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Easibridge assault bridges - tactical novelty


A military order is a source of good income for a private company in any country. And, very often, people in uniforms receive very original proposals.

The British company Easibridge presents to sappers, infantrymen and other units its own modular design of assault bridges, which is compact, versatile and less expensive.

According to the company, its universal kit is 85% lighter and 80% more compact than existing counterparts. Easibridge uses 1,5m ladder sections (estimated cost per section £ 1), with EasiLock docking modules, combined with a cable tension system for greater rigidity.

Easibridge highlights the following four advantages of its system:

- One person without assistance can cover the span up to 18m.

- Patented system for quick installation and dismantling of the bridge.

- Silent installation.

- Ability to quickly dismantle the bridge and reuse it elsewhere.

The company especially notes the ease of use of Easibridge modules in dense buildings. According to forecasts, in 2045, 70% of the world's population will live in cities. Urbanization will lead to the need to fight in an urban environment.

All Easibridge components are designed so that each section weighs no more than 6 kg including the block tensioning system.

Light weight allows you to carry bridge elements using light helicopters and UAVs.

It is important that Easibidge is a modular design. The main element was the assault bridge.

It is complemented by stairs.

The bridge itself, if necessary, replaces the stairs when climbing the floors and roofs of buildings.

With EasiBridge you can overcome obstacles of different heights.

And also to build light shelters.

Or overcome water obstacles using special pontoons.

It is even possible to build a bridge for light vehicles.

Or transport the wounded, ammunition and rations.

And sometimes you can ride on special carts.

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  1. andrewkor
    andrewkor 12 December 2020 07: 21
    Wow, I want one in the country. B ... n, just a little expensive. I'll have to tinker in the garage !!!
    1. Boris Chernikov
      Boris Chernikov 13 December 2020 09: 46
      Can't find the folding ladder? laughing
      не благодарите
  2. Owl
    Owl 12 December 2020 08: 11
    For law enforcement units, such a bridge will also be in great demand.
    CTABEP 12 December 2020 09: 16
    An interesting technical solution. It is unlikely, of course, that this bridge will make the company rich, but it has its own niche.
    1. Dodikson
      Dodikson 12 December 2020 10: 25
      especially interesting is the theme of the bridge between the upper floors of buildings. Bo usually guard the entrances on the lower floors, and while you guard the bottom, they will descend to you from above.
    2. dgonni
      dgonni 12 December 2020 10: 35
      Eeeee my friend. Piece of pounds for a couple of one and a half meter scraps of luminium with locks and a piece of cable. As if it says that this bridge is not made of gold but of silver.
      P.S. Intelligent development.
      1. Intruder
        Intruder 13 February 2021 20: 39
        As if it says that this bridge is not made of gold but of silver.
        original design - original price! Moreover, there are not many lightweight folding systems, with a cable system and a movable cart ...
    3. evgen1221
      evgen1221 13 December 2020 09: 04
      Well, why not make it rich? If the topic is working, then many people will buy licenses, both military and civilian and private traders.
  4. A. Privalov
    A. Privalov 12 December 2020 10: 25
    System application options.
  5. Azimuth
    Azimuth 12 December 2020 12: 59
    All this is fine, but it can be easily replaced with a line thrower put on the barrel of a standard machine gun. Modern materials allow making ropes with high strength and low weight per meter.
    Models of modern unloading vests allow using belaying, lifting and transferring a fighter in shock or unconsciousness.

    But the product is interesting and deserves an article in magazines from the category "Popular Mechanics", etc.
    1. Proctologist
      Proctologist 13 December 2020 14: 09
      I can't imagine how fast build a bridge between buildings using lines / ropes. It is not precisely to stretch the cable, along which you can quickly descend with a downward slope and in the presence of a pulley and suspension, but a bridge that allows soldiers without additional equipment to relatively quickly enter the neighboring building. And the bridge from the article is very versatile, it also works like a ladder. It seems to me a very sensible thing.
      1. Azimuth
        Azimuth 13 December 2020 16: 38
        9th floor and let the soldier "without additional equipment" on this bridge ...
        Descent speed and travel speed across this bridge?

        In order not to seem, look for example the basics of preparation - start with an elementary self-climbing tree.

        The rope is versatile in overcoming almost any obstacle on any terrain. And it is STILL necessary to have it. So maybe it's easier to train a fighter in a couple of days at least the basics and a week in the field to drive, than to have and carry additional property? In the mountains, in urban battles, every extra kg on a soldier to the detriment of the amount of ammunition, water and sorry, food.
  6. Paragraph Epitafievich Y.
    Paragraph Epitafievich Y. 12 December 2020 13: 07
    The idea was borrowed from the Teutonic genius with his "Infantry Sturmsteg" on the basis of the "Four" ausf. Ts? )))

    1. tasha
      13 December 2020 06: 13
      Why, then, at the Teutonic one? :)
  7. Normal ok
    Normal ok 12 December 2020 13: 18
    Everything is back to normal. In a sense, what was used 200 years ago (during the storming of fortresses, overcoming ditches) takes on a new life, at a new technological level.
    1. andrewkor
      andrewkor 12 December 2020 14: 38
      You noticed right. The same BOPS is an enlarged crossbow bolt.
    2. Solid Snake
      Solid Snake 13 December 2020 00: 45
      Human physiology has not changed in the last 200 years. Hands, feet in place, are used in the same way, because the ladders will be in use for a very long time.
  8. Runway
    Runway 12 December 2020 23: 36
    The advertisement is engine of the trade. Practical application in the database, and even in the village, is controversial.
    1. tasha
      13 December 2020 06: 21
      Assault bridges and ladders in various variations have been used for a long time. Most often, of course, they are made from improvised means.
      1. Runway
        Runway 13 December 2020 07: 48
        Of course they do. But specialized. For a group / unit (even for a task in special conditions), pour 30 kg of luminium with a hook with a probability of using X% - nonsense.
        Converting this weight into bk, this is a day / two of a fire fight.
        The course of Alpine training in terms of working on verticals with ropes / cords is not long (skills in knitting knots and structures - a couple of days + practice as much) has long been asking for a kbp.
        1. tasha
          13 December 2020 09: 00
          Nobody writes about the need to constantly carry a set of assault bridges with you. I see the main advantage of such a bridge in the ability to quickly overcome a river, a moat, or go from roof to roof.

          Interesting: German sappers in half an hour assembled a pedestrian floating bridge “Schnellsteg” with a carrying capacity of 300 kg and a length of up to 14 meters from three inflatable boats and assault bridges. And then 18 meters.
          1. Runway
            Runway 13 December 2020 10: 56
            Your note includes:
            1. Military engineers (sappers / defensive teams / engineering intelligence).
            2. Infantry (any).
            In sbo / rtg / btg, the first and the second work side by side. In special OBD conditions (limited use of BBM and KGT), this construction will still have to be carried on the ridge.
            Above, in the comments, it was correctly noted about the line thrower (which is assembled on the knee from the casing of the spent rop / rsp / cht 30/40, modified by "weave" -nails - easily fits on the standard dtk of the 74th + a roll of polyamide / further repcord 6-8 / further "alpiyka" 10 - we bullet up to 70 meters with a blank cartridge and rushed laughing Weight with carabiners (if the standard straps for the shotguns are out of date) is roughly 7 + 5 + 2-3 kg = 25-35 meters of air. But this is also shoveled (under the task).
            But it is more convenient, because you can scatter it for 5-6 by 2-3 kilos.
            But these are particulars. Not for the sake of dispute.
            1. tasha
              13 December 2020 11: 17
              What a dispute, it is interesting to discuss different options.
              And on the ridge, as I think, these modules will be carried only from transport to the moat or to the roof of a high-rise building. In the future, UAVs will bring them.

              Imagine that you need to quickly overcome a ditch or ravine 15 meters wide and 6 meters deep. Or clean up an adjacent nine-story building when you are on the roof of another.
              1. Runway
                Runway 13 December 2020 12: 51
                We will reach the point of absurdity. smile
                Prepare for the task, incl. drinking bmto blood and crawling on the cards. Sudden ditch / ravine / channel them. V. Lenin should not be.
                If you stomp on equipment, provided that there is no isapr / isb senior (i.e., initially a Dull BP equal to the crossbow for the person who gave it), you need to solve in a complex way (prepare mounted and homemade ultrasound for the gpz + require OH 122-mm and higher according to the coordinates of the "sudden" ravine).
                If you stomp with a pawn without engineers - look for narrowness and hang out a "path" (a ravine / ditch is a dirty thing, because mines / landmines and zeroing of places of hidden movement on the ground has not been canceled).
                About the houses: if I’m on the roof, and in the next high-rise building there are “partners”, with the building norm the distance between the ends is 15-20 m, I will not send my fighters to slaughter either along a hanging path or a super ladder. Firefight, if possible, disassemble the hut with tanks, RPO, "air", not letting the "partners" do the same with my hut.
                1. tasha
                  13 December 2020 18: 37
                  We will reach the point of absurdity.
                  We won't get there. It's the 21st century, and UAVs are no longer useless toys.

                  A ditch, a ravine and a canal can be expected. For example, in the instructions for action for the assault battalions of 1944 it is written: "If there is an anti-tank ditch in front of the battalion, the sapper company prepares and concentrates in the initial trench the required number of explosive charges and bridge elements."
                  And here's another interesting photo.
                  1. Runway
                    Runway 14 December 2020 00: 14
                    UAV-piece is interesting and useful for line units and BMT. Nobody argues.
                    But you did not read me carefully - I, on your introductory notes, wrote out the worst options for the actions of the line units on foot and in vehicles IN the absence of combat support (ISAPR / ISB declared a strike smile ).
                    The assault units in the 44th were provided with engineers in the proportion of a sapper company. The task of the sappers was to provide TEMP, creating conditions for the fire weapons to keep up with the mother infantry (tanks, self-propelled guns, barrel - everything that was attached to the shtumoviks), including.
                    But the sappers of that war did not have imr / baht / mtu-type injectors, remote detonation devices and other things.
                    Without pushing through the line of inzdazhizdanii (covered by the fire of the defending side) or natural obstacles of the BTT and group - the order is not to be executed.
                    Photo, yes, interesting - the calculation of the group (machine gun) with a reserve of l / s infantry on improvised means to overcome the ditch or escarp.
                    Those who went before them, before the arrival of the sappers (bridge-stairs), using the MPL, cut down the steps in the steepness and front.
                    And it is obvious that not one for seven worked with a shovel, but everyone who went in the first echelon.
                    1. t-12
                      t-12 15 January 2021 16: 02
                      The imr may not be able to get into the superdense development. Only the infantry remains. In addition, armored vehicles are noisy, and you may need to do everything quietly. And then the stairs.
  9. Chizhov Kirill
    Chizhov Kirill 13 December 2020 03: 01
    for climbers the most is for glaciers.
  10. Monar
    Monar 13 December 2020 11: 21
    1.5 meters for a thousand pounds of sterlets? Well, I would also understand if from titanium. Well, or carbon fiber. Well, there is also a pre-tensioned reinforcement. But for a square of luminous with a cable ...
  11. Decimalegio
    Decimalegio 21 December 2020 22: 36
    Besides military use, I am also considering it as an option for civilian use by firefighters.