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Are they "drained" again? LPR's proposals on the Minsk agreements published in Ukraine



Thunder struck on October 29, when the Ukrainian website "Strana" announced that the LDNR had submitted a draft of the so-called "road map" to the TCG - an action plan and timeline for the implementation of the provisions of the Minsk agreements, proposing, after agreement, to approve it at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada. The document itself is also cited, according to which the republics will receive a special status until 2050 (and then there will be a referendum at which they will decide what will happen next), while leaving the People's Militia, but abolishing the Corps; return Akhmetov and other oligarchs their property; After the elections, according to Ukrainian laws, they adopt the Ukrainian system of administrative-territorial division, while retaining a number of freedoms and powers for the Donetsk and Luhansk authorities (for example, the right to decide on the presence of units of the Armed Forces on their territory, etc.). It makes no sense to go into details, since they have already been replicated on the Web and are too voluminous for coverage in this format.

In addition, it is not entirely clear whether it makes sense to meticulously parse the paragraphs of the document, which almost completely repeats the original formulation of the Minsk agreements, which Kiev does not want (and cannot) fulfill. Moreover, the logic of the past five years convincingly proves that Ukraine is not able to fulfill a single conceptual clause of agreements without a bloody conflict between the current government, which will try to implement the agreements, and the "hawks".

That is, we are talking about the next round of either a game of "negotiability", or a giveaway, within which the republics once again make a gesture of goodwill, to which Ukraine must respond with its own version of the roadmap, but something tells what it will answer she's just stupid verbiage. It is not clear only for whom all this ridiculous undertaking is designed - in Berlin, Paris and other Western capitals, and they know so well what kind of characters are sitting in Kiev. If they were against it, they would have been torn to shreds long ago, but they don't do it. In general, there is little sense in the venture, but in some categories of network patriots, it caused an attack of either panic or a gloating celebration.

Mission Possible?

Today there are no grounds for expecting from Kiev any new, this time reasonable or constructive steps towards the implementation of the Minsk agreements. If necessary, the opponents of Zelensky (just like any other "chosen one") will quickly raise the comedian on bayonets, organizing protests, up to impeachment or another coup. Moreover, the military, actively profiting from hostilities, are highly likely to be at the forefront of the uprising. As for the police and the SBU, they have no reason to die again from the bullets and Molotov cocktails of the radicals, who, in comparison with 2014, have become an order of magnitude more ferocious, more self-confident and tougher. Let alone how much weapons in their arms now.

In fairness, it must be said that a similar situation with weapons in the republics. Thus, a serviceman of the DPR NM and part-time blogger Anatoly Gelyukh writes: “... for those monitors who are looking for at least some clues to pull by the ears of arguments in favor of the mythical realism of the above scenario. The population of the LDNR has, according to various estimates, from 200 to 000 units of unaccounted military weapons (not counting the weapons of the army, police, etc.). We are talking about the part of the population that did not sign any Minsk agreements, armistice, and did not undertake obligations to anyone to show any loyalty to the former Ukraine. And also the sea of ​​BC, VV, VU, especially cunning and economic commanders over the years of the movement have hidden not only unaccounted mortars and ATGMs, but also MLRS, tanks, etc. And BC to them. "

However, in addition to politics and sentiments among combatants and simply conscientious citizens, there are other circumstances - of an economic nature. The economic situation in Ukraine is awful, and it's not a secret. To return Donbass today means for Kiev to pay several hundred thousand pensioners the pension arrears since 2015 (and this is tens of billions of hryvnias), as well as compensation for the restoration of housing destroyed by shelling, to take a horde of state employees and civil servants for allowance, as well as many, many other expenses. There is not much to compensate for expenses: the industry of the LDNR in its current state (was it not why they left it like that?) Is not at all the Donbass, which generously saturating the Ukrainian budget with foreign currency until 2014.

Stupid joke

Of course, this whole idea definitely has a bad taste: what is the point of again procrastinating on the topic of Kiev's negotiability, once again disturbing and annoying the inhabitants of the LPR? What is the reason to reproduce stillborn entities again? What is the sacred meaning of all these endless reciprocating body movements and in which direction are they still directed? And, most importantly, since unknown authors have decided on this bold experiment, why not at the same time authorize the authorities in Donetsk and Lugansk to comment on what they have done? And then from their thunderous silence somehow becomes nervous.

At the same time, one never gets tired of being amazed at the delight with which the networked public meets bad news or he is in a hurry to perceive any news in a negative way. Regularly denying, however, any good news. It seems that if tomorrow Russia does take on board the unfortunate republics, making them its integral part, the permanently alarmed patriotic public will at first be seriously upset, and then begin to explain why all this is bad. We have already seen this when, after the start of distribution of Russian passports in the republics, the "plum" luminaries theorized that "now hundreds of thousands of passports will be distributed, and the rest will be given to Ukraine, not otherwise."

Scientists know a lot about how people get hooked on likes on social networks: approval causes a micro-release of endorphin, a person becomes pleased, and he tries to repeat the sensations, earning new likes. However, the opposite phenomenon, when a person experiences pleasure from negative experiences and makes a perverse addiction, akin to masochism, remains to be studied. Probably, the situation in the LDNR can become fertile soil for such research.
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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 3 November 2020 05: 42
    she will only answer with stupid verbiage.
    It has already been said - promise anything, we will hang it later!
    1. Machito
      Machito 4 November 2020 14: 36
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      she will only answer with stupid verbiage.
      It has already been said - promise anything, we will hang it later!

      No one has been interested in these promises for a very long time.
  2. Asad
    Asad 3 November 2020 05: 44
    I wonder how long the republics are going to keep in such "uncertainty"?
    1. Maki maki
      Maki maki 3 November 2020 05: 53
      As long as possible. "If only there was no war" (c)
    2. 210ox
      210ox 3 November 2020 07: 10
      As long as it is profitable (both for Moscow and in Europe). We do not take Kiev into account - they are dependent (incapable)
    3. iouris
      iouris 3 November 2020 13: 36
      Quote: ASAD
      How long are the republics going to keep in such "uncertainty"?

      And the federation is kept, straight, in certainty? You will see for yourself soon. By the end of December.
  3. Jacket in stock
    Jacket in stock 3 November 2020 06: 00
    the situation in the LPR may become fertile ground for such research.

    For you, research, but people live there. And these, as you wrote, "reciprocating movements, it is not clear in which direction" does not add happiness to their lives.
    And they don't give us confidence either.
  4. Daniil Konovalenko
    Daniil Konovalenko 3 November 2020 08: 01
    Overflowing, from empty to empty ...
  5. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 3 November 2020 08: 11
    Here I read the article and thought.
    Comment not comment?
    There are many words, but it is impossible to draw a conclusion. A set of stamps from TV and shows, which are stuck on the pretty little news - a new roadmap is proposed.
    The answer is simple - Kiev has indicated its position for another five years and it has not changed.
    1. Smirnoff
      Smirnoff 3 November 2020 11: 11
      Quote: Leader of the Redskins
      Comment not comment?

  6. Dimka75
    Dimka75 3 November 2020 08: 11
    It seems like an article about (from) the independent LPNR, and 90% of the text is occupied by the information "like the Kakhlov there."
  7. Kushka
    Kushka 3 November 2020 13: 34
    In educational practice (the one that rejects the belt)
    there is such a technique when a child to hysterics insists on
    solution, but the problem is obvious.
    If so, well, I will do what you ask. AND THEN
    So it happened with the LPR / DPR - people lay down under the armored personnel carriers, spent
    referendum, arms in hand, defended their
    solutions died at last! And that in the end - without water, light,
    gas, with destroyed infrastructure and mined land around?
    That's how they really ask - well, do you like it?
    1. pereselenec
      pereselenec 3 November 2020 16: 34
      Quote: Kushka
      And that in the end - without water, light,
      gas, with destroyed infrastructure and mined land around?

      Has anything turned out in Abkhazia, Ossetia, Transnistria except a poverty-stricken subsidized criminalized gray hole? Why should something different have happened to the LPNR?
      1. Kushka
        Kushka 3 November 2020 16: 49
        Because the same Croats themselves decided on their own
        built (won) what they wanted. And people
        in the "republics" you listed did everything
        exactly like the two bears in the fairy tale about the fox and cheese-
        let someone come and let someone do for us
        "in fairness." And we ourselves are stupid and blunt ...
        oh, armless. Minsk format, Normandy format,
        AUTOMATIC - (all on ... mat) Here on .. mat will be called,
        what they got in the end.
        1. Karabin
          Karabin 3 November 2020 19: 06
          Quote: Kushka
          Because the same Croats themselves decided on their own
          built (won) what they wanted.

          Well, so yourself.
          1. Kushka
            Kushka 3 November 2020 23: 21
            Accepted. He wrote quickly, the argument led
            more to the meaning than there in fact. What
            in fact, in this world, solid communicating vessels,
            is beyond doubt. But I insist on the meaning-
            stupid bears from this fairy tale did not get anything good.
            The wisdom of the people is great, but we are so wise.
            We have to read fairy tales, do not respect ourselves. Babakh Gradami by
            women with children - oh, how wise! As in Somalia.
  8. Undecim
    Undecim 3 November 2020 13: 47
    And, most importantly, since unknown authors
    Makhov has recently been writing in a state of cognitive dissonance. At the same time, he is either far from understanding the situation, or pretends to be poor, hence the passages about "unknown authors." What's so mysterious: Surkov, Kozak, Shoigu, Bortnikov are the curators of ORDLO. In this case, the question is political - it means Surkov.
    The question now is who will outsmart whom. Russia is trying to sell Ukraine the devastated Donbass and makes all sorts of cunning volts for this, up to various concessions. Ukraine, realizing that if the enclaves "penetrate" into the body of Ukraine, the process of destruction of the Ukrainian state will begin from the inside, rests against all available means. The interests of the population remaining on the territory of the enclaves are not taken into account by either side, as are the slogans of local insurgent trolls about "Donbass movement" to Russia.
    Therefore, Makhov must either write the truth, or stop littering the information space, it is already full of dung.
  9. Hagen
    Hagen 3 November 2020 16: 47
    Of course, this whole idea definitely has a bad taste: what is the point of again procrastinating on the topic of Kiev's negotiability, once again disturbing and annoying the inhabitants of the LPR?

    I don’t want to sound like an oracle, but in the light of the latest turmoil with the EU, the following combination is possible here: the LDNR initiates a series of initiatives aimed at resolving the conflict in the spirit of the Minsk agreements, specifying them somewhat. Kiev, of course, does not react to all these movements, and if it does, then it is crooked, in the style of what happened before - attempts to interpret from something that was not written. There is a clear, visible skewed attitude towards Minsk between Kiev (negative reaction) and LPNR (positive aspiration). LDNR + RF are waiting for another resonant provocation from Kiev, which is reflected by the efforts of the republics, the RF, on the other hand, is starting the procedure for recognizing independent republics as subjects of international law. In the period of a sluggish truce, hitting the table with a slipper is not a reason. It is necessary to aggravate the situation against the background of a clear definition of the sabotaging agreement of the party. I propose to consider it as a version ... Today one thing is clear - such statements, roadmaps, etc. are not made just like that. Something is being prepared.
    1. Karabin
      Karabin 3 November 2020 19: 04
      On the other hand, the Russian Federation begins the procedure for recognizing independent republics as subjects of international law.
      Who is interested in recognition from the Russian Federation? Unless, as a reason for additional sanctions.
      Something's getting ready.

      Yes, it's done, since the 15th year. Donbass is like a suitcase without a handle. It is not kosher for the Kremlin to wear it, and it is impossible to quit. So the Minsk agreements, then the Normandy formats, then the roadmaps come up.
  10. Senka naughty
    Senka naughty 4 November 2020 01: 16
    Makhov in his repertoire, a ton of text nothing.
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. Magadan
    Magadan 6 November 2020 09: 46
    Oh, "adherents of the theory of plum ..." and blah blah blah

    Here's the author explain to me: why can't I buy any product in Lugansk to sell it in Magadan? AND? Do people from Novorossiya need sales in Russia?
    You, the author, will say that they say "they are unrecognized" and therefore the customs do not let their goods through without Ukrop permits.
    And I will answer you: Taiwan is also not recognized in the US, but the US is inundated with Taiwanese goods!
    What is this if not a drain?

    Also explain to me the author: why does Russia give out activists from Ukraine who were looking for protection in Russia to punish dill?
    Also not a drain, you say?

    And explain to me why the hell did the Russian Federation sponsor a trillion rubles in 2016 by the same Sberbank that sponsored the junta? Yes, exactly, Sberbank, bears there losses for tens of billions of greenery! For our fucking bill.
    Isn't that a drain?

    Yes, the Kremlin hates Novorossiya and it does not hide it too much. It was just that our currency elite members were afraid to openly drain that they were singing about patriotism, while having accounts and palaces in the overseas
  13. Viktor_Chumak
    Viktor_Chumak 9 November 2020 08: 50
    Lakhtinskaya syavka is so "worried" about Donbass! All this is so dirty, so disgusting and disgusting - so Russian ...