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What is the Turkish air defense system after the purchase of the S-400: current state


Turkey to S-400

Turkey's acquisition of the Russian S-400 air defense systems at one time caused not only the deterioration of Ankara's relations with the United States, but also a change in the country's air defense system itself.

Before Turkey acquired the S-400, its air defense system was aimed at integration into the overall air defense system of the countries - members of the North Atlantic Alliance. That is why the military leadership of NATO recommended the Turkish president to purchase those anti-aircraft missile systems that could be integrated into a single system of the alliance. But Recep Erdogan, showing excessive independence, ultimately opted for the S-400.

Together, but separately

At the same time, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said in October 2020 that the purchase of the S-400 does not mean Turkey's disengagement from the North Atlantic Alliance. Only Russian air defense systems will not be integrated into the overall NATO air defense system. Apparently, Turkey is going to use them separately, since it is technically quite possible. In mid-October 2020, the S-400s were first tested in large-scale exercises on the country's Black Sea coast.

But in addition to the S-400, Turkey's air defense systems are armed with other anti-aircraft missile systems, both Western and Turkish. At present, the Turkish air defense system is organized as follows: organizationally, it is part of the Turkish Air Force, and the command is carried out by the Air Force Commander through the Air Defense Directorate.

In Diyarbakir and Eskisehir, there are two air operations centers that coordinate the actions of the forces and means of Turkish air defense. Both centers are integrated into a single automated command and control system for NATO's air forces and air defense in Europe.

Turkish airspace is controlled by a network of ground-based stationary and mobile radars equipped with Turkish Kalkan radar, MPQ-64 Sentinel radar and TRS-22xx, DR-171/172 (MPDR-90). The basis of air defense weapons are long-range anti-aircraft missile systems, which provide cover for strategically important facilities of the armed forces, government and industry.

The Turkish army is armed with 3PK MIM-14 "Nike-Hercules", SAM "Hawk". In addition, the air defense system includes short-range air defense systems, including the Rapira air defense system and the Zypkyn air defense system. SAM "Attilgan" were spotted in Syrian Idlib: this complex, although inferior to the latest Russian and Western developments, but allows you to shoot down helicopters and aircraft that are in service with the armies of the neighboring states of Turkey, including the same Syria.

Medium-range air defense system Aselsan Hisar

Do not forget about the new Turkish-made Hisar air defense system, which includes medium-range HISAR-O and short-range Hisar-A anti-aircraft missile systems. They were developed as part of the "Turkish Low Altitude Air Defense Missile Systems" program in order to provide Turkey with medium and short-range anti-aircraft missile systems of its own production, capable of covering important strategic objects of the country, including ports and military bases, from air strikes.

SAM Hisar-A

Untied hands

The acquisition of the S-400 air defense system really allowed Turkey to fundamentally improve its air defense system. In fact, Ankara now has, firstly, the old air defense system integrated into the NATO air defense system, and secondly, separate, autonomously operating air defense systems in the form of the S-400, which are not integrated into the NATO system.

This differentiation of air defense means allows Turkey to show greater independence in various conflicts, which, apparently, the country is going to wage in the foreseeable future in the Middle East and North Africa, and, possibly, in Eastern Europe. The presence of components that are not related to NATO's general air defense system frees Ankara's hands even if the leadership of the North Atlantic Alliance is opposed to the country's participation in one or another conflict.
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  1. lucul
    lucul 6 November 2020 12: 06 New
    Turkey, lately, is generally competently approaching its weapons.
    1. times
      times 6 November 2020 12: 50 New
      Quote: lucul
      Turkey, lately, in general, is competently approaching its weapons

      Simultaneously to have two independent air defense systems ... Expensive, of course, but insured against "surprises" from arms suppliers.
      1. Koval Sergey
        Koval Sergey 6 November 2020 12: 55 New
        Quote: mal
        but it is insured against "surprises" from arms suppliers.

        Suppliers can collude behind the back. We need to build a third system lol
      2. paul3390
        paul3390 6 November 2020 13: 20 New
        This is not a matter of suppliers, but of NATO partners .. Apparently, the Sultan does not exclude the situation when it is necessary to work on NATO facilities ..
  2. OgnennyiKotik
    OgnennyiKotik 6 November 2020 12: 16 New
    From the interesting I will add the ZSU Korkut 35-mm

    They really lacked the S-400, and so all the air defense zones were blocked by their own developments.
    Close range of Korkut and Sungur, short range Hisar-A, medium range Hisar-O.
    In the development of the Hisar-U long-range, it seems that S-400 technology was needed for it.
    1. Vadim_888
      Vadim_888 6 November 2020 12: 51 New
      ... Hisar-A,

      Where was this complex tested for effectiveness? Can he shoot down his drones?
  3. Pavlos Melas
    Pavlos Melas 6 November 2020 12: 18 New
    the country is going to lead in the foreseeable future in the Middle East and North Africa, and, possibly, in Eastern Europe.
    But what can we say, the Turks are dreaming of reaching Vienna again. Ertogan wants to be the new Suleiman.
  4. Daniil Konovalenko
    Daniil Konovalenko 6 November 2020 12: 43 New
    Affectionate calf, sucking two queens.
  5. denis obuckov
    denis obuckov 6 November 2020 12: 50 New
    Don't be stupid. Remember the Desert Storm.
  6. Alien From
    Alien From 6 November 2020 13: 43 New
    It looks like the sultan has insured himself ...
    1. Vitaly gusin
      Vitaly gusin 6 November 2020 17: 50 New
      Quote: Alien From
      It looks like the sultan has insured himself ...

      And how, all NATO air defense does not work on the F-16, which he has to film in terrible dreams every night. And to sleep peacefully, some $ 2 billion, it's just roadside dust. I'm not a sultan for you, or what?
      1. Alien From
        Alien From 6 November 2020 17: 59 New
        You are not) Erdogan yes!
        1. Vitaly gusin
          Vitaly gusin 6 November 2020 18: 04 New
          Quote: Alien From
          You are not

          As you might think about me, neither I, nor my nationality claim this title.
  7. 7,62h54
    7,62h54 6 November 2020 13: 49 New
    Air defense will show itself only in combat conditions. Those. characteristics and quantity of equipment are not yet a guarantee of 100% efficiency.
  8. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 6 November 2020 14: 36 New
    The Turkish army is armed with 3PK MIM-14 "Nike-Hercules", SAM "Hawk".

    "Nike", it seems, has been written off for 10 years already - this is a contemporary of the S-75, a complex developed in the 50s of the last century.
    1. Toucan
      Toucan 7 November 2020 11: 10 New
      "Nike", at least last year, formally were in service. Not so long ago, Sergei Linnik had a detailed overview of Turkish air defense. The author of this article pulled the scattered facts from there. I did not like this publication negative The author himself sometimes does not understand what he writes. No.
  9. Avior
    Avior 6 November 2020 15: 37 New
    Without aviation, no air defense ground component will be able to provide a full-fledged defense against an air attack.
    1. OgnennyiKotik
      OgnennyiKotik 6 November 2020 15: 42 New
      They are doing great with it. Given the theater of operations, more than enough.
      The basis of the tactical aviation of the Turkish Air Force is the F-16C / D fighter-bombers of several modifications. In total, there are more than 240 such aircraft, but only 158 are assigned to combat units. The rest are operated by training squadrons. The second type of combat aircraft is the F-4E, up to 48 units.

      4 AWACS Boeint 737 AEW & C aircraft, 7 Boeing KC-135R tankers and 1 Transall C-160 with electronic warfare equipment. Reconnaissance tasks over land and sea are solved by 2 CASA CN-235 patrolmen. There is an order for 4 Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft in reconnaissance configuration.

      1. Toucan
        Toucan 7 November 2020 11: 14 New
        You have very outdated data. F-4E decommissioned in 2019. In the Turkish Air Force, only the RF-4E remained of the Phantoms.
  10. faterdom
    faterdom 6 November 2020 22: 27 New
    Well, here the personal factor played, I think, a big role.
    It just happened that this was not very beautiful for R.T.E. the moment when he realized that they would like to remove him.
    Those who, in fact, hold its air defense in their hands, and have huge resources of aviation and strike missiles ... although they have not been used against NATO countries yet, but everything happens for the first time ...
    This is in addition to all kinds of oppositions, Kurds and pro-American generals ...
    So, this is the biggest bolt that the Turkish "Father" was able to acquire on the arms market in order to lay it on all these sad circumstances.
    Which, however, does not save his economy - there is sadness.