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IL-76. Half a century in the sky


The plane, which is the main transport operator of the Russian Armed Forces. The plane, without which the transportation of military personnel and military equipment over long distances, would be simply impossible. The aircraft, which took part in various military conflicts, peacekeeping missions, rescue operations, set records.

Of course, we are talking about the military transport aircraft Il-76.

In March 2021, it will be exactly half a century since the first Il-76 took off. And in 2020, 45 years have passed since the start of its operation. Half a century in the sky is an impressive indicator.

In total, more than 900 of these machines were produced, production has not been stopped to this day. This is another proof of the fact how successful the design of the machine is in itself and how much potential was originally laid in the project.

Modern modifications of the Il-76, of course, are seriously different from the military transport aircraft created in the 1970s and 80s. These are deeply modernized military transport aircraft, which received new on-board electronic equipment, flight control systems and much more.

On the channel "Zvezda" in the issue of "Military Acceptance" tells about the Il-76 aircraft, how they are created and used.

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  1. Alexander Kopychev
    Alexander Kopychev 15 November 2020 14: 49
    I don't watch Zvezda channel because it has no analogues. laughing And the best record of the 76th I consider the "Afghan" approach ...
    1. Lexus
      Lexus 15 November 2020 16: 21
      For lack of something new, they always "shake the old." That there is no reason to be proud.
      1. Alexander Kopychev
        Alexander Kopychev 15 November 2020 16: 33
        hi With all my bitterness I have to agree with you. The situation with the light Il-112 or another figure, I don't remember exactly, is indicative!
    2. Bad_gr
      Bad_gr 15 November 2020 19: 29
      Quote: Alexander Kopychev
      And the best record of the 76th I consider the "Afghan" approach ...

      In Afghanistan, I saw them only in Kabul, where they flew from the union. And then they flew back. They did not fly in Afghanistan (at least from 1983 to 1985 I did not see them even once).
      But An-26, An-12, An-32 flew constantly. By the way, on the An-26, during the landing approach, sitting at one wall of the aircraft's cabin, through the window located on the other side, I saw the plowed-up land plots (Afghani gardens) of the aerodrome zone. I do not know at what angle he was descending, but if he had not held on to the seat, he would have fallen on the wall, and would have rolled to the one behind which the cabin.
  2. SaLaR
    SaLaR 15 November 2020 14: 55
    Wings of the Winged Guard
  3. Bez 310
    Bez 310 15 November 2020 15: 17
    I've seen many navigational cabins
    but I always envied the IL-76 navigators.
  4. Ros 56
    Ros 56 15 November 2020 15: 34
    Well, half a century, this is for a catchphrase, the IL-76 was constantly modernized and many characteristics have changed dramatically, such as carrying capacity, engine characteristics, electronic filling, etc. But An-2 is definitely a long-liver, about 70 years in service.
  5. seacap
    seacap 15 November 2020 16: 58
    Well, the legend, well, 50 years, and what new have been created by "effective managers" that they have crushed to the delight of overseas competitors in an insane desire to please them, we know, and what have they created in return? The famous and legendary design bureaus with their engineering school were destroyed, they were not returned, which means that the Antonov design bureau was lost forever, etc., etc. What results can be expected if such specific and incredibly demanding personnel talent and creativity in the spheres, journalists have been appointed to replace Korolevs, stool stools replacing Mil and Kamov, etc., when the accountant reformed, or rather smashes medicine, etc. We still cannot replace the "maize", even one that is already ready by Soviet engineers, we can’t start the car in any way, the production of planes and helicopters is one-piece per year with a need for hundreds of cars. And in connection with such a personnel policy, which looks more like sabotage, the prospects for aviation and astronautics are very sad.
    1. Alexander Kopychev
      Alexander Kopychev 15 November 2020 17: 23
      When is the Rogozin's on the count? I will not live ... am
      1. Varyag71
        Varyag71 17 November 2020 10: 36
        Is this the only problem ???
    2. Bad_gr
      Bad_gr 15 November 2020 19: 37
      Quote: seacap
      We still cannot replace the "maize", even one that is already ready by Soviet engineers, we just cannot start the car,

      The An-2 was replaced under Antonov: this is the An-28. That is why it (or its analogue) does not fly with us - it is not clear. It is also a mystery why they are trying to reincarnate An-2, and not him, for me.
      1. KCA
        KCA 16 November 2020 07: 47
        Because two engines
        1. iouris
          iouris 16 November 2020 16: 03
          Because engines can't do it. Because the aircraft market was presented to Abas, because ...
  6. iouris
    iouris 15 November 2020 17: 17
    Do American cars from the 1950s still drive in Cuba?