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The first batch of KBA.117-02 "infantry variant" grenade launchers arrived at the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The first batch of KBA.117-02 "infantry variant" grenade launchers arrived at the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine received the first batch of the KBA.30-117 "Infantry Option" 02-mm automatic heavy grenade launcher. According to the press service of the Artillery Armament Design Bureau, the tests of the grenade launcher have been successfully completed.

According to the report, acceptance tests of the first batch of KBA.169-117 "infantry variant" grenade launchers were carried out at the training ground of the 02th training center "Desna". Representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine took part in testing the grenade launchers. After the end of the tests, the entire batch was transferred to the APU. How many grenade launchers are in the transferred batch is not reported.

In October this year, at the Desna test site, type tests of the KBA.117-02 were carried out, after which the grenade launcher was approved for acceptance tests.

The 30-mm automatic grenade launcher KBA.117 is an analogue of the Soviet AG-17 grenade launcher and is intended for installation in combat modules. Accordingly, he has no aiming devices and manual descent. The KBA.117 was adopted in 2019.

KBA.117-02 is an "infantry version" of the grenade launcher, modified for use from the machine. The grenade launcher is designed to destroy enemy manpower and fire weapons deployed behind shelters, in open trenches or trenches, as well as behind natural folds of the terrain. Shooting from it is carried out along a flat or hinged trajectory with single or automatic fire.
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  1. SaLaR
    SaLaR 5 December 2020 15: 13
    Understood nothing .... but that AGS-17 is over? Or changed the sign again?
    1. mat-vey
      mat-vey 5 December 2020 15: 19
      Quote: SaLaR
      and that AGS-17 is over?

      Well, it turns out that it's over ..
    2. faiver
      faiver 5 December 2020 15: 20
      and that AGS-17 is over?
      - de-communization is going on, have you forgotten? lol
    3. Maz
      Maz 5 December 2020 16: 22
      After their mortar, rocket, tank, armored personnel carrier, boat and other things, it remains only to feel sorry for the normal people in Vsushnikov. Although Cho feel sorry for them? Yaka Vlada, the same grenade launchers
    4. TermNachTer
      TermNachTer 5 December 2020 17: 07
      AGS went on sale, for ukroSS bullshit made from Chinese bullshit will do))))
    5. Constanty
      Constanty 5 December 2020 19: 20
      They must have stolen and sold them,
      I really don't understand - after all, Ukraine had HUGE stocks of weapons from the USSR that were not used in warehouses.
      Okay - ammunition and aging, and small arms, grenade launchers? No kidding
      1. Artunis
        Artunis 6 December 2020 11: 25
        So for 30 years of independence, everything that was acquired by back-breaking labor of the joint venture .., I'm sorry, plundered and sold. The next generations of generals and admirals must be taken care of. We must look to the future.
  2. svp67
    svp67 5 December 2020 15: 14
    Well done, I especially want to note that remembering the "successes" of the "Hammer" mortar, here on tests they decided not to risk it and so gently push the trigger with a stick, pushing it through the hole in the armor plate. Well done. And will such armor plates be issued to the troops? I hope they will be included in the delivery set, along with the "sticks" of remote shooting
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 5 December 2020 15: 31
      "One of them seizes, the other jumps like a madman.
      And the third, bastard, shoots his own "- All the classics!
      1. mat-vey
        mat-vey 5 December 2020 15: 34
        Quote: Uncle Lee
        "One of them seizes, the other jumps like a madman.
        And the third, bastard, shoots his own "- All the classics!

        And how many have changed for "pants" ..
  3. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 5 December 2020 15: 22
    AGS-30 will be "fresher". And much more adapted for use in infantry formations (elementary easier) ... Didn't you pull? Or is it stationary they are removed, and the machines are riveted to them?
    1. mat-vey
      mat-vey 5 December 2020 15: 28
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      AGS-30 will be "fresher".

      Exactly. In principle, there could not be a single one in the warehouses - there is nothing to copy from, but this one came from the USSR, so it seems that "no one else's" And the AGS-30 seems to be from Tula.
    2. Sahalinets
      Sahalinets 6 December 2020 02: 23
      Lighter is not always better. I remember shooting from AGS-17 - jumping like a madman, the first shot at the target, the rest are somewhere there ...
  4. Gregory Charnota
    Gregory Charnota 5 December 2020 15: 38
    Soviet Ukrainians sold the ags long ago to African countries, now we have to do it, but this is not the same
    again you look like the barrel will break with mortars
    KVU-NSVD 5 December 2020 15: 43
    An infantryman will get tired of a stationary grenade launcher put on a tripod - you can't run around with it, unless you stand at the checkpoint ..
    1. nnm
      nnm 5 December 2020 15: 57
      Well, do not tell me .... if you want to live, you will not be so hot. And you will run, and climb the mountains, and without a machine you will learn to shoot from the back of the second calculation. The car is just great. With AGS-30 life has not reduced, but with the "flame" - very much even.
      And I will join the previous comments - success, like a hammer, a novelty.
      1. 113262a
        113262a 5 December 2020 19: 04
        In my service at 84 at the training ground, I saw with my own eyes how the warrant officer of the platoon of the AGS-17 reconnaissance company worked with his hands! There is a paw, like my two feet! He held one by the machine, the other grabbed the trigger!
        1. nnm
          nnm 5 December 2020 20: 00
          I have not seen this. Just respect for your platoon commander !!!!!! An incredible strength.
  6. serg.shishkov2015
    serg.shishkov2015 5 December 2020 15: 47
    The name is too complicated, especially after the vodka! Good luck to you as a * Hammer *!
    1. svp67
      svp67 5 December 2020 16: 28
      Quote: serg.shishkov2015
      The name is too complicated, especially after the vodka!

      No ... "Artillery Design Bureau"
  7. Observer2014
    Observer2014 5 December 2020 15: 54
    In the zapadlo print a commentary on such "news" Russians, Russians are being killed. am
    1. Pessimist22
      Pessimist22 5 December 2020 16: 58
      "In the zapadlo" Thug or what? How long did you serve, what article?
  8. aleks neym_2
    aleks neym_2 5 December 2020 17: 07
    Guys, it seems to me that they were shooting blanks at all - you can't see a single gap in the distance! And if fighting? Most likely it will spread like the notorious "hammer" Yes, and they are afraid of single men - it was not for nothing that they put a shield with a drychik.
  9. cat Rusich
    cat Rusich 5 December 2020 17: 11
    Ukraine declares the transition to NATO standards... Under NATO standard suitable UAG-40 chambered for 40x53mm. In 2017, the UAG-40 was adopted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine ... Today it is reported about the KBA-117-02 ... chambered for 30x29mm - which are produced in Russia. Where will the "firewood" be taken from? (maybe from Bulgaria - by remaking AR-ROG grenades).
    1. nnm
      nnm 5 December 2020 17: 44
      * shot, colleague
  10. Aleksey Aleksandrovich
    Aleksey Aleksandrovich 5 December 2020 17: 19
    Ukro gunsmiths will soon pereiminut Kalash as something on Svidomo and say sho tse it was.
    1. nnm
      nnm 5 December 2020 17: 45
      But it seems to me alone that there is no sight photo, because there is a regular PAG standing there? winked
    2. Andrei Nikolaevich
      Andrei Nikolaevich 5 December 2020 23: 01
      Pip your tongue. Sorry. That's exactly what they will do. Or the word "automaton" itself will be translated into MOV. , shove the cartridge itself, Moscow will shoot, for example.))
    3. Bogranz
      Bogranz 6 December 2020 09: 47
      Isn't their "baby" a renamed AK?
      1. Aleksey Aleksandrovich
        Aleksey Aleksandrovich 6 December 2020 11: 01
        So they have already renamed. Malyuk ... I hear it for the first time.
  11. Ros 56
    Ros 56 5 December 2020 19: 38
    I hope the performance will be no worse than the Hammer, in terms of calculation.
  12. svoit
    svoit 5 December 2020 20: 50
    Quote: Observer2014
    Russians, Russians are being killed.

    Do they consider themselves Russian?
    1. Gato
      Gato 6 December 2020 00: 07
      Most of all, quarreling relatives hate each other.
  13. Andrei Nikolaevich
    Andrei Nikolaevich 5 December 2020 22: 56
    They did not have time to give the communized name. "" lard "or Bandera, for example.
  14. Klingon
    Klingon 6 December 2020 00: 29
    Quote: SaLaR
    Understood nothing .... but that AGS-17 is over? Or changed the sign again?

    Of course, the main thing is that "not from the Muscovites." and in the end, nothing new, because exactly according to Kipling, "Banderlogists do not have their own language, they use stolen words" wassat
  15. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 6 December 2020 09: 00
    Earlier, they still boasted of a 30-mm hand-held "sniper" grenade launcher "Valar" ... They also promised on the basis of this sample a 40-mm version to make ... "a little bit later"! Personally, I have not seen any mention of these "products" for a very long time ...
  16. Bogranz
    Bogranz 6 December 2020 09: 45
    Is there anything constructively distinguishing it from AGS-17 except for the name and the shitty metal?