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The Polish media said that the USSR allegedly provoked a war between the Lithuanians and the Poles


At the end of the Soviet Union, Lithuanian Poles began to struggle for autonomy, fearing oppression and "Litvinization" after Lithuania's secession. This struggle in 1989 - 1991 could lead to the emergence in the Baltic States of an analogue of Transnistria, unrecognized by the world.

Polish Gazeta Wyborcza writes about it.

The Polish media recall that centrifugal processes in the USSR in the late 80s awakened long-standing frozen conflicts on its outskirts. At the same time, there was a high probability of transformation of administrative borders into state ones.

The question of the future fate of about 250 thousand Poles living in Lithuania also became aggravated. In some areas adjacent to Vilnius, their number reached 60-80 percent of the population, and in the Lithuanian capital itself, every fifth inhabitant was Pole.

When a national movement developed in Lithuania by the end of the 80s, local Poles did not take part in the protests and did not demand separation from the USSR. They were "stewed in their own juice."

Our parents sewed us national costumes, I was glad that I could attach a white and red flag to my satchel.

- recalled her school years, ethnic Pole Barbara Yundo-Kalishevskaya, author of the book “Hostages stories: Polish minority in post-Soviet Lithuania ”.

The detonator for the activation of Polish separatism in Lithuania was the adoption of the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Lithuanian USSR, requiring all institutions to be translated from Russian into Lithuanian within two years. The Poles living in the republic practically did not speak this language.

Areas with a predominantly Polish population began to demand the right to use their native language. At the same time, this national minority moved from talking about cultural autonomy to fighting for political autonomy.

At first, the Moscow leadership reacted negatively to these processes, fearing another outbreak of interethnic conflict, but soon began to perceive them as one of the “anchors” contributing to the retention of Lithuania within the USSR.

At the same time, ethnic Poles living in the Soviet Union began to realize that this state was very soon to collapse. So they decided to hurry up. Having put forward the initiative to create the East Polish Union Republic as a subject of the USSR. It would unite the regions of Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine, where Poles predominantly lived. In the future, it was planned to hold a referendum on accession to Poland on this territory.

In Moscow, this idea was received coldly, but they did not completely discard it, having decided to consult with Warsaw. In Poland, this idea was approved only by conservative communists and ultranationalists. The ruling Solidarity party and the country's leadership were opposed. In Warsaw, they decided not to stir up the topic of the lands lost in 1939, so as not to remind Germany of the territories that Poland passed from it.

It turns out that the Lithuanian Poles have only hope for Moscow. Even Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev said in 1990 during a visit to Lithuania that he would welcome steps towards Polish autonomy.

Therefore, it is not surprising that when Lithuania declared its independence, the Poles of the Shalchininki region did not recognize it, declaring their adherence to Soviet laws. And in September 1990, a congress was held in Eišiškės, where the creation of the Polish national-territorial region was proclaimed, which surrounded Vilnius on all sides, and one of the districts of the Lithuanian capital became its capital. The congress was attended by army officers, who announced that the Soviet Army was ready to assist in the creation of the Polish self-defense forces.

Gazeta Wyborcza claims that then the USSR provoked a civil war between the Lithuanians and the Poles. The author believes that the probability of such a development of events was then very high.

This was prevented only by the putsch in Moscow, as a result of which the Polish separatists lost support. They were defeated, disbanded and "repressed".
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Facebook / Ministry of Defense of Lithuania
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  1. nPuBaTuP
    nPuBaTuP 9 January 2021 10: 14
    These are all to blame, but not them ...
    1. Soko
      Soko 9 January 2021 10: 24
      Quote: nPuBaTuP
      These are all to blame, but not them

      The command from above came: "Blame it for something"
      Good teachers. Everything in the spirit of the British / Americans - shit, and dunk someone else in this business
      1. bessmertniy
        bessmertniy 9 January 2021 10: 51
        This story is written to be at a broken trough - so it will be.
      2. frruc
        frruc 9 January 2021 13: 04
        Scavengers in their repertoire.
    2. Machito
      Machito 9 January 2021 11: 01
      Quote: nPuBaTuP
      These are all to blame, but not them ...

      Yeah, and we made Tikhanovskaya go to them.
    3. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 9 January 2021 11: 33
      Quote: nPuBaTuP
      These are all to blame, but not them ...

      We are all to blame, all residents of the Soviet Union, regardless of our nationalities.
      1. frruc
        frruc 9 January 2021 13: 27
        This is not true. Poland supports all possible anti-Soviet and anti-Russian actions, for example, from the Balts, Georgians, gangs in the Caucasus under the leadership of Dudayev, Khattab, Basayev, etc. Poland, like Britain, is the historical enemy of the Russian state, one must proceed from this.
    4. Yang yangov
      Yang yangov 9 January 2021 11: 37
      this does not hesitate .. wait!
  2. Victor_B
    Victor_B 9 January 2021 10: 15
    Tribalts in all their glory!
  3. Machete
    Machete 9 January 2021 10: 15
    Poles always have a fecal putsch in their heads.
    The USSR, while still alive, provoked a war within its borders ...
    Oh well....
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 9 January 2021 12: 32
      Quote: Machete
      Poles always have a fecal putsch in their heads.
      The USSR, while still alive, provoked a war within its borders ...

      Breshut, of course. Beginning with "Perestroika, accordion, hurray", the USSR did not provoke anything, and the Gorbachev clique did everything at the behest of the United States. And everyone was no longer up to this, everyone stood in line since the evening, under the record and roll calls, for vodka, for soap, for sugar, and they would be lucky if they gave them 300 grams of sausage. And the central government did not even try to stop the creation of national unions and groupings, but supported them. And naturally the Lithuanians tried to push the Poles out of power, they did not want to be the Second Rzeczpospolita. And the Poles, of course, want to swallow a pie that does not fit into their mouths, and so far they have not grown to the level of a boa constrictor.
  4. rocket757
    rocket757 9 January 2021 10: 17
    Nonsense, the main weapon ... the lot of all sorts of imperfections, losers.
    1. cniza
      cniza 9 January 2021 13: 11
      Eternally offended Poles, they will flattery out of their skin if only to spoil us ...
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 9 January 2021 14: 00
        Birth trauma .... craniocerebral.
        1. cniza
          cniza 9 January 2021 18: 10
          Yeah, and not passing for many centuries ...
  5. evgen1221
    evgen1221 9 January 2021 10: 23
    And this is called Tribalt brakes? Some kind of provocative article from the Poles. If you wanted something that you could not, and if you could not, then what do you want and what does the union have to do with it. Es said that they will be the first in NATO and in the EU and what are you whining now? She is such a hyena, however. I really want to show off to the first stars, although in the history of Poland it is far from the first and certainly not the last.
  6. Poetry
    Poetry 9 January 2021 10: 24
    "One is to blame for everything
    Boy Petya Borodin. "
  7. Pereira
    Pereira 9 January 2021 10: 25
    The sun rises in the east.
    Morning wind blows from Russia
    They bring an evil hangover to the Poles.
    1. Gato
      Gato 9 January 2021 12: 01
      Sakura is crying over the Vistula
      The sake cup is empty.
      Dexterous was a Russian shinobi.
  8. prior
    prior 9 January 2021 10: 26
    It's not too late to fix everything.
    The dispute between the Rzeczpospolita and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania is a good reason for a showdown.
    But what does the USSR have to do with it, which appeared much later than the Polish ambition and Lithuanian greatness ?!
    Medieval complexes do not allow you to sleep well - go ahead, the flag and the M-14 in your hands ...
  9. Pessimist22
    Pessimist22 9 January 2021 10: 26
    Sooner or later, the Germans and I will once again divide both Poland and Lithuania.
  10. K-50
    K-50 9 January 2021 10: 28
    At the end of the Soviet Union, Lithuanian Poles began to struggle for autonomy, fearing oppression and "Litvinization" after Lithuania's secession.

    What kind of xren from a hangover do not invent! So it is not far from the fever, completely white! fellow lol
    Wake up!
    The holiday booze is over! It's time to go to work! lol
  11. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 9 January 2021 10: 54
    The Poles are so fond of digging into history in order to unearth at least some falsified fact concerning the USSR (Russia), that out of diligence they sometimes simply invent such alleged “facts”. But as soon as the Russian president read out the real historical documents concerning the behavior of Poland in front of 2 MV, a Polish howl arose with a Baltic howl. Behold, who benefits from articles in the Polish media?
    1. cniza
      cniza 9 January 2021 13: 10
      They poke at their butt ...
  12. senima56
    senima56 9 January 2021 11: 18
    One gets the impression that “Panov” with “Yankees” are competing in insanity! fool fool fool wassat
  13. Rubi0
    Rubi0 9 January 2021 11: 31
    Poles are good fellows fighting on all fronts where it suits them. Here is an article, in social networks support for the Israeli Embassy in Kiev, which was picketed by Bandera lovers.
  14. 7,62x54
    7,62x54 9 January 2021 11: 36
    were repressed

    Who repressed, the USSR or the Tribalts?
    Have you already charged for the repression?
  15. Gato
    Gato 9 January 2021 11: 38
    And the USSR also provoked the Hundred Years War, which was the reason for Brexit. wassat
  16. Ratmir_Ryazan
    Ratmir_Ryazan 9 January 2021 11: 49
    Gorbachev's rule and the entire political system of the USSR as well as the economic one is a shame and shame.

    It is necessary to remember this shame more often, so as never to repeat it again.
  17. Ros 56
    Ros 56 9 January 2021 11: 49
    The Durogons, except for the Poles, did not provoke wars in eastern Europe. The most vile people, it was not for nothing that Churchill called them a hyena. And all those who have been in the same state with the Lyakhams have gathered this turbidity there, and Labuses, and Syabras, and Hoho Liks.
  18. APASUS
    APASUS 9 January 2021 11: 53
    You gotta get so high! They mixed everything together and they blame the USSR as a result.
    1. cniza
      cniza 9 January 2021 13: 09
      No, they are clearly working on the accusation of the USSR, then they want to make claims to Russia ...
  19. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 9 January 2021 12: 14
    Okay, the Dutch have legalized the grass ... And these that smoke !? request Or they drink ... Or maybe mushrooms are cooked and eaten incorrectly ... what
    Kapets, miracles are happening around - wherever you spit, you get into freaks. In the north of Tribalta, in the west there are Poles, in the south there are Sumerians ... request laughing
  20. AB
    AB 9 January 2021 12: 30
    To the great regret that Russia, that the RSFSR, in all their actions were guided by the principle "Do good and throw it into the water." The outskirts, realizing that they practically did not demand anything from them, considered themselves superior to the big-headed Russians. To deceive, to promise and not to do, this was and is a widespread phenomenon in relation to the Russians. If something happened on the outskirts, then Russia was to blame for all the troubles.
  21. beeper
    beeper 9 January 2021 12: 55
    What claims can the Poles and Lithuanians have against the USSR ??! fool
    All their inter-war "wars" around Vilnius (peacefully surrendered by I. Stalin, to the capitals of the "new" allied Lithuanian SSR, our Belarusian city of Vilno) are on their own "conscience"!
    Indeed, at the time of the Gorbachev catastrophe, Gorby and his komrenegatskaya gang (including their "cadres" in the central and republican apparatus of the CPSU and the KGB!), Just like the Polish and Lithuanian ones, gave carte blanche to any nationalist movements splitting the USSR !!! request
  22. sleeve
    sleeve 9 January 2021 12: 55
    N yes ... No, I understand that the first people were the Poles Adam and Eva, and only the neighborhood with Russia prevented the true greatness of "Polska". But where are the frames? God bless them, at least the framework of sanity? In addition to comforting their ambitions, such negative russocentrism does a "disservice", preventing them from really dealing with problems.
  23. cniza
    cniza 9 January 2021 13: 07
    Gazeta Wyborcza claims that then the USSR provoked a civil war between the Lithuanians and the Poles. The author believes that the probability of such a development of events was then very high.

    Now everyone is smart, but only in one direction to denigrate, as much as possible the USSR ...
  24. iouris
    iouris 9 January 2021 13: 11
    Nobody demanded separation from the USSR. The news of the creation of the State Emergency Committee was perceived by the people with relief: finally, a force appeared in the state that would restore order.
    On the eve of the "capture" of the TV tower in Vilnius, a crowd of women in the 20-degree frost demanded the resignation of the musician Landsbergis and the return of the head of the Lithuanian Communist Party Brazauskas, who enjoyed the authority of a strong business executive.
    About Landsbergis
    In August 1988, Alexander Yakovlev visited Lithuania with an inspection check on how matters stand with the organization of the People's Movement, which should have seriously moved the "party princelings" on the political field. This is how Gorbachev, being on a visit to Poland in July 1988, named the party secretaries in the CPSU.
    Yakovlev did not like Petkevicius, the leader of the Lithuanian Movement, who had his own opinion and in conversation with Yakovlev allowed himself to criticize the Kremlin's policy in Lithuania. As a result, in September 1988, at the direction of Moscow, it was decided to replace Petkevicius with Landsbergis' nondescript, amorphous personality.
    Why was Landsbergis, a teacher of Marxist-Leninist aesthetics, chosen to replace Petkevičius?
    One of the reasons was that he was a long-term informant of the KGB of the Lithuanian SSR under the pseudonym Vytautas, and then Dedulė, who wrote denunciations not only against the creative intelligentsia of Lithuania, but also against Lithuanian figures living abroad, with whom the musicologist had the opportunity to communicate.
    At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the musicologist Landsbergis did not look against the background of the loud and powerful tribune of Petkevicius, and in June 1988 he was publicly embarrassed. At a rally dedicated to seeing off the delegates from Lithuania to the XIX All-Union Party Conference, Landsbergis tried to speak, but due to poor diction he suffered a complete fiasco. From the crowd they shouted to him: "Take the straw out of your nose!"
    Thus, the capture of the tower in Vilnius is an operation aimed at supporting Landsbergis to complete the separation of Lithuania and the Baltic States from the USSR. Literally the next day, there was a shooting in Riga, recorded by the television of Western TV companies.
  25. north 2
    north 2 9 January 2021 15: 16
    Since at the dawn of the collapse of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact, Washington considered the territory of the Lithuanian SSR and the territory of the People's Republic of Poland as future NATO territories at the doorstep of Russia, for this reason Washington would not have allowed Gorbachev or Yeltsin to initiate a conflict between Lithuanians and Poles in Lithuania. After all, the result of such a conflict could be that Poland would regain Vilna and
    The Vilna region and then the territorial claims between Poland and Lithuania for many decades did not allow Washington to push these two countries into NATO. And just Gorbachev and Yeltsin need
    it was necessary to correct the mistake they so hated Stalin and it was necessary to return
    1. north 2
      north 2 9 January 2021 15: 48
      continued ..
      and it was necessary to return to Poland Vilna and the Vilnius region. So that between Poland and Lithuania there were eternal problems with territories, which would not allow these vassals of America to join NATO. But isn't
      Could Gorbachev and Yeltsin betray US interests like that? So NATO expanded on the territory of Lithuania and Poland right up to the Russian border ..
      1. Irbenwolf
        Irbenwolf 11 January 2021 10: 16
        Everything was done right. The Poles consider Ukraine and Belarus their own, and in principle see such a trifle as the Vilensk region as part of Lithuania by definition.
        The article is in fact aimed at "awakening" Polish nationalism in the Lithuanian territories. When the united Europe is finally weakened, Vilnius is not thinking about the "brotherhood of European peoples". Polyakov only thinks that Germany will immediately and without question ask for its lands and Poland will return to the situation of 1939, with only one Danzig on the coast. Stalin very wisely divided East Prussia in half and gave the Poles East Germany - the Poles will NEVER give up their piece, therefore one can be calm for the Kaliningrad region for the next 50 years.

        Poland is the coronavirus of Europe. Smoldering powder store and good. that he is now in Europe, not in Russia. Polish pride and ambition will sooner or later spill out beyond the borders. Already splashing out in Ukraine and Belarus. So far, one cannot simply devour the West of Ukraine - it has not softened enough both Europe and Western Ukraine. And Belarus should not be strained as long as Russia stands firmly there. Therefore, Luka is shaken with all his might. AND TO REPLACE THE ONION HAS TO BE HAPPY TO PREPARE - this is his last term. Well-fed Europe will benefit from wars. And now only Russia benefits from the struggle between the limitrophes.
  26. 76rtbr
    76rtbr 9 January 2021 15: 29
    Fools !! so can you call enemies in your kingdom ?? but what you can't say so immediately ban
  27. zenion
    zenion 10 January 2021 19: 06
    Now in Russia they know: if you want to have an enemy, feed him!
  28. Irbenwolf
    Irbenwolf 11 January 2021 09: 58
    Over the past 20 years, I do not remember a more formal state than Poland. You will have to pay for everything, sooner or later.