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In the USA, the Abrams tank gun is being modernized


The US military is improving and strengthening the firing system for its tank Abrams to provide a clearer view for shooters looking to find and destroy targets. These efforts include upgrades and modifications to the remotely controlled armory Kongsberg station.

This is reported by American columnist Chris Osborne.

The Kongsberg weapons station uses battle-proven technology that allows tankers to control and fire from under the protection of their armor, while looking at the video screen and using advanced fire control technology.

The company helped the US Army modify the cannon system for more efficient use. Its low-profile crewed remotely controlled weapon stations (CROWS) are manufactured for Abrams tanks and other military equipment. They are being upgraded with new fire control technologies, artificial intelligence and high-precision long-range sensors.

Improving the range and resolution of aiming sensors, as well as additional integration with radars and electronic warfare antennas installed on a combat vehicle, can significantly optimize attacks under the protection of armor.

Modification of the system allows to obtain new tactical capabilities and provides a higher speed of information processing using artificial intelligence.

The M1 Abrams is considered the main battle tank of the US Army. Its serial production was launched in 1980. Since then, it has been modernized several times.
Photos used: U.S. National Guard
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  1. dzvero
    dzvero 30 October 2020 09: 53
    which allows tankers to control and fire from under the protection of armor

    It is not clear ... they still protruded from the hatches to shoot or what?
    1. andranick
      andranick 30 October 2020 12: 37
      Quote: dzvero
      It is not clear ... they still protruded from the hatches to shoot or what?

      this applies to "shooters seeking to find and destroy targets"
  2. Siberian 66
    Siberian 66 30 October 2020 09: 53
    Of course, it's a clumsy translation, but the general message is clear. The Americans see an increase in the combat capabilities of our tanks, both in our service and exported. Therefore, they begin to spend not frail money in order to ensure at least parity, but as a maximum advantage. And this suggests that our tanks are taken very seriously. And it pleases.
    1. infantryman2020
      infantryman2020 30 October 2020 12: 43
      :) And what do they see? That the lion's share of our tanks does not have a gunner's thermal imaging channel? Or not equipped with a commander's panorama with a thermal imaging channel? Or that they are not included in the TK ACS?
      Yes, they have no problem with ensuring parity, they work ahead of the curve ...
      And this is not happy :(
  3. Garm
    Garm 30 October 2020 09: 58
    Well then, they are not upgrading the gun, but the fire control system.
  4. bars1
    bars1 30 October 2020 09: 59
    What does a tank gun have to do with it?
  5. Operator
    Operator 30 October 2020 12: 54
    In the United States, they are not modernizing the Abrams cannon, but planning to install a Kongsberg computer video surveillance system (with wide-angle HD cameras under armored transparent caps) on the tank for all-angle control of the upper hemisphere with a synthesized image displayed on the helmet screens of tankers.

    After that, Russian tankers with their prismatic observation devices ala WWII will be like moles in a tin box.
    1. Albert1988
      Albert1988 30 October 2020 22: 06
      Quote: Operator
      After that, Russian tankers with their prismatic observation devices ala WWII will be like moles in a tin box.

      Oh, you might think that the rest of the tanks of these very "prismatic ala WWII" are still not installed ...
      Let me remind you - when ours presented the T-14, whose main view of the crew just goes through the cameras, the American "tank crews" twisted their lips - how could it be - observation through cameras, without the ability to survey the surroundings through "prismatic ala WWII", otherwise and generally without proudly sticking out of the hatch in full growth and pretentious observation through binoculars ...
  6. yfast
    yfast 30 October 2020 17: 45
    But they will quickly earn squint if the brain processes the picture "I look in all directions."
    And it pleases.
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 30 October 2020 18: 09
      It is immediately clear that if something happens you don’t squeeze into the tank. I don’t squeeze in either, but the advantages of "panoramic vision" are visible a mile away. Rather, for 2 versts with kopecks. It was good for me to plow the Orenburg polygons first, and then the Moscow suburbs at a conventional eighties. and much further. I always respected the boys who, in the same T-eighties, had to engage in direct battle with the enemy. L-t Kalyuzhny, Ay, I'm Zatvor.
  7. lvov_aleksey
    lvov_aleksey 30 October 2020 21: 09
    I want to say - a flag in your hands and a carrot in your teeth, i.e. you can't make candy out of shit !!!)))
    ps if anyone does not understand, I'm talking about the stars and stripes.