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October 28 - Day of the creation of the Russian army aviation


The holiday celebrated today emphasizes the importance of the appearance in the domestic Armed Forces of this special type of troops - the army aviation... This happened on October 28, 1948, when the very first aviation squadron was formed in the city of Serpukhov, Moscow region, which included G-3 helicopters.

Since then, this branch of the military has carried out air escort of ground units, performing reconnaissance functions, carrying out airborne assaults and supporting the soldiers with helicopter fire.

True, initially, air support from the air was not part of the duties of the army aviation. At first, her activities were limited to auxiliary functions - reconnaissance, delivery of goods and personnel. And she got the opportunity to strike at the enemy from the air only since the 70s, when Mi-24 helicopters appeared in her armament, which began to take direct part in hostilities together with ground units.

Now the date of the appearance of the first military helicopters in Serpukhov is considered a holiday. On the Day of the creation of the Russian army aviation, the servicemen of the Russian army express their gratitude to those who support and protect them from the air. Before embarking on the festive events, spend a minute of silence in honor of the fallen comrades in arms.

On this festive day, various solemn events are held, in particular, the awarding of distinguished aviators, military parades with the participation of aviation equipment, and festive concerts. The command and colleagues congratulate the personnel and veterans of the army aviation on the holiday.

The editorial board of Voenniy Obozreniye joins these congratulations and wishes you success in your service, family well-being and a peaceful sky.
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  1. olhon
    olhon 28 October 2020 03: 59
    At one time he served in AA. True, 90% of the AT regiment did not fly.
    1. Civil
      Civil 28 October 2020 10: 42
      Congratulations and deepest respect to the army aviators!
  2. Mityasha
    Mityasha 28 October 2020 04: 38
    I congratulate all those involved in the day of the most belligerent kind of aviation - Army Aviation! Health and goodness!
  3. Asad
    Asad 28 October 2020 04: 38
    Happy Holidays! Clear sky! And health!
  4. Thrifty
    Thrifty 28 October 2020 05: 15
    It is possible, necessary and should, purely from the bottom of my heart, to sincerely congratulate our aviators-flyers-pilots on their holiday! I wish them health, happiness, a peaceful sky overhead, long life, success in their difficult service! !! drinks soldier drinks
  5. serg.shishkov2015
    serg.shishkov2015 28 October 2020 06: 02
    Happy Holidays! Clear skies and that the number of take-offs equals the number of landings! A million in a million!
  6. aszzz888
    aszzz888 28 October 2020 06: 43
    This is a Holiday! Army helicopter aviation has done a tremendous, invaluable job in strengthening the country's defense capability. All who have served, serve and will serve - cadets - Happy Holidays !!! Health, Happiness, Good Luck !!! soldier
  7. faiver
    faiver 28 October 2020 07: 28
    All involved in the holiday
    But the authors have a minus -
    And she got the opportunity to strike at the enemy from the air only from the 70s, when Mi-24 helicopters appeared in her armament
    - the first attack helicopter in the USSR was not the Mi-24, but the Mi-4A and Mi-4AV
  8. K-36
    K-36 28 October 2020 08: 14
    And what are the brands of helicopters in the photo for the article? I have never met such in army aviation. what
    1. pilot306
      pilot306 28 October 2020 08: 37
      The author's photoshop fantasies. Nowadays it is fashionable - instead of real photos to shove your creativity.
    2. alex aircraft
      alex aircraft 28 October 2020 09: 33
      Like Ansat.
    3. Guru
      Guru 28 October 2020 09: 33
      Looks like Atsan.
      Maximum take-off weight, kg 3 600
      Normal takeoff weight, kg 3 300
      Maximum weight of transported cargo, kg 1 235
      ENGINES (2 x PW-207K, Pratt & Whitney, with Fadec system)
      Output shaft power
      Takeoff mode (5 min.), KW 2 х463
      Maximum continuous mode, kW 2 х470
      Power with one failed engine (2,5 min.), KW 1 х 522
      Power with one failed engine (continuous operation), kW 1 х477
      (in ISA conditions) at normal
      take-off mass
      at maximum
      take-off mass
      Maximum (not exceeded) flight speed, km / h 275 260
      Flight speed at maximum continuous power, km / h 260 250
      Maximum speed of climb, m / s 14 12
      Practical ceiling, m 5 500 5 000
      Static ceiling outside the zone of influence of the earth, m 2 220 1 340
      Static ceiling in the zone of influence of the earth, m 2 530 1 665
      Maximum technical flight range (up to dry tanks), km 525 505
      Maximum flight range with 5% aeronautical
      fuel capacity, km 505 480
      Maximum technical flight duration, h 3,12 2,87
      Maximum flight duration with 5% air navigation
      fuel capacity, h 2,78 2,53
      Hourly fuel consumption at full commercial load, flight on
      maximum range, sea level, kg / h 216 220
      Operating temperature range, ° С from -45 to +50

    4. faiver
      faiver 28 October 2020 09: 46
      This is Ansant-U, the Ministry of Defense purchased them as training
      1. Gato
        Gato 28 October 2020 10: 12
        * Ansat-U with Canadian engines. Not very good as a symbol.
        1. faiver
          faiver 28 October 2020 10: 17
          but it is very indicative, the country still lives on the reserves of the USSR, and everything that was already born in the Russian Federation either does not want to work normally, or with foreign components ...
        2. Grits
          Grits 28 October 2020 13: 58
          Quote: Gato
          * Ansat-U with Canadian engines. Not very good as a symbol.

          We have excellent designed and tested helicopters - Ansat, Ka-226, Kasatka-Ka-60.
          One thing is bad. There are no perfectly designed and tested engines for them. And our designers have not yet invented machines to fly on pedals.
      2. K-36
        K-36 28 October 2020 11: 18
        This is Ansant-U, the Ministry of Defense purchased them as training
        Andrey, thanks for the intelligible answer. I just didn't see them in the troops, because I hung my tunic in the closet in 2001. And I had a chance to see "Ansat" live only once. Back in 1995, when Yeltsin ordered an aviation show for veteran aviators who had the Hero of the Soviet Union award. It was in Kubinka. They brought two red Ikarus with Hero-veterans. For EBN they built a special tribune-platform, covered the platform with textiles, prepared a bunch of microphones. The excitement, the exposition of the latest aircraft, balloons, a bunch of TV people, and Yeltsin ... did not come. fool
        In short, the show took place without the EBN, but on the podium for the distinguished guests besides the Heroes all the command of the Air Force gathered.
        My place is for show - in a simultaneous landing of nine Mi-8s in the amount of 120+ parachutists. In this dense flock, my guys and I managed to build a "bookcase" of five people (for us this "bookcase" is a repeatedly worked out signature number, which is why we were invited to all showings held under the auspices of the Air Force). On landing, the TV crew flew up (I jumped out of the interview, because well, theirs ...). The commander of the Air Force of the Moscow Military District announced to all five of us gratitude with the entry into the Personal File.
        Then the whole five of us went to inspect the new aircraft, among which I remember the Ka-50 ("Black Shark") and "Ansat" True, that year "Ansat" looked completely different than in the photo for the article. Instead of landing gear struts, it had runners. And the cockpit was almost all glass. What I especially remember during its launch before takeoff was that the pilot could see everything, even the sneakers and socks peeking out from under them. And the Ansat's colors were clearly not military (however, the black color of the Ka-50 was not a military standard either). I never saw Ansat live again.
    5. serg.shishkov2015
      serg.shishkov2015 28 October 2020 09: 46
      Maybe * Aktay * or * Ansat *, but not sure
    6. Crimean partisan 1974
      Crimean partisan 1974 28 October 2020 10: 29
      In the army aviation, I have not met such ....... well, when the head of state becomes the head of state, you will meet a bulk poisoner ... and so it is rightly noticed ... it looks something like a "tiger" tank on bigboards and postcards for the day of May 9
  9. Pete mitchell
    Pete mitchell 28 October 2020 08: 16
    All involved in the holiday drinks Koryanovsky separate greetings and congratulations, good luck to you drinks drinks
  10. primaala
    primaala 28 October 2020 08: 31
    Happy Holidays to YOU, our gallant army aviators. And all those involved in such a necessary case. I wish you good health and reliable equipment. Well-being to your families !!
    And a peaceful sky for all of us !!!
  11. Lynx2000
    Lynx2000 28 October 2020 08: 39
    Congratulations! good drinks
  12. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 28 October 2020 09: 26
    Congratulations, "army men"! We wish .... pour ....! drinks
  13. Crimean partisan 1974
    Crimean partisan 1974 28 October 2020 10: 36
    it is desirable for the author to change the photo on the post ... it is not possible that there was no normal photo of the Mi-2, Mi-4, Mi-8, Mi-24 and finally the Su-25
    honor and praise to army flyers, ... to those who died eternal memory
  14. faterdom
    faterdom 28 October 2020 10: 40
    Desperate guys. And for the ground forces - savior angels, supply angels, evacuator angels and best friends.
    Oh, how much alcohol we ate together ...
    Happy holiday to all those involved and sympathetic!
    1. Crimean partisan 1974
      Crimean partisan 1974 28 October 2020 11: 20
      Anisimov has a wonderful song about this "I Mi-8"
  15. Mityasha
    Mityasha 28 October 2020 11: 57
    Quote: Crimean partisan 1974
    and finally the Su-25

    and why, in fact, the Su-25? It's a stormtrooper ...
  16. KreAtiF
    KreAtiF 28 October 2020 11: 58
    What's in the photo? It seems to me MI-8 or MI-24, more deserved to be on the cover of this material ...
  17. Alien From
    Alien From 28 October 2020 12: 28
    All those involved with the holiday!) Clear and peaceful sky! But you need to keep your hand on the pulse !!!))))
  18. Vladimir Mashkov
    Vladimir Mashkov 28 October 2020 12: 48
    Happy holiday to all Russians! ESPECIALLY - those involved and employees now! Bright and long memory to the victims! After all, when people are remembered, they are alive!
  19. tech3030
    tech3030 28 October 2020 16: 01
    MI-8 was sometimes taken to the area of ​​the BD. They said that "many" Afghans were still in the helicopter regiment, Zhangiz-Tobe 57r.d.
  20. ZEMCH
    ZEMCH 28 October 2020 16: 58
    All those who served and employees with the Holiday !! drinks
  21. TatarinSSSR
    TatarinSSSR 28 October 2020 21: 49
    It is a pity that the Mi-8 (Mi-17) photo was not put on the screensaver. This "Eight" saved me and another 4th life, pulled me from a height, into the very "fiery hell" without sitting down, hovering a meter from the rock ... base ..... Happy holidays, flyers!
  22. Lara Croft
    Lara Croft 28 October 2020 22: 41
    Attack helicopters are the souls of dead tanks ....