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Field hospital of the Russian Ministry of Defense deployed in Stepanakert

Field hospital of the Russian Ministry of Defense deployed in Stepanakert

Russian peacekeepers set up a field hospital in Stepanakert. As stated in the Ministry of Defense, Russian doctors will provide assistance not only to the military, but also to the local population.

A special medical detachment arrived in Stepanakert from the Eastern Military District. Earlier, doctors and special equipment of the ceremony were delivered by Il-76 VTA aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces from Khabarovsk to Yerevan, after which they made a 300-kilometer march to the NKR capital, accompanied by Russian peacekeepers.

The deployment of pneumo-frame modules has now been completed. Specialists of the special-purpose medical unit will organize medical support for the peacekeeping contingent and provide all the necessary medical assistance to the population of Nagorno-Karabakh. The medical team is ready to place up to 40 people on its funds

- said in a statement.

As part of the first unit of the detachment, over 60 specialists arrived in Stepanakert, including military surgeons, anesthesiologists-resuscitators, therapists and epidemiologists. The hospital is equipped with everything you need, including ventilators, ultrasound and x-rays.

A second group of doctors will arrive shortly. In total, 122 specialists and 54 units of special equipment will work as part of a special medical detachment in Karabakh.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 30 November 2020 09: 52
    The right thing to do. The best representation of the country is good medicine. It doesn't matter, in shape or without ...
    1. cniza
      cniza 30 November 2020 10: 22
      Yes, this is the best action, it shows our serious intentions and the effect of it is the highest ...
    2. iouris
      iouris 30 November 2020 10: 38
      All this is wonderful, only once it was our country, and now it is Turkey.
      1. bessmertniy
        bessmertniy 30 November 2020 11: 34
        Correctly noted that they must be treated! hi And more serious than our people!
  2. cniza
    cniza 30 November 2020 10: 19
    Field hospital of the Russian Ministry of Defense deployed in Stepanakert

    Russia does not change its actions if the whole complex is carried out ...
  3. Free wind
    Free wind 30 November 2020 10: 32
    Three friends of mine died from the crown, and no one helped, now my girlfriend is dying, they do not go to the hospital.
    1. Free wind
      Free wind 30 November 2020 11: 14
      More precisely, she died an hour ago.
      1. paco.soto
        paco.soto 30 November 2020 20: 09
        It is very sad that loved ones are dying. My sincere condolences to you.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 30 November 2020 10: 35
    Ours are deploying hospitals, bringing humanitarian aid, clearing mines, deploying peacekeepers, and where is France, praised by the Armenians? Tries to adopt (even this did not pass) a meaningless resolution on Karabakh. Macron talked a lot, spread his tail and feathers, and the output is a full 0.
    1. Free wind
      Free wind 30 November 2020 11: 01
      Well, probably we are the richest, chickens do not peck money. They know how to count the rest of the money, otherwise they can get a hat from the voters.
    2. BDRM 667
      BDRM 667 30 November 2020 11: 02
      Quote: rotmistr60
      where is France praised by the Armenians?

      This France was given to you ... Such behavior is not new for them. In 1939, together with Great Britain, they also gracefully threw their client - Polish Poland, in order to become a victim of Hitler themselves next year.
      1. bessmertniy
        bessmertniy 30 November 2020 11: 29
        France has no time for Karabakh. And there is tension with migrants and the coronavirus is tormenting, and Macron is not clear what he is trying to achieve with his gains. repeat
    3. Andrei Nikolaevich
      Andrei Nikolaevich 30 November 2020 11: 43
      It is certainly wonderful that for our taxes, the state takes care of foreigners. But they are unlikely to remember it and say thank you. And then, Europe, beloved by the Armenians, for some reason did not help .. Why? ..
  5. seacap
    seacap 30 November 2020 11: 52
    Of course, all of the following is my personal opinion of an ordinary man in the street. After watching fragments of news without news on our advertising TV, it is logical (normal Soviet education allows us to operate with such concepts as well) several questions arose. And where, please tell me, are the Armenian full-time sappers, why do we have to send our guys to mines again? What does the Russian Emergencies Ministry have to do with it, if it is a peacekeeping military mission where is their national Emergencies Ministry? Does it pay for Russian building materials? How much money went to the restoration funds or to the accounts of our ministries and what was paid, the so-called. Diasporas of our country and France and other countries, taking into account that almost all of them are merchants and bankers, at whose expense the "banquet"? How many doctors of Armenian nationality from the mother capital and our immense one took the queue on board to the small homeland in an impulse to provide assistance to their brothers free of charge, probably there are no places?
    Someone "crap" (it is clear who) all over the world, and then we are right there, ready to help everyone free of charge to rake manure, coffin our guys and thumping colossal funds. So much excitement and efficiency in their country would have shown, otherwise the same Siberian "drowned" after a sparkling and quick PR show imitating the ebullient activities of the notorious Mutko still live in barns and ruins, the "campaign" is over, everything has been successfully forgotten. Perhaps, by providing gratuitous assistance to others, we will be just as promptly and efficiently, and most importantly, we will resolve issues of assistance for our citizens free of charge, or is it a utopia, ie. there is not much profit for bureaucrats, and their "schemes" do not work? Our "partners" make money in the war, the mess for them is generally a fair, and we all wretched with our gratuitousness climb, write off billions of debts, receiving sanctions and spitting with cuffs for this. The uttermost helplessness, inconsistency and venality of our "boyar" class is no longer just annoying, but causes rage and hatred.
    1. iouris
      iouris 30 November 2020 23: 04
      Quote: seacap
      and then we are right there, ready to help everyone free of charge

      And what else are we needed for? Even so.
  6. cat Rusich
    cat Rusich 1 December 2020 00: 53
    Russia has deployed a hospital - and what is there France ... adopted a resolution? - or only threatened...
  7. Radikal
    Radikal 2 December 2020 06: 37
    Quote: Free Wind
    More precisely, she died an hour ago.

    Sincerely condolences!
    However, what a curious thing - once upon a time, not so long ago, for ten years, or more, it doesn't matter someone Colin Powell was shaking a test tube with white powder in front of the UN Security Council, ay-ay-ay, almost seven forty began ... and then the US entered Iraq .... Once again I apologize, and once again I condole, but why am I? And to the fact that the infection roams the countries, however, first of all, the Russian Federation did not announce the culprit, the initiator of the epidemic ... Why? We were accused of poisoning a number of people - "Novichok", and everything else .... Officials of the Russian Federation, in particular the well-known - how to call it, yeah - the press secretary for some reason does not declare anything, does not accuse anyone, but where is our newly created Military-Political Directorate, why the same Lavrov does not shake a test tube with a turbid liquid, or gray-blue, or green, but at least brown powder! Suspicious of COVID strains in front of UN Security Council members? After all, the very thing, there is a reason, the ideological struggle is in full swing - there is a potential organizer of the epidemic, forward - "answer" for this family, which they themselves released ... But no. Loud silence regarding those who spread this infection. What can this talk about? At least two things. First, the epidemic is beneficial in all respects. The second is "partners". They are not just them - they are friends, colleagues, and associates, moreover, they are accomplices. So we will continue ... wearing masks and gloves. lol