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"Pyotr Morgunov" as the future of the amphibious forces of the fleet


On December 23, at the Baltic shipyard Yantar, a solemn ceremony of raising the flag was held on the large landing ship "Pyotr Morgunov". The new BDK became part of the naval fleet and will soon leave for the duty station.

From contract to service

"Petr Morgunov" is the second large landing craft built on pr. 11711 developed by Nevsky Design Bureau. The first was "Ivan Gren", which was accepted into the Navy in July 2018 and transferred to the Northern Fleet. At this, the construction of landing ships according to the original project will stop. In production, they will be replaced by more advanced samples, created taking into account the accumulated experience.

The groundwork for the construction of the large landing craft "Petr Morgunov" was created back in the 1s, in parallel with the work on the lead "Ivan Gren". The contract for the second ship of the project was signed on September 2014, 2018. According to its terms, the Yantar shipyard had to complete all work and hand over the finished ship by the end of XNUMX. Unfortunately, these deadlines were not met.

By the summer of 2015, preparations for construction began at Yantar. The laying ceremony took place on June 11, 2015.The next event, the launching of the ship, was held on May 25, 2018. Completion of the construction continued until the fall of 2019, when preparations for testing began.

In mid-December last year, "Pyotr Morgunov" went for testing, and the customer and the contractor decided to combine the factory and state. During these events in early spring, problems arose with individual systems and units. The need for repairs and fine-tuning led to a temporary suspension of tests. By the summer, the ship again went to sea for final checks.

State tests of the ship were successfully completed several weeks ago. The new BDK was recognized as ready for transfer to the customer and for the beginning of service. By mid-December there were news about the imminent ceremony of putting the ship into operation. The event took place on December 23. "Petr Morgunov" is included in the Northern Fleet. It is reported that he will leave for his permanent duty station in Severomorsk early next year. Thus, both BDK pr. 11711 will serve together.

Landing capabilities

"Petr Morgunov" was built according to project 11711, modified taking into account the experience of testing the lead ship and new wishes of the customer. It is noted that during the construction of this large landing craft, all the most modern technologies were used. In addition, the main characteristics of the first serial BDK surpass its predecessor.

Project 11711 again implements the "traditional" domestic concept of a large landing ship, capable of delivering soldiers and equipment to ports or to an unprepared coast, as well as providing fire support. The well-developed concept is implemented using modern technologies, materials and components, which allowed to obtain the highest possible level of performance.

The new "Petr Morgunov" has a length of 135 m and a total displacement of 6,6 thousand tons. The power plant is built on the basis of two high-power diesel engines. Movement and maneuverability are provided by a pair of propellers and a bow thruster. The ship is capable of a speed of 18 knots and has a cruising range of up to 4 thousand miles.

Most of the internal volumes of the hull are given for the placement of the landing force and its equipment. On tank the deck, passing through the entire hull, carries up to 13 armored vehicles weighing up to 60 tons or 35-36 units. light equipment. The ship can accommodate up to 300 people. - Reinforced Marine Corps Battalion. Equipment or other cargo is fed into the hold through a hatch in the upper deck or under its own power along the bow and stern ramps. Disembarkation is carried out only through the ramps. To work with loads, the BDK has its own crane for 16 tons.

The aft deck is designed as a helicopter pad; there is a hangar in front of it. The ship is capable of carrying up to two transport-combat helicopters or one attack helicopter. Also "Petr Morgunov" has several motor boats on board.

To support the landing, there is a set of barreled weapons. It includes a pair of 30 mm AK-630 mounts in the aft superstructure and one twin AK-630M-2 for firing into the front hemisphere. There are several machine gun installations. Electronic weapons include systems of various types that provide surface and air surveillance, as well as the use of standard weapons.

For the development of the fleet

Both BDK pr. 11711 are included in the Northern Fleet. The first entered service more than two years ago, and the second has yet to make an inter-fleet transition to the Severomorsk base. After that, the landing forces of the KSF will noticeably grow and improve their capabilities.

Until recently, the KSF had five large landing ships. Of these, four belong to the old project 775 / II and began service in 1976-85. Only "Ivan Gren" can be considered modern. Also in the amphibious forces there are 7 boats of different types; four of them have been built in recent years. It is easy to see that the appearance of the new "Peter Morgunov" will significantly improve both quantitative and qualitative indicators of the landing forces of the Northern Fleet.

Despite the well-known disputes about the ways of developing the amphibious forces, the BDK are quite capable of solving a number of basic tasks, thanks to which they retain their place in the fleet. The new "Peter Morgunov", like other ships of the KSF, in the event of a conflict, will be able to land amphibious assault forces on an unprepared coast or at a distance from it, and in peacetime it will provide for the conduct of exercises.

In addition, the landing ships of the Northern Fleet are actively used in the deployment and supply of remote bases, incl. in the Arctic. It is likely that the newest large landing craft, which has high performance and wide capabilities, will also be involved in such operations. This will make it possible to increase the overall traffic or reduce the load on old ships.

Prospects for Directions

Two large landing ships of project 11711 were handed over to the customer and included in the Northern Fleet. At the same time, a fundamental decision was made to abandon the further construction of the BDK according to the original design. The next stages of the development of the amphibious forces will be associated with other ships.

On April 23, 2019, the laying of two new large landing ships, Vladimir Andreev and Vasily Trushin, took place at the Yantar plant. It is proposed to build them according to the revised project 11711. This version of the project has significant differences from the base one, but its number has not changed. As a result, in the future the Navy will have several ships formally of the same project, but of different modifications.

The updated project 11711 provides for an increase in the length of the ship to 150 m and an increase in displacement up to 8 thousand tons, as well as the corresponding restructuring of general ship systems. The layout and load placement methods will change. It was argued that the new BDK will be able to carry several boats of pr. 11770 "Serna" and will carry up to 12 helicopters. A voluminous tank deck with access via a ramp will remain.

"Vladimir Andreev" and "Vasily Trushin" are intended for the Pacific Fleet, which so far has only four large landing ships built in 1974-91. The new ships will be launched in 2022 and 2023, and acceptance into the fleet is expected by the end of 2024 and 2025. The possibility of building the next large landing craft of the modified project 11711 was mentioned, but there are no real contracts yet.

Also, the construction of a fundamentally new for our Navy universal amphibious assault ships, project 23900, has begun. Two such hulls were laid in July this year and are planned to be commissioned in 2026-27. Probably, in the future, the construction of the UDC will continue, and the fleet will have mixed landing forces with ships of different classes.

Final and continuation

Project 11711, already at the development stage, faced a variety of problems, from lack of funding to changing customer requirements. However, despite all the revisions and improvements, in 2018 the lead ship Ivan Gren was handed over to the Navy. The other day, the customer received a second of the same type "Peter Morgunov".

Two new BDK meet the requirements of the Navy, however, they decided to abandon the problematic project 11711 in its first version. A new version of the project has been developed, according to which new landing ships will be built, at least two units. Thus, the rearmament of the amphibious forces of the fleet continues. The transfer of "Petr Morgunov" completes one stage of this process and allows you to start a new one.
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United Shipbuilding Corporation
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  1. The comment was deleted.
    1. nnm
      nnm 25 December 2020 06: 10
      Do you think it is more efficient to build analogues of the lead ship of the series, even if sisterships can have significantly better characteristics? You are certainly right that this is an extra headache for the operators, but, perhaps, if the ship's combat capabilities increase significantly, is it still worth it?
      1. Nikon OConor
        Nikon OConor 26 December 2020 20: 16
        I believe that now is just such a time. At the very end of the 19th century, there was a similar situation (1870-1914 ..) When technologies developed by leaps and bounds, and the ships under construction became obsolete right on the stocks. We observe approximately the same situation. Moreover, the financing and construction time of the battleships, i.e. ships of rank 1-2 are about the same as now (for Russia, even more so). So there is nothing new here, just a turning point of eras ...
    2. Plastmaster
      Plastmaster 25 December 2020 06: 42
      Quote: Nazar
      How to exploit all this inconsistency then?

      I served at the BDK Nikolaev. In fact, in those days there were 4 types of houses. walked a little. I don't think there will be more military campaigns now.
      1. Civil
        Civil 25 December 2020 07: 10
        The series "Ivan Gren" was watched from 2004 to 2018, full of intrigue and plot twists. In theory, it should have ended with the adoption of the Mistral-class UDC into the fleet, but thanks to the French, the Ivana Gren was delivered. The question is how this, in general, a small ship became the future of our amphibious forces of the fleet? Or just such tasks remained.
        1. Orkraider
          Orkraider 25 December 2020 17: 06
          I am different, in this future it confuses me, how was “Ivan Gren” accepted in 2018, he took part in the parade in the same year, that's all.
          He no longer went to sea, did not participate in exercises, did not gain operating experience
          I would like something different, of course.
        2. Kazarinovsergen
          Kazarinovsergen 28 January 2021 22: 57
          Not to the navy, but to the navy.
        3. mister-red
          mister-red 11 February 2021 22: 05
          How did this, in general, a small ship become the future of our amphibious forces of the fleet?

          I am ashamed to ask, what was there more in the USSR? But Russia is not the USSR. And the BDK 1171 series was enough. And even KFOR were. The Marine himself was by the way, I can somehow judge this.
    3. Doccor18
      Doccor18 25 December 2020 07: 23
      Quote: Nazar
      ... is this a series of two ships and those are different? How to exploit all this inconsistency then?

      You are right, two ships cannot be called a series. However, this is not a series, but we can say, "pre-production samples". Here are just a series behind them again, no whatsoever. What will go on is not at all modified Ivan Gren, but some kind of small helicopter carrier ...
      The question is this. Why does the Russian fleet need all this? The classic large landing craft with the landing through the ramp are outdated "the day before yesterday." All modern navies of the world have realized this and are building UDC / DVDKD. And we have such a program in the form of project 23900. Therefore, we have to agree with Nazar that it is the projects that are important, not construction.
      In my opinion, our fleet did not really interfere with a large series of cheap 4-kt. ships-sea transports with the possibility of amphibious assault landing on a limited scale. The main functions of this ship are logistical support for border outposts and remote garrisons (of which there are many in the Russian North and the Far East), units of Arctic brigades, assistance to those in distress, and possibly some functions of naval guard ships. Such a ship would be very useful to the state and the navy. But it should be as simple and inexpensive as possible ...
      1. donavi49
        donavi49 25 December 2020 09: 18
        Well, these are different requirements. As a result, we will run into an elephant which is an elephant so as not to be useless in the second landing line and at the same time are terribly expensive for real work.

        Optimally (and more or less rich) develop amphibious forces very simply - the UDC is the core of the amphibious group. DKVD means amplification or point application of forces (when UDC is redundant).

        For the Navy, a small one, like Makassar, would be optimal. Cheap, simple, versatile.

        I repeat a couple of Makassars could be exchanged for the Su-35. If they had hurried in advance, then Indonesia would not have jumped off the contract, as happened now, and the ships would have already been in Tartus / NVMB were standing. And they would give a positive practical experience necessary in the creation of their own UDC / DKVD projects.
        1. Doccor18
          Doccor18 25 December 2020 10: 05
          For the Navy, a small one, like Makassar, would be optimal. Cheap, simple, versatile.

          Not everything is so simple with this ship. Its cost is simply staggering. Due to what it is possible to build SO cheaply. Under civilian standards, of course, there are almost no weapons systems, okay, but all the same, "kopecks". Then, not one of the self-respecting navies of the world were not interested in this "Korean brainchild". Indonesia, Peru, Philippines, Myanmar, possibly Pakistan. I don't want to offend anyone, but these are far from the most advanced maritime powers ... And most importantly, Makassar is definitely not suitable for operation in the harsh northern seas in difficult ice conditions. And to buy them exclusively for voyages from Syria to the new PMTO in the Red Sea is a very dubious pleasure ...
          1. donavi49
            donavi49 25 December 2020 10: 24
            Civil norms are actively used there. But here everything is really controversial. Some of the standards used (for example, on firefighting) will make the standards of the Navy in the same aspect.

            It uses standard modern assembly technology. This allows ships to be made 14-16 months before the launch of high availability.

            Makassar is an extremely compromise ship. Nobody argues. However, it is quite good in its basic properties. If you do not break through the AUG in one person and land in California in one person, of course.

            1) Aspect. The commodity component is engineering products (and there were interesting Korean machines in the estimate, which are produced in Indonesia under license), palm oils (however, due to EU law, the palm market collapsed and it was unrealistic to pour so many goods into it), spices (again Indonesia sells massive and cheap spices, it is unrealistic to pour in so many of them at once), agricultural products, sea products, etc. As a result, while they were deciding what to do, looking for partners and sites, buyers outside the market - the United States passed a law on sanctions and Indonesia jumped off the contract.

            If they took 2xMakassar + the rest of the bouquet, Indonesia would have already been tied up and would not have jumped off the contract so easily. Well, this is the most real and possible commodity for $ 120-140 million.

            2) Armament. This is especially fun in the subject of Morgunov, who has 3 MZA. wassat Makassar also has 3 normal slots - 1 bow for a cannon of the OTO Rapid standard (that is, even an A-190 with a short cellar can be shoved into a slot without alteration) and two slots along the edges of the hangar for automatic cannons (20-30mm) on the remote control.

            PAL has all rights to the project since the age of 18. They could have completed the design even up to Armor, even up to UKSK-8.

            3) Yes, the road to the northern seas is closed to him. But is it really necessary? There are 2 grins and 2 expedition ships to the northern seas. Where is the load of landing ships of the Russian Navy going the most ??? It is in the southern seas:
            1) Numerous visits to the SPM, in the same Greece, the BDK goes to the event every year.
            2) Line NVMB-Tartus.
            3) Now we need to saturate the new base in Sudan.
            4) Annual teachings with Egypt.
            5) Annual Indra, which was the last time they flew by air, because there was no free BDK.

            Two landing ships, for full-fledged operation, gaining experience in over-the-horizon landing, operating helicopter groups, various real tasks of a representative, humanitarian sense, would be quite useful.
        2. Boris Chernikov
          Boris Chernikov 25 December 2020 22: 09
          And how is he better than the significantly Improved Gren?
      2. Runway
        Runway 25 December 2020 10: 18
        A steamer of 4000 tonnes of displacement will carry about 1000 tonnes of cargo.
        In order for a regular outpost to be able to "without gray hair", let's say - to function for a year (having not for half a year) - it needs only 500 tons of "diesel". And even 70 pfs tons (so that cannibalism is not practiced). For ces / rav / ovs - a trifle (2-3 tons). And taking into account the fact that containers are evil, the fuel is tared into barrels (the volume of the hold is yum-yum).
        And not everywhere you can stick to the shore, we get a net + launch.
        About PSKR with waterism 4kT I heard out of my ear that Japs and Yankees have such steamers (but not coasters).
        No, buddy, we don't need this kind of hockey.
      3. Vladimir1155
        Vladimir1155 25 December 2020 10: 22
        Quote: Doccor18
        In my opinion, our fleet did not really interfere with a large series of cheap 4-kt. ships-sea transports with the possibility of amphibious assault landing on a limited scale. The main functions of this ship are logistical support for border outposts and remote garrisons (of which there are many in the Russian North and the Far East), units of Arctic brigades, assistance to those in distress, and possibly some functions of naval guard ships. Such a ship would be very useful to the state and the navy. But it should be as simple and inexpensive as possible ...

        I support ..... but we do not need the UDK, there is nowhere to drop the troops, the amphibious assault is only to support the ground forces, which means it can only be landed nearby, which means that Russia does not need large superbodk and especially the UDK
      4. Boris Chernikov
        Boris Chernikov 25 December 2020 22: 06
        everything is trite, no one knows how long new UDCs will be built in Crimea, even if the project is debugged. then the time will take 6 years for a ship, and how many landing ships do we have? about 20? and then we will restore them, therefore, in fact, they make an improved Ivan Gren, especially since UDCs do not really like disembarking, and Ivan Grens can do it.
  2. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 25 December 2020 04: 44
    The ship can accommodate up to 300 people. - Reinforced Marine Corps Battalion
    Is this exactly the size of the reinforced battalion ?! Doubts are sorted out.
    1. Garris199
      Garris199 25 December 2020 04: 54
      But the same Marines, they are one, as two are considered. soldier
    2. Runway
      Runway 25 December 2020 08: 44
      Reinforced RTGr. In Ullis, "Tapir" ("Vilkov" shipbuilding complex) sadly looks at the skeleton of the pier for the immature Russian "Mistral".
      A in b. Ivantsov's seagulls continue to shit on the remains of the dkvp sites (the marines guarding the checkpoint in the area of ​​12 artillery battalions are tired of listening to the sound of the waves). laughing
      1. Vladimir_2U
        Vladimir_2U 25 December 2020 08: 46
        Quote: WFP

        As I understand it, the company TGr?
        1. Runway
          Runway 25 December 2020 08: 47
          Yes, she is, darling.
    3. 22 dmdc
      22 dmdc 14 March 2021 08: 11
      The staffing of the dshb or bmp is 550 servicemen.
  3. Garris199
    Garris199 25 December 2020 04: 52
    It seems that they are more needed at the Pacific Fleet or Black Sea Fleet. The Black Sea BDKs have been working in the last few years as draft horses.
    1. Nazar
      Nazar 25 December 2020 05: 19
      Garris199 - Colleague, the fact that BDK were engaged in supply is out of poverty. In the normal fleet, special ships are engaged in this - quote: "In March 2019, the ninth ocean-going integrated supply ship (KKS) of project 903A (tail number 968) entered the PLA Navy." - I draw your attention to the word "ninth"
      1. jonht
        jonht 25 December 2020 06: 47
        Well what can I say ...
        The Chinese are world traders, they have something to VIT! (joke) hi
        1. Vladimir_2U
          Vladimir_2U 25 December 2020 08: 47
          Quote: jonht
          The Chinese are world traders, they have something to VIT! (joke)

          Especially if they will FLY for it! )))
      2. Serg65
        Serg65 25 December 2020 09: 25
        Quote: Nazar
        In March 2019, the ninth ocean-going integrated supply ship (KKS) of project 903A entered the PLA Navy

        And how will this KKS be engaged in the supply of overseas PMTO ????
        1. Nazar
          Nazar 25 December 2020 11: 26
          Serg65 - how? just like the Americans supply their bases around the world with such ships.
          The Chinese began to create bases and quite logically built supply ships, and only ours drive amphibious ships like trucks. Well I wrote - it's out of poverty.
          1. Serg65
            Serg65 25 December 2020 11: 46
            Quote: Nazar
            just like the Americans supply their bases around the world with such ships

            Those. the difference in the fundamental purpose of the KKS and the purpose of the military transport passed by ... then just ask what exactly the KKS is needed for! I can give you a hint ... Project 903A is essentially an improved grandson of the Soviet project 1833.
      3. max702
        max702 25 December 2020 09: 40
        We need these ships an order of magnitude more important and more important than the same AUG or BDK .. Will the fleet ever fight the big question, but cargo for ground units must always be transported, and there this task is paramount .. No one is ever in their right mind on a ship under the flag The navy will not attack, and whoever decides will keep in mind the answer from the Strategic Missile Forces ..
        1. donavi49
          donavi49 25 December 2020 10: 10
          A simple solution for deliveries:
          RSD is a serial project, mastered by shipyards, very cheap, has been in operation for 10 years, is universal in terms of cargo, river / sea. The only drawback is the need for an external crane infrastructure (well, here you can modify the project and screw in the cranes).

          An alternative is to develop an individual project - but in general it will be expensive immediately and for a long time. Considering what RSD / T was doing in Odessa. And now all such ships are made in Odessa through a gasket.
          1. Lex_is
            Lex_is 25 December 2020 11: 34
            Great offer.

            Tell me, have you ever had a chance to play some balls at 7-8 on such a jabodava, loaded with wheeled vehicles, anywhere in Biscay?

            Try it, the experience will be unforgettable, it will be enough for the rest of your life, if it is, that is not a fact.
            1. donavi49
              donavi49 25 December 2020 12: 18
              I answered the question of supplying the garrisons. Where you need something shallow, and also so that ice does not crush. Well, the maximum is Tartus-NVMB.

              And yes, the existing BDK also tolerate hiking very badly. One of the Indras in the 10s was even postponed, because the BDK got into a storm on the way and it took a week to recover.

              If the task is a universal ocean-type transport, then the best and cheapest solution is to purchase a commercial Ro-Ro and does not care.
              1. Lex_is
                Lex_is 25 December 2020 12: 31
                To supply the garrisons with nafig, you do not need to drive toadhounds with a capacity of a couple of thousand tons.
                There is an excellent and sufficient solution DCV47 "Sosnovka":

                transportation of general, bulk, container cargo on the cargo deck, wheeled and tracked vehicles in a rolling way, off-road unloading and loading of ships, delivery of these goods to an unequipped shore with the possibility of drying on sand and gravel ground and ensuring horizontal unloading of the delivered cargo using a bow ramp or ship cargo crane.

                By the way, with the ice class KM Ice2 R1 AUT3 OMBO
                1. Runway
                  Runway 25 December 2020 13: 52
                  L / s PO "Cape Chelyuskin" will be extremely dissatisfied.
                  1. Lex_is
                    Lex_is 25 December 2020 18: 28
                    And where does the software "Cape Chelyuskin"?
                    DCV47 in Kamchatka plow and cope with the tasks quite successfully.
                    1. Runway
                      Runway 25 December 2020 22: 39
                      Above they moved a "vision" on the supply of units in the North and the Far East with the help of some 4 kT steamers with a displacement. The fact that self-propelled barges operate in Kamchatka and in the PK (in its North) is 2x2. And polar explorers “don't need such hockey”.
                      1. Lex_is
                        Lex_is 26 December 2020 08: 44
                        Are we already supplying units in the north with 4 kT frogs?
                        How long has it been?

                        To supply garrisons in the north, where there is ice, this is what is available:
                        КМ (*) Arc7 [1] АUT1-ICS FF2WS DYNPOS-3 EPP SDS <60 Helideck Supply vessel

                        You can compare with the photo of the toaddog above and feel the difference.

                        And not only. We have much more ice-class suppliers than garrisons in the ice.
                      2. Runway
                        Runway 26 December 2020 08: 55
                        You do not agitate me for Soviet power, but read what the "dreamers" want. It's just that the comrades have an understanding - zastava / rtr / company rtv - poured grains and be spoiled (from the hip he tried to show a different order of numbers).
        2. p164
          p164 11 March 2021 10: 09
          Who said that they are being made in Odessa? Dozens of them are stamped at least at four large factories in Russia.
          Indeed, a little crane equipment and expand the residential superstructure ... Universal military transports for the closed seas are ready. By the way, you can transfer them along with cargo and personnel along inland waterways. Three pennies and effective.
          1. donavi49
            donavi49 11 March 2021 10: 24
            Wow, how fast, if it weren't for the alerts, I wouldn't even know.
            They are made in Odessa at the IIB - theirs are projects... For the MO, the project will have to be edited anyway, and the IIB holder. You can bring it on your own, but then there will be problems with registration.

            Worse yet, virtually all commerce and competencies are dependent on the IIB. We need a ferry - oh, MIB again.

            We need a supplier to Sakhalin, where to design it, in Odessa!

            We need a railway ferry - again, where to design it? Odessa.

            And then there are sanctions, refusal of project support, and the "Peter the Great" happens - which, even if it comes out, will not be put into operation, because it is impossible to certify a ship for passenger transportation without a designer. So it rusts on the Lotus, probably soon they will begin to disassemble it.
    2. Garris199
      Garris199 27 December 2020 04: 22
      Quote: Nazar
      Colleague, the fact that the BDK were engaged in supply is from poverty.

      I agree, but this does not negate the fact that the BDK Black Sea Fleet resource has been well spent, and soon they can all get up, and here there will be complete poverty. And the BDK bookmarks for the Black Sea Fleet are not visible even in the plans.

      Quote: Nazar
      I draw your attention to the word "ninth"

      What is there to answer. In our country, the construction of the fleet is only creeping out of piece production, and then only for some projects.
  • Siberian54
    Siberian54 25 December 2020 07: 47
    displacement and speed of a normal battleship of the late 19th century ..
    1. Senior seaman
      Senior seaman 25 December 2020 11: 30
      Quote: Siberian54
      displacement and speed of a normal battleship of the late 19th century.

      And do you know a lot of "normal battleships" of 5000 tons?
      Or are you not talking about "Morgunov"?
  • Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn 25 December 2020 08: 44
    Well, they finished it and thank God! Although an outdated project, it is better than nothing, and Yantar got rid of long-term construction
    APASUS 25 December 2020 10: 24
    The problem is that under the USSR, only BDK (project 775) was built 28 pieces. And besides that there were projects 1174 (built 3 pieces) project 1171 (built 14 pieces) And the sea borders have not changed much since the times of the USSR and the tasks have not changed. It got to the point that merchant ships began to be put under the flag of the Navy in Syria. The number of modern large landing ships in the Russian Navy is just microscopic
  • exo
    exo 25 December 2020 11: 29
    To support the landing, there is a set of barreled weapons. It includes a pair of 30 mm AK-630 mounts in the aft superstructure and one twin AK-630M-2 for firing into the front hemisphere.

    This is a set for completely different cases. Here: 76-mm AK-726 and MLRS A-215 "Grad-M", on BDK 1174, this is already to support the landing.
  • CastroRuiz
    CastroRuiz 25 December 2020 14: 48
    Korabl koncepcii 70ikh let proshlogo stoletia. Strashno moralno ustarevshiy.
    Goden tolko v Arktike i to ogranicheno.
  • nnz226
    nnz226 25 December 2020 17: 38
    Actually, to support the landing on land, I would like to have something larger in caliber than 30 mm. You cannot destroy the bunker with such bursts, the dugout - too! AK-630 is a classic anti-aircraft machine gun against anti-aircraft missiles or aircraft, if they foolishly fly into the affected area! Again, support is possible only at the moment of landing in the surf, the landing will attack (in the style of Caesar Kunikov's detachment) and after a kilometer the support will become meaningless. Also, since the project was redone several times, they somehow did not worry about helicopter armament! ONE attack helicopter support - cat's tears. TWO not drums will cope with the evacuation of the wounded to the ship ???
    VLADIMIR VLADIVOSTOK 26 December 2020 06: 11
    To land troops in Norway and England! There are no strategic tasks for the BDK on the Northern Fleet! They will argue, those who will use them for the bulk of the dry cargo ship! And nobody will check Che! The Americans are right when they say that there is no Russia for Moscow beyond the Urals! This is not a strengthening of the fleet, but corruption and a weakening of the Motherland's defenses! On them the deputies for the cordon will skedaddle to England!
  • Olkhovsky
    Olkhovsky 27 December 2020 09: 45
    Who is Peter Morgunov? Where is the information in the article about this man, after whom the ship is named? The author was too lazy.
  • Dronza
    Dronza 28 December 2020 20: 20
    Something speed of 18 knots in the 21st century is somehow not very good. And even for the landing ship.
  • the same doctor
    the same doctor 13 January 2021 08: 40
    Another attempt to make a universal ship. As a result: poor conditions for the landing and insufficient combat capabilities.
    The landing ship should only have air defense for the near zone, a pair of KPVTs for clearing the coast and a correction point. Everything else should be subordinated to the convenience of placing and landing troops. Something like a cruise ship with a large cargo ramp in the nose instead of the current sharp nose. All the mechanisms are below, at the bottom, above them is a huge hangar for equipment, above the cabins of the crew and landing. Probably a helipad, but it is better to give it to another ship that will not approach the coast.
    Heavy weapons and aircraft must be deployed on special ships.
  • Evgeny Seleznev
    Evgeny Seleznev 23 January 2021 20: 10
    Obviously it seems gibberish and a waste of money. There is no unification. Each pennant is unique. These Marsoflots have not been friends with their heads for a long time. And why did they hide 2 of them on the Northern Fleet? Where's the Syrian Express. Or this galosh, still cannot perform tasks as intended. Tell me where and offset these galoshes were used ?????
  • Vadim_888
    Vadim_888 27 January 2021 22: 10
    Pancake sufferer
  • AC130 Ganship
    AC130 Ganship 3 March 2021 02: 15
    Who is in the subject, tell us where / when, purely theoretically, such a ship can be used? 300 marines and 13 amphibious tanks. Change the king in some Somalia armed with Ak47?
  • p164
    p164 11 March 2021 09: 59
    Someone can imagine how from this ship, under enemy fire, three hundred marines are dropped on the heel of boats, two helicopters, and a technique is rolled out along the ramp. What does this ship have to do with the landing craft?
    To support the actions of troops in Syria or Libya, in the presence of bases equipped with berths, this would be suitable. This is a barracks and workshops and a hospital and a transport ship and just a territory protected from terrorists and saboteurs.
    But!!! They are in the Pacific Fleet.
    Forward! To Taiwan!