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Traumatic version of the famous American Colt 1911 pistol: features and practical shooting


The most famous American "short-barreled" is the "Colt" 1911 (Colt 1911) chambered for .45 ACP. it weapon created over a century ago by John M. Browning. At the same time, the fate of the "Colt" 1911 is unique at least in that this weapon is actively used to this day. This speaks at least of its successful concept and design.

As usual with the popular and effective small arms, there were numerous copies of them, and in a variety of formats and versions, including traumatic weapons.

In Russia, on the basis of the famous American pistol, they created the "traumat" Colt 1911 T TC. This is a small arms weapon with limited damage.

On the Lazarev Tactical channel, various options for shooting from a traumatic version of the famous pistol are considered. Including shooting at various kinds of obstacles. In the course of practical use at the range, shooting was carried out, including at a foam block from various distances: 5, 10 and 15 m.

The pistol has proven its performance in terms of power.

About the most traumatic version of the famous "Colt" 1911, as well as the results of shooting from it, - in the video:

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  1. _Sergei_
    _Sergei_ 3 December 2020 11: 52
    I liked the pistol, especially since I have a TT-Leader. Not a word was said about the power of the cartridge, or maybe I missed it.
  2. Kuroneko
    Kuroneko 3 December 2020 14: 33
    To be honest, I would look with great interest at the shooting from "Impact" or "Wasp". "Blow", however, I have, but from the old.
    Well, "shooting" from various gas cartridges. Somehow it is closer to our realities and legislation.
    1. Shopping Mall
      Shopping Mall 3 December 2020 15: 33
      Quote: Kuroneko
      To be honest, I would look with great interest at the shooting from "Impact" or "Wasp". "Blow", however, I have, but from the old.
      Well, "shooting" from various gas cartridges. Somehow it is closer to our realities and legislation.

      After the "equalization", when the steel cores were taken away from the Os-shaped, the store was limited to 10 rounds from the rest and the power was made to everyone less than 91 joules, there is no particular difference between traumatic conditions.

      I would choose based on the maximum reliability (at the very Os and Cordon-5).

      There are a lot of tests for gas cartridges, as well as for aerosol products A + A (Tula).
  3. Crabong
    Crabong 3 December 2020 17: 16
    Virginia Slave Bill, 1779:
    "No slave should keep or carry a weapon unless he has a written order from the master or is in the presence of the master."
    Now what is the situation in Russia.
    1. _Sergei_
      _Sergei_ 3 December 2020 18: 18
      Since June 2015, injuries have been allowed to be worn equipped even just in your pocket. Before that, the store is separate, the pistol is separate and only in the cabura
    2. Whiteidol
      Whiteidol 3 December 2020 21: 20
      Yes, I also heard that personally the darkest one is now signing a license to purchase. Couple to bring down ...
      1. Revolver
        Revolver 4 December 2020 03: 17
        Quote: Whiteidol
        Couple to bring down ...

        1. Whiteidol
          Whiteidol 5 December 2020 00: 02
          Not anyone ... but from the country.
          1. Revolver
            Revolver 5 December 2020 04: 02
            Yes, I finally write from America, and I don't need to blame. And I do not need to blame "whom" either, solely because "I respect the criminal code" ©. Now, if the hunting season was opened for "whom", in addition to the revolver, I would have bought a four-thread type SVT with a telescopic sight, a specialist for the sake of "blame". It is a pity that here "Vintorez" can not be bought, the most to blame from it.
            1. Whiteidol
              Whiteidol 5 December 2020 20: 12
              Yes, this is sarcasm and nothing more ... I do not know why Viktor (Krabong) is not happy with the situation in Russia with regard to weapons. I personally have 3 barrels. 1 rifled and 2 smoothbore. You can buy more, but no more. I did not experience any problems with issuing licenses, extending storage and carrying permits. In Russia, you can submit all documents remotely, which I did. I think that the United States does not experience any problems in this regard either. If only with carrying a pistol. (An acquaintance works in the New York police. He wrote that keeping a pistol is prohibited). Nagant, tell us how you are doing with the acquisition and wearing? Interesting.