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China ready to stop supplying rare earth metals to US military companies

China ready to stop supplying rare earth metals to US military companies

In China, they specified what specific sanctions they are ready to impose against American companies in the military-industrial complex.

We will remind that earlier in Beijing announced its readiness to impose sanctions due to the fact that American Boeing, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin are engaged in the supply of weapons to Taiwan or are preparing for such. This statement came after the United States approved supplies to Taiwan. weapons and ammunition worth several billion dollars. In particular, they approved the supply of SLAM-ER air-launched cruise missiles, HIMARS MLRS and Harpoon coastal missile systems.

China said that one of the options for sanctions against American companies is associated with the cessation of supplies for their needs of rare earth metals.

Today, the United States receives about 80% of all rare earth metals from China. This is the official data. Australia is another supplier of such metals. And according to Australian media reports, Chinese shipments may well exceed the officially named 80 percent of US "rare earth" imports.

Australian press:

China's announcement of its readiness to cut off the supply of rare earth metals has made the Pentagon nervous.

The fact is that almost the entire modern arms industry in the United States directly depends on the supply of rare earth metals from the PRC. For example, Virginia-class submarines require up to 4 tons of such metals, without rare earth metals, the production of fifth-generation F-35 fighters, Zumwalt stealth destroyers, and anti-missile defense systems may stall.

It is noted that China can inflict the most painful blow on the "green" energy (renewable energy) program, as well as on modern areas of the nuclear industry. The US renewable energy program could be scrapped if China stops supplying a metal like dysprosium to the US. The United States has its own reserves of this metal, but they are not enough to implement the mentioned program and develop the nuclear industry, including the military.
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  1. Jacket in stock
    Jacket in stock 28 October 2020 07: 25
    So far, they only warn.
    But we all know how many times they will warn.
    1. Shurik70
      Shurik70 28 October 2020 07: 33
      Warning. But very serious.
      China is practically a monopolist in this market.
      1. carstorm 11
        carstorm 11 28 October 2020 07: 39
        it's like that. only if they do it may end badly. simply because if they cannot buy them, they will go looking. and it will be bad for those countries in which they find it ... the war for rare earths is not a fantastic scenario for a long time.
        1. Cowbra
          Cowbra 28 October 2020 08: 06
          Quote: carstorm 11
          and it will be bad for those countries where they find it ...

          I asked. There is dysprosium in Afghanistan - and they already feel bad. So it won't get any worse
          1. Sergei 23
            Sergei 23 28 October 2020 10: 07
            Afghanistan is of interest to the United States purely as an agrarian power. They have beds there.
            1. Cowbra
              Cowbra 28 October 2020 10: 09
              Peaceful farmers, damn it) Good planters ...
              1. volodimer
                volodimer 28 October 2020 14: 15
                Not a problem, it's just that soon these "planters" will replace the sickles with a pick and ... drove the "minecraft" ... laughing
            2. Sergey79
              Sergey79 30 October 2020 17: 45
              I fundamentally disagree !!! Afghanistan is of interest to the United States exclusively as a producer of almost 90% of the world's heroin ... Although, you are right, poppy grows on the ground, but not necessarily in the beds ...
        2. Polite Moose
          Polite Moose 28 October 2020 08: 17
          Quote: carstorm 11
          it's like that. only if they do it may end badly

          Everything will end well. Ps will supply Taiwan with everything it needs and then stop deliveries. Upon termination of supplies, China will resume export of rare earth metals. Well, do not lose, in fact, money for both parties because of some misunderstandings. And to wriggle goat muzzles - so these are the laws of the genre oblige.
        3. Beringovsky
          Beringovsky 28 October 2020 17: 39
          This is not true. Mineral resources, incl. and rare earths are sought by geologists, not marines. If there were available deposits, they would have long been developed by cunning Western concerns. But they simply do not exist, or they are too small and poor.
        4. Sergey Sfiedu
          Sergey Sfiedu 29 October 2020 19: 48
          They wrote that the USA is full of rare earths. Production is expensive, but if the Chinese stop selling, they can master it. However, Australia will help.
        5. Machito
          Machito 29 October 2020 21: 20
          The Chinese are great. And our titans are being driven for a hegemonic partner. If only they shook a finger for decency? I'd like to hear the howl of Boeing-Airbasovsky: And what about us? Our economists-chubaisyats will begin to whine: What to do with titanium? We need to build our planes and submarines, develop our industry, and not drive raw materials to the West, as under Ivan the Terrible. But our economists will never grow wiser in five hundred years: stealing raw materials and selling them to the West is a Russian national idea.
      2. Mitroha
        Mitroha 28 October 2020 07: 46
        China is practically a monopolist in this market.

        All so, with one No. China is a monopoly due to the dumping of prices for rare earth metals, the rest are simply unprofitable to increase production capacity. But if there is demand, then within a fairly short time China will be replaced in this market, albeit not in full volume.
        1. Shkworen
          Shkworen 28 October 2020 09: 19
          will be replaced, and, as a result, the price for the F-35 will once again rise to a record :)
      3. V1er
        V1er 28 October 2020 13: 08
        And what was the image?
    2. Mytholog
      Mytholog 28 October 2020 07: 42
      Quote: Jacket in stock
      So far, they only warn.

      They took the balls and knead them gently, looking straight into the eyes))
      Quote: Jacket in stock
      But we all know how many times they will warn.

      Here you are wrong ... China has changed a lot in 50 years.
    3. Dodikson
      Dodikson 28 October 2020 09: 16
      if they seriously wanted to do this, they would be silent.
      since now companies will be stocked for a couple of years in advance, the amounts for them are small, several hundred million. and in a couple of years, these rare earths will already be mined in other countries.
      there are rare earths in the states, it's just more expensive to get them there. as will press before and there will be mined.
      1. astepanov
        astepanov 28 October 2020 09: 46
        Quote: Dodikson
        there are rare earths in the states, it's just more expensive to get them there.

        As a rule, the price of products in the USA and in the West in general is higher due to the more expensive labor force. In the case of rare earths, the situation is different: they are literally everywhere, but the ores are extremely poor. China is a rare exception. In the USSR, the main reserves of REE were concentrated in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Baltic states and have now been lost. But the development (2014) of the world's largest reserves (but difficult in ore composition) Tomtor deposit in Yakutia has begun.
  2. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 28 October 2020 07: 26
    It would be nice if they stopped deliveries altogether (and to Russia too) ... it's time to start working point-wise and "painful" for the presumptuous hegemon ... let's see how it will be in reality ...
    1. carstorm 11
      carstorm 11 28 October 2020 07: 40
      once in the last century one country cut off the oil supplies to another. remember what happened after? you cannot drive others into a corner. they will respond very strongly. simply because there is no other choice.
      1. Mitroha
        Mitroha 28 October 2020 07: 49
        Is this a reason to agree and please in everything? The opposite side must also have an edge, the clamping rule in the corner acts in both directions hi
        1. carstorm 11
          carstorm 11 28 October 2020 07: 55
          that's why I say, do not drive into a corner) must be put in a difficult position. after all, American accountants will consider that the war is more profitable and will definitely start it. here rather China is playing on the nerves. in real life, he will not fully do this.
      2. Pereira
        Pereira 28 October 2020 09: 01
        once in the last century one country cut off the oil supplies to another.

        I remember this story.
        In 1990, the leadership of the USSR established an oil and gas blockade of Lithuania. The transport stopped. A couple of days in Vilnius we walked the streets on foot. And then oil products poured out from fraternal Belarus. That was where the embargo ended.
        1. carstorm 11
          carstorm 11 28 October 2020 09: 06
          there is an older story that is more strongly associated with the USA as an example it is more suitable, I assure you.
          1. Pereira
            Pereira 28 October 2020 13: 41
            That story is not fashionable. Its discussion can cast a shadow on the spotless reputation of the country of the victorious democracy.
            For such antics, other non-residents may lose their grants. They do not know, so there is no need to upset them. We don't care, but they have to go to the plant.
            1. carstorm 11
              carstorm 11 28 October 2020 13: 45
              difficult to argue with such arguments)))
  3. rocket757
    rocket757 28 October 2020 07: 31
    To organize production, to have suitable raw materials ... these are not paper firms to create!
    So the Yankees could do everything, only they now have other worries above the roof! Now they no longer remember the times when the Yankees knew how to mobilize and create everything they needed! So go and take it away, please .... that's just who?
  4. mongol9999
    mongol9999 28 October 2020 07: 42
    The Chinese will not take such a step. This is tantamount to driving a rat into a corner. This is actually the beginning of World War III.
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 28 October 2020 08: 21
      Someone to drive the Yankees into a corner is not a task for average minds and capabilities.
      To kick up they can be very painful, for "beaters".
  5. Trojan_wolf
    Trojan_wolf 28 October 2020 08: 05
    Cold War in Action.
  6. deniso
    deniso 28 October 2020 08: 06
    The Chinese are great! If they can squeeze the Americans with something, they will definitely do it. Not like ours. We will only throw "concerns", but as far as business is concerned, money is the main thing.
  7. times
    times 28 October 2020 08: 07
    In my opinion, supplies through the left-hand channels will come from China, but they will be much more expensive.
    1. Aleksandr21
      Aleksandr21 28 October 2020 10: 35
      Quote: mal
      In my opinion, supplies through the left-hand channels will come from China, but they will be much more expensive.

      Provided that the CCP approves such deliveries along gray routes, because if companies want to sell themselves and thereby violate the ban, then the sanctions against them can be very serious ...
      1. times
        times 28 October 2020 10: 38
        Quote: Aleksandr21
        Provided that the KPC approves such deliveries on gray routes

        If the deliveries take place, then of course with the knowledge of the PDA
  8. seregatara1969
    seregatara1969 28 October 2020 08: 35
    Ready? Why don't they overlap? How long did it take to prepare? What measures were taken in preparation for the overlap? The article is so-so, there are more questions than answers
  9. aszzz888
    aszzz888 28 October 2020 08: 50
    China said that one of the options for sanctions against American companies is associated with the cessation of supplies for their needs of rare earth metals.
    Once the Chinese have said, then they will. These will not be postponed on the back burner, in this regard they are great.
    1. zwlad
      zwlad 28 October 2020 09: 08
      Yeah. They will sell through Australian companies for example.
  10. zwlad
    zwlad 28 October 2020 09: 07
    Another "last Chinese warning".
    They will not do anything, as they sold and will sell. The Chinese should not close their industry because of this.
  11. A. Privalov
    A. Privalov 28 October 2020 09: 09
    We have enough reserves. It's just that the Chinese have been cheaper to this day.
    "The second place in the world for the extraction of lanthanides is the United States - 25% of world production comes from the Mountain Pass deposit in California. Other well-known deposits of bastnesite ores are located in northern Vietnam and Afghanistan. Monazite from coastal-marine placers (black sands) is mined in Australia , India, Malaysia. "
  12. APASUS
    APASUS 28 October 2020 09: 23
    This is news. True, I do not believe that the economies of China and the United States are so intertwined that the announcement of China's sanctions against the US military-industrial complex sounds like a leg to head sanction.
  13. uav80
    uav80 28 October 2020 09: 34
    The third month has already been pulling the cat by the balls, and things are still there. Back in July, they wanted to impose sanctions against Lohkidmartin with a ban on the supply of retro-earth metals to him, but they did nothing ...

    Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Tuesday that China has decided to impose sanctions on Lockheed Martin. As the reason, Washington's arms deal with Taiwan is indicated, which implies, among other things, the maintenance of the PAC-3 anti-aircraft missiles, which the said company produces.
  14. Dmitry Makarov
    Dmitry Makarov 28 October 2020 09: 39
    If China were alone, but alas, such masters as Russia and Iran are on the side of China - and this is Shah and Checkmate!
    The United States, in turn, can count only on low-tech and impoverished countries such as Poland, Romania, Ukraine and degraded England.
    1. Igor Semenov
      Igor Semenov 28 October 2020 22: 47
      Lord, where do you breed? laughing
  15. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 28 October 2020 09: 46
    China's announcement of its readiness to close the rare earth metals supply channel caused nervousness at the Pentagon.
    Well, if one statement caused nervousness, then what happens if China does indeed cut off the supply chain? The fact that the Americans have played too much in the hegemon, they do whatever they want, they impose sanctions, how pies are baked, it is already clear to everyone and in the end they simply must turn against the United States itself.
  16. mojohed2012
    mojohed2012 28 October 2020 09: 53
    I remember how Japan's war against the United States began in the 40s. For all other reasons, it is also because the United States tried to blockade and isolate Japan economically. Here, on the contrary, China and the United States are trying to do this - we are waiting for the development of the situation.
    Against the background of the confrontation between Republicans and Democrats in the United States, their supporters may end up fighting openly, but this is not certain.
  17. Roman070280
    Roman070280 28 October 2020 09: 55
    submarines of the "Virginia" class require up to 4 tons of such metals, without rare earth metals, the production of fifth-generation fighters F-35, stealth destroyers Zumwalt, and missile defense systems may stall.

    I just read and understand - without REM from China, America will be left without boats, without air defense and without aircraft .. And the price of these REM should then be at the level of the cost of the submarine itself .. well, since they are so rare .. and so necessary for everyone ..
    Or is it not so at all ??)
  18. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 28 October 2020 10: 15
    If China turns off the tap, Australia will benefit dramatically. They have been asking American companies for a long time to invest in the development of rare earths from them.
    But the initial investment is huge. We need loans, state support.
    There are also rare earths in the United States, but mining is unprofitable. We need to invest big billions.
  19. boris epstein
    boris epstein 28 October 2020 17: 06
    Now, if Russia (palladium and titanium products) and the DPRK (rhenium) joined these sanctions, it would be very serious.
  20. NF68
    NF68 28 October 2020 17: 07
    But they can do so. The wedge is knocked out with a wedge.
  21. The eye of the crying
    The eye of the crying 28 October 2020 17: 37
    Other suppliers of rare earths have a holiday.
  22. eklmn
    eklmn 28 October 2020 18: 15
    Interesting article from May 2019 in Scientific America:
    “Don't Panic About Rare Earths”
    "The materials used in iPhones and Tesla cars are not necessarily going to be a prolonged victim of the US-China trade war."
    (lane google)
    “As trade tensions between the US and China escalate, rare earths are again in the spotlight of policymakers. Today, Chinese mines and processing plants provide most of the world's reserves, and Chinese leader Xi Jinping hinted at using this as political leverage in trade negotiations with the administration of US President Donald Trump. But in the long term, many experts say the global market for these materials is likely to survive even if China stops exporting them altogether. ”[B] [/ b]
    “China currently has most of the world's separation capacity, but if it ever stops exporting refined materials, there are other options. In the short term, American companies that rely on these minerals are likely to have reserves for short-term supply shortages, says Goltz, who served as senior adviser to the Pentagon's deputy assistant secretary of defense for production and industrial base policy from 2010 to 2012. To increase these reserves, the entire market could prioritize rare earths for critical applications such as military and medical technology, while forcing manufacturers of headphones or golf bags to pay more. “I don’t think there’s an obvious supply shortage or hole that would prevent someone from getting a Prius or Tesla or whatever they are looking at,” says Goltz.
    “Goltz explains that in the event of a longer interruption in supplies from China, the US rare earths mine in Mountain Pass, California, is likely to be the first place to increase production. The previous owner of the mine, Molycorp, spent about $ 1,5 billion to build a new plant for the production of rare earths concentrates. However, it did not complete the post-processing required to produce refined rare earths before the company went bankrupt in 2015 due to competition from China. The new owner of the mine, MP Materials, plans to reopen and complete the mothballed unit for new operations starting in 2020. ”
    “Another alternative is the Australian company Lynas Corp., the world's only major producer of rare earths outside of China. He currently operates a mine at Mount Weld in Australia and ships the ore to a separation plant in Malaysia that can refine rare earth materials. ”
    “As China threatens to use its advantage when it comes to rare earths, more companies can invest in innovation that could replace these materials with something else. Goltz points to an incident in 2010 in which China temporarily cut off Japan's supply of rare earths. Subsequently, Japanese automakers such as Toyota and Honda began developing engines for hybrid vehicles that significantly reduced or even completely eliminated rare earths like terbium and dysprosium from the powerful magnets used in electric motors. ”
  23. 7 poplar
    7 poplar 28 October 2020 22: 39
    It is high time to make it clear that not only mattress covers can impose sanctions. drinks
  24. Bat039
    Bat039 29 October 2020 00: 02
    I hope that China will actually start tightening the US screws, not in words, but in deeds. Anyway, I would like to, for a number of reasons. The American Sher Khan and his jackals really piss me off.
  25. Igor Semenov
    Igor Semenov 29 October 2020 16: 58
    Today Xinhua reported: the 500th Airbus A320 assembled in China has been handed over to the customer You say sanctions? laughing