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I was asked to write about my father. Because he is a "twice" Hero

I was asked to write about my father. Because he is a "twice" Hero

I will defend my homeland

I look at my father, a border guard colonel, Hero of Russia, Oleg Petrovich Khmelev, and feel love, pride and respect. What is he like as a person who, together with my mother, educates me, teaches me to walk through life? What do I feel, what do I think, how do I perceive it?

First, he is dear to me as a person who works hard for the good of our family. Secondly, he is a Hero of the Russian Federation. I often find myself thinking that sometimes I think about its roots or origins. How did it all start for him? How did he get there?

From the very first day, when he was just born and in the future (as is customary among the majority of people around me in my everyday life), was everything conscious or spontaneous in his book of life (which he writes and writes). But each of its pages is distinguished by its originality and unpredictability. And at the same time, thoughtfulness.

Already in childhood, as he often likes to remember, initially and consciously, the image of a man in a military uniform entered his mind, having a majestic bearing and a smile - an arrow so characteristic of people who linked their lives with military craft.

Young Oleg was fascinated by the officer's masculine qualities - courage, courage, diligence, professionalism and competence, which allowed him, at some completely imperceptible moment for himself, to make one single decision: I will defend my Motherland.

He was a completely ordinary, quiet child. He was brought up by one heroic, strict grandmother, who from childhood instilled in Oleg a love of physical labor and literature. Here is what my father once told me about this:

“Sometimes, until three o'clock in the morning, I would sit up surrounded by an infinite number of fantastic worlds, illuminated by only one smoldering candle.”

So he remembered his literary hobbies.

By the age of 12, dad had already read the famous story of Nikolai Gogol "Taras Bulba", patriarchal historical the novel by Alexei Tolstoy "Peter the First", and the most interesting - the epic novel by Mikhail Sholokhov "Quiet Don". This in a certain way spoke of his undoubted talent as a reader.

Father from an early age was distinguished by modesty. And this can be confirmed by everyone who knows him well. Nevertheless, in addition to literature, basketball, as the most dynamic game with a completely unpredictable ending, came to the attention of his hobbies in his youth.

Those same three seconds

This is confirmed by the historic match between the men's national teams of the USSR and the USA in the final of the basketball tournament of the XX Summer Olympic Games in September 1972 in Munich. Soviet athletes then, in a dramatic ending, defeated the Americans in three legendary seconds and won 51:50.

"Those three Munich seconds"

- this is what my father so often likes to remember, telling me how, inspired by this victory, he brilliantly performed with his basketball team at regional competitions.

Of course, my father saw that famous match much later. Indeed, in March 1972, he was just born. And by September he was only a few months old.

But once, already as a schoolboy, he saw this unique sports triumph on TV and immediately ignited it. I remembered so that I could repeat something like this over and over again on the basketball court.

And he was also engaged in hand-to-hand combat. And about this he also has a cascade of sparkling, unique memories.

Time runs. Oleg is growing, getting stronger physically, developing mentally. And now he is already the leader of the Komsomol organization, where for the first time his abilities of a competent leader are manifested.

He once said:

“Usually we do not notice rudeness in the streets. Or we just try to close our eyes to this, just groping our bearings in the surrounding space - but in vain. Sometimes you walk along the pavement like this, and towards you a seemingly steel-hardened man. And everything seems to be imbued with order. And he behaves like an idiot. "

By the age of 17, Oleg matured and entered the Omsk Higher Combined Arms School with very impressive indicators by all criteria. I have no doubt that during his years of study he received an incomparable life experience.

From him I learned what a "hot" point is.

And then in his biography there was a service at the border in Tajikistan. Temporary border post "Turg". Mountains, gorges, ravines and the night of August 18-19, 1994.

A signal flare illuminates the majestic steep peaks. And the heavy fire of the Mujahideen, which fell on the fortifications of the Russian border guards, like an avalanche that descended from the mountains.

"Spirits" go to the assault and the senior post lieutenant Vyacheslav Tokarev is mortally wounded. The father takes command.

Border guards shoot at the enemy less and less often. Running out of ammunition. And the Mujahideen - there are many of them. Here they are - their guttural voices bubbling with hatred are already audible.

Lieutenant Khmelev communicates by radio with the command of the detachment and decides to call fire on himself. It's wild, spontaneous, but that's how he decided. This was my father's path. There could be no other in that situation. Khmelev with the remaining soldiers went into cover, adjusting the artillery fire. And a merciless shelling broke out.

Explosions of mines, the rumble of shells and again explosions, deadly fragments of rock. It seemed to be going on for an eternity. And suddenly, deafening silence. The border guards leave the shelter. It's dawn in the mountains. Everywhere, as far as visibility allows, the corpses of the defeated mujahideen.

Nobody left, nobody hid. And the border guards are all alive, smiling torturedly, feeling each other. Nobody died, everyone is safe. And you can understand the joy of the father that everything turned out the way it should have happened.

For the courage and heroism shown during the hostilities in the Republic of Tajikistan, my father Oleg Petrovich Khmelev was awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of October 3, 1994.

I consider it necessary to note that, due to political and human views, the Pope refused to prelude in the form of a photograph with Boris Yeltsin, who had already begun to “play odd” at that time.

Expensive test

The life scenario led the father on a road of trials, strewn with difficulties. He soon went to Kosovo to participate in the UN peacekeeping mission. Then, after a certain period of time, the Pope is already in the OSCE mission for a long time in Georgia.

In his words, everything he did there was just ordinary work.

And then dad went to the reserve. And he became an ordinary person, the Hero of our big family. He goes to work every day. He likes everything.

We are proud of him. Our father, who is so extraordinary, maybe for everyone. And for us so sweet and dear. And for us - he is truly a "twice" Hero.

We are all incredibly happy about him.

I am happy now to write about my dad, with whom I am connected by my entire still very small life. I am glad that with him it is easy for me in everything: you can laugh, walk, talk. In short, to do everything that is impossible to imagine with any other person.

After all, heroes are found not only in films, they live among us.

And so, in general, they are as ordinary as all of us living on this planet Earth.

Except for the feats they accomplished.

instead of an epilogue

This is the first experience of our young author. We published many similar essays for the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory. It seems to us that the time has come to write about the heroes of our time to the younger generation.
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  1. Crowe
    Crowe 5 January 2021 05: 22
    We are proud of him.

    We are all proud of him and men like him. Everything depends on them. Thank you.
    1. Machito
      Machito 5 January 2021 11: 49
      As it is in Russian, call fire on yourself when you are surrounded by enemies. The Russians don't give up. good soldier
  2. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 5 January 2021 06: 21
    Not an easy burden fell on the shoulders of the Hero's son. But we believe that you will be able to continue the life path of your family with dignity, increase its glory. Not necessarily on the battlefield. There is a place in any field.
    And to your father human gratitude and the best words.
  3. alex neym_2
    alex neym_2 5 January 2021 07: 56
    OUR HOMELAND begins and stays with such and such guys!
  4. Tank jacket
    Tank jacket 5 January 2021 08: 00
    "Lieutenant Khmelev communicates on the radio with the command of the detachment and decides to call fire on himself" (c)
    Boldly, decisively and apparently on time ...
    1. cat Rusich
      cat Rusich 5 January 2021 19: 48
      Quote: Tank jacket
      "Lieutenant Khmelev communicates on the radio with the command of the detachment and decides to call fire on himself" (c)
      Boldly, decisively and apparently on time ...
      And what prevented the adjustment of artillery fire on the Majahideen on the way to the positions, even before the cartridges began to run out?
      1. Tank jacket
        Tank jacket 5 January 2021 21: 05
        What prevented you from being there?
        Have you tried to cause fire on yourself?
        1. cat Rusich
          cat Rusich 5 January 2021 21: 28
          Quote: Tank jacket
          What prevented you from being there?
          Have you tried to cause fire on yourself?

          First, read the article at - there the Hero Oleg Khmelev himself talks about the battle for the Torg runway. Have you read it? - O. Khmelev did not ask for "fire on himself" - the request was for shelling the dominant heights through his positions. The shells flew over the head of the border guards towards the Mujahideen, and this shelling was corrected by O. Khmelev ...
          1. Tank jacket
            Tank jacket 5 January 2021 21: 41
            “During the night, our comrades got to our position. I didn’t know that Slava had died, I still hoped and shouted into the mountains so that he could react to the sound. But Anton Zherdev crawled out and reported that he had pulled out the killed Vyacheslav and sprinkled it in the stones Commander Masyuk pulled the infantry fighting vehicles of the 201st division to the foot of the "Turga" and gave the order to open fire on the dominant heights through our positions.

            That's all, what else to tell? It was really hard: they fit, but we don't have grenades. I asked for fire. I knew that we had an SPG battery at the 13th outpost
            1. cat Rusich
              cat Rusich 5 January 2021 21: 56
              There was no request - "Calling fire on myself" ... "I knew where they were shooting from, how they were shooting, so I already corrected everything visually for the gaps. Thank God we were not hit." According to the mind, in the article "the son of the Hero" it was necessary to write what the Hero himself told - to write about the battle itself, about those who died covering the withdrawal of their own ... At the same time, the runway "Mercury" (height 1501,1) was attacked, write about the fact that in addition to O. Khmelev, the title of Hero of Russia was awarded Art. Lieutenant S. Yu. Medvedev, Lieutenant V. V. Tokarev (posthumously), Jr. Sergeant N. V. Smirnov (posthumously), private O. A. Kozlov.
              1. Tank jacket
                Tank jacket 5 January 2021 22: 09
                Same question.
                1. cat Rusich
                  cat Rusich 5 January 2021 22: 26
                  Quote: Tank jacket
                  Same question.
                  What's the question ?
                  When there is communication, there are shells on the batteries of the self-propelled guns, the range allows you to cover the entire district around the person who is adjusting the fire ... What is the reason for the discontent? - in the fact that the coveted "I call fire on myself ..." was not uttered. That's when the enemy was in your position, next to you - then "Call fire on yourself" is quite simple (morally, psychologically) - after all, after a minute- another one will die anyway ... I read an article on the Internet about the war in Afghanistan - a summary: a sniper on a neighboring hill was surrounded, it was not possible to get "by land" - then from the checkpoint (where the sniper fighter was listed) he called support by artillery fire and drove away the spirits from the sniper with artillery fire, for several days they drove away the spirits with shells. And the question was whether the fighter had enough water.
  5. Free wind
    Free wind 5 January 2021 08: 35
    As nobody died, 10 people died there. both ours and the Tajik military. Many were awarded the Orders of Courage, including posthumously. and was awarded the title of Hero of Russia, including posthumously.
  6. kalibr
    kalibr 5 January 2021 10: 27
    The young author wrote everything very well and God forbid him success in the future. Only one question I have for him: the patriarchal historical novel by Alexei Tolstoy "Peter the First". Why is the novel "patriarchal". And I thought so, and so ... I didn't do it myself ... Maybe the author will explain?
    1. Captain45
      Captain45 5 January 2021 11: 48
      Quote: kalibr
      Only one question I have for him: the patriarchal historical novel by Alexei Tolstoy "Peter the First". Why is the novel "patriarchal". And I thought so, and so ... I didn't do it myself ... Maybe the author will explain?

      I'll try for the author, maybe an epoch-making one? After all, the author is a young man, the first article. Was that wrong with the epithet?
      1. kalibr
        kalibr 5 January 2021 13: 01
        Quote: Captain45
        So you made a mistake with the epithet?

        I would like to believe. But it's still interesting how the author himself would explain.
        1. Vladimir61
          Vladimir61 5 January 2021 14: 47
          Quote: kalibr
          I would like to believe. But it's still interesting how the author himself would explain.

          The style and applied speed are not important. What is important is who and what we must remember. It is on such people that Russia has been holding from time immemorial.
          I don’t know who said it first, but he said well: “Russia does not start wars, it ends them!”.
  7. Andrey Zhdanov-Nedilko
    Andrey Zhdanov-Nedilko 5 January 2021 10: 54
    Wonderful person! More of these would be !!! And we will win.
  8. faiver
    faiver 5 January 2021 11: 17
    There is such a profession - to protect the homeland
  9. cat Rusich
    cat Rusich 5 January 2021 20: 04
    More details about the attack on the Turg runway and the Mercury runway can be found here - written briefly, but in detail. (there is a list of those killed and awarded)
  10. cat Rusich
    cat Rusich 5 January 2021 20: 14
    You can also read what Hero Oleg Khmelev himself told about the battle on Turg here - - in much more detail than in the article above.
  11. eleronn
    eleronn 10 January 2021 21: 05
    Such people!!! Compare with the current "heroes" ...