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The date of the second launch of the Angara-A5 heavy launch vehicle has been announced

The date of the second launch of the Angara-A5 heavy launch vehicle has been announced

The second test launch of the Angara-A5 heavy-class launch vehicle will be carried out on December 14, 2020 from the Plesetsk cosmodrome. Reported by RIA News citing two sources in the rocket and space industry.

According to one of the interlocutors of the agency, the launch of the Angara-A5 rocket is tentatively scheduled for 8:50 Moscow time. time December 14. The second interlocutor confirmed this information, stating that the rocket had already been transported to a refueling complex for refueling the low-pressure tanks of the Briz-M upper stage. Refueling will take place on December 7-8, and on December 9, the rocket will be delivered to the launch complex to prepare for launch.

Earlier, the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin confirmed that the launch of the Angara-A5 will take place in December this year.

Initially, the second launch of Angara-A5 was scheduled for November 24, 2020, the rocket was even put on the launch pad on November 17, but then the launch was canceled. The second date was called November 28, but the launch was again postponed for technical reasons.

Now the second flight model of the Angara-A5 launch vehicle will be launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome on December 14. The rocket with the Upper Stage Briz-M will have to put a payload weighing 2,4 tons into geostationary orbit. The first Angara-A5 rocket was launched into space in December 2014. In total, the test program for the heavy launch vehicle provides for six launches, which must take place in the period 2021-2022.

Angara-A5 is the first Russian heavy-class launch vehicle developed entirely in the post-Soviet period. It will be able to launch into space from four to 24 tons of payload, depending on the height of the orbit. The launch vehicle runs on environmentally friendly fuel and is assembled from unified rocket modules, which can significantly reduce the cost of its production and maintenance.

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  1. Roman070280
    Roman070280 7 December 2020 11: 05
    I'll leave it here anyway ..))

    "Friends, at Roscosmos we are working on the appearance of a new orbital station, which will replace the ISS. It is obvious that it should be a multifunctional, a kind of filling, repair and assembly platform complex. Visited or permanently inhabited. National or international participation... I would like to hold with your help a "public expert scientific and technical council." Waiting from you competent proposals on the composition of service modules and the appearance of the station, the height, shape and inclination of its orbit", - wrote the CEO of Roscosmos on Facebook.
  2. prior
    prior 7 December 2020 11: 09
    "Date named " next date shift "of the second launch of the Angara-A5 heavy launch vehicle
    1. Simon schempp
      Simon schempp 7 December 2020 11: 30
      The date of the "next date transfer" has been announced

      Ahah) That's 5 points good
    2. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 7 December 2020 11: 53
      14 is not allowed - Monday! Better 15 on Tuesday! winked
    3. Leonid Batsura
      Leonid Batsura 8 December 2020 11: 09
      The second imitation of the Angara-A5 launch is mysteriously connected with the American elections. Nobody remembers that the first date of the second simulation was November 3, 2020. And December 14 is the date of the electoral vote? Still not sure: Trump or Biden?
  3. seregin-s1
    seregin-s1 7 December 2020 11: 14
    It's good that Plesetsk. The military Tanya will write and everything will be fine!
  4. Hog
    Hog 7 December 2020 11: 21
    The next launch will probably be in 2025.
    1. Kart
      Kart 7 December 2020 11: 53
      Why all of a sudden?
      Declared in 21-22 years. 4 more launches.
      But of course, if you don't do nifiga, but only jump on the Internet about bad power, then nothing will fly anywhere.
      1. Pavel73
        Pavel73 8 December 2020 05: 15
        The power is not bad, but the rocket. As if someone set a task - to make a rocket so that it ALWAYS be worse than that of the Americans and the Chinese. It flies once a decade.
    2. Sidor Amenpodestovich
      Sidor Amenpodestovich 7 December 2020 12: 11
      Quote: Hog
      The next launch will probably be in 2025.

      Make a New Year's guess. Write on a piece of paper and eat while the chimes beat.
      After all, this is your most cherished desire.
    3. Hog
      Hog 7 December 2020 13: 00
      I beg your pardon, apparently I did not notice that after the last launch in 2014, the LV became serial and carried out 10 launches per year (and that was about 60) or did it seem to me?
    4. Vadim237
      Vadim237 7 December 2020 15: 23
      In 2025 Angara A5P will fly in 2027 A5B with a new upper stage.
  5. Bad_gr
    Bad_gr 7 December 2020 11: 28
    I thought we would have launch complexes only on Vostochny for new heavy missiles, but it turns out that we already have them in Plesetsk. This makes me happy.
    A heavy rocket launches a 2,4-ton satellite, albeit into a geostationary orbit, but in my opinion, is it too small for such a rocket or is it normal for a launch from Plesetsk?
    1. Kart
      Kart 7 December 2020 11: 54
      This is the "light" version of the rocket.
      1. Bad_gr
        Bad_gr 7 December 2020 11: 59
        Quote: Carte
        This is the "light" version of the rocket.

        Is it "light"? and what then is "Heavy"?
        1. Cosm22
          Cosm22 7 December 2020 12: 07
          Comrade "A5" index does not mean anything. Comrade reads other literature.
          1. faiver
            faiver 7 December 2020 14: 53
            Comrade reads other literature.
            - nursery? laughing
    2. Cosm22
      Cosm22 7 December 2020 11: 58
      They were in Plesetsk. Moscow Region is the main customer of Angara-A5. For a civilian customer at such a prohibitive price will not work with this product even at gunpoint.
      As for the purely conventional PN - everything is simple. Here he himself would have no problem pushing the PH off the launch pad. Albeit empty, but quickly report it. The previous copy was made with such flaws that even the soldiers refused to accept it.
      1. Fungus
        Fungus 7 December 2020 12: 20
        How does it burn from Russian space?
        1. Cosm22
          Cosm22 7 December 2020 12: 57
          Is there any reason to be proud? Not Gagarin, not Korolev and Yangel, but today's Russian achievements? How are they expressed?
          Maybe you shouldn't be proud, but think about it? And start doing at least something, instead of resting on Soviet laurels? Maybe you need to learn at least some lesson from the latest news? Which for some reason stubbornly ignored by our press?
          Of those, for example, that talk about a successful new start of the Dragon. But the launch of Falcon 9 Block 5 B1058.4 is very curious. The first landing stage with index 4 has already made 4 starts and 4 landings in a record time of 189 days.
          This is the first launch on CRS 2's contract with Cargo Dragon 2, the 100th successful launch of Falcon 9 and the 24th launch of SpaceX in 2020, the 47th re-flight of the booster stage of the total.
          If everything goes well, we will see 2 Dragons docked to the ISS at once. We have already seen the 68th successful landing of the first stage.
          Or those that report Japan's tremendous success. Japan has carried out (and continues to carry out) a unique experiment. The mission of the Japanese probe Hayabusa-2 has already been recognized as successful, the capsule with asteroid soil samples has safely landed at the Woomera test site in Australia. The mission was long, Hayabusa-2 was launched back in 2014, and the asteroid Ryugu reached only 4 years later. Moreover, the probe did not just stupidly take soil samples from the asteroid, it took one sample, then made a crater in the asteroid and took another sample in it. Last year, Hayabusa-2 left the asteroid, made a number of trajectory corrections, and dropped the capsule with samples to Earth on December 5.
          Did it burn itself out? No matter how it is! Since the spacecraft itself is in excellent condition with a decent amount of fuel on board, the mission was extended. Hayabusa-2 turned on the engines to go on a trajectory leaving the Earth, the probe will continue to explore the solar system. New target - asteroid C class 1998 KY26. The device will get there in the summer of 2031 and take soil samples there as well.
          Phenomenal success. And all this is calm, methodical, without bravura marches, shouts about a trampoline and other things.
          And I have to read about the next postponement of the launch of the long-suffering "Angara-A5", which has been tormented for more than a quarter of a century after the decree of the President of Russia "On the development of the Angara space rocket complex". And they still don't bother.
          Is this a reason for pride?
          Or for reflection?
          1. Fungus
            Fungus 7 December 2020 13: 30
            And here is pride. You constantly KNOW in every space theme.
            1. Cosm22
              Cosm22 7 December 2020 14: 40
              In every news about space, I only draw attention to the fact that Russia has failures in this area.
              If the jingoistic patriots are ready to be content with the role of a space cab to LEO, then the state of Russian cosmonautics is saddening for sane people. They believe that such a great country like Russia deserves much more.
              1. Fungus
                Fungus 7 December 2020 15: 00
                You do not pay attention, you whine deliberately. The topic about JV 2 burns with him and you are happy with the sanctions. You whine the news about our station and praise Mask. The news about the date of the Angara, you and then whine what they say, handjobs, etc.
                1. Cosm22
                  Cosm22 7 December 2020 16: 39
                  Eck is driving you, comrade. They even forgot the Russian language, write with a bunch of mistakes. Or did they not know him from childhood?
                  1. Don't lie. Lying is a disgusting human quality. Give an example when I was glad to the American sanctions. I just pointed out that, according to the latest bill introduced by Congress, sanctions are now being imposed on the certification of SP-2. What is the crime? Where is the mistake? Or is it not so? Exactly. And nothing else. All other speculations are only in your head.
                  2. The news is not about the Angara, but about the date of the next postponement of the start of the long-suffering. What is the mistake here? Where is the inaccuracy? Has he advised on our troubles and brought the successes of other countries? So point to ours, and we will have quotations. I will be happy to hear about the successes of Mr. Rogozin.
                  1. Blackbeard
                    Blackbeard 7 December 2020 22: 06
                    the transfer is quite small, it’s better it will fly than there will be an unsuccessful launch in 3 weeks.
      2. Kart
        Kart 7 December 2020 12: 37
        This is an experimental product. Flaws are inevitable.
        Etoges only Saint Mask, as all experts know, starts the first time.
        1. Cosm22
          Cosm22 7 December 2020 13: 17
          A quarter of a century is quite a sufficient period for the completion of the experiments.
          Let me remind you that SpaceX was founded only in 2002. In less than twenty years, a reliable reusable carrier Falcon 9, a Falcon Heavy super-heavy, manned and cargo spacecraft, a unique methane engine Raptor have been made, the Starlink and Starship projects are being successfully implemented.
          1. Fungus
            Fungus 7 December 2020 13: 31
            SpaceX is a branch of Nasa if that.
            1. Cosm22
              Cosm22 7 December 2020 14: 41
              You don't need to make people laugh.
              SpaceX a NASA subsidiary? Is that why NASA is constantly putting a spoke in the company's wheels?
              Is that why the company got only crumbs, unlike United Launch Alliance? That is why NASA until the last moment refused Musk to certify a part of the spacecraft, because of what the deadlines were disrupted?
              SpaceX is a purely commercial company, and NASA is a US taxpayer-funded organization that can pursue scientific discoveries that are not directly related to financial gain. The agency has dozens of branches throughout the country and is subordinate to the executive branch, its administrator is appointed by the President of the United States.
              SpaceX gets money from NASA? It is quite natural. For Musk has created the most reliable carriers and spacecraft that both NASA and the US military are not averse to using. Russia will offer Musk money for work on his devices (and this cannot be ruled out), the company will receive money from Russia. Why not?
              Why, I have already asked several times - if a branch works better than the main unit, if a private owner is more efficient than a state company, what prevents Roscosmos from creating such a branch? What is the problem?
              1. Fungus
                Fungus 7 December 2020 14: 57
                It's funny when patriots of America shout that Space x is a private company founded by Musk. This is a branch of Nasa.
                1. Vadim237
                  Vadim237 7 December 2020 15: 26
                  It does not belong to the state and it has its own individual projects that NASA does not finance the same Starship.
                2. Vol4ara
                  Vol4ara 7 December 2020 16: 05
                  Quote: Fungus
                  It's funny when patriots of America shout that Space x is a private company founded by Musk. This is a branch of Nasa.

                  So prove it, don't whistle)
    3. ont65
      ont65 7 December 2020 12: 05
      A proton from Baikonur with the same RB outputs 3,7 tons, but Plesetsk is much farther from the equator, therefore, the load output to the GSO RB in this case will be significantly less.
  6. Fungus
    Fungus 7 December 2020 11: 37
    Look forward to!
    APASUS 7 December 2020 12: 21
    I've already heard so much from Rogozin about Angara that I'm afraid to think ..............
  8. svp67
    svp67 7 December 2020 12: 51
    The second test launch of the Angara-A5 heavy-class launch vehicle will be carried out on December 14, 2020 from the Plesetsk cosmodrome.
    The Union has disappeared for three decades, but the system has remained ... "We must be in time this year" otherwise there will be no awards. "Angara-A5" - December 14, IL-114-300 - September 18 ... I would not be surprised if the "second-first" Su-31 also rises into the air by December 57. Although I would like, very much. Rumor has it that the MS-21 with the PD-14 can somehow be "checked out", one Il-112 did not take off in the summer, so it looks like this year the second flight can no longer be expected ...
    Well, well, "I keep my fists" for "Angara" ...
  9. zwlad
    zwlad 7 December 2020 16: 29
    So you look, and the PH for their station will finish slowly.