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Optimizing SEOs or investing in bankrupts


Operation Liquidation

After the speech of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on Monday, everyone started talking about the demise of the Skolkovo Foundation.

And even Chubais's Rusnano.

And at the same time a number of very mysterious structures. Those that were usually busy with nothing more than regular pumping of budget money.

Or reconception of daughters?

But the operation "Elimination" itself, following the modern fashion, would be better called reconception. Along with development institutions, a lot will have to be sent for liquidation. First of all, everything that these institutions managed to acquire over the years of their existence.

We think that very few people have heard or read what and who are “Dom.RF” or “State Transport Leasing Company”, “Fund for the Protection of Shareholders” and “Fund for Assistance to Reforms in Housing and Communal Services”, “Web-leasing” and “Russian Scientific fund "," Venture company "or" Direct investment fund ". Did not hear? But these are also entirely Russian firms.

And they are all subsidiaries and post-subsidiaries of those whom the prime minister told us about.

Fresh songs about nano

So, from now on, someone else will sing us songs about "nano".

Rusnano, the Skolkovo Export Fund and other (affiliated with them) funds, agencies and centers, which have successfully passed hundreds of billions, are now transferred under the direct control of VEB.RF.

This structure, which can turn into a monopoly monster (more abruptly than any ministry or state corporation), we will describe below.

In the meantime, let us note that the leading business media, both paper and electronic, traditionally engaged by the liberal crowd, are in no hurry to make intelligible comments about the liquidation of almost the entire cohort of development institutions.

Optimizing SEOs or investing in bankrupts

So far, the matter is limited only to routine statements. It seems like these are:

"The goal of the reform is to create unified mechanisms for managing development institutions, to eliminate the overlap of their functions with government authorities and commercial companies, and to link the goals of the institutions with the goals of Russia's national development."

Renovation of Chubais's status

Most likely, this is happening because too many of the “insiders” (starting with Anatoly Chubais) now have to look for a new job. It is clear that it is hardly worth worrying about them. The current transformations are too much like firing a cannon at sparrows. They will take off for a while and transfer to other branches.

And these branches, judging by the very structure of the next "great" reform, will be enough. One listing of the structures that will take on the burden of the problems of development institutions can take several pages in small text.

However, the list of those who are going to be liquidated is also quite voluminous.

8 or 13 got hit

In Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin's speech, there were only eight such names. In the full list included in the resolution, we counted at least thirteen.

But before listing them, we note that this eight managed to acquire accompanying structures, including banks. How else?

So, in addition to Rusnano and the Skolkovo Foundation, funds for the development of single-industry towns, the development of information technologies, and the promotion of the development of small enterprises in the scientific and technical sphere (it is more often called the Bortnik Foundation) should end their independent existence.

Two agencies are being liquidated and transferred to the jurisdiction of VEB.RF: for the development of human capital in the Far East and the Arctic and for attracting investment and supporting exports. And also the local Development Fund. It is possible that at the same time they will become regular units of the relevant ministry.

In addition, two more agencies should join VEB.RF: for technological development and for insurance of export credits and investments of EXIAR. And also the Russian Export Center.

Optimization of budget traffic

We would like to highlight the fund for infrastructure and educational programs SME Corporation (three letters mean small and medium-sized businesses). This new formation was not saved even by the fact that a little earlier it almost became one of the state corporations that were once considered as a kind of skeleton of a new structure for managing the country's economy.

The last one, contrary to the list, is the Joint Stock Company "Special Economic Zones", which is also listed as a state company. It is still unclear how such an organization could be brought under corporatization at all.

After all, this a priori assumes functioning as an open market entity. But in this case, with public funds. What kind of development is there, especially since some of the now “liquidated” for many years remained in the position of a non-profit organization. It is also a very convenient position for "assimilation" of budget funds.

In general, from the speech of the prime minister, it is easy to conclude that we will face not only the creation of a powerful unified development institution, but also the merger of institutions with similar activities. That is, on the agenda is the notorious optimization while preserving institutions with special tasks. In general, the development of budget funds will now be carried out in a much more centralized manner.

Chubais's criminal case

Let us supplement the above list of those “liquidated” with short biographical references only about some of the leaders of the notorious development institutions.

So, it is no secret to anyone that Anatoly Chubais has invariably stood at the head of Rusnano, which has undergone transformation from a state corporation (again, a GK - author) into a joint-stock company and a joint-stock company with the separation of the management company into a separate structure.

His contributions to privatization and energy reform are all too well known. On the other hand, it is almost unknown that a series of reorganizations in Rusnano, according to Russian parliamentarians, simply resulted in an “illegal transfer of budget funds to a private structure”.

It is not surprising that this was the reason for the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, together with a number of Duma members, to demand that a criminal case be opened. Another thing is surprising - the liberal press news were simply released on the brakes. As well as the very proposal "to start a case."

Who really headed the Skolkovo Foundation is also no secret to anyone. Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev throughout the years of his existence and in all his positions, up to the highest, remained the head of the board of trustees of the foundation. And in fact, the chairman of the Skolkovo fund for many years, during which he rose right up to the first (note - economic) deputy prime minister, is Arkady Dvorkovich.

The Skolkovo Board of Directors is chaired by the well-known businessman Viktor Vekselberg. And high-ranking members of the Cabinet of Ministers are sitting - Andrey Belousov and Anton Siluanov. And also the nominees of January 2020 - Minister of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov, digital technician and communications operator Maksud Shadayev, and Valery Falkov, responsible for science and education.

Anatoly Chubais's top management at Rusnano is, admittedly, much more modest. Basically, there are very old associates, like Yakov Urinson and Ilya Yuzhanov. However, in the board of Rusnano there is also the "obligatory" ex-Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich.

Personnel somersault Mutko

The next personnel somersault (albeit not the most global one) is waiting for another person involved from development institutions. Moreover, Anatoly Chubais is also close enough in his career and spirit. This is Vitaly Mutko, who has managed over the years at the top to steer almost everything that is possible and impossible. Since January 2020, he was at the helm (as CEO) of Dom.RF structure.

Dom.RF is not a foundation and no longer an agency. But the direct heir (more precisely, simply renamed in a fashionable AHML) of the agency of housing mortgage lending. Another development institution. Another office with an unmeasured budget. Deliberately poorly controlled.

It is difficult to count how many checks and “promising” criminal cases there were before Vitaly Leontyevich. But there will definitely not be more. It’s just not entirely clear to whom is it now necessary to bow (in which case) deprived mortgage holders?

Chubais's problematic associates

An interesting and also slightly forgotten character saddled a fund with a very complex name and functions several years ago, which was converted into an SME corporation. This is Alexander Braverman (pictured), who once ruled the loans-for-shares auctions. Although he was in the post of Deputy Minister of State Property (Anatoly Chubais) only in 1997.

Another Chubais associate in Rusnano is not so famous - Andrey Svinarenko, who was his deputy there for several years. He replaced the authoritative scientist Ivan Bortnik as head of the Fund for Assistance to Small Business Development in the Innovation Sphere, after whose name the fund was named.

This fund has successfully invested in hundreds of new ventures. However, as evidenced by the audit results of the Accounts Chamber, they mainly produced high-tech products of the premium segment. That is, not intended for the general public. But about the problems of the Bortnik Foundation - a little below.

De-dollarization at the expense of the people

When the very idea of ​​creating development institutions was born, they were designed to provide not only and not so much the notorious breakthrough of the domestic industry to technologies 2.0 (now turned into G5). It was believed that this is how one could help Russia get off the oil needle, support the course of de-dollarization and import substitution.

Then Rusnano, Skolkovo, SMEs and all sorts of different export and venture centers promoted no worse than national projects. However, the effectiveness of all these private, in fact, shops, hidden under a reliable government wing and with government money, remained highly questionable for many years.

This was noted more than once not only in the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation or in the Duma and the Federation Council, but also during an independent audit conducted by reputable foreign companies. Hence the conclusion - the budget pays for everything, that is, you and I are taxpayers.

Flash mob about chickens don't bite

In development institutions, though not always, they answered criticism. And the same Anatoly Chubais generally launched something like a flash mob a few years ago with public admissions of the colossal losses of his corporation, which was converted into a joint-stock company, and then into a joint-stock company. True, he did not make a reservation at the right time that they almost peck money in Rusnano.

I had to withdraw the most profitable part of my advanced structure into a separate Management Company - Management Company Rusnano. Where more than half of the hard-earned work goes to quite official salaries and remuneration of effective managers. Truly, anxious care of personnel.

Investing in bankrupts?

Most likely, the then chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, Sergei Stepashin, almost threw in Chubais's face for a reason that his "office was investing in bankrupts."

Much less problematic for the federal budget over the years of its existence has been noted by the Bortnik Foundation, which, according to experts from the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation:

"Is a highly ineffective institution with public funding."

We answered above that the fund has successfully increased capital and invested a lot. But according to the plan in 2015, they were supposed to create 500 small innovative enterprises. And only 194 were created. At the same time, the Fund lost its positions in the order and volume of receiving budget funds.

The RF JV auditors noted five years ago that:

"The priority of the directions of the Fund's use of budgetary funds received from the anti-crisis fund is not defined by any legal act."

So far, no open information has been received that much (or at least something) has changed for the better since then. But, at least, the budget of the organization has been constantly growing until the pandemic 2020. And the fund does not hide its reporting (in general, quite good).

The same, by the way, as well as all currently "liquidated" structures. And they all go through an independent audit. Nevertheless, it was the reporting problems, by all indications, that became one of the main reasons for the operation itself to eliminate them.

The current prime minister, who for many years held the post of the country's chief tax officer, managed to accustom not only his subordinates, but also his accountable to extremely tough financial discipline. Well, it remains to wish him success in his new endeavor.

Renovation conductor and beneficiary

In conclusion, quite a bit about VEB.RF - the real beneficiary of the “great reform”, the beneficiary of the “liquidation” operation. This benefit is difficult to calculate, but it will definitely be. Unless, of course, the successfully “liquidated”, having moved to new seats, do not continue in the same spirit as before, and under the leadership of the head of VEB.RF Igor Shuvalov.

Revenge of bureaucrats is the norm in Russia after all the great reforms. It is almost impossible to prevent it. But if we stimulate it correctly, then even our officials can be made to work profitably.

And the transition of everything and everyone that is associated with development under the general wing of VEB.RF (that is, in fact, under the state) is generally an objective process. For more than thirty years of economic freedom in Russia, she herself proved to us that she does not exist. And it seems that it cannot be by definition.

In economically free America, by the way, the lion's share of real investments in real development (that is, in R&D) is public. (For the forgetful, recall that R&D is research and development).

So, VEB.RF began to rake in development institutions for itself not yesterday. And much earlier than Mikhail Mishustin moved to the prime minister's chair. For example, Alexander Braverman's SME has been under his control since 2018. AHML, that is, Dom.RF Vitaly Mutko - too. Not to mention other little things.

The same Ivan Bortnik, while still the chairman of the supervisory board of the foundation of his own name, was almost the first to ask under the wing of VEB, but for some reason he was refused. According to interested parties, the then head of Vnesheconombank, Vladimir Dmitriev, almost personally.

Long money intrigues

Perhaps the most important issue in this kind of "structural revolution" will be the financial issue. The subscribed capital of VEB.RF, which was legalized by Prime Minister Medvedev, allows the state corporation to receive up to 300 billion rubles to finance new projects. This is significantly less than the amount that could have formed for all development institutions being liquidated now.

But the government, long before the current "liquidation", provided VEB with 600 billion rubles as a package of property contributions to pay off the external debt. And in April 2019, the head of VEB knocked out another source of long-term money for the corporation.

Now the bank, which has grown to the envy of Sberger and the state monopolies, can attract budget deposits for a period of five years, rather than a year. However, one should not forget that at that time the prospect of an almost complete suppression of inflation looked quite real. Not like the second wave of coronavirus.

It is clear that the financial strength of VEB.RF together with the weight of its head (former Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov) promises a lot. And above all, freedom of maneuver by enormous means. But, as you know, to promise is not to marry.

And large funds already now imply big intrigues in their distribution.
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  1. Alien From
    Alien From 26 November 2020 12: 04
    Optimization is good for the whole world, for us ....... as they say, think for yourself ...
    1. Civil
      Civil 26 November 2020 12: 10
      Teamwork, learn to breed suckers. Well done. The 90s were not in vain.
    2. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 26 November 2020 12: 20
      agencies: for the development of human capital in the Far East and the Arctic
      Well, how cunning officials are for their usefulness! fellow
      1. YOUR
        YOUR 26 November 2020 13: 20
        And in each agency there are huge offices with hundreds of necessary people and kids in warm and deep armchairs, with secretaries, with thousands of office workers, and huge budgets.
        A clear example. They have forgotten and practically do not talk about the "Far Eastern hectare", if you figure out what a hectare is - this is a plot of land 100 by 100 meters. For a personal backyard, in general, it is too much, for housekeeping, nothing. But people would like to get this too, but as it turned out, all the more or less normal areas were dismantled, guess who. The rest are swamps, inconveniences and pieces of taiga.
        1. Snail N9
          Snail N9 26 November 2020 13: 32
          "Far Eastern hectare" ... There is already a "tundra hectare" lobbied on the sly. Well, of course, not for housing, there is a walrus-mammoth bone to dig, what else to find ...
    3. Svarog
      Svarog 26 November 2020 13: 16
      Quote: Alien From
      Optimization is good for the whole world, for us ....... as they say, think for yourself ...

      Optimization for us is degradation. Everything that was optimized all degraded.
      1. depressant
        depressant 26 November 2020 15: 22
        First of all, what is VEB.RF?
        And this is nothing more than the same Vnesheconombank, which is now called the state development corporation of Russia VEB.RF.
        At one time, the bank was noted for financing the Olympics in Sochi. A huge infrastructure was needed, which in turn required huge financial investments. Such injections were carried out, among other things, by private investors - Potanin, Deripaska and, if memory serves, Vekselberg.
        However, these "patriots", apparently having thought through the scammer's scheme in advance, did not intend to invest their personal money. Taking preferential loans from VEB for hundreds of billions of rubles, with this money they "benefited" the construction of Olympic facilities.
        And when, after the Olympics, it turned out that what was built does not give the desired return, the money does not fight back, the oligarchs simply refused to pay VEB on loans. Nobody knows how much credit funds the mentioned oligarchs actually spent on construction, and how much they pocketed, simply stole. However, in order to save face, Putin hushed up the scandal. Some loans were restructured almost to a zero rate, others were forgiven, and the offended VEB itself was blessed by the fact that since then almost every year bad debts worth 150 billion rubles have been taken from it. Simply, this money is paid to him from the state budget. And this is called additional capitalization.
        Well! Maybe the Sochi Olympics were worth such sacrifices ...
        But at the same time it turned out that VEB is a very docile organization, willing to participate in obviously failed state projects - those about which any more or less knowledgeable person will confidently declare: "Investments will not be recouped. Never and under no circumstances." And now there is an involuntary fear that under the aegis of VEB.RF, as a generator of projects, the money of unscrupulous oligarchs will simply be laundered and state funds will be stolen. But now it is already so that for broad strata of the population it will be a secret behind seven seals. And if something leaks out - well, it's VEB.RF to blame, its own project, and the state supposedly has nothing to do with it.
    4. nnm
      nnm 26 November 2020 20: 29
      The whole point in one phrase - "Ends in the water!"
      1. businessv
        businessv 28 January 2021 21: 29
        Quote: nnm
        The whole point in one phrase - "Ends in the water!"

        good Not in the water! At VEB.RF! wink
  2. Snail N9
    Snail N9 26 November 2020 12: 05
    This is all true, not even "flowers", but the "berries" themselves are hidden in the main "nest" in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. But it’s something, no one is going to reform .... Well, and most importantly, any "reform" or "optimization-modernization" is carried out under "something", under specific plans and specific "policies." And under which, of the above, is this "reforming" performed? So far, only one "plan" has been announced, only one - "saving money". Everything else (such as "diversification" of exports and imports, the development of high-tech industries, the growth of the welfare of citizens, etc.) remains outside the brackets and is only slogans because it has no economic, financial, political, or implementation mechanisms, so - empty declaration ...
    1. Aerodrome
      Aerodrome 26 November 2020 12: 14
      everything that is being done is clearly not for the people.
      1. NDR-791
        NDR-791 26 November 2020 12: 30
        everything that is being done is clearly not for the people.
        Yes Well you say that ??? It is impossible so about the color of the nation !!!
        ... I smear a sandwich in the morning
        immediately thought - how about the people? (c)
      2. Svarog
        Svarog 26 November 2020 13: 18
        Quote: Aerodrome
        everything that is being done is clearly not for the people.

        For the people in a capitalist state, by definition, nothing will be done .. Everything for capital and its holders, what would be even more, even more ..
        1. Alien From
          Alien From 26 November 2020 21: 17
          Remember "Dunno on the Moon" by Nikolai Nosov)
          1. Per se.
            Per se. 27 November 2020 12: 45
            Quote: Alien From
            Remember "Dunno on the Moon"
            Here, indeed, it is simpler and clearer than that of Nosov, one cannot say about capitalism.

            1. Alien From
              Alien From 27 November 2020 14: 16
              I even remember this sketch from the book, thanks, amused hi
      3. Elturisto
        Elturisto 26 November 2020 13: 47
        Well, why, not for all peoples, but only for some. then
    2. Crowe
      Crowe 26 November 2020 12: 15
      Why ... Another rebranding was carried out ...
      The new logo of the organization is a blue-yellow-green unfinished circle with one green check mark inside and the word “Sberbank”. The bank applied for it in May 2019. The rebranding cost is estimated at 2,5 bn. Rub.)))
      Before that, the unnecessary word Russia was removed ...
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. dorz
        dorz 26 November 2020 13: 24
        The rebranding cost is estimated at 2,5 billion rubles. sad

        Only in "Rusnano" for all the time it was poured $ 16 billion. "There is no money for you, but you are holding on."
        1. Svarog
          Svarog 26 November 2020 13: 34
          Quote: dorz
          The rebranding cost is estimated at 2,5 billion rubles. sad

          Only in "Rusnano" for all the time it was poured $ 16 billion. "There is no money for you, but you are holding on."

          And no one was punished .. all normul .. hundreds of lards disappeared .. but that's okay, let's take it from the population ..
          1. aybolyt678
            aybolyt678 26 November 2020 15: 04
            Quote: Svarog
            And no one was punished .. all normul .. hundreds of lards disappeared ..

            not so sad ... I remember then explaining the cost of changing the traffic police with the traffic police .. it's how many signs need to be redone, cars repainted !!! and here 2,5 lard is divided by the number of offices in the country, everywhere there is a sign ... it's worth it
    3. Svarog
      Svarog 26 November 2020 13: 17
      is only slogans because it does not have an economic, financial, or political base, or mechanisms for implementation, so empty declaration ...

      This has already been done for 30 years.
      1. Pilot
        Pilot 26 November 2020 14: 22
        These staple bugs just don't work. They scrape with greedy paws, pull the feeders from each other. The viper in fact, but on all irons, Putin struck a blow at the elites, Mishustin deprived Medvedev of the black box office, Chubais was asked to leave ..and other breakthroughs.
        1. depressant
          depressant 26 November 2020 16: 01
          Reply to colleague dorz.
          I have repeatedly met in the press that in fact, 400 billion budget rubles were poured into Rusnano. At the same time, Chubais pursued a vile policy towards his country. Having invested a small amount of state money in a promising enterprise, he immediately sought its corporatization, and most of the shares were sold to foreigners. For example, the Novosibirsk carbon nanotube manufacturer OCSiAl, having received small funds from Rusnano, brought to production capacity the second unit for the synthesis of graphene nanotubes - Graphetron 50. The company's capitalization has already reached 1,3 billion rubles, and Chubais began to negotiate the terms of its full sale to the Dutch ... Our scientists were given the State Prize for the technology, and Chubais is selling the achievement.
          It is unlikely that such transactions will be made by VEB.RF. However, our ruling stratum does not at all need successful entrepreneurs capable of competing with it in the economy, and then, you see, in politics. Most likely, through VEB, successful enterprises, waking up within the framework of its projects, will be squeezed out in favor of the sons and daughters of the elite. For this, it seems, VEB.RF is being created. The development of the economy is under his complete and absolute control with the subsequent squeezing out of what has developed.
          And what other thoughts can arise when seeing Shuvalov?
    4. V
      V 1 December 2020 10: 14
      Quote: Snail N9
      "berries" are hidden in the main "nest" in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. But it’s something, no one is going to reform

      The Central Bank of the Russian Federation can reform only the structure to which it reports directly. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is not subject to the government bodies of the Russian Federation, but is subject to the US Federal Reserve.
  3. sav
    sav 26 November 2020 12: 14
    Apparently, they really decided to push the majority of those who stuck away from the budget. If it ends again with rearranging the seats, then there is no point in starting. We need criminal terms and confiscations.
    1. NDR-791
      NDR-791 26 November 2020 12: 27
      Apparently, they really decided to push the majority of those who stuck away from the budget.
      Do you really believe that? They just made the "forest" thicker, which means the partisans will be thicker. The ball gets tangled more and more. Now the next step will be to shake up the accounting chamber, because the one that is in such a swamp will not find ends
      1. sav
        sav 26 November 2020 12: 59
        Quote: NDR-791
        Do you really believe that?

        I hope so, like most Russians hi
        1. NDR-791
          NDR-791 26 November 2020 13: 01
          I am delighted with your optimism. And I'm the old-fashioned way - hope for the best, prepare for the worst
        2. Svarog
          Svarog 26 November 2020 13: 19
          Quote: sav
          Quote: NDR-791
          Do you really believe that?

          I hope so, like most Russians hi

          We hope for 20 years already .. "leave your hopes, everyone who enters here"
    2. Deniska999
      Deniska999 26 November 2020 12: 34
      Just redistribution of feeders on the eve of the transit of power.
    3. Daniil Konovalenko
      Daniil Konovalenko 26 November 2020 12: 46
      Apparently, they really decided to push the majority of those who stuck away from the budget.
      ... No, it's tighter to move to the budget, like a trough, so that when you eat, less of your mouth falls to the ground .. They decided to create a society of clean plates, someone will be expelled .. And not because I ate enough, did not meet expectations .. smile
    4. Nazar
      Nazar 27 November 2020 03: 57
      sav (Alex) - Not "PUSH" from the budget of those who stuck, but to REPLACE them with other ghouls, that's all, don't you know Shuvalov?
  4. 7,62h54
    7,62h54 26 November 2020 12: 17
    One thief takes out a wallet from the pocket of the rotozee, and immediately passes it to his accomplice. After a few passes, the person's wallet will be beyond suspicion. And the victim cannot make any claims directly to the thief, he has nothing stolen.
    According to this scheme, organized crime groups still work.
  5. Pessimist22
    Pessimist22 26 November 2020 12: 17
    These are "theirs" who are not abandoned, all these specialists for many years of reforms with the Russian economy could not do anything except to depreciate the ruble, but they all got rich, not they, so their wives, in short, take care of the people, do not sleep at night, themselves do not regret.
  6. Daniil Konovalenko
    Daniil Konovalenko 26 November 2020 12: 19
    What can be said about the transformations: "after such a rain, expect a plentiful calving" (c). About all kinds of funds mentioned in the article: "there are four women with low social responsibility in the house, but we live like beggars" (c) ..
  7. antivirus
    antivirus 26 November 2020 12: 20
    everything was done on time and correctly - the efficiency of market funds (and game exchanges) became clear in the mid-00s, these were created, and now they are being reformed.
    THERE WAS NO BREAKTHROUGH IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR - IT WAS NECESSARY TO GIVE THE STATE MONEY not just to my people, but to civil servants (accountable to the Ministry of Finance, they gave). identified low efficiency, found options for changes.
    in private hands - ha ha will give.
    Political decision-our own and in a short circle (and put the RAS under control) we will give money.
    And whoever will invent something with personal money - his problems and joys. Even if you can sell the patent abroad (if you can).
    The reasons for the sanctions and so on barking - our money was spinning separately from Wall Street and other "masters of the world"
  8. sav
    sav 26 November 2020 12: 25
    if properly stimulated, even our officials can be made to work profitably

    Here it is necessary to lift the moratorium on the death penalty.
    1. Ilya22558
      Ilya22558 3 December 2020 09: 24
      And to introduce the confiscation of property, not only of the convicted person, but also of family members.
  9. paul3390
    paul3390 26 November 2020 12: 31
    Without the elimination of optimizers, this is all the struggle of the Nanai boys .. Only mass executions will save the Motherland. Alas - but this is so, everything is too neglected ..
    1. Daniil Konovalenko
      Daniil Konovalenko 26 November 2020 12: 47
      No, shootings will not help, but during executions the system must be changed ... but they will not touch it ..
    2. Antifreeze
      Antifreeze 26 November 2020 18: 37
      Quote: paul3390
      Without the elimination of optimizers, it's all a fight of the Nanai boys

      The expropriation of the exploiters is needed am
  10. tatra
    tatra 26 November 2020 12: 32
    Anti-Soviet Russia is a huge number of highly paid, rich and richest parasites on the neck of the Russian people. Here are all these parasites and "and now it is better than in the USSR."
  11. Yaroslavl
    Yaroslavl 26 November 2020 12: 49
    that's very interesting ... are there people here who really trust these aforementioned gentlemen and their reforms and optimizations?
    1. Crowe
      Crowe 26 November 2020 12: 58
      Full of.
      I divide them into three categories.
      Mom and dad were fed, watered, they gave pocket money. Life is beautiful and amazing, why are many in VO unhappy? It's not clear.
      With this you are at least in the eye - there they have God's dew. I envy, it is easy for them to live in the world.
      These are the ones at the trough. Drivers, watchmen, nannies, servants in one word. It is they who flaunt the phrases here "stop whining, go to work. Macaros. Look how many cars are in the yards."
      1. Snail N9
        Snail N9 26 November 2020 13: 20
        We also forgot the categories: military pensioners, various security officials, warriors and others in government agencies and state structures, that is, those who are "in service" ... and also those so-called "entrepreneurs" who feed on government contracts ...
        1. bk316
          bk316 26 November 2020 13: 57
          Forgot more categories:

          And here you wrote the truth as an exception.
          And these forgotten categories of 40 million people.
        2. Yaroslavl
          Yaroslavl 27 November 2020 09: 04
          As for the security forces and the military, it is true that here it usually caused rejection and screeching ... but I see times are changing, even it becomes clear to them that people in the country were divided into grades ...
      2. bk316
        bk316 26 November 2020 13: 58
        I envy, it's easy for them to live in the world

        Do not envy envy, the feeling is harmful - it hurts the envy. laughing
      3. Ingvar 72
        Ingvar 72 26 November 2020 17: 26
        Quote: Crowe
        I divide them into three categories.

        Forgot the main category - salary trolls. Personally, I counted more than a dozen during my time here.
      4. Yaroslavl
        Yaroslavl 27 November 2020 09: 02
    2. Varyag71
      Varyag71 26 November 2020 13: 50
      They are like cockroaches here. Wait, they're from the night shift. Knocking on the keyboard and on people is not a joke. Sleep off and come back.
  12. Ros 56
    Ros 56 26 November 2020 12: 58
    Frankly speaking, I did not even read, let alone delve into it, all this is so camouflaged, all the information is incomprehensible and from nowhere. We can only hope for the best. And there as God willing. And theft will still happen, don't even go to the grandmother.
  13. Van 16
    Van 16 26 November 2020 13: 12
    On the one hand, it seems to be good that some of the feeding troughs seem to be going to cover, but on the other hand, no movement of beds is absolutely credible. If it decreases somewhere, then it will arrive somewhere, and as a result, there will only be more warm places.
    1. bk316
      bk316 26 November 2020 13: 55
      If it decreases somewhere, it means that it will arrive somewhere, and as a result, there will only be more warm places.

      You shouted down with Chubais. Here, not only are the Chubais removed, but the sinecures themselves are covered.
      You really decide whether to clean or not. laughing
  14. Gardamir
    Gardamir 26 November 2020 13: 37
    Well, it was the same in Moscow, when Luzhkov left, Sobyanin did not immediately begin to vacate the places. Now in the country places for Mishustinsky began to be vacated. Many heads will fly.
    1. bk316
      bk316 26 November 2020 13: 53
      Many heads will fly.

      That you spoke softly. Not many, VERY many.
  15. Elturisto
    Elturisto 26 November 2020 13: 45
    Good article.
  16. 72jora72
    72jora72 26 November 2020 13: 56
    On the other hand, it is almost unknown that a series of reorganizations in Rusnano, according to Russian parliamentarians, simply resulted in an “illegal transfer of budget funds to a private structure”.
    By the way, no one draws attention to the fact that Rosenergoatom Concern JSC, in principle, like the entire Rosatom, are essentially private companies .......
  17. rocket757
    rocket757 26 November 2020 14: 04
    I would like to think that there will be interesting things to see ... but common sense and previous experience suggests that this performance is for the needs of the average person, and so, in principle, nothing will change.
    No, I won't look, dummy ...
  18. iouris
    iouris 26 November 2020 14: 14
    The main question is: who will soon replace the comprador "elite"?
    1. Svarog
      Svarog 26 November 2020 14: 30
      Quote: iouris
      The main question is: who will soon replace the comprador "elite"?

      Another is coming to replace, the children have grown ..
    2. Sergey Matveev
      Sergey Matveev 27 November 2020 01: 41
      Quote: iouris
      who will soon replace the comprador "elite"?

      Whoever changed the previous one will replace the current one wink
  19. BAI
    BAI 26 November 2020 15: 48
    Any optimization leads to an increase in the number of officials.
    1. Sergey Matveev
      Sergey Matveev 27 November 2020 01: 43
      Quote: BAI
      Any optimization leads to an increase in the number of officials.

      And the reduction of social support for the population, as well as the increase in taxes and the complication of doing business.
  20. arhitroll
    arhitroll 26 November 2020 16: 04
    The elite would like to add that at least 300 million Russians and sidoras will find a place and a bigger feeder
  21. depressant
    depressant 26 November 2020 16: 27
    Here are the Authors talking about Skolkovo:

    "And high-ranking members of the Cabinet of Ministers are sitting - Andrey Belousov and Anton Siluanov. And also the nominees of January 2020 - Minister of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov, digital operator and communications operator Maksud Shadayev, and Valery Falkov, responsible for science and education."

    This refers to the Board of Directors of the Skolkovo Foundation.
    Andrey Removich Belousov is a sent Cossack. He looked at this case from the inside, and decided that it was time to finish with that case. It is Belousov who is the gravedigger of all these funds, agencies, departments and divisions in them.
    After all, what happens? Let's build roads, bridges, piers, etc. Let's! - Foundations, agencies, departments and divisions in them respond with enthusiasm. And endless meetings, reports, inter-fund conferences for the exchange of experience, business trips, tickets, hotels, excursions, introductory exhibitions with models, etc. begin. And there, you see, most of the money allocated for the project is wasted. And the views of this pack turn to the state: "There is not enough money! Give more!"
    But no matter how it turned out that the good intentions of the statesman Belousov would not clash with the grabbing of the political and economic elite, which owns the VEB.RF organization.
    1. Pilot
      Pilot 26 November 2020 17: 25
      And who sent this, Cossack statesman, really Himself? smile There can be no strangers there, let alone single fighters against this thieves' system, even more so. hi
      1. depressant
        depressant 26 November 2020 18: 21
        Colleague Lotsman, you see, our economy is really so bad (for the last six years it has been steadily falling to "negative growth") that He Himself has to optimize what we have, there is no other way. Yes, to rearrange the beds, but to force the "girls" to somehow work, and to drive the elderly. Our undercapitalism is trying to survive without changing its essence.
        And the essence is this: to prevent small and medium-sized businesses from rising as entities independent of the elite - competitors! This means that small and medium-sized businesses need to be huddled up and forced to work within the framework of VEB.RF under the guise of government projects with the subsequent appropriation by the ruling circles of the accumulated intellectual property and enterprises created by them. For a short period of time, this can work out, because there will be funding for those who believe and are ready to work in such a system, and then the number of believers will be reduced to zero. Small and medium businesses should be free and protected by government protectionism. Otherwise, soon we will be importing nails from China. Our "elites" followed a trend: if all over the world the small and medium-sized ones are shrinking, then this should be the case with us. And now we understood - not to survive!
        So, VEB.RF is either a way to rob the latter, or harness and force small, medium-sized ones to work for itself, and from large ones - which ones they agree.
        1. Pilot
          Pilot 26 November 2020 18: 54
          Quote: depressant
          So, VEB.RF is either a way to rob the latter, or harness and force small, medium-sized ones to work for itself, and from large ones - which ones they agree.
          Mm, I understand .. I suppose that you from .. (choose options) drew yourself a hopeful tale with the statist Belousov, who is probably still attractive to you as a man, then some moments are already being adjusted to match what you want, or, speaking in popular language here, you are stretching the Owl on the globe. Well, if it is easier for you, then of course to your health, but when the rose-colored glasses are broken by the cruel reality .... No matter how these rose-colored glasses do you a disservice. I would be glad if I am mistaken. hi
          ps Thanks for the detailed answer.
          1. depressant
            depressant 26 November 2020 20: 52
            Pilot ...)))
            If you read all my comments on other topics, you would understand that my glasses are not pink, but black. And even blacker than all the commentators put together. Well, for example, at least on the next topic "On military propaganda - bad and good", on the previous ones - even sharper and more detailed. I am not limited to momentary emotions, although, what can I hide, it happens - I have my own hard account in power in the form of the ruined lives of my relatives. But screaming will not help matters. I'm just analyzing. Drawing historical parallels, I try to understand how these spiders in the bank are going to get out of it.
            As for Belousov, your guess is past.
            And further. I am a staunch Stalinist, a supporter of the two-circuit financial system introduced by Joseph Vissarionovich in 1930.
  22. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 26 November 2020 18: 09
    There is less and less food in the trough, and there are more and more people who have access to it and want to eat satisfyingly. Children and granddaughters are growing up.
    1. Snail N9
      Snail N9 26 November 2020 18: 20
      Yes, it is necessary to move the "oldies", they have to eat already, the new "growth" is torn to the trough, wants to shamat ... hungry ...
  23. Stavorg
    Stavorg 26 November 2020 20: 08
    Well, Mishustin, this is not "Pokemon Dimon" .. He has experience, not a chatterbox like, oh, the "bureaucratic liberal" brothers will howl! I hope this is the first bell, before the "big cleanup" .. Come on Mishustin put nits on the body of Russia, especially these
    heads of notorious development institutions ...
    1. Sergey Matveev
      Sergey Matveev 27 November 2020 01: 40
      Quote: Stavorg
      Well Mishustin, this is not "Pokemon Dimon"

      That's right. He will tighten the screws for the owners. So let's shout that "Mama Do not Cry" ...
  24. 123456789
    123456789 26 November 2020 23: 18
    Chubais's criminal case

    The idea behind the lawsuit is that if you get two liars to expose each other, the truth will come out.
    Bernard Show
    1. 123456789
      123456789 26 November 2020 23: 25
      PS. In a brothel, beds are rearranged again
  25. nikvic46
    nikvic46 27 November 2020 08: 41
    The market will settle everything. We have been hearing this for 30 years. And now the reliance on artificial intelligence. Only here the big question is, with what intentions to approach AI. During the optimization, 100 schools in rural areas were destroyed. Few people know the numbers of closed medical institutions. We are often painted with scary pictures about overseas bio. It is all the more incomprehensible when we train neither those doctors, nor in that number. Now they are preparing for a new wave of privatizations. Are privatizators checked for dual citizenship? Or the main investment.