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"Completed task number one": a British ship is sent to reconnaissance against Russian "spy" ships


In Britain they continue to "ring the bells" in connection with the increased activity of the Russian fleet off its shores. The presence of pennants of the Russian Navy near the United Kingdom adds fuel to the fire.

Two Russian ships spy off the coast of Scotland
- writes the UK Defense Journal, indicating that we are talking about the reconnaissance pennants of Project 864 "Meridian", which received the NATO designation "Cherry".

As explained in the Royal Navy, to carry out "task number one" - to monitor the activities of the "spy" ships - was sent HMS Tyne River class:

The task assigned to [this] warship is of the highest priority - it is the protection of the territorial integrity of the United Kingdom [...] The crew of HMS Tyne remains ready for urgent missions, regardless of the weather and location.

Two representatives of the Meridian project are in service with the Baltic, Northern and Pacific fleets, one ship is registered with the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Reconnaissance is carried out at the expense of radio systems installed on board.

This time, the two ships were discovered 23 miles from the Lossiemouth airbase, located in Scotland, where the British press had previously noticed the Severomorsk BOD. British anti-submarine aircraft Poseidon MRA1 and four squadrons of Typhoon FGR4 fighters are stationed here.
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  1. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 11 November 2020 01: 05
    We will spy on their spies when they spy on our spies!
    And what's the point of these cats - mice?
    1. Kote Pan Kokhanka
      Kote Pan Kokhanka 11 November 2020 02: 14
      HOW Leader! Imitation of the activities of ours and theirs. Maintaining the excitement, prestige and God forbid they will give you a penny. For us, combat exits are definitely a plus, since practice at sea is practice at sea. As partners, we can play and gain experience only sporadically during exercises. Right there they strain us, in response we - we strain.
      So we are waiting for the new "Baltic Squadron", or rather its parade on the Thames in front of the Queen of All Britain!
      1. seregatara1969
        seregatara1969 11 November 2020 07: 42
        This is how the Brits watch the integrity of their territories, suddenly at night the arrogant Russian shpiens will squeeze out a piece
        1. Mar.Tirah
          Mar.Tirah 11 November 2020 12: 59
          Quote: seregatara1969
          This is how the Britons watch the integrity of their territories,

          So let them "watch" at their borders, than they will hang out at ours in the Black Sea.
        2. TermNachTer
          TermNachTer 11 November 2020 13: 19
          And what can this lushpayka do to Severomorsk? From 20 - mm. cannon and two machine guns))))
    2. Evil543
      Evil543 11 November 2020 07: 57
      And what can they rub with us, but we can't?
    3. Fantazer911
      Fantazer911 11 November 2020 12: 13
      We, Russia, have shown that near our bases and shores there is nothing to do from the word at all, should we wag our nerves? So let them hawala too, otherwise the devils got loose, they can but ours can't? hi
  2. sergo1914
    sergo1914 11 November 2020 04: 42
    The task assigned to [this] warship is of the highest priority - it is to protect the territorial integrity of the United Kingdom

    Well Scotland in the near future may not be the United Kingdom anymore. And then we'll see, the referendum again. Go defend Wales.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 11 November 2020 05: 10
    The task assigned to [this] warship is of the highest priority - it is protection of territorial integrity United Kingdom
    Loud, with pathos and confidence in his voice. But who is it that infringes on territorial integrity? Two Russian ships located in neutral waters and not violating any agreements? Or maybe the British ships violate the territorial integrity when they hang out with other NATO ships in the Black Sea off the coast of Crimea? If you ring the bells, try to follow at least basic rules.
  4. Thrifty
    Thrifty 11 November 2020 05: 21
    The Angles have no other problems, how to praise our warships in their media, deliberately intimidating themselves? fool Not in the roadstead opposite Buckingham Palace, pointing guns and missiles at it, our ships are standing !!! negative fool
  5. Crabong
    Crabong 11 November 2020 05: 29
    What is this kayak?
  6. Dynamic systems
    Dynamic systems 11 November 2020 06: 01
    The cat Matroskin would say this:
    - It is not right in Britain they continue to "ring the bells" ... First you have to put them on your heads, and then beat them! laughing crying soldier
  7. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 11 November 2020 09: 36
    To continue the topic. Our insolent entered the gulf of Morey Firth, take shelter from the storm and made refueling. Fortunately, the 12-mile zone allows. at the reception of fish from English sailors in Inverness. Even a photo against the background of these spherical domes is somewhere. And I suspect that the British do not consider them seagulls. There are many of them, both large and small, and in 20 years it probably became even more. bully