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The Ministry of Defense received the last three Su-35S fighters under the 2015 contract

The Ministry of Defense received the last three Su-35S fighters under the 2015 contract

The Russian Ministry of Defense received the last three Su-35S multipurpose fighters, transferred under a 50-aircraft contract signed in 2015. This was reported by the press service of the military department.

According to the report, all three aircraft were accepted at the aircraft plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, after which two fighters were sent to Lipetsk to the Center for training aviation personnel and military tests of the Ministry of Defense, and one more will serve in the 23rd Tallinn Fighter Regiment, stationed in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

The specialists of the 485th military representation of the Russian Ministry of Defense accepted three multipurpose Su-35S fighters of the "4 ++" generation. Aircraft relocated from the Komsomolsk-on-Amur plant to permanent airfields of the Russian Aerospace Forces

- said in a statement.

It is specified that the supply of these three fighters completely closes the contract for the supply of 50 Su-35S by the end of 2020.

Recall that the first contract for the supply of 48 Su-35 fighters was completed at the end of 2015, while the second contract for another 50 aircraft was signed at the same time. According to the terms of the contract, all Su-35s were supposed to enter the Russian Aerospace Forces by the end of 2020.

In August, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that the Ministry of Defense had decided to conclude an additional contract for the supply of Su-35S multipurpose fighters to the Aerospace Forces. How many planes the Ministry of Defense plans to purchase was not announced, but the amount of the new contract was announced - 70 billion rubles. The agreement should be signed before the end of this year.
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    APASUS 25 November 2020 12: 36
    Judging by the latest situation in the world, fighters are never superfluous, all that remains is to train enough pilots
    1. iouris
      iouris 25 November 2020 12: 39
      Quote: APASUS
      It remains only to train enough pilots

      But first you have to give birth to them.
      1. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee 25 November 2020 12: 44
        48 + 50 =? And the last ones are 10 pieces a year! And another 70 billion contract! good
    2. figwam
      figwam 25 November 2020 12: 42
      Quote: APASUS
      fighters are never superfluous

      Judging by the pledged amount for the new contract, this is another 50 aircraft, very good.
      1. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
        Andrei from Chelyabinsk 25 November 2020 13: 19
        Quote: figvam
        Judging by the pledged amount for the new contract, this is another 50 aircraft, very good.

        No, much less
        1. stalki
          stalki 25 November 2020 13: 53
          No, much less
          Well, this is still not bad, considering that one costs about 2 billion, then 35 35 will have enough money. Or maybe they will decide to order something else.
          1. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
            Andrei from Chelyabinsk 25 November 2020 14: 39
            Yes, that's right. This will still load production capacity for three years, and then ... there you can sign a new contract, or do something else
          2. bayard
            bayard 25 November 2020 15: 09
            For 70 billion, three squadrons will be scraped / built. Only deliveries of 10 per year, this is the minimum that the plant needs in order not to bend without an order. And how long will he last?
            There is such a financial condition that new Su-57s are almost assembled in the corridor, and if you look at the price at which they bargained, you are completely amazed, HOW, with such a fixed cost, it is possible to organize the production of the latest 5th generation aircraft ...? ... Apparently the same as the production of the Il-76MD90A at Aviastar: "They pretend that we are being paid, and we pretend that we are building airplanes." - this is now the slogan on Aviastar.
            It seems that in Komsomolsk the same will happen with the Su-57 ...
            I don't know if they will deliver at least one production aircraft this year, but we expect the result as with ... "Ilyusha".
            There is not enough money for military purchases, but we do not abandon our oligarchs in trouble. They are related.
            A new order, of course, is good, it means the plant will live ... but the pace of rearmament and the number of fighter aircraft leave much to be desired for a country with such size, length of borders and tasks facing the Armed Forces.
            1. stalki
              stalki 25 November 2020 15: 56
              There is no way without the oligarchs, and we are collecting everything on our knees, they also forgot to add about pensioners lol
              1. bayard
                bayard 25 November 2020 18: 39
                Why are you so concerned about them?
                You probably loudly greet the construction of a bridge to Sakhalin with all the infrastructure that has begun? And it seems that this is a good thing, and they have gathered to develop the region, and there are a lot of plans ... but at the same time in our country they cannot find the most necessary things ... and for the rearmament of the Army too.
                Where are the AWACS aircraft?
                How can an air war be fought without reliable air coverage?
                At all heights?
                How to deal with massive enemy missile launches?
                Ground air defense? No.
                Or is it fighter aircraft?
                Which you need to give target designation, aim at targets, DETECT these CD at a sufficient distance, to organize the reflection of the raid ...
                Perhaps this is without AWACS aircraft?
                And without a sufficient number of fighter aircraft?
                And in order to have it, you need not only to make plans, but to allocate funds.
                With Taganrog ASZ, each contract for the modernization of the A-50 to the A-50U, for ONE aircraft, is concluded ONLY after the delivery of the previous one to the customer ...
                It seems that the decision to modernize the entire fleet is being carried out, but ... since it is impossible to pre-order components without an order, and simply because this necessary business is not put on stream, we have only (!!!) 6 (SIX ) A-50U. And this includes the head one, which was ready back in 2008!
                A mockery of all aspects of common sense in organizing the "serial production" of the Il-76MD90A, also in plain sight.
                And the same thing is repeated with the "serial construction" of the Su-57 - first, twist your hands with the price of the product, not prepare (not finance the preparation) of production facilities, areas, staff training and organization of cooperation, and then wonder why "the plane is not being built / not radar ready. "
                But there is money for the construction of a bridge to Sakhalin, and in full (after all, a childhood friend), 100 billion rubles. for the construction of the atomic icebreaker "Leader" belay (the allocation of the entire amount was signed by the LAST decree of Medvedev, on the last day before resignation) ... and this is at the still unfinished plant, where ANY ship has not yet been built in full cycle (now there is a Korean lego) ... how will a ship be built there unseen before village in terms of displacement, complexity and specificity (!), if they have not yet debugged the full cycle of construction of quite routine tankers (I am already silent about gas carriers) ... and entrust such a plant IMMEDIATELY, FROM ZERO to start building the atomic monster VI 77 tons.
                That is, there is money for such adventures and are allocated immediately, in almost the full amount, and at the same time they propose to reduce the defense capability by 10%, the number of the Armed Forces is also proposed to be reduced by 10% !!!
                ... Therefore, I am writing that a new order for the Su-35 is good, this is expected (it would be foolish to order less than a hundred of these fighters - 48 + 50), but without AWACS planes and tankers, they will not fight much. And then they just do not. Poorly developed airfield network.
                And, in the end, will serial production of the Su-57 take place?
                So that the troops, and not in the next article?

                So it's me not out of grumbling, but out of irritation with what is happening. In the current circumstances, the actions of the authorities must be more sound and verified. And not rush into adventures, scattering limited funds, and allowing failure after failure in the country's defense capability.
                1. stalki
                  stalki 25 November 2020 19: 11
                  I didn't care about anyone if you didn't get it. It's just that I'm sick of whining and lamentations, I prefer someone who silently does business and thank God for people like you who don't pay attention. So your irritation matters only to you. The country was almost torn to pieces completely, it went through almost all the circles of hell. Simply because at one time it was necessary to burn out all sorts of undesirable elements with a red-hot iron. And even now it would not hurt. But in fact, we have retained our sovereignty, production base, backlog of scientific developments, we stayed afloat. We got up from our knees and continue, whenever possible, to restore previously lost industries. You just have to whine less and do more business. Gaps are in your memory, without mistakes there will be no success, mistakes and failures do not happen only for those who do nothing.
            2. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
              Andrei from Chelyabinsk 25 November 2020 17: 52
              Quote: bayard
              A new order, of course, is good, so the plant will live ...

              And, alas, there is no need to count on more. While they were making the Su-30SM and Su-35 in parallel, in 2013-18, the number of heavy fighters transferred by the Armed Forces per year ranged from 24 to 39 (27 Su-30SM and 12 Su-35 in 2015), this was not enough , but at least it looks like something. Moreover, in those same years, the MiG revived a little, placing a regiment of deck 29s and a small handful of SMTs.
              But now ... there are no MiGs, the Su-30SM are no longer being produced, the Su-57 is not yet being produced, and the Su-35's contracts ... have come to an end. So the news is positive, but, of course, only in terms of maintaining production
              1. Garris199
                Garris199 26 November 2020 02: 14
                In fact, we have about 200 modern fighters. Of course, this is not enough for a major mess. How many are there still SU-27SM / SM3, MiG29SMT, SU30M2, but in terms of efficiency they are significantly inferior to SU30SM / 35 and are already outdated. And what is the superiority of the enemy in the air, our veterans colorfully described in their memoirs, and the Armenians recently felt fully. In short, another 200, (preferably SU-57) needed yesterday.
                1. Zaurbek
                  Zaurbek 26 November 2020 06: 34
                  I will continue .... also unequal, and the Su34 is also a non-fighter.
                2. d4rkmesa
                  d4rkmesa 26 November 2020 14: 59
                  In the subject of the Su-30MKK, I doubted the aircraft's superior capabilities, for which I was minus. Well at least there are still realists.
                  1. Garris199
                    Garris199 27 November 2020 00: 59
                    A good SU-30 MKK (M2) was 20 years ago. This is a stupid fact, for which you were minus is not clear. Now its main purpose is educational sparks, which are also needed of course.
            3. voyaka uh
              voyaka uh 25 November 2020 19: 59
              "There is such a financial condition that new Su-57s are almost being assembled in the corridor" ///
              It surprised me too. I thought a separate workshop would be built for the newest aircraft
              or even a separate plant. It is customary to do so. The Italians built the F-35
              a separate plant, although, like the Su-35, produces only one a month.
              And the Su-57 is assembled between the two workshops.
              1. bayard
                bayard 25 November 2020 22: 21
                Yes, it seems that they have already prepared a normal workshop for assembly, and that "corridor" is the gap between the workshops, it was used for experimental assembly. But it seems that really there is not enough finance for a normal start of production. Let's see next year, they promise to issue 6 pieces, and then up to 12 - 15 per year. Here, and the Algerian order to the dwelling may be.
        2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Charik
      Charik 27 November 2020 04: 38
      And what happened?
  2. Torins
    Torins 25 November 2020 12: 37
    Good aircraft for many years without problematic operation!
  3. alma
    alma 25 November 2020 12: 41
    Here we also made some adjustments to export - they did it to the foreign market.
    1. Toucan
      Toucan 25 November 2020 12: 53
      Export orders have nothing to do with the contract concluded with the RF Ministry of Defense. The production capacity of the aircraft plant in Komsomolsk allows, if necessary, to produce a much larger number of aircraft.
  4. Ros 56
    Ros 56 25 November 2020 13: 28
    Slowly, little by little, the strongest, I'm not afraid of this word, army in the world is being created. And how many more miracles are buried in the store, many will be surprised.
    1. Bez 310
      Bez 310 25 November 2020 16: 02
      Quote: Ros 56
      the strongest, I'm not afraid of the word, army in the world is being created.

      Are you talking about the RF Armed Forces?
      Then why be afraid of these words?
      You can write something different, paper endures everything ...
      1. Ros 56
        Ros 56 25 November 2020 16: 05
        How are you right about her, but you have something against?
        1. Bez 310
          Bez 310 25 November 2020 16: 07
          Quote: Ros 56
          do you have something against?

          Yes I have!
          1. Ros 56
            Ros 56 25 November 2020 16: 08
            Have on, the war will show the plan.
            1. Bez 310
              Bez 310 25 November 2020 16: 37
              Quote: Ros 56
              war plan will show

              What did you mean?
              Something I do not quite understand you.
              If it's not difficult, let's essentially - tell me, are
              the Su-35s "the world's strongest" fighters? And if not,
              why should the RF Armed Forces become "the strongest army in the world"
              not having the "strongest" fighters?
              If you have an answer, then please, without slogans and tantrums,
              clearly and understandably, what are the advantages of the Su-35s over the F-22 and F-35.
              1. Ros 56
                Ros 56 26 November 2020 07: 48
                Incorrectly pose the question or believe that the war will only be between the F-22, 35 and the Su-35S. I think you are very much mistaken.
                And there is no need to replace the essence of my commentary on the strongest army with the question of the strongest fighter, but there is no such thing, each has its own pros and cons.
                1. Bez 310
                  Bez 310 26 November 2020 17: 26
                  Quote: Ros 56
                  there is no need to replace the essence of my comment about the strongest army with the question about the strongest fighter

                  We are in the subject of a fighter, so I ask a question about
                  this fighter, which is considered the best
                  in our Army.
                  But, if you are afraid to speak directly, then I will help you -
                  Su-35s loses to fighters in all respects
                  F-22 and F-35, and the only "+" it has - cheapness in
                  compared to American aircraft.
                  1. Garris199
                    Garris199 27 November 2020 01: 12
                    Not all.
                    At a minimum, the SU-35s is roughly equal to the F22 and superior to the F-35;
                    - in speed
                    - combat radius
                    - in the payload.
                    - in maneuverability (F-22 lags behind less).
                    This is just a shot from memory.
                    About the radar, too, you can speculate. In some ways it is better than AN / APG, in what it is "Irbis", but it is better to let people more competent in the radar insert their 5 kopecks.
                    In what Sushka loses to both of them, it is noticeable.
                    1. Bez 310
                      Bez 310 27 November 2020 07: 36
                      Quote: Garris199
                      At a minimum, the SU-35s is roughly equal to the F22 and superior to the F-35.

                      Naive ...
                      Start simple - with the weapons these planes are carrying.
                  2. Ros 56
                    Ros 56 27 November 2020 07: 58
                    Well, no need to write crap, I just wrote about the strongest army, and you started mixing sour with hard. What are your stupid ways of jumping from topic to topic and substituting concepts? Immediately obvious, the idiot liberal.
              2. Charik
                Charik 27 November 2020 04: 50
                Obvious advantages - if they defend themselves near the airfield and refuel and rearm
  5. Eug
    Eug 25 November 2020 13: 43
    I hope that the Ministry of Defense received three EXTREME (not "last") Su-35S.
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. deniso
    deniso 25 November 2020 13: 50
    Plus, for China, they recently made 24 pieces. and deliveries to Egypt have begun (he ordered about 30 pieces, the first 5 are already ready).
  8. Jacket in stock
    Jacket in stock 25 November 2020 14: 31
    And they are not going to modernize it?
    Over the years, that they have been doing it for 12 years, however), is there no progress in the fighter-building business? Or just we don't?
    1. Rushnairfors
      Rushnairfors 25 November 2020 14: 34
      So there and so the best we have installed. Well, except that su57 has better equipment
      1. Jacket in stock
        Jacket in stock 25 November 2020 14: 56
        So there is no progress. Sadness, however.
        And I, being naive, hoped that during this time our electronics still advanced.
        1. Jacket in stock
          Jacket in stock 25 November 2020 15: 45
          Consumer electronics, for example, have gone ahead by leaps and bounds over the years.
          1. Pvl_1
            Pvl_1 25 November 2020 15: 52
            Civil electronics of Russian design too:,
            Probably the military too, but here I have no information.
  9. FRoman1984
    FRoman1984 25 November 2020 15: 46
    Have you signed the third contract?
  10. Rubi0
    Rubi0 25 November 2020 19: 27
    Another would be for export the same amount in 5 years, in general, the song would be