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Component of combat capability. Sleds for the Netherlands KMP


The ILC of the Netherlands during NATO exercises. The fighters have to carry everything they need on themselves. Photo by US Navy

A new family of vehicles is being accepted to supply the Royal Netherlands Navy. To facilitate the work of fighters in the Arctic theaters of military operations, a line of light sleds has been created. They have already passed all the necessary tests, and in the near future they are expected to be tested during the next international exercises.

Objective difficulties

In accordance with the current defensive strategy of the Netherlands, the ILC units should be able to fully operate in the northern regions of Europe, incl. in the arctic zone. In this regard, the Marines need special uniforms, special equipment, trained equipment of different classes, etc.

During field trips, fighters must carry personal and other weapon, ammunition for it, provisions, water, medicines, etc. All these loads have to be carried on oneself, which gives a significant load. When operating in the Arctic, incl. on snowy terrain, carrying loads and solving the main task are additionally difficult. Hiking and skiing with a heavy load takes energy and makes special demands on the training of fighters - or even threatens the completion of tasks.

New model pulleys and towing belt system. Photo of KMP Netherlands

The way out of this situation is light vehicles, which can be loaded with supplies, leaving only the essentials on the Marines. The ILC of the Netherlands previously used light sleds towed by fighters for this. This idea has been developed, and now a new line of such vehicles is presented.

Four products

Recently, the ILC of the Netherlands announced the development and implementation of new models of transport sleds of the "pulk" type (the term "pulka" is also known). Four products are offered with the closest possible design, differing in size and load capacity. In addition, one of the models in the line is not transport, but combat.

The pullets are built on the basis of a volumetric body-bath. A pair of longitudinal runners is fixed on the lower surface, and the upper edge is decorated with a rim with accessories for fastening belts. Several eyes are available for human or sled dog towing. There are also belt loops for carrying. The sleigh is transported using a belt system worn by the fighter. It is connected to the pulka eyes with several cables.

The entire internal volume of the pulk is given for the placement of the payload. The load is secured with straps and, if necessary, covered with a textile awning. The latter protects the load from external influences, and also disguises it against the background of snow. The carrying capacity of the sleigh has not been specified. Probably, it can reach 80-100 kg and mainly depends on the physical form of the fighter-towing vehicle.

"Combat" and transport version of the sleigh. Photo of KMP Netherlands

Four variants of pulkov have been developed with different dimensions and capabilities. The largest has a length of 1,7 m. It is defined as a universal vehicle for transporting any cargo of a squad or platoon of marines. The sleds 1,5 and 1,35 m long are intended for individual use and must carry the loads of specific fighters. Also presented is the so-called. GPMG Pulk of most interest.

These sleds are only 1,2 m long and are distinguished by their design. In the center of their hull is a compact pedestal mount for a single machine gun. Such a pulk is proposed to be used as a towed machine gun for the FN MAG 7,62 mm machine gun and boxes with ammunition belts. In a combat situation, the machine gun is used without removing it from the sled.

Sleigh in the ranks

The Dutch ILC has reportedly purchased the first batch of new sleds. The exact number of such products is not named, but it is said that with their help one of the raid squadrons (a marine company) is fully equipped. The delivery of two more squadron kits is expected next year, which will allow re-equipping one of the battle groups (battalions) of the Marine Corps.

Which of the squadrons received the new materiel and which group it belongs to has not yet been specified. In addition, further plans remain unknown. The Corps has two battle groups, each of which includes three squadrons that need special equipment. Perhaps in 2021-22. new sets of bullets for the second battle group will be purchased. This will allow all units of the ILC to work freely in the Arctic regions.

Transport pulk with a load covered with an awning. Photo of KMP Netherlands

In early 2021, the new sledges will undergo another practical test, this time as part of a joint exercise. Several units of the ILC of the Netherlands will go to Norway for a joint NATO exercise. During these maneuvers, the Marines will have to solve combat missions in the difficult conditions of the Scandinavian winter. They will need various supplies and cargo, and they will no longer have to carry them.

Serious curiosity

The adoption of the simplest small and light sled looks like a kind of curiosity and can be a reason for jokes. However, the Dutch ILC takes such a novelty very seriously. The pulk has no protection and carries limited cargo - and at the same time it can significantly affect the combat effectiveness of the unit.

Moving cargo from pouches, knapsacks, etc. in pulk significantly reduces the load on the fighter. In addition, it becomes possible to easily pull a larger load on the snow, both on foot and on skis. In addition, the ILC notes that placing a load on a Marine negatively affects his uniform. Due to external objects, clothes built on the basis of modern technologies cannot provide proper ventilation, which negatively affects a person's well-being and physical capabilities.

A certain flexibility is provided. On the pulka you can carry ammunition, provisions, equipment, weapons, etc. It can also be used to transport people, primarily as an ambulance. The sleds are designed to be towed by humans, but sled dogs can be harnessed to them. Foreign practice shows that any snowmobile can carry them.

Russian paratroopers use bullets in exercises in the Arctic. The Netherlands now has the same equipment. Photo of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Of great interest is a pulk with a machine gun mount. This is a fairly convenient version of a movable machine with a squad or platoon support weapon. Such sleds ensure the use of the machine gun in the correct way, keep it stable in position, and also allow you to transport a large ammunition load.

With all this, the announced Dutch sleigh is notable for its novelty. They were built using modern technologies and materials, and also take into account the experience of the ILC and, probably, the armies of third countries. It should be recalled that bullets and other similar products are available in the armies of almost all northern countries, are actively used and bring obvious benefits.

Invisible but important

It is hardly worth recalling that the combat capabilities of a Marine Corps unit or other type of troops are determined not only by the number and caliber of weapons. Logistics and cargo transportation issues are of no less importance, incl. directly at the combat exit. The KMP of the Netherlands plans to address these issues with a new sled of its own design. Despite the apparent simplicity, such products are of great importance.

Bullets of the new family have already been tested and accepted for supply; supplies to the troops have begun. At the beginning of next year, the squadron, which received such equipment, will participate in NATO Arctic exercises. He will have to show his combat capability, one of the components of which will be an inconspicuous but important sled.
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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 18 December 2020 18: 29
    The obvious, ... Why reinvent the wheel?
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      Megatron 18 December 2020 23: 05
      Obviously, their niggaz and Arabs are quietly capturing, and they are holding Russia for the enemy. Well, aren't they idiots, are they?

      Even with a surcharge, we don’t need euro-gomosyatina .... to capture it yet.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 19 December 2020 10: 32
        It is easy and simple to blame EVERYTHING on the "terrible" eastern neighbor, and the partners will not flop, they only slap on the shoulder. And try to bite at the "poor" emigrant ... just for the peck, your neighbors.
  2. knn54
    knn54 18 December 2020 18: 55
    And "these" climb into the Arctic.
    1. Narak-zempo
      Narak-zempo 19 December 2020 10: 00
      Quote: knn54
      And "these" climb into the Arctic.

      Have you ever wondered why the Barents Sea is called that?
  3. Virus-free crown
    Virus-free crown 18 December 2020 20: 05
    As for me, the idea is simply wonderful, we would have such "pools" good

    And then I still remember the 25-year-old episode, when on my paws from the Christmas tree I dragged my friend about 30 km of commercials in the winter, when he broke his leg ... eh ... I would have such "pullers" repeat
    1. Kote Pan Kokhanka
      Kote Pan Kokhanka 18 December 2020 21: 31
      And who told you that we do not have them? See the photo in the article.
  4. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 18 December 2020 20: 52
    Comrades Dutchmen, there are no sandy beaches on the Kola Peninsula. And behind every rock on the shore is a Marine from the Polar Bears brigade. Amsterdam to the red light districts
  5. Vadim Ananyin
    Vadim Ananyin 18 December 2020 20: 58
    I go for winter fishing with such pulki, no more, but longing for army equipment is some kind of pepper. Half an hour fight? With a prolonged confrontation, they will die in max-1 hour
  6. Alexander X
    Alexander X 18 December 2020 21: 45
    I attach this type of sled to a motorized dog, as many as 3 pieces and leave for winter fishing in impassable places for a car for 3 days. A friend with such a sled in winter walks for a couple - three days along the coast of the White Sea. He has such a hobby ... Travels. A great thing, these sledges ... it would be nice to have good snowshoes for them
    1. Avior
      Avior 18 December 2020 22: 40
      the motor just begs for them. In addition, as I understand it, they swim, which, given the ice-free Norwegian Sea, will not be superfluous. In the sea, of course, you can't really go out on them, but you can land, cross some non-freezing bays and other fjords, gullies and so on.
  7. alexey alexeyev_2
    alexey alexeyev_2 19 December 2020 00: 40
    Hmm ... and these go their own way. It's easier on deer. However, these two-legged deer do not mind ...
  8. andrewkor
    andrewkor 19 December 2020 06: 12
    The Netherlands MP Corps sounds proudly! How many people?
    Didn't you try to attract dogs? I'm not talking about oleshek.
  9. tasha
    tasha 19 December 2020 09: 31
    It's a pity, of course, that our paratroopers have black sleds, but in the Netherlands they are white ... It's still snowing.

    One of my grandfathers was wounded on the Karelian front. Carrying mines on a sled to the front line. Maybe they noticed, maybe a stray shell. A splinter broke my hand ...

    It would seem a trifle, camouflage cloak and fabric for boxes ...
    1. Narak-zempo
      Narak-zempo 19 December 2020 09: 58
      Quote: tasha
      It's a pity, of course, that our paratroopers have black sleds ... Snow after all

      Well, who could have known such a detail in advance? laughing
  10. Lena Petrova
    Lena Petrova 19 December 2020 10: 36
    For the evacuation of the wounded - the very thing. Pick up a snowmobile, and back you can quickly bring up ammunition, food, etc.
  11. Recon
    Recon 19 December 2020 19: 29
    The Russian paratroopers in the photo bought these bullets for their own money in a store. First-hand information. So much for you
    The Netherlands now has the same equipment.