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US military police investigate the death of a recruit at the military base of Fort Jackson


In the United States, military police have launched an investigation into an incident at a North Carolina military base. This is about an incident in Fort Jackson.

Initially, it was reported that one of the soldiers was found with a gunshot wound, which eventually led to his death.

A spokeswoman for the military base, Leslie Ann Sully, confirmed that an 18-year-old soldier was killed at the military base, who just a few days ago was enlisted in the 3rd Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment.

Sally states that a young soldier who had previously arrived from California was injured at a shooting range. Already in the hospital where he was taken, he died. At the same time, the press service of the US military base does not provide any information about what exactly happened - whether the soldier himself fired the shot or another person shot him.

The name of the recruit was not disclosed either. Instead, it is a scanty statement that an investigation is underway and that the soldier's family will receive help from the military command.

Brigadier General Milford Beagle, Jr., Fort Jackson Base Commander:

We now want to console those people who have suffered this loss.
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  1. Thrifty
    Thrifty 8 November 2020 09: 05
    This once again confirms the truth that regulations in the army are written in blood. ...
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 8 November 2020 09: 58
      Well yes. Safety precautions were not invented by fools, there each item is spelled out for a reason!
      The other day a man died, at work .... there is such a list of violations at inspectors' hair, even missing, stood on end!
      So it was, it happens and will be! Unfortunately.
      1. times
        times 8 November 2020 10: 10
        Quote: rocket757
        Safety precautions were not invented by fools, there each item is spelled out for a reason

        Each violation has a name and title ...
      2. Lionnvrsk
        Lionnvrsk 8 November 2020 10: 56
        Quote: rocket757
        The other day, a man died, in production ... there is such a list of violations

        This is usually the case. Never one violation leads to an accident or an accident. According to the laws of statistics, this usually happens when at least 3 violations converge in one place. hi And yet (pah, pah. Pah) accidents often come in pairs in a short period.
        1. rocket757
          rocket757 8 November 2020 12: 12
          A confluence, not just circumstances, but negligence + indifference! As responsible, in the first place, and performers!
          The result, one immediately to the morgue, the other in intensive care!
          But it was necessary, only !!! Hang up a sign "Work here", this is for the "responsible", and the performers demand that such a sign be hung !!!
          This is how it happens!
      3. The comment was deleted.
    2. times
      times 8 November 2020 10: 09
      Quote: Thrifty
      army regulations are written in blood.

      Now this rookie too.
  2. Terenin
    Terenin 8 November 2020 09: 10
    Sally states that earlier a young soldier who arrived from California was wounded at a shooting range
    Word wound... Violation of safety rules. It happens.
  3. A. Privalov
    A. Privalov 8 November 2020 09: 36
    The right approach. To comfort the grieving family, then investigate the incident.

    Condolences to the family and friends ...
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 8 November 2020 09: 49
    a young soldier was wounded at a shooting range.
    It happens when safety measures are not followed and there is no proper instruction. At one time, he himself witnessed two such cases for 3 years and both cases solely due to haste and carelessness.
    1. sabakina
      sabakina 8 November 2020 10: 30
      Gena prYuvet! In the sixth grade (and I was 14) my father took me to the shooting range. They gave me an AKC, I lay down, the bolt was pulled and I began to shoot. I won't brag, but I hit all the targets. But this is not the main thing. After the end of the shooting, I did not give the machine gun to anyone in the hands, but put it with the barrel in the direction of the target. True, he did not disconnect the store and did not pull the shutter. But they didn't tell me about it before the shooting. That's where I got it from when I was 14?
      1. rotmistr60
        rotmistr60 8 November 2020 10: 51
        Probably the subconscious suggested it, because saw what others were doing. I started shooting when I was 13. First a small TOZ-8, a pistol "Margolina", from the age of 15 AKM, RPK. Well, in the general military school, shooting and tactics are the bread of motorized riflemen.
        1. sabakina
          sabakina 8 November 2020 10: 54
          Genya, the fact is that I was holding a submachine gun in my hands and firing combat weapons for the first time in my life.
  5. Turanov
    Turanov 8 November 2020 10: 25
    Here's the news ... Hundreds of such soldiers are dying in the world and write an article about each ...
    It's a pity of course the chela, but this is a Russian site and about the Russian Army!
    And then certain "tovaischi" will start shedding tears and sighing with grief hi