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China showed how a foreign fighter is driven away


Chinese media is full of headlines about combat readiness aviation protect the sovereignty of the country's airspace.

Dangerous convergence

State channel CCTV came out with material that captured the "aggressive" (as "partners" used to say) demeanor of the Chinese pilots. The video shows how the PLA Air Force plane drives away a foreign fighter, trying to keep it out of its operational space, and the distance between them approached tens of meters.

This shows that the PLA is capable of handling situations like this and that there is no room for negotiations on China's sovereignty.

- writes the Global Times.

This is the air force of China. Attention! You are flying in our operating space, which could jeopardize flight safety. Identify yourself immediately

Luo Wei, a Chinese pilot, said to the foreign fighter's crew.

In his words, he constantly flies to escort foreign aircraft, but this time the situation was different, since the fighter flew to the demarcation line of the territorial waters of China.

I immediately made an S-turn to follow. When he realized that it was impossible to shake me off, he flew away

- explained Luo, whose actions the Chinese experts regarded as risky, but effective, since they allowed the pilot to complete the task.

As the Global Times explained, China is not in any negotiations on the issue of sovereignty, and this move shows that the PLA will dare to "take out the sword" if necessary.

Whose plane was

At the same time, the belonging of the foreign aircraft and its brand were not indicated. However, judging by the footage, the vehicle may be of the Su-30 type, since it has a characteristic "appendix" between the nozzles: a container for a brake parachute is located here. Among the countries bordering on the PRC, it is in service with Russia, India, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.

However, given that the incident took place over the sea (most likely in the Spratly archipelago), this list can be limited to only three states - Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. Since the last two players are showing increased caution in territorial disputes with China, it can be assumed that the plane belonged to the Vietnamese Air Force. All the more so when you consider that the confrontation between Beijing and Hanoi is gradually growing.

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  1. alma
    alma 21 October 2020 12: 42 New
    China is increasingly snarling, trying to force.
    1. Civil
      Civil 21 October 2020 13: 06 New
      The PRC with diesel traction is coming out of the epidemic, the power of the communist state has shown itself in all its glory. In contrast to the third-rate capitalists of one former superpower.
  2. Tsoy
    Tsoy 21 October 2020 12: 54 New
    Here are just a few victories for the Chinese in history. In the same Vietnam, the Chinese failed. Their combat effectiveness as an army is a mystery. Should the United States decide to check?
    1. YOUR
      YOUR 21 October 2020 13: 30 New
      Quote: Choi
      In the same Vietnam, the Chinese failed.

      If not for the USSR, Vietnam would have had a very, very difficult time. But with India, China did very well. They seized part of the territory on the political map of the world, this corridor is not shown, but on the real one there is an Afghan-Chinese border of only 91 km, but weapons, food, supplies, including an instructor, went through this section to Afghanistan from China. China sent the most instructors to Afghanistan. This topic is now closed, tk. they are once again buying us oil and gas as our best friends. But that was the case. And in Korea during the Korean War, the Chinese were not weak.
      1. Tsoy
        Tsoy 21 October 2020 14: 03 New
        Well, I was not entirely correct. The losses of the Vietnamese are higher in l / s. But China, apart from two provinces in the northern part of Vietnam, has achieved nothing. In Korea, corpses were thrown over. Only officially under a million volunteers. It's not really something to be proud of. A quarter died. About Afghan in the course, but this is also not an indicator of them as an army. The Hindus themselves are still warriors, so that, too, cannot serve as a test. They landed on Damansky and washed.

        Does China have modern weapons, industry and scientific potential? Undoubtedly, albeit with reservations. But so far this is a dark horse with no experience. Only a real war can show their level of skills, training and planning literacy.
  3. svp67
    svp67 21 October 2020 13: 31 New
    No matter how much I looked, I didn't see the Su-30 ...
    This aircraft has a distinctive appearance, with front "wings"

    Whom did they drive away from there ... it looks like they played tag themselves, and then passed it off as a resounding victory ... or worse, that Su-30 drove them so hard that they couldn't even film it
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Voyager
      Voyager 21 October 2020 14: 34 New
      Quote: svp67
      with front "wings"

      The front horizontal tail is called, for short - PGO.
  4. Vsevolod136
    Vsevolod136 21 October 2020 15: 05 New
    Quote: Author
    ... '' said Luo Wei, a Chinese pilot, to the foreign fighter's crew.

    Luo Wei spoke the Beijing dialect, so the pilot from Shanghai, Wyn Sam Pei, whom Luo Wei spoke to, did not understand him. laughing
  5. Evil 55
    Evil 55 21 October 2020 15: 44 New
    MiG-29 is not only in China, but also in North Korea ... Who else to scare the "Dragon" if not a "younger brother" with whom he agreed in advance ..
  6. ZEMCH
    ZEMCH 21 October 2020 16: 04 New
    A subtle hint, without an explanation of belonging, of the determination and strength to apply))
  7. Gordei
    Gordei 21 October 2020 16: 46 New
    In my opinion, this is a production ... The Chinese are trying to copy the behavior of Russian pilots known "to the whole world" as the most risky if they try to violate our border ..