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Ukraine in 10 years - dreams and realities


Photo: Sasha Maksymenko,

The proverb about an alternatively gifted person, "a richer thought", is not without reason an integral part of the national folklore of the "independent". Local politicians simply love to draw downright breathtaking prospects for the country's development, from which, in theory, the inhabitants to whom these tales are addressed should take their breath away with delight.


For example, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Dmitry Razumkov recently in an interview with one of the local media said that in 2030, "non-profit"

"Will become a state that will develop faster than its neighbors."

At the same time, he stressed that he means

"Countries that are located on the western border",

and also clarified that the "advance in development" that he saw applies not only to the economy, but also to medicine, education and other spheres. Here's a forecast ...

Where the head of parliament got so much optimism from is absolutely incomprehensible. Today, Ukraine, in comparison with the period of its inclusion in the USSR, is, frankly speaking, in a state of ruin and decline. Industry, infrastructure, transport and even such a traditional industry for the country as agriculture and do not come close to reaching the "Soviet" indicators. Much has already been lost irretrievably. And what still exists, as they say, "breathes on its own."

However, perhaps those who ruled the country earlier are to blame for this - after all, any previous government in Ukraine is traditionally called, if not "criminal", then "ineffective"?

Well, let me briefly list the main "achievements" of the country over the period that has passed since the "Euromaidan", which, in theory, was supposed to lead it into a "bright European future." I intend to indicate the indicators at the beginning of 2020 - in order to avoid accusations of fraud and attempts to pass off the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic as the results of the "Maidan era", which worsened the situation around the world.


So let's start with demographics. For the period from 2014 to 2020, Ukraine lost 3,5 million people. The birth rate at the beginning of this year was at a catastrophic level - 100 births per 54 deaths (now, of course, the indicator is even worse). Every third Ukrainian is at least a pensioner. This year, the country's prime minister seriously voiced a warning:

the country will not be able to pay pensions in 15 years, at the latest.

According to economists, however, the collapse of the social sphere will come there much earlier. Especially when you consider that about 8 million people. of the entire working-age population work without official registration.

Education and medicine, you say? After the horrific reforms initiated by the US citizen Ulyana Suprun, who gained control over the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, medicine in the "square" has become a pleasure exclusively for rich people. From 2014 until the start of the pandemic, at least 30 thousand doctors and about a hundred thousand representatives of junior medical personnel left the system. Free medical services no longer exist as such. Literally at the time of writing this review, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved new rules for the operation of ambulances. From now on, she will go only to the dying, and even then at her own discretion.

The same can be said for education. By the beginning of 2020, almost every second school in the country was in an emergency or semi-emergency condition. Salary arrears to teachers have grown by over 6% over 150 years. However, in accordance with the requirements of the IMF and other curators from the West, Ukraine is reducing the number of educational institutions, primarily in rural areas. In a decade, universal literacy will become a thing of a forgotten past in this country. Education, again, will only be available to the rich.

Industry and infrastructure? For all these years, not a single aircraft, sea or river vessel was built - with the exception of military boats. Not only the aerospace industry, which was once the pride of the country, but also the automotive industry, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering - all of them have been destroyed. The remains of even more or less efficient enterprises do not even allow Kiev to be sold to the same Chinese. The West (and, above all, the United States) is firmly following the course of the complete and final de-industrialization of Ukraine. This process will be completed, perhaps, even before the expiration of the next decade.

Most likely, Ukraine will have to completely transform itself into an agrarian and raw material appendage of "civilized countries", finally losing even the semblance of economic independence. However, this is not surprising - after all, the country owes the IMF and other creditors absolutely fantastic amounts, absolutely incomparable with its GDP, which has been steadily falling from year to year. The exchange rate of the national currency (hryvnia) for the period since 2014 has "collapsed" by more than 350% - from 8 hryvnia per dollar to 28 (at the moment).

At the same time, international creditors have recently been increasingly denying Kiev in regular financial handouts, demanding that more and more new requirements be met. Nobody intends to forgive debts, so the prospect of default for the "square" is not even a matter of a decade, but, most likely, of the very near future.

The armed conflict in Donbass is in a “frozen” stage, continuing to split the country and stimulating its authorities to spend military expenses that are absolutely unaffordable for the budget. Not wanting to listen to the voice of reason, the powers that be, regardless of their own party affiliation and their previous election slogans, follow the agenda imposed by the aggressive nationalist minority, deepening and exacerbating the division in society. The country is adopting more and more new laws aimed at infringing the rights of its Russian-speaking residents, as well as ousting the Russian language and culture.

Taking into account the current “centrifugal” trends in the country's political life, the steadily deteriorating state of its economy, destructive processes in the social sphere, the continuing fragmentation of society along a number of signs, it is impossible to speak with confidence even about the existence of Ukraine in 10 years as a single unitary state.

Well, and as far as her hyper-breakthroughs and other pseudo-successes in any areas are concerned - either people with the most violent imaginations or extremely irresponsible politicians can talk about them.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 18 December 2020 18: 09
    Amen! To be honest, the articles about this territory of meaninglessness are tired. I'm not sure that I will see what will happen to us, to Ukraine in ten years, but we have completely different paths of development or degradation. And personally, in recent years, I have completely spit on VNA.
    1. VORON538
      VORON538 18 December 2020 18: 27
      You are wrong, and on all counts!
      outskirts-part of Russia, temporarily lost will and consciousness, intoxicated by pro-Western propaganda
      Many relatives of Russians live on the territory of the outskirts, which only confirms the blood ties of Russia and its temporarily lost territories after the 1991 counter-revolution
      The speculations of pseudo-citizens of Russia who want to further dismember it, as after 1991, into the furnace
      Preferably with thinkers
      Unfortunately, not the 37th!
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. Boris Nevzorov
          Boris Nevzorov 18 December 2020 19: 31
          You can dream and plan only in a sovereign state, in a colony, all plans are with the owner overseas, only he knows whether you live or die-))
          1. Alexander Sosnitsky
            Alexander Sosnitsky 19 December 2020 00: 54
            per 100 deaths 54 births
            Where did you get this from? Last week 14 were born - 72 died.
            1. Vladimir Mashkov
              Vladimir Mashkov 19 December 2020 20: 31
              Whether the "puppy" lasts 10 years or "dies" - dies earlier - nobody knows today. Even in the White House and the Kremlin, which - the time will come - will resolve this issue. And Razumkov pretends that he knows this! laughing
              1. Valery Radevich_2
                Valery Radevich_2 20 December 2020 17: 35
                They won't let this Frankenstein die while he plays the role of a thorn in the Russian ass. The silly themselves are not able to change power without the cookies of their aunt Nuland.
            2. Puppeteer 111
              Puppeteer 111 19 December 2020 20: 34
              There is life on Mars, there is no life on Mars. This is not known to science
      2. tihonmarine
        tihonmarine 18 December 2020 19: 05
        Quote: VORON538
        The speculations of pseudo-citizens of Russia who want to further dismember it, as after 1991, into the furnace

        Yes, no one wants to dismember Ukraine, it's just a pity what happened to the republic.
        And you yourself did the dismemberment of the country, at first you divided into former Soviet and former Austro-Polish, which led to stagnation and the Western population received priority, then Crimea left, and I think everyone knows why. Donbass separated according to the same scenario. And you about the Russian "wanting dismemberment", you are not ashamed to write that. I am not a citizen of Russia, but Russian, and I hate to read such words.
        Russia is not to blame for all the troubles of Ukraine, but Ukraine itself.
        1. VORON538
          VORON538 19 December 2020 07: 10
          In my commentary we are talking about Russia and about those "pseudo-citizens" who are ready to give the "Kemsk volost" right and left. I am glad that most of them fled from the country;
          1. tihonmarine
            tihonmarine 19 December 2020 10: 27
            Quote: VORON538
            I am glad that most of these fled from the country, there is a certain amount that is published in all sorts of echoes of Moscow and jellyfish.

            They have not fled anywhere, the Prometheans and Ozetites continue their work on the territory of Russia and in other regions of the former USSR. This is how these "echo-jellyfish" set all peoples against each other and, to a greater extent, against the Russians. There is massive propaganda to slander the USSR, the CPSU, the Great Patriotic War and the entire Soviet people and the people of Russia and its history.
          2. dauria
            dauria 19 December 2020 13: 31
            in all sorts of echoes of Moscow

            Stop it. This just doesn't care not only about Ukraine, but also about Russia. The trouble is different - the current generation of Russian patriots does not need Ukraine. For them, Ukrainians and Ukraine are strangers. Not enemies, but not relatives either. With rare exceptions of young people who were born in mixed marriages by the will of fate. Where half of the relatives are on the other side and there is a real idea of ​​life here and there. Yes, and it is dying out.

            As on the Golden Island of engineer Garin. The barracks are by nationality, and on Saturdays the provocateurs start fights.
            And the author, painfully cheerfully and cheerfully, composed "Apocalypse". They will survive without our sensitive guidance. And why do they need our Abramovich? There is nowhere to put them. ...
      3. val43
        val43 19 December 2020 15: 27
        Young man, you are wrong. First, not the outskirts, Ukraine (I wonder how long the post will live, where I will call Russia rush). Secondly, Ukraine is not part of Russia, but part of the Russian Empire and the USSR. Where are they? And the last thing -
        counter-revolution of 1991
        what's this?
      4. Aldera
        Aldera 9 January 2021 17: 00
        Nope! No longer, 30 years ago they happily fled from the USSR. Without any Western ideology. Let them stay there in the west. They feel good there
    2. RoTTor
      RoTTor 18 December 2020 19: 00
      They are to blame for allowing such an infectious and aggressive abscess not just at their side, on the primordially Russian Orthodox land
      It's high time to treat
      1. Paragraph Epitafievich Y.
        Paragraph Epitafievich Y. 18 December 2020 19: 06
        .on the primordially Russian Orthodox land

        Careful, oil drips. laughing
      2. Puppeteer 111
        Puppeteer 111 19 December 2020 20: 36
        Have you been to the doctor for a long time?
    3. antivirus
      antivirus 18 December 2020 20: 35
      lice are inseparable from the host ............................................. ...... the dog barks, the caravan moves on. and it is not known in whose fur the louse is sitting
  2. Eldorado
    Eldorado 18 December 2020 18: 17
    Ukraine will be gone in 10 years! wassat good drinks
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 18 December 2020 18: 57
      Quote: El Dorado
      Ukraine will be gone in 10 years!

      Maybe it won't be next year either!
      1. 2 Level Advisor
        2 Level Advisor 19 December 2020 07: 07
        maybe it will be .. or maybe it won't be in January or in August .. what to guess then?
        In fact, it can not be only at the beginning of a full-scale war against the Russian Federation, which neither our government, nor the Ukrainian one needs ... however, I think, like the people ...
        She herself will not fall apart in the near future - no internal conflict is visible there - on the territory without Donbass ...
        economic - who wants to earn more - they go to Europe .. so I don't see the real prerequisites for collapse yet ..
        Something about the topic "Ukraine" has started to be "pumped" again - it is not without reason - as if the war did not come to Donbass again ..
    2. val43
      val43 19 December 2020 15: 29
      Yes, we have not been there for 30 years - those who did not starve to death were frozen in winter. drinks
  3. SaLaR
    SaLaR 18 December 2020 18: 22
    Dreams ... dreams ... What a joy ... Dreams are gone ... disgusting remains ......... request
    1. knn54
      knn54 18 December 2020 19: 00
      "Fool dumkoyu bagatiє".
  4. Fungus
    Fungus 18 December 2020 18: 28
    If they continue to lie under the IMF and the Americans, then there will be no prospects.
    1. major147
      major147 18 December 2020 21: 44
      Quote: Fungus
      If they continue to lie under the IMF and the Americans, then there will be no prospects.

      And that's it, you can't get out of them ...
  5. rocket757
    rocket757 18 December 2020 18: 33
    Dreams come true ... only not for everyone.
  6. sabakina
    sabakina 18 December 2020 18: 37
    The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the new rules for the ambulance. From now on, she will go only to the dying, and even then at her own discretion.
    What is it like? If a pensioner dies, and they do not come to register the death, is the person still legally alive? And will he receive a pension? belay It's time for Ukrainians to teach the rules of embalming the dead.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 18 December 2020 18: 56
      Quote: sabakina
      If a pensioner dies, and they do not come to register the death, then legally the person is still alive?

      This is how the police also record death. Rather, now the situation is this: if a person dies, then they call the police - to record that death is natural, an ambulance - confirms death (and now and even more so to make sure that this is not a crown), both of them issue a certificate with which relatives go to the family doctor (we were all obliged to have one) even if the old man was not sick and did not go to doctors. And now the family doctor writes a burial permit. Apparently, they decided to remove one link, tk. all the same now they only cremate, and the transport and doctors are already very worn out.
      1. sabakina
        sabakina 18 December 2020 19: 52
        Elena hi Well, we have the same, if death at home, though without a family doctor. But the police cannot establish the fact of death. Only the absence of visible violent causes of death, such as a knife or gunshot wound. Plus, how to say, "the weather in the house." I will establish the cause of death in the pathological and anatomical bureau. All this is what I mean, the doctors have scored a call, the death of a pensioner, the police do not know, the pension is dripping. Well, something like this.
        1. Paragraph Epitafievich Y.
          Paragraph Epitafievich Y. 18 December 2020 22: 51

          conksta ... what?
    2. major147
      major147 18 December 2020 21: 47
      Quote: sabakina
      The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the new rules for the ambulance.

      "Former Minister of Health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun on Facebook called on the country's residents to" de-communize home first-aid kits ", throwing out the" remains of the scoop. "
      So, she added iodine and brilliant green to the list of ineffective drugs "
    3. Puppeteer 111
      Puppeteer 111 19 December 2020 20: 41
      They will leave immediately for the funeral service. Don't you know?
  7. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 18 December 2020 18: 41
    I haven't read Kharaluzhny for a long time. It could, of course, be even longer, but I "bought" the title.
    The essence, as always, remained poor and undiscovered.
    Well, that's right, so as not to cause disputes about everything listed in our plane and realities, it is better to transfer the rails to the neighbors.
    1. 7,62x54
      7,62x54 18 December 2020 19: 04
      After each blooper of the Russian top, the review "look how bad it is in Ukraine"
      1. paul3390
        paul3390 18 December 2020 19: 39
        that in 2030 "nezalezhnaya" "will become a state that will develop faster than its neighbors."

        It's just that some citizens are somehow embarrassed to remember what our rulers promised us in 20 years .. And what they really did of it .. But how sweetly they lied - Ukrainian mryshchiki just have a rest .. In life, it’s sheer puff and joke. So it's not for us to scoff at the banderlog ..
  8. Virus-free crown
    Virus-free crown 18 December 2020 18: 56
    In my opinion ... in the "chocolate case" itself ... in 10 years ... repeat

    Instead of Ukraine there will be 3 countries ... "Zapadnentsy", actually Ukraine (Kiev + 500 km around) and Russia ... very different nationalities live there ... And they can't be together ...

    But this is my personal opinion good
  9. RoTTor
    RoTTor 18 December 2020 18: 57
    Ukraine is an absolute record holder in high-speed breeding from cattle of the native cattle breed, and whole clans have been sitting in the zrada for a long time - together with mistresses, chauffeurs, masseurs and guards, so that lackeys groomers are "ready" by their side, for example - razumkov, klimpush, emets, scared, vitrenko, uru, etc.
    1. paul3390
      paul3390 18 December 2020 21: 39
      Is it different with us ?? belay
  10. apro
    apro 18 December 2020 19: 14
    Not tired of it ??? what to compare. We are equally degrading ...
    1. tatra
      tatra 18 December 2020 19: 42
      Naturally, after all, all the enemies of the communists who seized the republics of the USSR are the same, and equally ruined all the former republics of the USSR, and with the same lack of a sense of responsibility. Ask any Ukrainian enemy of the Communists - who is to blame for what happened to Ukraine - he will answer "damned Muscovites", and ask any Russian enemy of the Communists - who is to blame for what happened to Russia and the Russian people after the destruction of the USSR - he will answer - the Communists ... They have the same ideology - a vicious anti-Soviet.
    2. Ros 56
      Ros 56 18 December 2020 20: 50
      Stop smacking the fucking thing.
  11. Tank jacket
    Tank jacket 18 December 2020 19: 39
    "Will become a state that will develop faster than its neighbors."
    To die out faster than the Tribals? wassat
    Without Russia, you will not ...
    By the way, there are funds in the Tribaltic banks, as well as in Cyprus ...
    Democracy ... Freedom ... laughing
  12. Tank jacket
    Tank jacket 18 December 2020 19: 42
    Quote: apro
    Not tired of it ??? what to compare. We are equally degrading ...

    Is it the same? wassat With whom is it the same? laughing
  13. Aleks2000
    Aleks2000 18 December 2020 19: 53
    Ah, already tired
    It is clear that both there and here, all these National Projects, Underwafli, Strategy 2010, 2015, 2020, Leaders of Russia, import substitution, gas flows - everything has been disrupted.

    Moreover, not only in Ukraine and the Russian Federation, but also in the Republic of Belarus, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Turkey, the USA, the Baltic states, in Europe, etc.

    One chinapret, albeit with a delay ...
  14. greshnik80
    greshnik80 18 December 2020 19: 54
    I readily believe. In ten years, the economy can be reduced so much that even the opening of a garment factory will increase economic indicators by 10-15%. And such an increase will be clearly higher than 3-5% for neighbors with a higher base.
  15. Vladimir61
    Vladimir61 18 December 2020 20: 02
    If the people there do not come to their senses and do not get rid of this plague (and even the power to call that laughing stock that lives in Ukraine, the language does not turn), then in 10 years ...
    However, it is easier to ask these Satanists, if they have not yet died out, - "Well, how is it getting better?"
    1. Ros 56
      Ros 56 18 December 2020 20: 59
      What kind of people are you talking about? There should have been sent teams of psychiatrists from all over the world 20 years ago. And now we are waiting for the situation when the upper classes cannot and the lower classes do not want to. Dialectics however. And then civil war will begin throughout the country.
    2. Avior
      Avior 18 December 2020 21: 06
      GDP in any form is a theoretical indicator for macroeconomists and does not reflect the life of the population.
      The income level of the population, for example, shows this much better. Especially considering the level of consumer prices, although they are difficult to correctly take into account.
      But your schedule interested me, taking into account the source where it was taken. There is no date, there is a smell of money in this.
      I didn't dig much, just looked at WikipediaЭкономика_Украины#ВВП

      This is the total GDP of Ukraine in absolute real values ​​(and not in fictitious parity values)
      The first column is in hryvnia (since 2016, the hryvnia exchange rate has been floating in the corridor of 26- + 2 hryvnia per dollar), the second is in US dollars.
      But this table is from the same place, this is GDP per capita, the same figure that you have in the chart - the first column is in hryvnia, the second is in dollars

      It is obvious that GDP per capita in Ukraine is low. But it is also obvious that it is growing quite rapidly. As well as overall GDP, it is also clearly growing at a very noticeable pace.
      I understand that these figures do not correspond much to what is written in the article or comments.
      But I was used to believing numbers, not emotions, banks with their stories about "profitable loans" quickly taught what can be done ... smile
  16. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 18 December 2020 20: 08
    "Where the head of parliament got so much optimism from is absolutely incomprehensible. Today, Ukraine, compared to the period of its inclusion in the USSR, is, frankly speaking, in a state of ruin and decline."
    And they have a kind of incomprehensible optimism all the way.
    Just like my father-in-law. The worse everyone is, the better!
    She sings songs, talks to cats ...
    First it breaks everything, then the whole IMPORTANT walks!
    I'm like that! Without me, nowhere! If I want it, I will restore it (crookedly / obliquely), if I don’t want it, you will feel sick too.
    So go to this one - 83 years ... All just keep silent and expect fiercely his transition to another world, finally! ...
    Absolutely similar situation hi
  17. Dimide
    Dimide 18 December 2020 20: 39
    Smiled. The usual propaganda article, apparently the author is very far from the existing realities
    I was especially amused by the population decline (minus Crimea, minus Donbass)
    I will tell the author a "secret" - if Ze does not go for a second term, Razumkov will be the next president of Ukraine!
    1. Quadro
      Quadro 18 December 2020 21: 34
      So what? Will you take Crimea and Donbass?
      1. Dimide
        Dimide 18 December 2020 21: 54
        And why do we need an extra headache?
        In the near future, Crimea cannot be taken by military means. Donbass by and large neither you nor we do not need. Ru-you need as part of Ukraine to implement your policy
    2. The comment was deleted.
  18. Vadim Ananyin
    Vadim Ananyin 18 December 2020 20: 41
    Taking into account the current “centrifugal” trends in the country's political life, the steadily deteriorating state of its economy, destructive processes in the social sphere, the continuing fragmentation of society along a number of signs, it is impossible to speak with confidence even about the existence of Ukraine in 10 years as a single unitary state.
    I completely agree. We lived for free and grabbing, it's time to harvest!
  19. A_Lex
    A_Lex 18 December 2020 20: 52
    Strange article. In a bourgeois state, elites rule, and the people do not influence the decisions of power from the word at all. Is this axiom still news to anyone?

    We live in a world of empires that fight each other for colonies that provide them with cheap resources and guaranteed markets. The power of empires is based on scientific and technological superiority, therefore, in order to maintain the status quo, they are interested in whether, peacefully or not, "bomb" potential competitors into the Stone Age. Or is this also sudden news for someone?

    The bourgeois elites always lie. Lies, hints, manipulations are common management techniques. Actually the choice is small. Or the people do not believe and are active, in connection with which the mechanics of violence and sanctioned arbitrariness of engaged lumpen are temporarily turned on. Either the people believe or pretend to believe, and such a situation is favorably presented as stability. Is this fact still news to someone?

    In fact, within the framework of the management model, in which decisions are made by the elite, which has appointed itself to high posts or its representatives, the main question is where this elite has a center of vital interests. If in the country itself, then the people will live, of course, not as well as if they ruled themselves, but in general it is much better than when the center of the elite's vital interests is in the metropolises, where they have houses, children, servants and everything else. ... In the second version, the people finally turn into a talking resource, which is cheaply used here to make the profit necessary for the luxurious life of the elite there. What we generally have the pleasure to observe over the past 30 years. Still, whatever you say, but reading funny books about Three Fat Men and the magic voice of Jelsomino is one thing, and personally being in the "kingdom of crooked mirrors" is a completely different sad experience.

    And if all these trivial things are not new, then what is the sacred meaning of the article, setting out the obvious things in the style of the captain's revelation?
    1. paul3390
      paul3390 18 December 2020 21: 42
      And if all these trivial things are not new, then what is the sacred meaning of the article, setting out the obvious things in the style of the captain's revelation?

      Believe it or not - even here, on the forum, quite strange characters are grazing, foaming at their mouths drowning for capitalism in general and Putin in particular .. And this is 30 years after the collapse of the Union !!! So - for someone it may turn out to be a revelation ..
      1. A_Lex
        A_Lex 18 December 2020 22: 38
        foaming at the mouths of those drowning for capitalism in general and Putin in particular

        The main problem of socialism is that it has not resisted. If now the USSR 2.0 is created according to the same patterns, is there a guarantee of the stability of the system? There is no guarantee. And the bourgeois state, oddly enough, gives such a guarantee. Because it is much simpler.
        1. evgen1221
          evgen1221 19 December 2020 12: 23
          So it is necessary not to break a spear about the fact that the union was bad, but to look at which laws worked in the union and which did not, what works in the Russian Federation and what does not, and write an alternative law base and constitution, on the basis of this, promote these ideas to the masses (and this against the background of poverty it is easy) further the party and forward to implement.
  20. The comment was deleted.
  21. BAI
    BAI 18 December 2020 23: 56
    The exchange rate of the national currency (hryvnia) for the period since 2014 has "collapsed" by more than 350% - from 8 hryvnia per dollar to 28 (at the moment).

    And in the Russian Federation from 30 rubles to 75 - more than 200%. Without Maidan. This is normal? And given that the sanctions will continue to be only grow stronger, it is quite possible that Ukraine will overtake the Russian Federation in development.
    1. A_Lex
      A_Lex 19 December 2020 00: 42
      it is quite possible that Ukraine will overtake the Russian Federation in development

      Development occurs when the capabilities of each increase and dramatically improve, as, for example, small aircraft in the USSR. And vice versa, when hospitals and commuter trains are being cut, this is not development, but, on the contrary, degradation.
  22. fif21
    fif21 19 December 2020 00: 08
    What is better with us? recourse The same increase in mortality, unemployment, falling living standards of the population ... The only difference is that 5% of the rich in Ukraine live on handouts from the IMF and the EU, and our 5% of the rich live by robbing their people. Wild capitalism for both. Now they say - but in the 90s they lived even worse! I am shocked by such comparisons. And "noodles with ears" often need to be shaken off. hi
  23. Megatron
    Megatron 19 December 2020 01: 34
    Yes, do not care about skakuas, but we are not much better on all counts:
    - demography
    - education
    - healthcare

    The people are becoming impoverished. Solntseliky has already started singing something about 2030, tobish the problem pushes back. Where are we going to sail?
    1. evgen1221
      evgen1221 19 December 2020 12: 19
      And where and as usual, downstream and where the curve will take)))
  24. Alien From
    Alien From 19 December 2020 01: 55
    Country 404. That's all there is.
  25. Fitter65
    Fitter65 19 December 2020 02: 01
    since 2014, it has "collapsed" by more than 350% - from 8 hryvnia per dollar to 28 (at the moment).
    It would be better to talk about Russia, where the dollar exchange rate in January 2014 was 32 rubles, today 73 is only 2,25 or 225%. About how gasoline grew in a country that does not buy oil abroad, you can not talk about how food prices are rising by leaps and bounds. About how salaries have increased by 4% over the past 3,7 years. This will be much more interesting ...
  26. evgen1221
    evgen1221 19 December 2020 12: 18
    They will not die, they will feed them, and they will not give a default announcement either. But the technology is how to deal with us in the future, plus the local color, they are rolling.
  27. iouris
    iouris 19 December 2020 20: 23
    We were promised a lot too, but we continue to want more and more.
  28. Kushka
    Kushka 19 December 2020 20: 42
    There are two extremes in VO in Ukraine:
    The first mistake - they write as about the STATE - "In Ukraine
    said they would give up coal by 2038, "Na
    Ukraine was told that they would build a naval base on the Sea of ​​Azov, "
    In Ukraine, they said they will join NATO in ..... year "
    YES NO STATE UKRAINE - not at one level-
    neither at the level of institutions, nor at the level of the people. there is
    40 million Ukrainians and each sits "in his own house" and strokes on the side
    ITS hog (rashenchik, 10-current seats in VR, land cruiser,
    yacht, Maybach, a couple of km. gas pipe, well, shop,
    small farm, shopping and entertainment center, TV channel, water reservoir, etc., etc.)
    At the top, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk,
    Vinnytsia, Kryvyi Rih - they saw the fattest hog -
    budget (and let them saw it, so long as they didn't touch my hog).
    Who are you listening to? The third premier in a year! First name
    (under which Hyperloop Musk was supposed to build) no one
    does not remember! No, if VO wants to scare the Russians with HIS WORDS-
    yes to health! - junta, fascists, NATO bases -UKRAINE DECLARED-A-A !!!!.
    And what is his surname? Hey!
    Once again - 40 million people - 40 million "pigs" - and everyone is for himself-
    and the one with the Roshenchik (5 times became richer), and the one and whom exactly
    boar (live, or better a couple of dozen).
    The second mistake is "Ukraine is country 404", Ukraine will disintegrate ",
    Ukraine was sold at 0 "," Ukraine will be taken away for debts "...
    "Ukraine will be divided !!!!" - yes, they have already divided them many times!
    The smallest 350 years (since 1651) Ukraine disappears, disappears, disappears,
    disappears, falls apart, decays ... and even the largest nuclear
    catastrophe - and that in Ukraine - and she lives and lives, chewing bread.
    Well, this, I'll tell you, is even flattering, and the USA is also rotting, rotting
    (according to Soviet times, 50-60 years, or even longer). And Russia to- Russia -and will disintegrate,
    and go bankrupt, go bankrupt and (oh horror) -will die! To list laziness is nonsense.
    And if they write about Ukraine in the same vein (and they write it on VO every day)
    then this is a flattering assessment, as well as about the superpowers and about Ukraine, but the aplomb is the same.
    Remember the main thing - in the USSR there were 270 million. SOVIET PEOPLE.
    THREE men drank well in Pushcha - and it became 150 + 50 + 10! BUT THEY ARE NOT ANYWHERE
    SHARE !!! 50 million is Ukraine, again -50 million SOVIET PEOPLE
    (parents + kindergarten + school + army + university). Count it up - those who were 90 in 20 -
    they are only 50 today !!! We're still alive! -and we're not going to die! What are the fascists ?,
    What is the junta? Did you overeat there? Kisselatine? Are you not enough enemies?
    Open your mouth wider - Solovyov will feed you dill! This is his task -
    Bon appetit!
  29. Andrei Nikolaevich
    Andrei Nikolaevich 20 December 2020 09: 05
    Serves right, chubaty! I do not feel any regret and pity. And the "common people" are not particularly sorry. What they deserved is what they got. And enough of this snot about the "brotherly people". This "brotherly people" nurtured hatred and fascism, for 27 years of "independence".
  30. Evgeny Seleznev
    Evgeny Seleznev 20 December 2020 13: 10
    It's not sweet here either. Degradation leads to a social explosion.
  31. Jaromir
    Jaromir 21 December 2020 00: 28
    will become a state that will develop faster than its neighbors

    But only in the negative direction ...
  32. yuri.
    yuri. 22 December 2020 10: 05
    Dear author. Your statement; "For all these years, not a single aircraft, sea or river vessel has been built - with the exception of military boats." Yes, Ukraine has stopped producing medium and large passenger aircraft, but they produce up to 300 light-engine aircraft a year, and this is without state support. Antonov may perish as a giant of world importance, but for his country he will produce what is needed. They do not have such distances as we do, and at this stage they do not need medium and large passenger aircraft. We are inferior to them in this segment of aviation. For more than a dozen years we have been trying to raise small aircraft and nothing happens. Boastful articles only.
  33. Sobchakovna
    Sobchakovna 24 December 2020 11: 49
    When will we return Kharkov and Kramatorsk, seized by the outskirts?
  34. Anton Pogodichev
    Anton Pogodichev 24 December 2020 16: 15

    Why is cotton wool so worried about another country with a population alien in its mentality? Although this is a rhetorical question - do not choke in your own bile, footcloths are unfortunate :)

    For those wishing to squeeze foreign lands, I recommend going to fight in the DPR / LPR and fight there, and not at home from the couch. If you rot there, you will render a service to Russia in the end
  35. Aldera
    Aldera 9 January 2021 16: 59
    Spit! Let it spread to the countries whose territories were donated to Ukraine. But Kuevskaya (the American agency by the name decided that Kyev is a more correct and accurate name for the capital of Ukraine than Kiev), the country still called Ukraine, will turn out to be the most densely populated, so all faithful Ukrainians will come together.
    And with such a huge human asset, they will boost the economy of Ukraine!