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Karabakh authorities accused Baku of concealing data on captured Armenian servicemen

Karabakh authorities accused Baku of concealing data on captured Armenian servicemen

The authorities of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic accused Azerbaijan of intentionally concealing information about the captured Armenian servicemen. The head of the NKR President's Office Artak Beglaryan made a corresponding statement, posting a message on his Twitter page.

According to the authorities of the republic, 64 Armenian military and civilians of the NKR are held captive by Azerbaijan, who were captured after the signing of the armistice agreement. Criminal cases have been instituted against them in Baku, the Azerbaijani side does not consider these persons as prisoners of war.

(...) Baku did not inform either the Russian peacekeepers or the International Committee of the Red Cross about the captured Armenians. (...) such actions constitute a serious violation of international humanitarian law

- Beglaryan said.

In turn, Baku states that the 62 Armenian servicemen remaining in captivity are saboteurs who operated in the rear of the Azerbaijani troops after the declaration of the armistice. Criminal cases have been initiated against these people, about which UN Secretary General Antonio Guteris was previously notified.

In Yerevan itself, this issue was called "politicized", with the help of which Baku is trying to "solve its territorial problems", i.e. exchange prisoners for territory.

Meanwhile, it became known that Baku has published a new official list of those killed in the latest military conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. The list includes 2841 dead Azerbaijani servicemen, as well as 64 missing soldiers. In December, 2783 deaths were reported.
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  1. Otshelnik
    Otshelnik 13 January 2021 14: 42
    So far, the peacekeepers are in power there ... but they have not heard about these ...
  2. kotdavin4i
    kotdavin4i 13 January 2021 14: 47
    Good day everyone. And how do you feel about them? On November 10, a truce was signed, on November 26 they were surrounded and surrendered, they had communications, weapons, ammunition and provisions. There was an attack on civilians and one checkpoint of Azerbaijani troops. Ordinary DRG - and they will be treated like saboteurs.
  3. Artavazdych
    Artavazdych 13 January 2021 14: 55
    Most of these prisoners were held in the vicinity of the Dizapayt monastery, this is to the south of Shushi. One girl @LikaDiary wrote about them several times, photographed on the Telegram channel. Then our Ministry of Defense learned about them and edited the peacekeeping control map:

    Well, then what happened happened - the guys disappeared, the map was redrawn back.
    1. Vladimir Mashkov
      Vladimir Mashkov 13 January 2021 17: 22
      Yes, this confusion with the map confused many. And what was it? And it was:
      Signing a truce with map.
      Riots in Yerevan: "Pashinyan passed everything!"
      Half a month later - "unexpected appearance" of "guys" in the rear of the Azerbaijanis, who supposedly sat quietly all this time and started shooting when the Azerbaijani army appeared. What Pashinyan was the first to report, demanding to give honestly territory where they sat!
      And here one of the Russian politicians wavered, redrawing the original map.
      But Aliyev, I think, did not flinch, stood firm on his own. Perhaps he even promised to fight on.
      I had to redraw the map again to the original version.
      Some of the "guys" were taken to Karabakh by Russian peacekeepers, and some were taken prisoner by Azerbaijanis.
      It is bad that Moscow did not agree on the return of the partisans. Now Aliyev is going to try them as saboteurs.
      1. Artavazdych
        Artavazdych 13 January 2021 17: 50
        As far as I know, they were there even before the armistice agreement was signed. And they do not look like partisans at all, rather volunteers, judging by the photo. Age from about 30 to 60. You could go there in the "Niva" calmly, there were no Azerbaijanis.
  4. Thrifty
    Thrifty 13 January 2021 14: 55
    Is Aliyev not eager to give up the criminals who shot down our helicopter to Russia? Or will these killers continue to live on without suffering the well-deserved retribution for the death of the Russian military?
    APASUS 13 January 2021 15: 14
    The more time passes, the thicker the knot!
    The campaign does not manage to remain only peacekeepers, who will have to be punished?
    It turns out that it was necessary to bring troops to the border and wait for Azerbaijan to clean up Karabakh? We acted as peacekeepers and received the Gordiev knot. And most importantly, both sides perceive us as enemies
    1. Dimide
      Dimide 13 January 2021 15: 23
      A rare case when I agree with you.
      Azerbaijan would become on the border with Armenia and the RF would not have a "headache"
      1. bessmertniy
        bessmertniy 13 January 2021 15: 40
        In any case, the pain will remain, since Azerbaijan has become a pro-Turkish state with all the ensuing consequences. In this case, the weakening of Armenia is also the weakening of Russia in this region.
        1. Dimide
          Dimide 13 January 2021 15: 52
          The only thing that the Russian Federation has achieved is a negative attitude on both sides for various reasons, plus the financial costs of maintaining the MC.
          Pro-Turkish sentiment in Baku intensified for years
      2. Airdefense
        Airdefense 13 January 2021 15: 50
        Aliyev stated that Yerevan is Azerbaijani territory

        Speaking at the congress of the ruling Yeni Azerbaijan party, where Aliyev was nominated as a presidential candidate, the head of state said that Yerevan is the "historical land" of Azerbaijanis, and therefore the political and strategic goal is to return to this city, Interfax reported.

        “I would like to note that we must not forget about our historical lands. In the future, this should be one of the directions of our activity. Our historical lands are the Iravan Khanate, Zengezur (Syunik region of Armenia. - RBK), Goyche (Lake Sevan on the territory of Armenia. - RBK), both our young generation and the whole world should know about this, ”Aliyev said.

        This is not the first time that the President of Azerbaijan has stated that he sets the goal of "returning Yerevan". He said last July that Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia are "historical Azerbaijani lands." “Not only Nagorno-Karabakh, but also the present territory of Armenia are historical Azerbaijani lands. We cannot compare weak Armenia with strong Azerbaijan today, ”Aliyev said.

        Read more at RBC:
        1. bessmertniy
          bessmertniy 13 January 2021 15: 57
          Gradually, Aliyev will be able to talk about Azerbaijan's right to Africa, since the ancestors of Azerbaijanis came from there. repeat
        2. Dimide
          Dimide 13 January 2021 16: 07
          I don’t want to argue, but I don’t think that Azerbaijan would have gone beyond the generally recognized borders. Would have gone further, would not have received "approval" from the world community and the war from the CSTO
          Everything else is political rhetoric
          1. Airdefense
            Airdefense 13 January 2021 16: 10
            Sanctions they work in different ways, for example, Britain, according to the decision of the International Court of Justice, should release Chagos in favor of Mauritius, but does not. And there are no sanctions.
            1. Dimide
              Dimide 13 January 2021 16: 14
              No sanctions means no interested parties
  6. The comment was deleted.
    1. Pereira
      Pereira 13 January 2021 15: 26
      Our authorities do not have the task of making Russia an attractive country.
      So I don't believe in any long-term plans other than transporting families and transferring money to London.
  7. alone
    alone 13 January 2021 17: 51
    A small reference.
    The arrested appeared there on November 26 from the Shirak province of the Republic of Armenia ... Before that they did not participate in the battles, since they were on the territory of Armenia ... The question is, who sent them to Karabakh after the conclusion of the agreement? And why did they attack the checkpoint and civilians. people were killed and wounded, and one of the wounded is a civilian ..
    The agreement clearly states that the Armenian armed formations must leave the region, and peacekeepers take their place. As long as the Armenian formations are there, everyone will have such headaches.