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South American lithium: India is interested in deposits for the development of its submarine fleet


Underwater Development Program fleet The Indian Navy is guided by the experience of the Japanese and South Korean navies. As you know, in March 2020, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces were the first to introduce lithium-ion battery technology on their submarines, more precisely, on the Soryu-class JS Ouryo submarine. Lithium-ion batteries will be installed on the latest Soryu class submarines and on the promising Tiagei class submarines.

The Republic of Korea followed a similar path. The South Korean Navy will also equip its new submarines with lithium-ion batteries, and the experience should be encouraging for India, which is nevertheless a kind of counterpart to Japan and South Korea in the regional counter to the growing influence of China.

The Indian Navy recently issued a request for detailed information on lithium-ion batteries. The Navy headquarters expects to install similar batteries on all future submarines of the Indian submarine fleet.

According to experts, over the next decade, all modern submarines will switch to using lithium-ion batteries. The question of transferring submarines to such batteries is also puzzled in India. According to the spokesman for the Navy Anil Jai Singh, Indian submarines still do not have such installations, and this applies even to the latest Kalvari class submarines.

As a result, a way out was found in New Delhi. Indian officials have made frequent business visits to Argentina, Bolivia and Chile, taking an interest in the fields. These three Latin American countries are also known throughout the world as the "lithium triangle". In 2019, a consortium was formed by the Indian government that includes three state-owned companies: National Aluminum Company (NALCO), Hindustan Copper (HCL) and Mineral Exploration Corp Ltd. (MECL). He must deal with the direct implementation of the Indian "lithium project".

As you can see, the introduction of new technologies into the practice of Indian shipbuilding is carried out at a rapid pace, and at the government level, the solution of this problem is considered a priority, since the country's confrontation with China is growing. Moreover, the confrontation will undoubtedly unfold in the waters of the Indian Ocean.
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  1. Jacket in stock
    Jacket in stock 15 December 2020 09: 06
    We have this lithiaaaaaa, like shoe polish.
    Only we don't take it for ourselves, we send everything to China ...
    1. NDR-791
      NDR-791 15 December 2020 09: 09
      India has such technologies. At one time they had the English Union Carbite factories. Despite the disaster of 84th year. Technology has remained
      1. Orange bigg
        Orange bigg 15 December 2020 09: 12
        Sorry for the off-topic news, but worth it.
        MOSCOW, December 15 - RIA Novosti. The MS-21-310 aircraft with Russian PD-14 engines made its first flight on Tuesday, the Rostec press service told RIA Novosti.
        "On December 15, 2020, at the airfield of the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, a branch of PJSC Irkut Corporation (part of the UAC of the Rostec State Corporation), the first flight of the MC-21-310 aircraft, equipped with new Russian PD-14 engines, took place," the message says.

        And today, we see the result of a consistent state policy in the development of high-tech industries in action. We have formed a new generation of designers and production workers - and now we are seeing the fruits of the labor of tens of thousands of people who worked at the enterprises of the aircraft engine-building industry in order for this flight to take place, "the head of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov was quoted as saying in the press service.
        1. Machito
          Machito 15 December 2020 13: 32
          Russian planes are good. But our Navy is not at all interested in lithium. The Baltic Fleet has only one submarine. Like no one threatens us?
          1. GTYCBJYTH2021
            GTYCBJYTH2021 16 December 2020 07: 07
            Quote: Bearded
            Russian planes are good. But our Navy is not at all interested in lithium. The Baltic Fleet has only one submarine. Like no one threatens us?

            From a century of the past, the Northern Fleet is a strong fleet, the Pacific Fleet is also a fleet ... The Baltic is the former fleet, the Black Sea Fleet is either a fleet, or the name is the same ... hi
    2. riwas
      riwas 16 December 2020 07: 00
      In the presence of its own mineral resource base of spodumene ores, corresponding in terms of reserves and lithium content to world standards, during the 25-year "transition period" in the country, none of the three largest, in detail explored deposits of rare-metal pegmatites with reserves approved by the State Reserves Committee were put into operation lithium and accompanying Ta (with Nb), Cs (with Rb), Be and Sn in the Kola region (Voronya-Kolmozerskoe), Eastern Sayan (Urikskoe, Goltsovo-Tagninskoe), and Tyva (Tastygskoe).
  2. Ros 56
    Ros 56 15 December 2020 09: 09
    Not at all in the subject, but just made the first flight of the MS-21 with our PD-14 engines, flew for over an hour. good
    And then we will write about Indian interests. wassat
    1. Orange bigg
      Orange bigg 15 December 2020 09: 14
      I flew for 1 hour 25 minutes. good
    2. NDR-791
      NDR-791 15 December 2020 09: 16
      Right now, it will appear on the site, maybe what pictures or video will be
      1. Ros 56
        Ros 56 15 December 2020 09: 21
        Here he is handsome
  3. Doccor18
    Doccor18 15 December 2020 09: 13
    If Japanese and Korean specialists provide the Indians with technical support, they will master the lithium-ion pl. We already have experience in building a square like Skorpene.
    1. Alex777
      Alex777 15 December 2020 13: 29
      Submarines with lithium batteries are a complex technology.
      I don't know what the Koreans sculpted there, but the Japanese have just started to implement it.
      And no one before them could. Hindus can talk a lot.
      Let's see how "swiftly" they begin to build submarines.
      And on such a boat there should be order. hi
      1. Doccor18
        Doccor18 15 December 2020 16: 38
        And on such a boat there should be order. 

        There can be problems with this ...
  4. 7,62x54
    7,62x54 15 December 2020 09: 29
    One should work with Indians like this: "money in the morning, chairs in the evening."
    No favors or discounts.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 15 December 2020 10: 23
    Indian officials make frequent business visits to Argentina, Bolivia and Chile
    India's interest is understandable, but what can they be interested in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile? Redundant when concluding contracts, trying to bring down the price ...?