from the "Zaslon", it seems, were able to accomplish a labor feat, since a number of characteristics obtained during tests significantly exceed those specified in the tactical and technical assignment - TTZ (no details).

What can you say to this?

This is just another episode of the endless "PR" of incapacitated ships and systems weapons in our media.

Based on real results, I repeat:

- "Aldar Tsydenzhapov" (with the "golden tower" MF-RLK-20380) could not shoot down the target with artillery, the missile defense system did not shoot at all;

- "Thundering" (with MF-RLK-20385) did not shoot at real air artillery at all (since the developers were frankly afraid of such shooting), and the SAM was able to shoot down only 9 kilometers high-flying (about 100 m) target (RM-15) with The RCS is more than an order of magnitude larger than the RCS of real anti-ship missiles (the test conditions were such that the “golden tower” of the “Zaslon” could not have been switched on at all - taking into account the small errors of such range shooting, the missile defense system itself would find the target of its seeker).

A short and comprehensive conclusion from this. Despite ten years of "effective development of budgetary funds", the developer was never able to bring his "golden tower" even to the minimum capable state, practically pushing the ships out of action to the fleet.

In this case, the thesis of "exceeding the TTZ" may well be a reality. Simply because of the deliberate "lightness" of this TTZ (born "at the peak" of the pogrom of the Main Command of the Navy and its scientific organizations).

For example, for such large "canvases" of antennas 70 km of the declared range on a target with an RCS of 1 sq. m, this is more likely not a "requirement", but just a blatant "hack" (can be compared with the radar "Irbis" NIIP named after Tikhomirov, with a smaller antenna area, the range for such a target is more than 3 times greater).

And here again very inconvenient questions arise about some "insider-PR specialists" of our defense industry complex. For it so happens that they lobby specific enterprises, at the expense of the country's defense capability. And in this case it is. The lobbyists of "Diamanda", "Compact", "Golden Tower of the Barrier" use "adjectives" ("promising", "innovative", etc.) simply because the arguments and real numbers (in support of their "crafty PR ") They dont have.

At the same time, it is necessary to understand that lobbyists and insiders, as a rule, are personally quite competent, they understand everything perfectly, that is, what they are doing is not "good faith delusions", namely deliberate lie of stakeholders. Ordinary people happily take this lie for granted, because it's so great to believe that everything is fine.

The real cost of this lie (and belief in it) will become apparent at war.
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    7,62x54 18 January 2021 15: 11
    One can say about any effective manager in the words of a blind esoteric from Liquidation: "he is so personal that no one can even think of ..."
    The sabotage of industrial development has been going on for decades and has already been passed on from generation to generation.
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      mark1 18 January 2021 15: 20
      Quote: 7,62x54
      The sabotage of industrial development has been going on for decades and has already been passed on from generation to generation.

      In truth ...
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    The article shows that the author is not indifferent to the problems of the fleet.
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    The author is a plus. When will order in this "swamp" be restored? Or are there all such unsinkable "friends"?
    I will not be surprised if somebody appears now and criticizes the author's dislike for the "Barrier"
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      When will order in this "swamp" be restored? Or are there all such unsinkable "friends"?

      When will someone appear to speak. ... De facto Wait, in the headquarters - there is no one to do it. No matter how much Klimov shouted at all corners. Everything is simple and complex at the same time. Any chief first of all represents his apparatus, and if there are sufficiently qualified clerks (experienced officers and specialists) in it who are able to write specifications without jambs and then take them by the gills during acceptance, then even the stupidity or meanness of the manager can be neutralized. Just drown him in a mountain of pieces of paper and push the necessary on the sly ..
      and after the move to St. Petersburg of the Main Command and the dispersal of specialized research institutes, everyone capable of this moved to a neighboring trench (OSK, barriers, and others ...) Now we are reaping the fruits of this dispersal.
      The main command is recruited by an ad ... No one from the fleets from the normal specialists wants to go there. Admirals are changing. VMA teachers are involved in solving scientific problems because there is no one else. Ranks below work sea salaries scanty. Until the required level and experience are gained, we will not waste one or two budgets. There people confuse synergetics with blue
    2. Intruder
      Intruder 19 January 2021 05: 19
      Or are there all such unsinkable "friends"?
      from the same opera:
  4. d4rkmesa
    d4rkmesa 18 January 2021 15: 30
    But, by the way, TsNPO "Leninets" is also a cesspool. So much dirt has been collected on the subject of Turchak, but he doesn't care.
    1. Dread
      Dread 19 January 2021 07: 43
      Quote: d4rkmesa
      But, by the way, TsNPO "Leninets" is also a cesspool.

      Give examples.
    2. Vadim Ananyin
      Vadim Ananyin 19 January 2021 14: 56
      Is it possible for more details on the entu topic - Turchak?
  5. bar
    bar 18 January 2021 15: 43
    Is there anything good and optimistic about our Navy? Or is it a rhetorical question, and the naval leadership ruined everything to the end? Something to the campaign is complete hopelessness, and of the two friends - the army and the navy, Russia has only one left. recourse
    1. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 18 January 2021 18: 46
      Quote: bar
      Is there anything good and optimistic about our Navy?

      There is. Finally, pr. 22350 left the stage "Noise and ringing at the site: Does not work "Argon" "Polyment" - the fleet has already accepted the second ship.
      Well, domestic ship-borne gas turbine engines also cause some optimism - unless, of course, "Zvezda" once again disrupts everything and everyone.
      1. Intruder
        Intruder 19 January 2021 05: 22
        Noise and ringing on the landing: "Argon" does not work "Polyment" - the fleet has already received the second ship.
        , hmm ... "opera" continues:
  6. fa2998
    fa2998 18 January 2021 15: 54
    Quote: voronin
    ... When will order in this "swamp" be restored?

    Never. Without changing the political system. "This country will ruin corruption!" wassat hi
    1. LifeIsGood
      LifeIsGood 18 January 2021 18: 00
      Yes, yes, of course! In all the troubles, it is he who is to blame for this "political course", the damned scoundrel ... But as soon as we immediately and UH !! We'll show everyone!
      1. Intruder
        Intruder 19 January 2021 05: 24
        maybe for a start, so!?:
    2. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 18 January 2021 18: 38
      Quote: fa2998
      Never. Without changing the political system. "This country will ruin corruption!"

      They tried. The same bullshit turns out.
      Here is a typical situation of the times of developed socialism:
      ... a jamming station for enemy aircraft radar sights was assigned to industrialists ten years ago. The developers enthusiastically seized on this topic, but, spitting on all the stipulated deadlines, dragged on as best they could. The work paid well, and nothing else mattered to them.
      The station was finally born, and since its characteristics, in general, as it turned out, corresponded to those that were set long ago, ten years ago, the Ministry of Radio Industry decided that it had coped with the task and considered it possible to introduce the developers, and at the same time some of them who did not really bother them. customers from the Air Force weapons service to state awards. Wasting no time, an order was placed at the factories for the serial production of several hundred newborn stations, and soon their flow began to look for their addresses.
      On the last page I found a hard, like a verdict, conclusion, stating that when the proposed jamming station was installed instead of the dismantled stern artillery installation, the defensive capabilities of the aircraft ... would decrease by half.
      © Reshetnikov
      Or you can recall how hundreds of Soviet industry serially produced and handed over to the Air Force the aircraft of the famous design bureau, which had one small drawback - they were not adopted for service.
  7. antivirus
    antivirus 18 January 2021 16: 04
    everything is correct with AB - do not build - this is an example of a mouse fuss (?).
    after putting things in order with a trifle, let's go and up to 10 pieces of 100 VI

    rather, the SVR confuses the enemy.
    and in the holds, there are already 5 pieces for each frigate and Karakurt and are waiting for the Victory Parade on the Thames near the former parliament ...
  8. Narak-zempo
    Narak-zempo 18 January 2021 16: 23
    Ushakov (stretched out, turned purple)... ... I will only note: the timber on the ships is damp, with copper, like the Turkish ones, not sheathed. Seashells stick. Insufficient speed. The Turkish fleet is a serious force, and we need superiority. There are few nuclei. Aim must be exceptional. As for the forest, contractors steal godlessly ...

    Potemkin (wincing)... Boring, boring you say everything. It hurts my cheekbones ...

    (A. Stein, "Admiral's Flag")

    So the author is boring, boring writes No.
    1. Ryaruav
      Ryaruav 18 January 2021 19: 35
      You are a comrade on Potemkin, do not pour it on, there were all sorts of mustaches (old marasmatics) I'm not a monarchist, but our country should only be proud of such a statesman
      1. Narak-zempo
        Narak-zempo 18 January 2021 23: 50
        Quote: Ryaruav
        You are a comrade on Potemkin, do not pour it on, there were all sorts of mustaches (old marasmatics) I'm not a monarchist, but our country should only be proud of such a statesman

        I, so to speak, in a figurative sense.
        (and not me, by the way, but Alexander Stein)
        It's boring, you know, it's all about problems, no, about victories.
  9. LifeIsGood
    LifeIsGood 18 January 2021 17: 55
    Low bows to the Author for his series of articles! You read it and a tear in your eyes comes to you for the "good old days" when here on VO articles from real specialists could be read more than once in half a year!
    Well, personally on my own ... the topic that the Author raises is right! Helpful! But I would also like to read about the positive changes ... after all, they probably exist))
  10. Ryaruav
    Ryaruav 18 January 2021 19: 27
    history moves in a spiral, we now have the second false Dmitry on the throne, the question is when and where Minin and Pozharsky is a serious question
    1. frog
      frog 18 January 2021 19: 49
      Hard to tell. Where is the monument - it is known ...
  11. Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 18 January 2021 20: 24
    it is clear that it is necessary to investigate and punish the perpetrators, and respect to Maxim Klimov, from me and all honest people
  12. dust31
    dust31 18 January 2021 22: 35
    the bot will come running, will begin to debate the personality of the author, without arguments against the article.
  13. Pamir
    Pamir 19 January 2021 00: 01
    Yes, with such a base of the Navy's PMO, it is better not to go further than the bathroom. It is even impossible to imagine the state of the ship's crews, given the characteristics and work of the PMO, which are designed to ensure ships leave bases, bays, straits, coastal zones, and needless to say. The author has painted everything perfectly.
    The photo "BEC Inspector Mk 2 in conditions of two-point excitement" is simply awful, how does this bathtub sit on the water? It feels like it is about to drown itself, it probably doesn't need mines, unnecessary ammunition consumption. PMO of the Navy is just trash. mines, one of the main types of weapons for blocking the enemy in bases, bays, straits, in a naval war. And what is better here to cry or laugh, probably both at the same time. And who makes such decisions about the procurement of what is a place in the circles of ship model , for the development of schoolchildren.
    1. Intruder
      Intruder 19 January 2021 05: 30
      It feels like she's about to drown herself
      or maybe this is what a cunning calculation of a foreign manufacturer is !? as a hidden diversion ??? :)
      And what is better here to cry or laugh, probably both at the same time. And who makes such decisions about the procurement of what is a place in the ship modeling circles, for the development of schoolchildren.
      nope, in our ship-modeling circle ..., they did better courts for regional competitions, no need ..., there were no such "freaks" among Soviet schoolchildren ... :)))
  14. TatarinSSSR
    TatarinSSSR 19 January 2021 09: 34
    It remains to find the guilty by name and to the military prosecutor's office, the investigative committee and the FSB, all the materials on them.
  15. prior
    prior 19 January 2021 10: 35
    As always, we are discussing the consequences, not the cause.
    There is only one reason, everyone knows her name, coordinates too ...
    1. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 19 January 2021 11: 14
      Quote: prior
      As always, we are discussing the consequences, not the cause.
      There is only one reason, everyone knows her name, coordinates too ...

      Yes, yes, yes ... that's just when the name of the cause and even the system were different - the situation was practically the same. Problem "The military-industrial complex supplies the armed forces with what is beneficial to it, not what the military needs"stretches from the times of the Empire and the USSR.
      In the post-war USSR, pomnitsa, for excessive persistence in defending the interests of the fleet in front of the People's Commissariat of Shipbuilding, which was driving a wave of obsolete pre-war projects, Admiral Kuznetsov flew from his post.
      1. prior
        prior 19 January 2021 11: 37
        "flew Admiral Kuznetsov"
        Born to swim, cannot fly.

        The endless wishes of the military, including from the IMF, led to the collapse of the USSR.
        The desire of the military "everything at once" must and must be brought into line with the capabilities of science and economics.
        Half of the country is below the poverty line, and give them aircraft carriers.
        And to allow the budget to be cut to no avail is a crime.
        1. Alexey RA
          Alexey RA 19 January 2021 12: 05
          Quote: prior
          The endless wishes of the military, including from the IMF, led to the collapse of the USSR.
          The desire of the military "everything at once" must and must be brought into line with the capabilities of science and economics.

          The problem is that in Kuznetsov's case, the military did not want everything and everyone. They just wanted within existing budget get ships of post-war projects. And the NKSP said that it was too difficult and too long for him - and for the same money began to rivet and cook old pre-war junk.
          That is, the money was spent anyway. Only the fleet received a bunch of pre-war junk for them, which had a near-zero combat value. Only because it was easier and more profitable for the NKSP.
          1. prior
            prior 19 January 2021 12: 13
            It was a period of nuclear confrontation and Khrushchev's rocketry, when not only sailors suffered.
            I think the situation with Kuznetsov should not be considered in isolation from the situation at that time in general.
            Yes, and Khrushchev in any case do not justify.
            Of course, I would like without mistakes, "cutting" and theft, but is this possible?
            1. Alexey RA
              Alexey RA 19 January 2021 15: 10
              Quote: prior
              It was a period of nuclear confrontation and Khrushchev's rocketry, when not only sailors suffered.

              I wrote about the first resignation of Kuznetsov - even under Stalin. When the Navy wanted to get the same project 41, and the NKSP said that it was too complicated EM, and because of delays in its production, the workers would be left without wages. And this is already an ideological sabotage - you do not like the proletariat.
              As a result, the money was thrown into the wind spent on EVs of pr. 30K and 30-bis - to support shipbuilding. And the fact that the price of pleasing industry by ordering these relics would be a lot of blood in a possible future war - they tried not to think about it.
        2. Ka-52
          Ka-52 19 January 2021 12: 43
          including from the IMF

          The IMF is like another organization. these guys really want to be healthy laughing put on a debt needle - you won't get off
          The endless wishes of the military, including from the IMF, led to the collapse of the USSR.

          this is your wishlist now, all sorts of iPhones ... and then there was the concept of "parity". Yes, and the USSR was destroyed not by the wish of the military, but much more by the generosity of the Politburo, who loved to contain dubious regimes around the world. Throwing millions into any tribal leader who claims to overthrow his oppressors.
  16. makmak
    makmak 19 January 2021 14: 30
    - "Thundering" (with MF-RLK-20385) did not shoot at real air artillery at all (since the developers were frankly afraid of such shooting), and the SAM was able to shoot down only 9 kilometers high-flying (about 100 m) target (RM-15) with The RCS is more than an order of magnitude larger than the RCS of real anti-ship missiles (the test conditions were such that the “golden tower” of the “Zaslon” could not have been switched on at all - taking into account the small errors of such range shooting, the missile defense system itself would find the target of its seeker).

    Strange, the Odintsovo MRK fired at all at parachute targets and "normally" (no video, no photo, no shooting parameters at all -pancir-m.html). And let the first missile shield the old one, but the anti-ship missile target hits the camera, and this is not a working "golden tower" ... Let's choose common evaluation criteria, what should the complex do in the tests according to the author?
    1. The comment was deleted.
  17. Vadim Ananyin
    Vadim Ananyin 19 January 2021 15: 06
    The article is critical and even very much, about all these results of such cooperation they write a lot, but somehow around and around, here it is interesting to another, who in our country is behind all these events? Who lobbies and promotes them, why are there no guilty parties for destroying Russia's potential? And who covers this?
    1. Vitaly Pogrebnyak
      Vitaly Pogrebnyak 20 January 2021 00: 39
      Supreme Commander-in-Chief
  18. Vitaly Pogrebnyak
    Vitaly Pogrebnyak 20 January 2021 00: 35
    We need to create a monarchy, then we'll live.
  19. Eug
    Eug 20 January 2021 08: 54
    I am beginning to understand that the pre-war repressions in the scientific and technical sphere were not so unfounded ...
  20. xomaNN
    xomaNN 20 January 2021 15: 50
    The author plows deeply!

    The question is, in the General Staff of the Navy, the people responsible for this matter:
    a) stupid and do not know what they are doing
    c) sold for "buns"
    c) INO salary agents
  21. Ivan Polozhy
    Ivan Polozhy 24 January 2021 23: 04
    It is possible and necessary to get used to Klimov's approaches and manner of presenting problems, but ...... I noticed the strangeness. Where the supply is imported, it has been subjected to pejorative criticism. Not delivered our ("Mayevka"), cool equipment.
    But on the corvettes they installed a shitty domestic location, and for many years they have been finalizing it. So maybe it's not about Zaslon, but about the general state of the domestic military-industrial complex?