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Chinese drones are named the main threat to T-72 and T-90 tanks of the Indian Armed Forces in Ladakh


The recent conflict between India and China made the world compare the strength of the armies of the two Asian powers. According to a number of experts, the presence of thousands tanks in the Indian land forces does not yet give them an advantage in real confrontation in the highlands.

Although fighting on the border between India and China has ceased, both countries do not stop preparing for a possible armed conflict. India is pulling additional forces into mountain Ladakh, and China is acting in a similar way. Apparently, the main hopes of the command of the Indian armed forces are connected with the use of the powerful potential of the Indian tank forces: they are going to concentrate T-90 Bhishma and T-72 tanks on the border with China. Soviet-designed tanks are preferred, as they have shown efficiency in conditions of high altitudes above sea level.

Panzer units of the Indian army are stationed at key points in the province of Ladakh, including the Depsang plain. But will hundreds of T-72s and T-90s help defend the region from a possible Chinese invasion? Now the methods of warfare are changing, and the presence of a large number of tanks and other armored vehicles is no longer a defining advantage.

In mountainous conditions, on difficult terrain, heavy tanks become practically useless. Even many high-ranking Indian military personnel in the past do not doubt this. For example, Lieutenant General D.S. Huda, formerly the commander of India's Northern Army, claims that in an era of increasing use aviation, especially unmanned, the role of tanks is significantly reduced.

General Khuda cites the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh, where the Azerbaijani army, with the help of drones, was able to achieve rapid dominance on the battlefield as an example of the fiasco of a strategy that focused on tanks.

The general's reflections are also quite relevant for the Indo-Chinese conflict. After all, not so long ago, President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping, speaking about the People's Liberation Army of China, called for further progress in the development and testing of unmanned aerial vehicles. It is no secret that the PRC is also very actively intending to use UAVs in any potential armed conflicts.

It is likely that in Ladakh, China will try to use the Turkish experience of destroying main battle tanks using drones. As you know, Turkish-made UAVs have proven themselves well in the wars in Syria, Libya, and now in Nagorno-Karabakh. For example, Soviet-made main battle tanks, and such MBTs are in service in India, were quite easily destroyed by unmanned aerial vehicles. Now the Chinese military considers the Indian T-72 and T-90 tanks as a weak link in the defense of Ladakh and, probably, it is precisely on them, in the event of a conflict, that the attack of the Chinese unmanned aircraft will be directed. This is the opinion of the retired Indian military, noting that it is the Chinese drones that can become the main threat to the tanks of the Indian Armed Forces.

China is already practicing the tactics of using a swarm of drones in the mountainous terrain of Tibet

Observer Mansij Astkhan writes that the MAM-L UAVs, together with the deadly Bayraktar TB2 drones, have achieved tremendous success in destroying enemy tanks, armored vehicles, infantry, air defense systems, and artillery guns. Of course, it is extremely unlikely that China will use Turkish drones, given the difficult relationship between the two countries, but one should not forget about China's own developments in this direction.

There are tempting prospects for China to act against the Indian armored group from the territory of Tibet, launching drones that attack and destroy Indian tanks. It is unlikely that the Indian army, even with the generous appropriations that New Delhi allocates for defense today, will be able to oppose anything to such a strategy of the “Chinese comrades”.

In addition, do not forget that India is bordered by its sworn enemy Pakistan, which is simultaneously a military partner of China and in the event of a large-scale conflict, even if it does not fight with India itself, will be able to provide its territory for the needs of the Chinese armed forces. forces. The same applies to Myanmar, which has long been in the orbit of Beijing's political influence.
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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 3 November 2020 11: 53
    Who can argue that drones are now an important component of the strategy and tactics of any normal army. But, with proper countermeasures, this will remain just another component of the weaponry. All the same, it is impossible to defend territories without ground troops.
    1. Alekseev
      Alekseev 3 November 2020 12: 20
      Quote: rocket757
      But, with proper countermeasures, this will remain just another component of weapons

      That's right!
      They write "some civilians", they say, the T-72 and T-90 tanks are a weak link, they say the drones will be sent to them. lol
      And if the "pilots" will work on ground targets, including any tanks, and not just the above-mentioned ones, not properly covered by military air defense, fighter aircraft, without striking their bases, without sensible electronic warfare the result will be worse?
      If the airfield is not securely guarded, then all planes, helicopters and drones can be disabled by DRGs with sniper rifles, but this probability is not at all a reason to abandon aviation.
      How is the UAV superior to, for example, a combat helicopter or an airplane? Yes, less visibility, yes, several dozen drones were shot down, and not a single pilot was lost, cheaper, of course. True, it depends on which one. But all this is in conditions of weak opposition, and the power of the drone's armament and the classic Su-34 bomber cannot be compared.
      And if you look closely at the video materials, you will notice that the same 5-10 video reports on the defeat of targets are shown thousands of times on all channels. Nobody canceled the propaganda. Drones help, but winning a battle requires the effort of all kinds of weapons.
      And so, it is clear that a UAV is not a wunderwaffe at all, but a type of weapon that can be successfully used to solve certain tasks under certain conditions.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 3 November 2020 12: 27
        Quote: Alekseev
        How is the UAV superior to, for example, a combat helicopter or an airplane?

        Only at the PRICE. Accordingly, it is necessary to create and saturate the troops with the same cheap countermeasures.
        It is possible with existing means to successfully clean out all the flying trifles, but you should not hope for this endlessly, the enemy will also oppose such a cleanup!
        In general, the usual situation, who wins!
        1. La Peruse
          La Peruse 3 November 2020 12: 54
          UAVs are not that cheap! The control center with all the security costs a pretty penny! The only plus is the absence of casualties.
          1. rocket757
            rocket757 3 November 2020 13: 12
            Not cheap compared to what?
            By the way, the command post on the front line does not prowl and is exposed to the danger of destruction many times less ... especially, with the loss of the drone themselves, they take a new one, and the command post is the same.
  2. Thrifty
    Thrifty 3 November 2020 11: 54
    So a new disease - drone phobia - appeared among politicians and military experts! And, by the way, the experience of using tanks in the mountainous conditions of Afghanistan and Chichni - in the furnace? ?? "Drones are our everything" ??? Tanks massively melted down? ?? fool fool
    1. Spike Javelin Touvich
      Spike Javelin Touvich 3 November 2020 12: 17
      Drones are our everything "??? Tanks massively in the melting? ??

      Again shapkozakidatelstvo !!!!!

      How many more tankers' blood do you and people like you need to prove to people like you that the era has passed.
      and there is no need to argue "A la the tactics are not the same, ala the crews are not prepared, etc., etc."
      1. Dodikson
        Dodikson 3 November 2020 12: 30
        a jade rod in the hands of a samurai is like a sitar.
        if you use tanks like Assad at the beginning of the war, they won't last long.
        but if you cover them, then they will allow you to defecate.
      2. Thrifty
        Thrifty 3 November 2020 12: 36
        Spikes Javelin Touvich - the era of tanks has not passed, these are your Wishlist, far from the realities of life! On the example of this war, one question comes into my head - where is the Karabakh complex air defense? Where is their aviation? So they were preparing to fight, that in addition to the desire they forgot to arm themselves with modern air defense and electronic warfare systems, so they are reaping the bitter fruits of their own. ... delusion. ..
        1. La Peruse
          La Peruse 3 November 2020 13: 05
          I will say more! Using tanks as static firing points in this situation is nonsense!
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 3 November 2020 12: 14
    The ancients were right when they said: "If you want peace, prepare for war." Si vis pacem, para bellum
  4. Spike Javelin Touvich
    Spike Javelin Touvich 3 November 2020 12: 19
    Clearly one humpbacked grave will fix
  5. Ded_Mazay
    Ded_Mazay 3 November 2020 12: 46
    Oh damn ... Drones, everywhere solid drones, it's time to dig into the ground like moles and fight under it. wassat
    It has been known for 80 years that aviation, without proper anti-air defense counteraction, can roll out like a god a turtle, not just a tank, but in general anything.
    But all this "fun" public has only reached this point and only by the example of drones ... lol

    Well what can I say - "keep it up" good Burn on.
    And we buy seeds and wait for the continuation of this "triumph of reason" lol
    1. Azimuth
      Azimuth 3 November 2020 14: 03
      Electronic warfare, laser weapons, echeloned air defense, reconnaissance, target designation. And drones are no longer a wunderphaly. Resources (monetary, human) invested in the military, get the result.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  6. V1er
    V1er 3 November 2020 16: 20
    Once upon a time, tanks were considered a deadly weapon against which there is no reception. They will come up with a cheap and effective tool against drones in the coming years.
    1. Azimuth
      Azimuth 3 November 2020 17: 34
      Drone exterminator